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The Politician Candidates Vs. the Private Sector Candidates for The Presidency of the United States

Stop kidding yourselves—politician candidates are all panhandlers, liars, and con-artists, maybe only one and possibly two private sector Republican candidates are worthy of the U.S. presidency.


Two down… ‘Bye!’

The Democrat Party is the Truth Party (T). The Democrats tell you up front that they are going steal & redistribute all of your possessions & destroy all semblances of sovereignty incurred by 3rd & 4th world perpetual invasions by design. Continue reading

A Southerner’s response to Arrogant Ignorance

mccutchen_15Fort Smith School Board President Deanie Mehl came South looking for employment and found it.

With the above in mind, why is she so filled with anger and disdain aimed at the South and all things Southern?

She has been contemptuous, at least in her mind, by describing some local citizens as Rebels & Rednecks.

What President Mehl fails to understand is the fact that the words Rebel & Redneck are two of the most honorable words in the English language. Continue reading

McCutchen: Ignorance

Ignorance alone is a sad thing, but ignorance being sanctimoniously glorified is disgusting and disturbing. ~ Barb McCutchen

mccutchen_15H.L. Mencken, Will Rogers, Mark Twain – ­satirical humorous writers in the past would see the delicious irony in a school board & superintendent so ignorant and ill/mis-informed regarding history that they would equate a symbol of liberty/independence with one of slavery/bondage. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, that appears to be the case in the Fort Smith School Superintendent & School Board’s desire to remove/replace Southside High School’s 50+ year Rebel Mascot & all things Dixie. There’s never even been a protest of any size whatever of which I am aware. Continue reading

The Lincoln/Civil War Lies Must Be Exposed

Can facts & truth ever overcome the 155 year old Lincoln cover-up: all built on ignorance and untruths?

01_lincoln_pub_collTwo of the members of the Fort Smith School Board have indicated by their stated positions they are the two principal spokespersons for the Board.

They have shown that they are more than willing to carry and promulgate the now 155 year old brutal Lincoln cover-up.

These two women bill themselves as educators of children, when they shamelessly participate in perpetuating lies, distortions, revisions, omissions, indoctrination and political correctness in the government school classrooms, all orchestrated by the varied entities of all government. Continue reading

Will The Republican Landslide Reverse Obama’s Wholesale Awarding Of Amnesty To Illegal Mexicans & OTM’S?


Hahahahaha! Don’t you believe it!

Last evening on a Memphis radio talk show I was extended additional time to answer 2 questions. I will relate the first question which deals with the title of this missive.


My answer was an immediate NO! The host gave the appearance of being startled by the answer.

Here is why the irrelevant Republican Party, irrelevant with one exception, undeclared preemptive murder & destruction commonly known as “Wars on Terrorism”. Currently the U.S. government has 7 and going for 9 of their murderous, hegemonic schemes. Continue reading

Who Are the 13 Percenters That Are Willfully Destroying the Minds of American Children?

demille_as_mccutchenThe feds set the course, undergirded by state government & various education factions, commandeered with bribes, threats & theft, destroyed the once proud institution of public education. What happened and continues to happen to the once vaunted public school system? Greed, transitioning to power, money and destruction. Citizens stood and are standing by helplessly allowing full-blown corruption in the P.S. system to mushroom, ignoring America’s Founding Principles.

Former Times Record editor Jack Moseley, on another subject, stated and is appropriate here, “it’s a lot of purty”, referring to the P.S. infrastructure, an apt description of the modern day public school systems, producing little academic achievements. Continue reading

Out of the Mouths of Babes & Communists: Fundamentally Changing America…

b_mccutchen_foFrom an article in the Times Record, 8/11/14, “Immigrant-Rights Nonprofit learns from Arizona Organizations” we are told “Change agents with Arkansas United Community Coalition returned Sunday after a five-day trip to the heart of the border crisis in Arizona with ideas on how to inspire change in their communities. (Emphasis mine)

This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s method for change (always meaning the destruction of Western values, e.g. liberty, private property, personal responsibility, rule of law, etc.) as outlined in his book “Rules for Radicals”.

