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Time to Rescind 1965 Immigration Reform Act

Much like the Titanic that sank on April 15, 1912, the United States stands at a critical juncture in the history of our nation. Few realize it, but, like the Titanic, this nation smashed into a piece of legislation in 1965 that was never asked for or approved by the American public.

In 1965, our ‘Captain’ Lyndon B. Johnson along with helmsman Senator Teddy Kennedy, Jacob Javitz and Howard Metzenbaum drove America into an iceberg of massive, unrestricted immigration that opened up the flood gates with the “Immigration Reform Act.” At first, the flow of one million immigrants annually wasn’t noticed. We were benevolent. We lived in a big country with only 194,000,000 (million) people. We enjoyed plenty of room and resources, however… Continue reading

BUILD THE WALL: It Will Save Americans Trillions of Dollars

ladders_alamoEach year, illegal Mexican migrant workers send $24,000,000,000.00 (billion) back to Mexico in cash transfers. American employers paid them under the table and off the books with fraudulent identification. They never paid taxes, FICA or Social Security on that money. Their employers wrangled financial murder for the past 40 years.

While illegal alien workers transfer THAT much money annually, all legal and illegal immigrants account for $120,000,000,000.00 (billion) sent back to Mexico, South America, Africa and Asia. In other words, immigrants from all countries bleed America financially to death. Continue reading

Who Are We? Why Are We Not Who We Were?

Part 1: Who we were starting out as a young nation

A partially burned American flag lies on the street near the spot where Michael Brown was killed  in FergusonPreeminent historian Bromwell Ault speaks to us from eight decades of observing the trajectory of America. He speaks about what we were and how we lost our way.

Could you give us an understanding of our predicament in the history of nations Mr. Ault?

“Political America for most of our history has been not only a place to live,” said Ault. “But also a state of mind and way of life derived from our Plymouth Rock to Independence Hall origins; and from our Constitution’s guidance of our nation’s and continent’s development. Continue reading

If Trump Loses: It’s Going To Be An Unrecognizable America


Frosty Wooldridge

~ Forewords ~
I’ve been reading Frosty Wooldridge for years on I’ve never seen anything he wrote that wasn’t right on the money and unfortunately this one hits right down to the hay-penny. I know that most of you have children, grandchildren and many of you great-grandchildren by mail. I was not blessed with biological children but we’ve made do borrowing children from our friends. Even with that situation, I would still hate to have to go face my ancestors that fought in the American Revolution and again in the Southern Revolution and have to explain to them that I had not done enough to stop this nonsense. I hope sincerely that those of you with progeny extending beyond your generation will gladly entertain any idea that could help to end this immigration issue before it becomes worse than it already is. Continue reading

Immediate Shutdown Of All Immigration Into America

immigration_shutdownOver the weekend, eight Muslim immigrants to France slaughtered over 127 innocent civilians in Paris. The Islamic terrorists shot people sitting in restaurants, at a concert hall and the soccer stadium. At least 300 suffered horrible wounds.

Those Muslim terrorists savagely and barbarically slaughtered civilian French citizens, “As if they were shooting at rats at a dump.”

The killings follow on the heels of the 12 French journalists massacred at Charlie Hebdo Magazine headquarters this past January.

Nonetheless, Barack Obama, John Kerry and Congress expect to bring 250,000 Muslim Syrian refugees to America. James Comey, the Director of the FBI told Congress, “It’s impossible to vet those refugees.” Continue reading

Wooldridge: Crossing the Bridge Into 2015

wooldridge_14Quick as a wink, Christmas fell into our rear view mirrors. Up ahead, a brand spanking New Year 2015. New possibilities! Fresh ideas! A new set of 365 days to accomplish something great in your life.

What actions will you take in the New Year? How will 2015 define your life? Good? Bad? Successful? Otherwise?

Do you know which month Americans gain the most weight? Answer: February. After making New Year’s resolutions to trim down, Americans hit recreation centers, personal fitness trainers and strict diets. After four weeks, they lose their discipline as well as their will power.

Their emotions dragged them back to sugar doughnuts and pizzas along with soda pops. Continue reading

Wooldridge: The One Billion Pound Gorilla Bearing Down on USA: Screwing the Pooch

Have you ever heard the term, “Screw the pooch”?

screw_the_poochAstronaut Gus Grissom uttered the term during the early “Mercury” days of the US space program. It originated from a Yale graduate named John Rawlings. The phrase is actually a bastardization of an earlier, more vulgar and direct term, slang for doing something very wrong with a dog. In the end, the term means to make a very bad, un-repairable, misguided and serious mistake.

