Biesada: Justice Or Else!

The disgraced former Illinois Congressman, Jessie Jackson Jr. got released from prison just in time to attend the Million Man March. Unfortunately, his wife, and former Chicago alderman, Sandi Jackson, won’t be able to accompany him, she is away at prison serving her time for complicity in her husbands crimes. A family that steals together […]

Biesada: Glock Boy

I had to marvel at the resemblance of “Clock Boy,” (Ahmed Mohamed) and Glock Boy, Chris Mercer, the zombie shooter who murdered nine people, and wounded twice as many at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Ore. the other day. Unfortunately, Mr. Mercer won’t be invited to the White House for dinner with Barack Obama, because […]

Biesada: Bush Did It!

Finally, the wily and cunning, Obama administration came out with a factual case of blame against George Bush, and that is the placement of David Bunning to a life time position as a federal judge in 2001. Judge Bunning, a sodomite aficionado, in the same vain as Chief Justice John Roberts, is the dual establishment […]

Biesada: Zombie Shooters

Evil knows no bounds. Once again we mourn a senseless crime that took the lives of nine law abiding Americans. Nine Human beings were lost in a heinous tragedy by the sinister forces of evil. Nine Americans were murdered at the Emanuel African Methodist Church, a gun free zone in Charleston, South Carolina, Wednesday evening […]

Biesada: All My Sons

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fed up over this sickening mantra from the media about White Supremacy causing urban poverty. I lived through the race wars in […]

Biesada: Never Again!

Most law-abiding citizens really don’t get involved with government. That’s why we elect representatives, they are supposed to protect our interest. By the same token, we can’t ignore history. I’ve heard it said, that if you ignore history, you will be condemned to repeat it. Unless you are blind, it is quite plain to see […]

Biesada: The Enemy Within

The arrogance of this “narcissist in chief,” has never been rivaled, at least in my lifetime. Barack Obama is a psychopath, plain and simple, and he needs to be purged from office. I can’t believe the audacity of this clown showing up at the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion at Normandy, chucking, jiving, and […]

Biesada: Happy Memorial Day?

Happy Memorial Day veterans, thank you for serving, but in all honesty, I must confess that I can’t think of anything really inspiring to write about today in light of the Veteran Administrations Hospital scandals. What a despicable way to treat our nations treasure after they had given their all to protect our nations security. […]

Biesada: Silence of the Lambs

It looks like this grand experiment in self rule is under siege again by the witless politicians and social engineers. We got a tip from Susan Tully, National Field Director of the Federation of American Immigration and Reform (FAIR), that the Illinois Republican Party establishment leadership, was hosting a meeting with the Illinois Coalition of […]

Biesada: PAC-Man Foolery

I wonder if Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is feeling a tingling sensation running up his groin? The reason why I ask, is because after his arrogant statement to “the New York Times,” about crushing the Tea Party in the Republican primaries, I recommended that the Tea Party crush his balls. Mr. Matt Bevin is […]

Biesada: Wake up call!

I’m wearing a ridge in my skull from scratching my head over the dichotomy of Barack Obama being our worst, most unlawful president in history, yet Congress appeases him and allows him to carry out his most diabolical schemes. Wasn’t it Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, a Republican, who recently killed the bill to restore […]