Charles Krauthammer’s Heartbreaking “Good-Bye”: “This is the final verdict. My fight is over.”

Staunch conservative, Charles Krauthammer, quietly, and brilliantly led almost every conversation on Fox News, where he frequently appeared as a political analyst. With his brilliant intellect, quick wit, and his clear passion for conservatism, Charles Krauthammer has had a remarkable career and an immeasurable effect on readers of his weekly column in the Washington Post, and on his Fox News viewers. The influential and beloved Charles Krauthammer has had a remarkable career, he will be missed by millions. Continue reading

Dad’s Funeral: Final Notes Regarding A Civil Rights Pioneer

The funeral of my dad, Dr. Rev Lloyd E. Marcus, was July 7, 2018. My sister told everyone she was wearing a yellow dress to Dad’s funeral because we wanted it to be a celebration of Dad’s extraordinary life and homecoming. Yellow represents bright sunshine. She also chose it to represent God’s “Son”. My sister’s idea caught on like wildfire. Surprisingly, several women showed up at Dad’s funeral wearing yellow. I was only able to gather a handful of the lovely ladies for a photo.

God’s grace and timing for Dad’s passing was perfect. Although he was 90, had Dad passed two months earlier, my three brothers, sister and I would have been devastated. Dad was placed into home hospice. Dad out lived two wives. His second wife died in March. As Dad’s health rapidly declined, each of his five kids took shifts taking care of him. The hospice nurse said typically only one child shows up to care for their dying parent. Continue reading

Steel Storm: A Pivotal Battle Kept Secret for 53 Years

The following post is dedicated to author and good friend, Rick Biesada, a long time contributor to Federal Observer and hard-fighting and proud Marine. To you Rick – and all of your brothers. We’ll get together at Sundown. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Publisher

“A young US Marine Corps corporal directs modern history’s largest Naval bombardment in support of ground forces, wiping out an entire Viet Cong battalion augmented by Red Chinese regular soldiers.” ~ William B. Scott

28-29 July 1965

Where the hell are you, Charlie? You’re out there. I feel it.

A rawboned, lanky U.S. Marine strained to detect movement in the inky darkness, a starless space made blacker by a rain squall that suppressed the sounds of soldiers creeping toward their objective. A few feet away, a South Vietnamese Ranger, Sergeant Thi, also patrolled, straining to spot a large Viet Cong force they knew was approaching. An attack was imminent.

As he scouted the area, Corporal Karl Lippard mentally took inventory of his dicey situation and limited assets. He was armed with an M14 rifle and four 20-round magazines. Sgt. Thi carried a .30-caliber M1 carbine, and a Colt 1911 semiautomatic pistol was tucked in his M9 shoulder holster. The Marine had stowed his map case, helmet, poncho and pack in an old French bunker near the Ca De River bridge’s north approach. A telephone land line linked the abandoned bunker to roughly 20 other Marines dug-in on the south side. All were “Raiders”, a company of U.S. Marines that had received specialized training—“rubber boat” operations and submarine insertion, for example. Raiders were elite forces, the handpicked best of each U. S. Marine Corps battalion. Continue reading

Distorting the Life of Bobby Kennedy

As the 50th anniversary of his assassination is being remembered, it is vital to have a complete and accurate picture of the complex figure of Robert F. Kennedy.

TV commentator Chris Matthews’ book, Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, has been a best seller since it was released last October, but there’s a lot of important material that Matthews left out about Kennedy, whose assassination on June 5, 1968 is being remembered on Tuesday.

In recapping his early life, Matthews tells the story of Kennedy graduating from Harvard and going on to pursue a law degree at the University of Virginia, where he was chair of the Student Legal Forum. In that role, he invited some high profile guests to speak in Charlottesville. Continue reading

June 5, 1968: ‘Is everybody OK?