In Roman times, Caesar committed a huge blunder when he “Crossed the Rubicon” to battle Pompeii, which led to his demise via stabbing, “Etu Brutus?

How about the phrase, “Ignoring the 10,000 pound gorilla in the kitchen?Continue reading

IMMIGRATION: From The Eyes of a 30 Year Border Patrol Officer

obama-illegal-immigrants“Mr. Wooldridge, you nailed it with your last commentary on immigration,” said a veteran border patrol agent. “Lack of term limits allows endless corruption in our U.S. Congress. (Let’s call him Jack Hamilton to protect his identity.)

“For many years, I have not appreciated carpetbaggers in Congress from either party and have more respect for an armed smuggler than a corrupt politician,” said Hamilton. “The majority of career politicians are worthless, self-serving “wastes of human skin ” that would sell out this country in a heartbeat to add to their financial ill gotten gains. Continue reading

Wooldridge: Follow-up on our corrupt U.S. Congress

535-no_ballsAt this time, our U.S. Congress rates a nine percent approval rating. It means nine percent of the American public registers “brain-dead.”

Those 535 members over the past 40 years deformed our nation from the largest creditor country in the world to the largest debtor nation in the world. We enjoyed less than $1 trillion in national debt to our current $18 trillion debt. That same Congress forced our young men and women into four hopeless, futile and asinine wars that killed tens of thousands of them and sent millions home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, drugs and alcoholism. Not to mention dismembered limbs. Continue reading

Wooldridge: Our Stupid, STUPID Congressional Representatives

AA - Illegal ImmigrationLast March, 2013, I spent 30 minutes to present U.S. Senator Mark Udall and Michael Bennet of Colorado, both democrats, a program showing that any amnesty and our current legal immigration influx guaranteed an additional 100 million immigrants into this country by 2050—a scant 36 years from now.

I gave the staff aides 10 books to prove my figures. I gave them one population graph that showed a red curve rising nearly vertically from 319 million of us today to 438 million by 2050. Continue reading

The Journey Back: I Choose Me

UnknownMy friend Fred sat down in the booth at Woody’s Pizza in downtown Golden, Colorado last fall. He represented sartorial splendor in that he wore a suit and tie with Italian shoes. I slid into the booth opposite him.

(Sometimes, life chases you. You want to give up and get gobbled up. Instead, you think of something to save yourself. You choose you.)

“Good evening gentlemen,” the waitress greeted us. “May I get you some drinks?”

“I’ll have a beer,” said Fred.

“Water works for me,” I said.

A month earlier, Fred drove home with his wife to an upscale housing area when she turned in the car, “I can’t do this anymore.” Continue reading

Half of Americans hate Obama; other half get free stuff

freestuffIn 2014, half of American citizens can’t stand Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and the other half love him. The first half still work jobs while the other half (about 47 percent) live off welfare in a variety of forms.

On December 4, 2013, Obama gave his “income inequality speech.” He expects to fundamentally change America by forcing those of us who work to give up more of our money to those who lack education, refuse to work or simply cannot function intelligently enough to sustain a job. Continue reading

Irreversible problems and unsolvable consequences created by S744 amnesty against all Americans

Re: “Time for major immigration reform” Transcript “Our View” January 23, 2014 (editorial supported S744 without understanding of the consequences)

amnesty_01_webIf the current amnesty bill S744 passes the U.S. House of Representatives, our country faces no less than 100 million legal immigrants, their birth rates and chain-migrated relatives by 2050—a scant 36 years from now. This bill doubles legal immigration from one million to two million annually. (Sources: PEW Research Center, US Population Projections by Fogel/Martin, US Census Bureau)

Such a Human Katrina equates to doubling the populations of our 20 largest cites. That means New York City at 8.4 million doubles to 16.8 million. Denver leaps from 2.4 million to 4.8 million. Los Angeles jumps from 10 million to 20 million and on down the line.

We must water, warm, house, transport, educate, medicate and find work for 100 million more people while our environment and quality of life degrades to the same levels those immigrants fled.

Problem: we suffer seven states with water shortages in 2014. How can we deal with those water issues with 100 million more people? Colorado expects five million more people with that amnesty. We breathe toxic air in Denver with every breath from the Brown Cloud today. It doubles in size and toxic content with added population. How can we solve gridlocked traffic in Denver and I-70 on weekends with another five million people added to our state? Continue reading

Violence becoming the new norm in America

stop-violenceA month ago, a student toting a shotgun, machete and 125 rounds of ammunition marched into Arapahoe High School in Denver, Colorado. His target: to kill the debate teacher whom he felt treated him poorly.