Community organizing is the background of Barack Hussein Obama and radically changing what America used to be is the goal. It is obviously working since there is little recognizable that is left. Continue reading

McCutchen: Citizen Taxpayers vs. Library tax or Property Rights vs. Forced Redistribution

b_mccutchen_foBackground: The concept of private individual property rights is a recent arrival in the timetables of human history, much less its official enactment in various degrees by governments around the world—specifically Western Civilization.

The concept finally caught fire in intellectual philosophers’ minds, mainly by the 16th century, to the extent that by the time our Founders were young pupils studying classical literature, languages & philosophies, the rarified ideas of individual rights were honored and struggling to be achieved in reality. The overwhelming significance was for the masses of people who had suffered nearly forever under the heavy hand of tyranny. Up until then it was unheard of that an individual had the right to keep the fruits of his labor and that no one had the right to take them by force of any means. Continue reading

Another Salvo from the United Nations’ Agenda 21

demille_as_mccutchenRemember when the downtown bunch was touting “Quality of Place”, in all likelihood it was one the first shots fired into Fort Smith by Agenda 21 and the “Sustainable” bunch. So when City Manager Ray Gosack and his enablers were using the phrase “Quality of Place” just what were they saying?

Parks Director Mike Alsup and Frontier Engineering are bantering around the new phrase “Event Nodes”…does anyone believe the aforementioned two or Gosack & his crew came up with that phrase? Not if you have one eye open. Continue reading

McCutchen: For the Children

Dial M For McCitchenFor how many decades have politicians & bureaucrats gotten away with highway robbery of taxpayers by their hue & cry….BUT IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN? What great bait! And have perfected how to dangle & manipulate it. Few want to be seen as uncaring about “the children”….never mind that every program whether for education, healthcare, meals, et al has ultimately led to the dumbing down and the dependency on government by the children and their families, often for generations; therefore weakening the very fiber of American pride, excellence, responsibility and self-esteem. Continue reading

Republicans Run Up The White Flag Again!

RINO Chicken Little flag of surrender

RINO Chicken Little flag of surrender

Who needs another vote, after the white flag rising by Rino Republicans on the issue of Obamacare, the terms of their surrender were announced, euphemistly called in Arkansas the “Private Option” which was crafted in part by Gov. Beebe and anointed by Barack Obama.

Knowledgeable citizens quickly understood, when informed, that when the so-called stalemate on the issue had emerged and closed-door bipartisan negotiations had occurred, it was patently obvious the “fix was in”. Translation: republican compromise their alleged principles. Republicans get the smell, Democrats get the meat. Continue reading

More financial inbreeding compliments of Arkansas Governor Beebe and the Arkansas General Assembly—both houses

Before the above is addressed the following questions have not been answered by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, the House, or the Senate.

1. What are the constitutionality, the legality, and/or the authority that gives rise to forming an Arkansas State University campus in Queretaro, Mexico?

2. What is the purpose?

3. Who are the beneficiaries?

4. Who are the titans behind the scenes that are stealing Arkansas taxpaying citizens’ property and moving portions to Mexico by using any number of Arkansas State entities, while citizens in the main are in the blind?

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, Director of Higher Education and politically appointed Shane Broadway, U.S. Congressman Rick Crawford, A-State Board of Trustees, along with Chancellor Tim Hudson & President Charles Welch, and a host of others have deep tentacle attachments to A-State. What is their game?  Continue reading

Legislative gifts… do they pass the smell test?

Michael Lamoureux

Michael Lamoureux

Senate President Pro Tempore Michael Lamoureux (R-Russellville) has developed an affinity for exotic travel, reported by today’s Dem-Gaz. To the Senator, why not Peoria, Trenton, Camden, Detroit, or Memphis instead of West Palm Beach, Edinburgh, Sonoma, Beijing, and oh for heaven’s sakes I forgot to list the epicenter of crime, Washington, DC.

Lamoureux was only one of a number of other bureaucrats & legislators receiving “gifts”.

Senator Lamoureux received $2,274 from the Senate President’s Forum to attend a conference in West Palm Beach. The same outfit paid him $2,365 for a trip to Seattle and another $1,030 trip for a conference in Madrid. The Senator claims to be a Conservative, therefore I’m sure he can tell us how he got a round-trip ticket to Spain for $1,030.