Before the shots rang out…

12:15 a.m. (PDT); June 5, 1968: I was waiting in a holding barracks for the order to embark. Several hours earlier as I sat on a bunk bed I began to write a letter to Carole. I wrote to her regarding what I was seeing on the faces of many of my cohorts also waiting for the order – fear, trepidation, concern – and I guess that some didn’t even care.

Shortly after midnight, the word came on the radio that Robert F. Kennedy had been shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after a campaign speech. It shook me hard that night for several reason. Bobby Kennedy had announced his running for the Office of the Presidency on April 1 of that year. Three days later, April 4 – Martin Luther King was assassinated. This was a tough way for a 20 year old to enter a war.

Minutes after the announcement of Kennedy’s shooting, we were ordered to embark our plane, but I wondered – was I dreaming what I had heard? No one else boarding the plane seemed to have heard a thing about the shooting in the kitchen at the Ambassador. You see – we were on a mission – a mission that no one knew whether one would return or not. Destination: the Republic of South Viet Nam.

While in the air, I asked the flight attendant (we called them ‘stewardesses‘ back then) if she could ask the pilot if there was any word about Kennedy and his condition. She returned moments later in tears as she told me that Bobby had died. I would land in Cam Ranh Bay later that same day – on the 24th anniversary of D-Day. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor Continue reading

Dustoff Medic Remembers Vietnam

On this day in 1968, some ten years after I sat in a bank in Mukwonago, Wisconsin – where I purchased my first silver coins out of a bag in a Vault – I landed in Viet Nam where I would experience a twenty-one month long adventure – one that would guide me for the next half century. Although I was not a Medic – I flew along side them on each flight that I participated in – as a ‘Patient Protector’ and assisted them in many  of their medical procedures – including one particular flight where we were transporting a wounded enemy combatant to a hospital – he grabbed for the Medic’s sidearm once too often, and thus the ‘patient’ learned to fly – from a 3,000 foot altitude. No apologies here – not even to this day so many decades later.

The following is a personal commentary of one of my Brothers. ~ J. B.
Continue reading

Ecosexuals Believe Having Sex with the Earth Could Save It

From skinny dippers to people who have actual intercourse with nature, ecosexuality is a growing movement taking a new approach to combating climate change.

A participant at the Ecosexual Bathhouse by the art group Pony Express. Photo by Matt Sav

If you happen to find yourself in Sydney … you have the unique opportunity to have sex with the earth. You just need to stop by the “ecosexual bathhouse,” which is currently part of the Syndey LiveWorks Festival of experimental art. The bathhouse is an interactive installation created by artists Loren Kronemyer and Ian Sinclair of Pony Express, who described the work to me as a “no-holds-barred extravaganza meant to dissolve the barriers between species as we descend into oblivion” as the result of our global environmental crisis. But they also see their piece as a part of a much larger ecosexual movement, which they say is gathering momentum around the world. Continue reading

Roseanne Exonerated: The Communist Family Tree of Valerie Jarrett

A disturbing reminder of who our President [Obama] chose to serve as his co-president – and why.

Barack Obama’s closest and most influential adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has never been an enigma. She was, after all, the person most responsible for bringing the revolutionary communist Van Jones into the Administration six years ago, so her bona fides as a radical extremist have long been obvious to anyone who wasn’t afraid to notice. But a newly released report from Judicial Watch, which examines key FBI documents related to Jarrett’s many family ties to hardcore Communists, brings bold color to what previously were gray areas. The effect is nothing short of breathtaking, when we consider that the twice-elected President of our nation chose this woman—and no one else—to serve, essentially, as his co-president. Continue reading

A ‘King’ for a KING…

One of my favorite videos – of the best piece of music ever performed by Elvis Presley. I was going through  a page on Facebook about an hour ago, and the discussion of Presley came up. I had to post the following, and then reading through the viewer comments, what follows the video was well worth the read. I await the end of my Trials. Enjoy. ~ Ed.