On his way to the teacher, he shot a beautiful girl named Claire Davis in the face. She hung on for a week before dying of her wounds. The killer, a regular 17-year-old high school student, tall and lanky, with good looks, shot himself before Swat teams could reach him.

As a former teacher who started teaching in the 1970s, my colleagues and I could not imagine such violence. But here in Denver, we suffered Columbine shootings by Klebold and Harris when they mowed down a dozen kids and teachers. Another killer shot and killed “Emily” in Bailey, Colorado a few years back. Recently, James Holmes marched into a Denver movie theater to unleash his own killing spree on a bunch of innocent movie attendees. Continue reading

Three profound secrets to a happy life

wooldridge_14Thomas Jefferson said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Through all of human history, ordinary people longed for the mythical ideal to be happy, to live a fulfilling life and to enjoy the fruits of their talents.

For the first time in history via Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers of America—ordinary people suddenly enjoyed the “right” to pursue their happiness in their own ways, at their own speed and at their own choices. Continue reading

By 2042: new Latino-Hispanic majority US population demographic

come_to_countryIn 1965, the United States demographic consisted of 90 percent European-Americans, 7 percent African-Americans and 3 percent Latino-Hispanic-Americans.

At that time, everyone considered themselves “Americans” in the “Melting Pot” of the great American experiment of a constitutional republic.

As with every mixed racial and ethnic country in the world—racism, discrimination and prejudice flourished. ML King, Rodney King riots in LA, Detroit riots in 1968, Selma to Montgomery Freedom March, KKK and hundreds of other events took place.

Racial issues command front-page stories in 2013 with “Black Flash Mobs” forming and attacking white Americans. A Latino-American killed a black American in Florida that caused tremendous unrest and demonstrations against “white” racism. (Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman) Mexican immigrants push African-Americans out of Los Angeles. “White flight” from rapidly advancing minority populations provides TV talking heads with endless fodder for their take on racism and inequality in America. Continue reading

Case for $15.00 minimum, livable wage

mcds-protest-3-14-13-042This month, thousands of McDonald’s and other fast food workers in Chicago demonstrated for a minimum, livable wage of $15.00 an hour. It makes sense when you think about the enormous costs of poorly paid workers who live on food stamps, ADC, WIC, Section 8 housing and free breakfasts and lunches for their children.

In the meantime, CEOs of McDonald’s, Marriott Hotels, Holiday Inns, Tyson Chicken, Hormel Foods, Chipotles, Burger King, roofing firms, painting contractors and a slew of other corporations—enjoy $10 million annual salaries and $10 million annual bonuses for doing such a fine job for the stockholders. The rich grow richer while the poor work for pathetic wages as our 21st century slave labor force. Continue reading

We Killed Him For “The Fun Of It”

This past Tuesday night, I sat in my chair watching NBC’s Lester Holt report on two black kids, 15 and 16, along with a bi-racial kid shoot and kill a 22 year old Australian college kid on a training run past their house in Duncan, Oklahoma.

When asked why they did it. They responded, “For the fun of it.”

Blame it on de Cracker...

Blame it on de Cracker…

The news reported, “Twenty-two-year-old Chris Lane of Melbourne, Australia, was killed for no reason while out running in the town of Duncan, Oklahoma. Police arrested Chancey Luna, 16, James Edwards, 15 and Michael Jones, 17, on first degree murder charges.”

Duncan Police Chief Dan Ford said the boys gave the simplest of motives, “Overcoming a boring end to their summer vacation.”

The 16 year-old Luna said they were bored and killed Lane for “the fun of it.” Continue reading

Barack Obama: basically dishonest, incompetent and corrupt

“It is very sad that our first African-American president will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive and divisive present ever. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.” – Email sent by Daniel Johns

CS_Obama_Shredding_the_ConstitutionWhen historians investigate the rise, failure and fall of Barack Obama, they will uncover a plethora of unpleasant realities that Americans on both sides of the political aisle refused to investigate. Clearly, power brokers awarded him a free pass from personal accountability and responsibility because of his skin color. Obama never showed competence as a business man, or running a company, as a distinguished educator, honored lawyer or success at anything other than rhetoric.

His only job before ascending to the position of U.S. Senator from Illinois: community organizer. Before that, he lived out of the United States in Muslim countries and attended Islamic schools until the age of 11 or so. No one knows. He “earned” sub-par grades in high school and in college at Columbia and Harvard. No one knows where he acquired the money to attend such prestigious and expensive institutions—or how he obtained scholarships or passed entrance tests to merit admission. In fact, no one knows anything of his youth other than he smoked or snorted a lot of drugs like marijuana and cocaine. That’s about the only thing he ever admitted. Continue reading

Exploding racial and linguistic divide in America in 2013

racismTeddy Roosevelt, in 1906, said, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or prevent all possibility of its continuing to be a national at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities. We have but one flag. We have one language, English.”

