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DHS Gets The Jump On Critics

37 Answers About New Travel Ban Executive Order

The Department of Homeland Security has taken a proactive position in the dissemination of information regarding the new travel ban executive order. They have published a list of thirty-seven questions and answers that those impacted and the American people in general may have regarding specifics of its scope and implementation.

They have also gone out of their way to remove any potential triggers or snags which could lead to a repeat of the judicial overreach that led to the controversy and suspension of the previous incarnation. Continue reading

Dwyer: The Real Purpose Of Diversity

“You’re FIRED!”

As the plots of the Democrat Party’s operatives and their useful idiots to impede the functioning of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government unravel before our eyes, it becomes more and more obvious what has been the real purpose of engineered diversity that was being imposed on our country for last five decades.

It was not to alleviate social discontent among America’s minorities in the aftermath of race riots and other unrests in mid-1960s.

It was not to promote harmonious coexistence of different races in the U.S.

It was not to ensure a more equitable distribution of wealth and power among country various racial and ethnic groups. Continue reading

Benson: The Obama Coup Against Trump

Over the whole of this past weekend and the previous week I have been watching all the seemingly weird developments having to do with Comrade Obama’s (as well as his bosses behind him) attempt to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. To say that this is a highly organized and planned coup is to put it mildly. Obama never really wanted to relinquish the presidency. He fondly wished (had his puppet masters allowed it) to continue on as president so he could complete the task of culturally and socially dismantling the country–the fond dream of all cultural Marxists in America. His puppet masters, for reasons of their own, didn’t allow that, much to his chagrin. But they did the next best thing. They set him up so he could conduct a “guerrilla presidency” less than two miles from the White House, with over 30,000 “volunteers” across the country, to carry out whatever mayhem he directed them to. Continue reading

DENIAL: The National Pastime of the Perpetually Ignorant

“The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.” Elbert Hubbard, who also stated that prison “Was an example of a socialist’s paradise, where equality prevails, everything is supplied and competition is eliminated.”

Uh-huh – wrong nile…

In 1999, I debated a well-lettered member of European academia on the intent and purpose of our Second Amendment in Sacramento, California. At the end of our exchange, this lady stated the following: “I don’t care how many facts you present, you are never going to change my mind.” While I would like to blame this sort of well embraced repudiation of facts, or the origin of the lady who said it, her form of acquired ignorance is far too prevalent in this country to do so. Continue reading

The Barber…

“Got time for a shave?”

One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut.

After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, “I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this week.”

The florist was pleased and left the shop.

When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a “thank you” card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door. Continue reading

Worden: Get Our Government Out of Health Care!

The Author

Prior to the enactment of Obamacare, we had the very best health care in the entire world and our life expectancy was very high. Now we see our life expectancy dropping for the very first time in U.S. history, and the reason is Obamacare.

People just aren’t going to the doctor when they feel something is wrong with them physically because the deductibles for Obamacare make it impossible. My own wife received a bill for $1,072.00 per month with an $8,000.00 deductible! So we’d be paying over $12,000.00 per year in premiums alone and face a $8,000.00 deductible, which really comes to a $20,000.00 deductible when you add the two before you get care other than an annual physical, which is very limited under Obamacare. So cancers and heart conditions are not being diagnosed in time to save the patient, thus our reduced lifespans. Continue reading

Matlock: Contacts with Russian Embassy

Our press seems to be in a feeding frenzy regarding contacts that President Trump’s supporters had with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak and with other Russian diplomats. The assumption seems to be that there was something sinister about these contacts, just because they were with Russian diplomats. As one who spent a 35-year diplomatic career working to open up the Soviet Union and to make communication between our diplomats and ordinary citizens a normal practice, I find the attitude of much of our political establishment and of some of our once respected media outlets quite incomprehensible. What in the world is wrong with consulting a foreign embassy about ways to improve relations? Anyone who aspires to advise an American president should do just that. Continue reading

Stay at home ‘Moms’

If they had stayed at home and done their job – maybe their kids wouldn’t be such babbling idiots!

                                                 Courtesy and Kudos to BLABBER BUZZ

That’s OK – hop in the rack, conceive a child then let ‘Nanny,’ MTV or Rachel Madcow raise the kid. Of course you could always or abort ‘it’.

What’s In Trump’s Little Black Box?

“The one sure way to conciliate a tiger is to allow oneself to be devoured.” ~ Konrad Adenauer, First Chancellor of West Germany 1949 to 1963

Back in October of 2012 we wrote an article describing our “Little Black Box” theory. We wrote: “This theory applies across the board to almost everything we believe in and everything we do in our lives. It is inescapable and what is in the “Little Black Box” determines, to a large margin, how our lives will turn out. It determines our thoughts, religious beliefs, sexual proclivities, our fears, our strengths, our weaknesses, our successes or failures and even our political persuasions.” Continue reading

Benson: Dixie Rising ~ Rules for Rebels

Just this past week I came into possession of a new book by Ron Kennedy called Dixie Rising–Rules for Rebels which was just published this year by Shotwell Publishing in Columbia, South Carolina. Shotwell Publishing is not a fancy, slick-paper outfit. They publish “meat and potatoes” books, mostly for Southern folks who want to know the truth of their history and have an accurate idea of what goes on in the South today.