Questions: What is the Senate President’s Forum, what’s the purpose, who are the members, what is the source of the money, and who sets the agenda? Continue reading

Is this the legacy Gov. Mike Beebe seeks?

Just the good ol’ boys…
Makin’ their way,
The only way they know how,
That’s just a little bit more than the law will allow.

Just them Good Ol' Boys

Just them Good Ol’ Boys

It appears the Beebe administration is in an aggressive mode to sellout citizen taxpayers’ property to a foreign national government, i.e. Mexico…why?

The proposed location of Arkansas State University’s foreign campus is Queretaro, Mexico. A-State Chancellor Tim Hudson stated in a press conference that “the demand for higher education is rapidly rising in Mexico, along with its growing affluence and economy”. With the “growing affluence & economy in Queretaro, Mexico what is the purpose that demands the state of Arkansas build and subsidize the proposed university? Hudson goes on to say “Hispanics are an expanding demographic in the U.S., and Arkansas State will be better equipped to fulfill related needs and opportunities”. The United States is home to 25-35 million, uninvited illegals Mexican & OTM invaders, not the phony 11 million that government agencies are peddling. Continue reading

The Pied Piper for Amnesty (25-35 millions of illegals—not the 12 million the government lies about), Open Borders, & Cheap Labor, with more coming

horses_assRandy Zook, the Pied Piper and Chief Executive Officer of the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce/Associated Industries of Arkansas, anointed a Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce’s First Friday Breakfast with a ton of blather with little honesty or substance. He titled his screed “The Global War for Good Jobs”.

He stated Arkansas has about 98,000 who are officially unemployed and 100,000 who are under-employed/not working 40 hours. A tacit overview of those numbers fails to compute. The Federal Government estimates 90 million Americans are unemployed (no telling how many illegals), 50 million or more on Food Stamps, etc. etc. etc. do the math.

In Arkansas the rollout for Obamacare, 70,000 residents jumped into the Medicaid trough but Governor Beebe, accompanied by the Arkansas Republican Cavemen & Cavewomen failed to state how many residents opted for Obamacare. So much for transparency. Fully half of Arkansas residents are on some form of welfare, while Zook and the country’s movers & shakers fan the flames for amnesty and an unimpeded flow of immigrants, legal & illegal. Continue reading

Governor Mike Beebe and The Arkansas Legislature

hokey-pokeyYour proposal to shell out nearly $100 million to Arkansas teachers is immoral and unconstitutional.

This amounts to nothing but a raise for Arkansas teachers and they certainly do not deserve a pay raise.

From another point of view, the vast majority of teachers are Democrats and support Obamacare; therefore they should pay for their own increases in insurance premiums.

The arrogance you are showing in coddling the teacher unions is breathtaking and must be construed as a political payoff to teachers and their unions. It hasn’t been that long ago that Obama dispensed $93 million taxpayer dollars to the teachers of Arkansas. A totally undeserved largesse. Continue reading

To Hell With Liberty and Privacy, It’s a Job!!

demille_as_mccutchenSpying and frying cannot be equivocated with jobs, but that’s not what the politicians say.

The Times Record in today’s editorial titled “Area Support for the 188th Still Strong”. What facts does T.R. editor Judith Hansen have to substantiate the title…more than the city government and the consummate insiders?

The implementation of savagery and barbarism is the wave of our dying Empire, not a Republic. In Hanson’s editorial she quotes Congressional Representative Steve Womack. “The new mission can grow and bring potential new jobs”. Womack’s’ statement is disseminating the message that the spying and frying mission will exacerbate and diplomacy & peace have no chance. Insertion of the drones’ tentacles into sovereign nations while doing their dirty work in America on American citizens, i.e. spying and frying is not the conduct of a peace-loving nation. The “War on Terror” is phony. Continue reading

A TALE OF TWO CITIES — Freedom you say?