As a son of The South, Elvis Presley well knew that “Dixie” is more than a lovely song; it was an anthem of The South and of the Confederate side of The Civil War. Likewise he well knew that The Battle Hymn of the Republic was an anthem of The Union, those who were ready to “die to make men free,” an anthem despised by Southerners (then and now). It was no accident that Elvis created this trilogy, and his meaning is clear. “All our trials will soon be over” when the triumph of the truth is acknowledged and the victory of righteousness is accepted. Elvis was the embodiment of the cultural blending of white and black American culture, a blending that is an important part of America’s greatness. In “The Trilogy” he makes his feelings clear: he loves The South, he is of The South, and he also sees that the victory of true equality for all Americans is The Truth that shall keep marching on in glory. So Elvis was delivering a strong message of reconciliation and racial equality by making the triumphant climax of the song, not Dixie, but The Battle Hymn of The Republic. ~ Rebob Bob

Benson: Being Watched Over… Or Just Watched?

On May 30th I read an informative article article written by a former Green Beret published on SHTFplan.

It was definitely food for thought and something we should be aware of. I am going to quote a bit of it here and urge folks to check it out on their own.

The author wrote: “We have been watching the shift of society and all of its components to collectivist thought and action in preparation for the step into a full-blown totalitarian state. Already the Constitution and our rights enumerated within it have been relegated to impotency and practically abrogated.” Continue reading

Ross: Unquestioning Allegiance Makes Not A Free Man

Recently the National Football League, or NFL, passed some new rules regarding the actions of the players during the playing of the National Anthem. Apparently, and I may be wrong because I don’t pay that much attention to football, every player on the field MUST stand during the playing of the National Anthem, but players do have the option of remaining off field while it is being played/sang. Continue reading

Ewart: Urban Dwellers Won’t Save America… They’ll Destroy It!

“The brutal reality is that only a ground swell of national rural outrage will reverse the course of socialism and environmental extremism in America and return us to a Constitutional Republic. Farmers, ranchers and rural landowners could very well be the catalyst to incite that outrage, because the land is their power, if they will only use that power before they lose it ….. forever.” ~ Ron Ewart

Of the 3,000,000 colonial inhabitants of the 13 colonies in 1776, only about 80,000 picked up guns to fight the British, a highly trained army of around 56,000 men. Trained German soldiers, under British command, added another 30,000 men. Most of the colonial soldiers were farmers organized together in loose militias. Of the 3,000,000 colonials, over 100,000 loyalists fled to Canada, the Bahamas and England. Continue reading

Frye: On the Beach

Time is quickly running out as billions of lives may soon be extinguished. Will you at least THINK ABOUT THAT? Can you stifle you’re disbelief long enough to consider the truth of what a nuclear exchange will lead to? We may be at the threshold of the next great mass extinction on this planet brought about by inhuman beings.

Donald Trump is clearly a demented individual having so many emotional issues an entire book could be written elaborating upon them but he is also an empty suit being visibly managed by everyone around him from his extraterrestrial looking daughter and Jew son-in-law to a gang of Jew neocon toadies and their Deep State Complex surrounding him, making it difficult to tell who the real Donald Trump actually is beyond his orange skin, faded eyes, blubbery waistline and blustering unwarranted ego. Continue reading

Opponents of free market capitalism are largely ignorant of what it is

Several recent polls, plus the popularity of Sen. Bernie Sanders, demonstrate that young people prefer socialism to free market capitalism. That, I believe, is a result of their ignorance and indoctrination during their school years, from kindergarten through college. For the most part, neither they nor many of their teachers and professors know what free market capitalism is. Continue reading

Louis Farrakhan on Trump: ‘He Is Destroying Our Enemies

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan offered cautious praise for President Donald Trump in an interview with a Chicago radio station earlier this month — though he still warned that the president is leading the country to “hell on a rocket ship.”

Farrakhan was interviewed in studio by Chicago-area radio station WGCI 107.5, which has a predominantly African-American audience.

Asked to react to claims that Trump has done more for black people than Barack Obama’s administration, Farrakhan gave a surprising answer… Continue reading