This latest book by Ron Kennedy is the kind of book that tells you what you need to do to resist the federal leviathan and the political sucklings that live off of it, who promise you one thing at election time and then do the exact opposite once you have voted them into office. It is based on the same format as Alinski’s Rules for Radicals, but where Alinski presents a program for tearing down decent society, Ron Kennedy presents one for preserving decent society, especially Christian society. Continue reading

Joint Session of Congress: He Hit It Out Of The Park

American statesman Ben Franklin once said, “We better all hang together or we’ll all hang separately.”

He referred to the fact that each signatory of the Declaration of the Independence faced death at the hands of the British back on July 4, 1776.

Today, we face the most fragmented and fractured electorate since the Vietnam War era. Democrats blame republicans for many ills facing this nation. And vice versa! Ironically, both parties equally contributed to America’s horrific $19.5 trillion debt. Both parties voted for the 15-year long war in Afghanistan and Iraq costing taxpayers trillions of dollars—but accomplishing nothing. Both parties watched America’s inner cities turn into war zones like Chicago, and unemployed Americans into the millions. Continue reading

Is the Betsy DeVos Appointment a BIG Mistake?

a Dev(i)o(u)s smile?

When Betsy DeVos’ name came up as candidate for Secretary of Education, a howl of protests rose from both sides of the aisle. Being Trump, the President would not budge and managed to get her into that position. Already the ramifications are, well, HUGE!

The very first action of Ms. Devos, as Secretary of Education, was to buck Trump (perhaps that descriptive needs a one letter change) who had overturned Obama’s law to grant rights for men to have access to girl’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms everywhere, including schools. Continue reading

The Culture War and Secession

That this country is divided and engaged in a cultural war is a fact that cannot be disputed. On the one side you have the Leftists, Satanists, most Democrats, RINO’s and the Transgender crowd who all realize this and they know what this war is all about–the destruction of Christian culture and influence. On the other side you have patriotic and conservative folks, many of them Christians, and, unfortunately, many of them don’t have a clue as to what this war is really all about, or that there even is a war. They seem to think that most of this is, somehow, a political issue and most of them have been taught that politics is “of the world” and so they shouldn’t get involved. That’s rotten theology, but it has been effective theology for the past 150 years, so why should the Leftists and their ilk change horses in midstream when this horse has been doing so well? Continue reading

Stop Labeling Yourself and You Will Find Freedom

I just had someone ask me an interesting question on Facebook. Someone I’d never met before asked me if I was a Libertarian. While I am not big on the idea of labels; I believe they confine and restrict you, I suppose if one were to apply one that fit with my way of thinking, calling me a Libertarian is probably pretty close.

Libertarianism, simply put, is a belief system based upon the concept of individual liberty with a heavy dose of distrust and skepticism for political power and authority. At first glance that may sound like the perfect definition of me but I am not one who believes that mankind can do without some form of government. It is like James Madison said in Federalist 51, “If men were angels no government would be necessary.Continue reading

Gaddy ~ Jefferson or Hitler: Whose Plan Are We Following?

James Madison

When James Madison left New York for Philadelphia on May 2nd, 1787 he carried with him not the proposed amendments to the Articles of Confederation which was the mandate of the convention but an entirely new idea for a constitution that would make the “National” government supreme with the states nothing but subdivisions of the central government structure. His proposal would grant the national government veto power over all state laws. Madison’s plan was totally contrary to the results of the recent war with England which gave primary power to the states with the central government only allowed the powers the states saw fit to provide. Madison’s plan called for a consolidated union that would virtually annihilate the states. The states would only be maintained as long as they could be “subordinately useful.” Continue reading

The Deep State/Left Lets the Truth Slip Out Again

Back last year I did an article about Newt Gingrich, where he made the comment to someone that: “We fought a Civil War to insure one national sovereignty, the federal government” or words to that effect. Without even realizing it, Newt had given out the real reason for the War of Northern Aggression–the centralizing of power in the hands of an Elite in Washington and the denigrating of the concept of states rights. No doubt some in the Fake News Media picked up Newt’s indiscretion and just ignored it–as they hoped the rest of us would. Continue reading

NSA and CIA is the Enemy of the People

Astute students of history understand that government agencies often further their own interests and not the administration they are designated to serve. Seldom is the genuine national security advanced when bureaucrats pledge their loyalty to their respective fiefdoms of projecting influence and power. Absent in this supremacy struggle equation is the abstract notion that state legitimacy is founded upon the will and consent of the people. Such a quaint concept does not reflect a chapter in the training manual that breeds the spooks who operate as above the law and unaccountable super spies. Continue reading

11-Year-Old Docked Points for Not Bashing Trump

To say that some people dislike Donald Trump may well be the understatement of the year. It’s hard to imagine any duly elected president seeing so many protests in his first two months in office, yet here we are.