With the killing of African-American Trayvon Martin by a Latino-American George Zimmerman, President Teddy Roosevelt’s brilliant statement over 100 years ago—exemplifies America’s exploding racial and linguistic divide.

Before 1965 and Senator Teddy Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act, America thrived on a 90 percent European, 7 percent African and 3 percent Latino population. While Dr. Martin Luther King brought equality of opportunity and human rights, he failed to bring to inspire African-Americans to higher educational standards. Today, racism rears its ugly head with cyclical welfare dependency, illiteracy, joblessness because of a lack of education, skills and personal accountability, welfare babies and entrenched poverty for a growing population of black Americans. Continue reading

“Ima kill dat dumass cracker be racis” black tweet on Zimmerman verdict

panther_samir_shabazzAfter the Zimmerman verdict, Black Panther activist Malik Shabazz told audiences that blacks must retaliate, “You want freedom you must go out and kill some crackers.”

Thousands of African-Americans marched in protest of the “innocent” verdict for Hispanic Zimmerman. Ironically, no whites threatened blacks after the “innocent” verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial where he killed his wife and her new boyfriend with a knife. If you questioned that verdict, or the racial makeup of the jury — you were a racist. This past weekend, a jury found Hispanic George Zimmerman, innocent. If you’re not out on the street complaining about it — you’re a racist. Would this have even been a national story if the killer turned up black and the victim happened to be white? Not a peep from the national media. Black on white crime occurs daily without media attention.

With endless irony, in the 513 days since Zimmerman dispatched Trayvon Martin, 11,300 black people suffered deaths at the hands of nearly that same amount of black people. In other words, blacks kill blacks with growing alacrity.

Another black leader yelled to kill whites, but a blogger responded, “Who will pay for your welfare checks and grow your food?Continue reading

Enormous $6.3 trillion cost of immigration amnesty

amnesty_01_webNot only will Senate Bill 744, called the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, add 33 million immigrants to the USA within the next 10 years, it will cost American taxpayers a mind-numbing $6.3 trillion. That amount of money piles on top of our already crippling $16.5 trillion national debt. When you consider 12 to 20 million illegal alien migrants taping into our social security, schools, medical systems, assisted housing and food stamp benefits—the costs skyrocket beyond imagination.

Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation stated, “Unlawful immigration and amnesty for current unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers

Government provides four types of benefits and services that are relevant to this issue:

Direct benefits. These include Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation. Continue reading

Onslaught of illegal and legal immigrants lining up for amnesty


wooldridge_thumb_08Senate Bill 744, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, promises the most prolific invasion of America since Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. But with one deadly difference: those storms subsided so we could repair the damage.

If S744 passes, we face endless immigration numbers to the tune of a minimum of 33 million immigrants within the first decade. Passing that bill means an increase of legal immigration from its current 1 million annually to 1.5 million annually. All totaled with immigrants, their offspring, chain migration and diversity visas, a mind numbing 100 million immigrants will land on America within 37 years—by 2050. (Source:; US Population Projections by Fogel/Martin; PEW Research Center) Continue reading


immigration_0427Today we are seeing a move to open the borders of America to any and everybody that wants to come. This concept is primarily the brainchild of the Democrat Party. There are some Republicans in the mix, RINO’s all of them, with the new Senator Rubio among them. I will state up front my position on this subject so there is no question as to where I am coming from.

Senator Rand Paul made the statement that we need to find a place for those that have stolen across our borders, taken American jobs, stolen social security numbers and flaunt the fact that we don’t enforce or laws and that statement is a slap in the face to all American citizens and those that have immigrated to America legally. My position is simple. The only ‘place that I can find’ for these people that spit I our face is on the other side of the border and standing in line to come back. If that take 15 or 20 years, so what? These people have broken the law. Why reward them with a ‘pathway to citizenship’? They should be at the back of the line. Period! Continue reading

Amnesty to include a 50 percent increase of legal immigrants if S744 passes

amnesty_01_webNot only will 12 to 20 million illegal aliens enjoy new found legality and freedom to roam and work within America if the senate amnesty S744 bill passes, the senators added a whopping 50 percent additional legal immigration number to the bill.