188th_FWThe horrific transformation of the town of Fort Smith from legal hangings to rogue assassinations & spying… e.g. back in the day Judge Isaac Parker, in the pursuit of justice, would send out a U.S. Marshall, perhaps Bass Reeves, to apprehend the alleged criminal. Said criminal would be formally charged according to the U.S. Constitution and tried in a duly assembled court of law and found either innocent or guilty according to hard evidence. In the case of guilt, punishment in accordance to established law would be meted out. Continue reading

The Arkansas POLITICAL PROTECTION RACKET reached its zenith Friday, August 16, 2013

mccutchen_newVarious news media reported that the state’s Ethics Commission determined that Jonesboro state senator (D) Paul Bookout had misapplied $50,000 or more of campaign funding. Some examples of his thievery are: depositing $18,200 into his personal bank account; transferring $6,761.47 from his campaign fund in the form of cash withdrawals; spending $5,043.74 on women’s clothing & accessories; spending $8,402 on home theater equipment & installation; and the beat goes on.

Certainly, Senator Bookout, whose family has been wallowing in the Democrat inner circle for decades, is guilty of much more than a violation of ethics. Isn’t thievery a more serious violation than an “ethics” charge? Why has the Arkansas state police not charged the senator with grand theft and why hasn’t Gov. Mike Beebe and the Ark. Legislature demanded Bookout’s resignation? How do Bookout’s political donors feel about his misfeasance or is that just part of their political pay-offs? Continue reading

Do politicians ever speak the unvarnished truth, maybe half-truths – occasionally

mccutchen_newU.S. Representative Rick Crawford (R-AR) & U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama are the latest half-truthers or absolute un-truthers.

The Fort Smith Times Record, in a lead story — “Crawford Visits Mexican Border

1. Congressman Crawford on his claim to have visited the Mexican border contiguous with the U.S. If an elected official was really serious about border security, why would he visit San Diego as opposed to Sasabe & Naco, AZ. ad infinitum, where no border barriers exist except in some cases a 3 strand barbed wire fence laying on the ground as a result of being trampled by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and the literally thousands of tons of garbage they have divested themselves of after entering our country illegally.

Crawford’s visit apparently began & ended in San Diego where there is a 13 mile stretch of double fencing. How courageous & insightful. Crawford states, in this context, “that security has improved by leaps & bounds, but convinced more needs to be done”. In point of fact, our porous southwestern borders have deteriorated mightily since Obama’s advent. Border Patrol agents have been dramatically reduced, a freeze on arrest of illegals, and releasing infinite numbers of illegals, etc. For every illegal apprehended, 3 eluded. Continue reading

McCutchen: Censorship of Words & Knowledge

mccutcheon_thumbWhat kind of system and what kind of people wish to punish, even execute, anyone who reveals their destructive secrets? The same psychopathic scum that always rises to the top of the pot in the quest for riches & power. Even worse are the complicit commentators and talking heads which facilitate such behavior–will we ever learn?

How ironic that the heroes of today are very young men instead of the wise older Elders? Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden, young men in their 20’s, have put their lives, honor, and fortunes on the line to inform & alert the American citizens and those across the world of the evil activities of the world’s largest super power, the USA. Continue reading

When the Wind Blows; the Cash Flows

mccutchen_newDo you remember Roger Miller’s song “King of the Road” and the lyrics “Trailers for rent or sale”? To fit the needs of the U.S. congress simply change the lyrics to “Votes for rent or sale”.

It is written “We the people…” but have we the people been erased from the equation, i.e. the American middle class are never in the conversation dealing with what are THEIR needs?

The following factual remarks deal with recent ongoing corruption in the U.S. government and what are the positions or non-positions of the Arkansas Six…Senators Pryor & Boozman, Representatives Womack, Crawford, Griffin, & Cotton on the vital issues of Amnesty, National Security Agency, and the Internal Revenue Service, et al. Continue reading

Sunset on Western Civilization?

mccutchen_newWe’ve been witnessing certain futuristic predictions (e.g. Orwell, Rand, Huxley) unfortunately coming true. Are the predictions of the novel “Camp of the Saints” coming true also? July 16, 2013

The enemies of Western Civilization, e.g. the Cultural Marxist types, have been working toward its destruction for decades, nay hundreds of years…principally by undermining its institutions.