It’s so bad that now an 11-year-old in Annadale, New York, was docked 15 points on a homework assignment because she failed to answer a question demanding students bash Trump: Continue reading

John F. Kennedy: What Would He Think of His Party?

President Ronald Reagan said: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” Actor and former president of the National Rifle Association Charlton Heston, who called himself a “Kennedy Democrat,” switched to the Republican Party after the 1960s.

On racial preferences, JFK, in 1963, said he opposed them: “I don’t think that is the generally held view, at least as I understand it, of the Negro community, that there is some compensation due for the lost years, particularly in the field of education. What I think they would like is to see their children well-educated so that they could hold jobs and have their children accepted and have themselves accepted as equal members of the community. So I don’t think we can undo the past. In fact, the past is going to be with us for a good many years in uneducated men and women who lost their chance for a decent education. We have to do the best we can now. That is what we are trying to do. I don’t think quotas are a good idea. I think it is a mistake to begin to assign quotas on the basis of religion or race or color, or nationality.
Continue reading

What Trump Should Do to Oust McCain

John McCain Becomes Critic in Chief of the Trump Administration … Senator John McCain has long had a reputation as a political maverick. But with the rise of a president who has vowed to shatter the old order, Mr. McCain has emerged as an outspoken defender of longstanding Republican verities on foreign policy and as one of his party’s most biting critics of the new commander in chief.New York Times

Why doesn’t President Trump just confront McCain on his denials that captured troops were left behind in Vietnam? That would be one way to go after McCain and the idea that he is an honorable man. What kind of individual argues for 50 years that there are no prisoners in Vietnam post-war when there probably were at least a thousand or more?

For decades, McCain has been in the forefront of denying that Hanoi had prisoners it hadn’t released at the end of the war. Hanoi actually kept these troops as bargaining chips subject to further negotiations that never occurred. Now, with both Hanoi and Washington denying such left-behind troops, their chances of their freedom has dwindled to virtually nothing. Continue reading

1952 was a Banner Year!

Yes, 1952 was a great year. In 1952, the musical “Pal Joey” which later became a movie, opened on Broadway and ran for 542 performances. That year one of the best detective series, “Dragnet” premiered on television. Jack Webb was the epitome of the tough-as-nails detective Sergeant Joe Friday. We also had an official visit from one of the great statesmen of the 20th century, Winston Churchill. Ted Williams of baseball fame was called back into service with the US Marine Corps. If you are a movie buff, as I am, you may recall that Jimmy Stewart starred in “The Greatest Show On Earth” that year. Sadly, this year, 2017, will be the last for the Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus due to failing attendance. Continue reading

Illegal Immigrant Family Shocked at Immigration Laws Being Enforced

The family of an illegal immigrant arrested during a recent roundup of criminal aliens seems shocked that immigration laws are being enforced.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested Miguel Angel Torres, an illegal immigrant living in Austin, Texas, for the past fourteen years, during the recent Operation Cross Check roundup of criminal aliens. It appears immigration officers arrested Torres while they were looking for his brother-in-law, a previously deported illegal alien, the Texas Tribune reported. Continue reading

Phoenix Refuses Sanctuary City Status

The City of Phoenix has declined the adoption of a sanctuary policy

The Phoenix City Council turned down a plan to become a sanctuary city, citing that the state’s 2010 immigration law, SB1070, which bans any jurisdiction from providing a safe haven to illegal aliens, as the Associated Press reported.

Phoenix’s Democrat Mayor Greg Stanton made the motion to deny the City from becoming a sanctuary jurisdiction, citing the 2010 immigration law, but then denounced President Donald Trump’s efforts of deporting criminal illegal immigrants. Continue reading

ICE: 950,000 illegals with ‘removal orders’ free, raids get just a sliver

Thousands of people take part in the “Free the People Immigration March,” to protest actions taken by President Donald Trump and his administration, in Los Angeles Sunday, Feb. 18, 2017. March and rally organizers are calling for an end to ICE raids and deportations. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

Despite media reports of a massive crackdown by President Trump on illegal immigrants, just a tiny percentage of the nearly 1 million on the government’s deportation list have been arrested, according to statistics provided to Congress.

The 680 seized in recent sweeps by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement agents represent just .07 percent of the 950,062 with deportation orders as of May 21, 2016.

Responses to questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee, provided by Thomas D. Homan, currently the acting ICE director, revealed the struggle the agency faces as it moves to deport illegals, many with criminal records and slapped with “final orders of removal” after exhausting their court appeals. Continue reading

Why Americans Don’t Trust Main Stream Media

After 30 years of slanted, biased and false news reporting from major players in the Main Stream Media (MSM) —Americans turn toward more reliable sources—such as citizen journalists writing for Internet news services. Social media features speakers like British speaker Pat Condell telling hungry audiences what’s really happening with the Muslim invasion of Europe.

Whistleblowers such as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden exposed deeper layers of fraud and deception continuing in Washington DC and in Europe. Continue reading