They added those numbers in light of the fact that 47 million Americans exist on food stamps because they cannot secure jobs. Nearly 40 percent of African-Americans cannot secure jobs. Our working poor stand in welfare lines, food kitchens and food banks.

We import over one million legal immigrants annually more than all other countries combined. Our country cannot handle those numbers, but Congress expects to pass yet another amnesty and add even more millions of people to America.

Since 1965, the Immigration Reform Act started the flood of humanity into America at 1.1 million year after year and decade after decade. However, this new bill piles insult onto injury. Continue reading

Wooldridge: The 1965 Congressional lie on immigration; the 2013 lie even bigger

wooldridge_thumb_08In 1965, as a college student, I felt the U.S. Government and Congress worked for and represented the best interests of the American people. As I learned more, and later as I understood more as a U.S. Army officer, I discovered presidents and Congress lie. When I became a math-science teacher in Denver, Colorado, I discovered that superintendents lie when it benefits them. I discovered people lie.

Lyndon Baines Johnson lied to plunge us into the Vietnam War. Bill Clinton lied from the day of his birth. George W. Bush lied us into Iraq War. Barack H. Obama continually lies to us as to immigration, Afghanistan War, Obamacare, his past history and more than we can count.

But the one lie that will go down in history as the beginning of the end of the United States of America goes to the late Senator Teddy Kennedy (D-MA) and his 1965 Immigration Reform Act. He exploded immigration from 175,000 annually to over 1.2 million year after year, decade after decade. He jumped our population from a reasonable 194 million to its current 316 million on our way to 625 million in this century. Continue reading


Back in 1974, at the Steamboat Springs Celebrity Ski Contest in Colorado, Clint Eastwood stood in a ski shop waiting for his new skis to be sharpened. Being a bold and rather brash young man, I walked up to him, stuck out my hand, and said, “Hi Clint, my name is Frosty Wooldridge. Welcome to Colorado ski country.”

“Good to meet you, Frosty,” replied Clint, shaking my hand.

We spent five minutes with small talk and I wished him well on the ski slopes. I remember parting with, “Remember to cover your face with zinc oxide or you’ll get a hell of a sunburn

“Got you covered,” he said, smiling.

I know he wouldn’t remember me, but I remember him. I watched him on the TV show “Rawhide” and in the movie “Play Misty for Me” and his epic “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” I also saw “A Fist Full of Dollars” and “For a Few Dollars More.” And of course, the “Dirty Harry” series with his famous line, “Do you feel lucky punk, well do you! Go ahead, …make my day”

In that firm handshake and the five minutes of banter, I found him to be a genuine human being. A good man. A solid American. Continue reading

Latest amnesty for 2 million illegals encourages more of the same

Last week, a two million person armada of illegal aliens began its legal inculcation into America that will ultimately surpass well over 20 million more immigrants with chain migration, millions of births and accelerating illegal immigration by millions from Mexico, Central and South America.

Barack Obama’s executive order failed to solve anything as to illegal immigration, but it definitely multiplied the financial consequences as to aid to dependent children, food stamps, increased Social Security payout (SSI), educational costs, assisted housing, welfare, medical care and loss of jobs for legal American citizens.

In his press conference he said, “Congress has failed to bring a solution to children of illegal aliens residing in America.”

Wrong! Congress voted against the last Dream Act and the last George Bush amnesty while Obama served as a U.S. Senator. The people of the United States wanted their immigration laws enforced, but instead, such as the case with Arizona’s S.B. 1070, along with Alabama, South Carolina and other states—the federal government filed suit against any states trying to protect themselves. Continue reading

Wooldridge: Who is to blame for $4.00 a gallon gas? How about $10.00 a gallon?

“At this point, it’s almost certainly too late to manage a transition to sustainability on a global or national scale, even if the political will to attempt it existed, which it clearly does not. Our civilization is in the early stages of the same curve of decline and fall as so many others have followed before it. What likely lies in wait for us is a long, uneven decline into a new Dark Age from which, centuries from now, the civilizations of the future will gradually emerge.” Continue reading

H. Wooldridge: Unholy Alliance: Cops, Cartels, Cultivators and the Competition (Beer Industry) Unite to Keep Marijuana Illegal

~ Forewords ~
The War on Drugs has failed for 39 years with over 35 million Americans that have sat in jail over smoking a joint. $1 trillion taxpayer dollars spent with zero results! Cartels have killed 24,000 people in Mexico in the past 24 months. American deaths into the thousands from shootouts, thefts, gang killings! The cash outflow from America staggers anyone’s imagination. Drugs remain available in same quantity as in 1971. It’s time for a change. This op-ed exposes the ring leaders. Continue reading