Now the Obamas appear to be fast-forwarding the way for the demise of Caucasian & pro-Enlightenment type people, while arrogantly, hypocritically enjoying more riches and luxuries than any king, conqueror, or dictator in history…all at the expense of their taxpaying victims, while flagrantly reveling in their excesses. (Please observe the price tags of their excursions, trappings & entertainments…well into the $Billions…their government programs well into the $Trillions.) Continue reading

Fax to McCain/Graham & other illegal alien pushers

Senators John McCain & Lindsay Graham
Washington, DC

June 17, 2013

Today I note that you Senator Graham opined that if S. 744 did not pass the Republican Party would spiral into the abyss. With the lack of morality & principle and your only stated course is warmongering, so what’s to lose? Oh yes, the republic.

The traitorous bill that the two of you and the propagandizing Anchor Baby & liar Senator Marco Rubio, accompanied by the other five perpendicular fools would not only erase our sovereignty, Western Civilization, the Constitution & the rule of law, but would overwhelm our republic with 3rd World illegal uninvited aliens with a huge appetite for welfare and reproduction. Observe.

Democrat U.S. Senator Menendez said it all, “If Republicans don’t pass this bill they will never elect another Republican”. Atta boy, Bobby, glad to see you Democrats are concerned about Republicans. Continue reading

Washington, DC Vaudeville segues from comedy to tragedy

It’s time to take them all and stand ’em up in a garage on Clark Street.

We’ll show ’em the ‘Chicaga Way.’

st valen massacreThe cast of satraps generally known to the public as the Gang of Eight (how ironic, a term used in early Soviet Russia) and in American parlance can be described as unconstitutional legislative thugs and devout enemies of middleclass America, e.g. their recent production of a proposed immigration reform bill.

A brief description of the Eight Sell-outs of the American Constitution, morality and ethics who have been ensconced in the public welfare power trough collectively for 185 years. An abomination! Their prominence and longevity are products of their many vote-buying years. The Eight Immigration Reform Traitors, and certainly there are many more wallowing in the chambers of U.S. government that have and are figuratively urinating on the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, while figuratively raping middleclass America, the heart & soul of our republic with the distinct intent of destroying said middleclass by conferring amnesty to the 25-35 million illegal alien hordes who are nesting on our lands.

No need for Political Correctness when the individuals that have sworn allegiance to the Constitution to protect Americans and their sovereignty when in fact they are in an attack mode to destroy America’s sovereignty allowing our Republic to continue to descend into a 3rd World multicultural gulag devoid of assimilation…ALL BY DESIGN. Continue reading

McCutchen to John Boehner

Congressman John Boehner
U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC

Speaker Boehner

March 17, 2013

mccutchen_newIf the statements attributed to you, made over the weekend are true, i.e. “absolutely trust President Barack Obama… open with each other…..honest with each other…the U.S. doesn’t have an immediate crisis in terms of debt”.

You sir are either a liar, political buffoon, or an outright traitor to the American people and the Constitution.

With the almost complete transformation (a promise made by Obama) of America from a Republic to a 3rd World garbage heap with open borders, no sane American office holder could possibly make the aforementioned statements regarding support for the Marxist/deconstructionist President Barack Hussein Obama. Continue reading

McCutchen:To Senator Rand Paul

mccutchen_newSenator Rand Paul
U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C.

Senator Paul: February 14, 2013

Re: your plan for dealing with illegal aliens, i.e. Immigration Reform.

Before I briefly critique your plan, I will say that the day after the last presidential election the Republican Party ceded all claims to being an honorable organization. Rather than stand for the Constitution, the Rule of Law, principled concepts, etc. the party decided to try to out-Hispanic the Democrat Party who wrote the book “Any method that captures votes.”

Americans are thirsting for principled, honorable representation, that’s the concept that will capture votes and is lacking.  Continue reading


mccutchen_newAre American citizens Simpletons? The preponderance of evidence would so indicate, and by the way­ those instruments for assassination, i.e. murder in the form of 30,000 drones overflying the U.S.

Observe a microcosm of the composition of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Many have occupied other elective positions.

· Senator John Boozman=18yrs total
· Sen. Mark Pryor=18 yrs (Father before him=35 yrs)
· Sen. Harry Reid=30 yrs
· Sen. Lindsay Graham=18 yrs
· Sen. John McCain=30 yrs
· Congressman Steny Hoyer=32 yrs
· Sen. Mitch McConnell=28 yrs
· Sen. Chuck Schumer=33 yrs
· Sen. Jim Inhofe=32 yrs
· Sen. Barbara Boxer=30 yrs
· Sen. Dick Durbin=30 yrs
· Sen. Diane Feinstein=23 yrs

A whopping total of 322 years slopping at the Federal Trough, randomly chosen from a body of 535 federally elected office holders! A majority of the 535 federal office holders have been in more than 20 years…just imagine what the grand total is in years for the 535!! AND POLITICIANS TALK INCESSANTLY ABOUT EXTENDING TERM LIMITS! Continue reading

The Republican Irrelevancy Continues to Build—Immigration & Taxes

What Fools & Turncoats These Republicans — The False Premise They Can Out-Democrat a Democrat

The New Enemies of the American middle class—the Republican Party, coupled with old enemies, AR Democrat-Gazette editor Paul Greenberg and his tribe.

A Greenberg editorial titled “They have eyes to see” (11/24/12) filled with biting sarcasm, laced with Zionist subliminal overtones (instructions) and numerous untruths, dedicated to further influence and demand the Republican Party and middleclass Americans cast aside the Constitution, the rule of law, sovereignty and honor…for unbridled Republican vote buying. Continue reading


Is there any honesty in the U.S. government schools, yes there are goodly numbers of bonafide school teachers, however they are neutered by government regulations and “public service” unions. Another problem is most teachers laboring in the failed K-12 are products of the same failed system that is presently destroying the minds of our children through propaganda, social engineering, indoctrination, accompanied by minimal core curricula. Couple the above with the fact that rarely is a teacher ever fired due to the public service unions’ protection racket.

As the 2013 Arkansas legislative session is close by, Arkansas Governor Beebe and certain members of the legislature are already in their “more money for education” attack mode, offering up tens of millions for “better education”. Since when does money equate with real education? Neither Beebe nor the legislators offer any clue as to their proposed distribution of the funding. You want to bet it will be equally divided between teacher raises and more grand edifices, neither of which is deserved or needed. Continue reading


Bureaucrats belly-up to the bar and instruct the paymasters the amount of funding they demand for the next 4 years. Remember, private sector taxpayers, Funding Follows Failure.

The Exchequer long ago also made his demands to the paymasters that he wanted to add a ¼ million deadbeats to the welfare rolls, but now the Exchequer is not sure if the paymasters can muster the amount of dollars to fund the Exchequer’s criminal desires. We shall see. Note the Exchequer refuses to identify the demographics of the proposed welfare increase. How many legal and illegals are in the proposal, but how could he, he has stated on numerous occasions that he did not know how many illegals are in the state and on welfare—which is a lie—remember that word FUNDING? Continue reading

Fat & Sociopaths Rise To The Top

Fat rises to the top of the pot because of its physical makeup, sociopaths rise to positions of power/influence because of their genetic need to control and be on display.

Normal folks are often perplexed and even marvel about the extent of corrupt behavior by those who they thought were at least somewhat honorable before they became elected/appointed/hired to positions of influence. Normals have a hard time, sometimes nearly impossible comprehending the extent of amoral (at best) conduct of those usually beguiling individuals who often get away with a lifetime of parasitism in the name of “public service” and “giving back” (When did you ever see any politicrat give the money back to the taxpayer from whom it was stolen?) Continue reading

The Economic Nosedive to the Abyss is almost Complete

Economic atrocities continue to be launched at Arkansas citizens, this time by UAFS Chancellor Paul Beran & Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.

In the first case, Chancellor Beran in his grand bloviating style posed some questions to an “Advisory Board”. “Where are we going to put a dorm?” “Where are we going to put a new building?” “We have to get some professional advice”.

Why did Beran ask the Advisory Board at its regular meeting the aforementioned questions? The deal has already been cut. Beran revealed that a $350,000 award had been made with architectural and planning groups…from Rogers, Arkansas, to Michigan, to Colorado. No local flavor? Spending other people’s money is the easiest job in the world and Beran & friends have developed it into a fine art. They never give thought as to the funding source, i.e. producers, nor do they care. Continue reading

Who’s promoting the Medicaid (Welfare) Expansion?

Is it a small business owner? Is it the factory worker? Certainly not.

Who proposed adding 250,000 more illegal aliens and deadbeat Arkansans to Medicaid?

I gaze down at a newspaper photo that identifies 3 Big Government types­Andy Allison, State Welfare Director; Surgeon General Joe Thompson; and Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford. Is Bradford the same guy who moved back and forth between Pine Bluff & Whitehall to escape term limits? Does he own an insurance company doing “state business”? (Like my good friend Percy Malone?) Certainly these 3 are going to promote welfare expansion, they all will benefit, directly or indirectly.  Continue reading

McCutchen: Government corruption running amuck

The wholesale corruption in Arkansas state government has run amuck.

Definition of corruption…putrid; infected or tainted; depraved or debased.

For those who may have read, I admonished each of you that you are about to destroy the last vestiges of the best healthcare system in the world.

We have a president and a Democrat party base that have foisted upon American people a system of healthcare that is impossible to pay for, one that is steeped in healthcare rationing, numerous hints of death panels, and 21 new tax hikes.

The Obama “Affordable Care Act” (sic) is a nation killing piece of legislation and if carried out to its maximum potential will utterly destroy what’s left of the once preeminent republic of the USA. Continue reading

Who are the Real Terrorists?

Do you believe America is still the Land of the Free or are we in the throes of an uncivil, lawless society?

Who are the real terrorists? Is it the Chinese, the Germans, the Russians, the Taliban, Iran, the Congo, ad infinitum and do the readers of this piece personally fear any of the above or others?

The foundation for the “American Dream” (freedom) lies in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Of particular interest here is the Constitution and Amendments 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 14, 15 & 16 which have all been rendered toothless by past & present congressional & presidential administrations.

The conduct of American government will be judged on how well or not the aforementioned Constitution & Amendments are followed and enforced or will it & they continue to lie fallow? Continue reading

Glaring Omissions

A couple of weeks ago I paid for an ad in the Times Record pointing out the dangers of electing government employees to the state legislature. Electing state employees increases the scope of government by allowing them to lobby for their own special interests while extirpating private citizens from the legislative process. This of course is double-dipping, exploitation, and presents an alarming conflict of interests. Continue reading

Letter to Sen. Marco Rubio re his Dream Act

Senator Marco Rubio,

Your recent utterings and your version of the Dream Act 2.0 conclusively prove that you are a Cuban first (Hispanic) and maybe an American secondly. If that were not the case you would not introduce a Bill that would ultimately lay the foundation for amnesty for 25-35 illegal Mexicans and other assorted Hispanics…all 3rd Worlders, uneducated, gang oriented, impoverished and absorbing every entitlement that productive taxpayers can produce. They are also 30% of the federal prison population.

The criminal nesters bring their failed philosophies and cultures to our republic with no intention of acculturating, embracing Western culture, or abiding by the U.S. Constitution. The fact is, they are spreading their failed philosophies & cultures and are devoid of any substantive accomplishments. Why would we be foolish enough to take on the balkanizing baggage they bring? Continue reading

Only 3 more days!

I believe the unfurling of a federal crime is about to occur in full view of American citizens and more specifically, Arkansans. Some of the supporting cast are: Gov. Mike Beebe, A.G. Dustin McDaniel, the Arkansas State Legislature, the Ark. State Police and of course ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement).

The anticipated criminal event is to occur Monday evening, 7:30 PM, at the Fayetteville Town Center, under the auspices of U of A Chancellor G. David Gearhart. The federal crime he proposes to orchestrate is transporting, hiring, & perhaps harboring 5 illegal aliens. 2 are Arkansas nesters, the other 3 in Mass., NY, & VA. Gearhart is having them make speeches about their alleged difficulties they experience as illegals. Continue reading