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The Free Food Racket & Other Musings (Senator John Boozman (R) & Friends)

Those that control the belly, own the soul – The “Free Food” Folly.

A landmass too large, a national government too large, too corrupt & self-serving to govern constitutionally & legally, e.g. mass immigration, global preemptive wars, Charlottesville, VA. , Baltimore, confederate statues destroyed by savages, etc. etc. Observe the ongoing national carnage! We’re the global enemy?

Citizens are to blame for continuing to embrace the two political cesspools – Democrat & Republican. Government keeps on lyin’ and citizens keep on buyin’. Continue reading

What Kind of People Callously Celebrate unprovoked War? (VIDEO)


The following is in response to an editorial posted by the Times Record on Sunday, April 30, 2017

“Everyone knows just how important the military is. (If you don’t, you should.)”

Equating dollar income with death, destruction & torture is the depth of depravity and debauchery. Building an economy through force of war and celebrating it is tragically deranged.

The editor’s celebration of the now ongoing 16 years of preemptive, unprovoked 7 wars, now Syria, replete with a U.S. military presence in 160 countries, naval armadas in the Yellow, Mediterranean, So. China & Sea of Japan, along with the Persian Gulf, attest to the fact insanity prevails as shown by this editor that celebrates war as a source of revenue is indeed as demented as the occupants of the D.C. Swamp, no exception. I failed to note the numbers of American troops strewn across these 160 sovereign nations in their pursuit of Armageddon. Do you get the picture? Continue reading

Deranged vs. Sane

Who outnumbers who? The deranged, with differing degrees of severity, dominate most important institutions—education; media; politics/government all levels; also the military/industrial/surveillance/banking complex.

The variably deranged dominate the indoctrinated young; the power-hungry, warmongering elites & neoconservatives; the Democrat party; the propagandized “victims”, e.g. gays, lesbians, LGBTQ’s, blacks, Hispanics, OTM’s (other than Mexicans), “refugees”, illegal aliens….illiterates, semi-illiterates, pyschos, neurotics, misfits & other “challenged” individuals. Continue reading

Orwell, Huxley, Rand, Wells, Bradbury, etc… saw and warned us of everything they foresaw coming… except the 3rd world tsunami

They warned against the indoctrination, conditioning, revisionism, brainwashing, etc. where the elitists hoodwinked and ruled over the masses in one manner or another.

They understood the eternal war of Collectivism (tyranny) vs. Individualism (liberty), but from what I have read, did not understand the possibility of the 3rd world overwhelming and destroying Western Civilization—the “white” man. Continue reading

Political theater and…

…an odious ode praising some local Arkansas state legislators.

State Rep. Matt Pitsch, a double-dipper and big government disciple apparently thinks the Arkansas Legislators’ protection racket needs some greasing.

In today’s edition of the T.R. , Rep Pitsch politically massages himself, State Senator Jake Files, State Senator Terry Rice, Rep. George McGill, Rep. Charlotte Douglas, & Rep. Justin Boyd.

Out of the six, two are betrayers to their constituencies; that would be Sen. Files & the author, Rep. Pitsch. Continue reading

The Grande Dame—Besmirched—forever?

mccutchen_15The Dame must descend the pole, be furled, placed in a worthy container & put out of every person’s sight!

The Founding Fathers, after the first war for independence (secession), gave citizens a roadmap that could secure our individual freedoms through their wisdom & experiences, so stated in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

Benjamin Franklin answering a question from a patriot, then “what kind of government do we have?” Franklin’s answer, “a Constitutional Republic, if you can keep it”, not a democracy. We have not kept it. Continue reading

McCutchen: The Road to Collectivism…

It’s a 24/7 process!

mccutchen_15Witness government schools, formerly public schools…oh yes, their marquees.

Whether you identify by calling it Collectivism, Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, Political Correctness or Programming, the results are always the same—civil unrest, poverty, & more importantly loss of freedom.

Leon Trotsky, an avowed Jewish Marxist, was the inventor of the word “Racist”. Recall that Jews fashioned Political Correctness that has swept and done irreversible damage to our American culture & heritage. Continue reading

The Antithesis of what our Founding Fathers Designed

mccutchen_15Ignorance does not have to be permanent, but if cultivated can evolve into stupidity—Observe today’s America. The antithesis of what our Founding Fathers designed.

America is too large to govern and the application of a few Band-Aids may slow the wasting process of local, state & federal governments. President Richard Nixon divided the U.S. into 10 Federal Districts—for what purpose?

Americans are suckers for bread & circuses—entertain ‘em, keep their bellies full, & dwell on emotional phony issues. All is accomplished by the government/media complex by conditioning, propagandizing, indoctrinating, and lies. Continue reading

McCutchen: The Takers and the Makers

mccutchen_15The age-old battle of the Collective vs. the Individual is madly raging in the West. Since Collectivism cannot abide by Individualism in any form, it is vicious in its relentless assaults.

Psychological warfare was set into motion in the U.S. (& elsewhere) in the 1930’s by the German Jew’s “Cultural Marxism” which employed Political Correctness a concoction of many intimidating tools such as Affirmative Action (punishing achievers/discrediting merit/rewarding under-achievers); Feminism (emasculating the masses); Multiculturalism/Diversity worship (diluting the Founding Western stock & emboldening non-whites); Social Justice (reducing all to the lowest common denominator using forced redistribution of wealth); Racism/Bigotry accusations (setting non-whites free from consequences & inducing guilt in whites to the point that rape, mayhem, robbery, even murder of whites by non-whites are ignored or deemphasized, while the death of a non-white criminal is treated as a national sin); Entitlement mentality (have-nots are victims of the haves); open borders (facilitating foreign invasions of hostile, non-acculturated hordes. Throw in Civil Rights, Gay Pride, Black Power, et al movements. Results=the death of common sense, logic, excellence, civility, rule of law, justice, i.e. the Death of Western culture, language, sovereignty. Continue reading

“You can’t fix STUPID”…

Comedian Ron White was so right.

mccutchen_15As a nation we have witnessed Collectivism (Socialism, Communism, Fascism) murder, maim, ruin, and annihilate millions upon millions of innocent human beings. Collectivism produces nothing for the people but poverty, misery, tyranny, mayhem, fear, envy, injustice, cruelty, torture, terror, pain, chaos…nothing good ever comes from it yet we witness known Collectivists (Hillary + Bernie=Communism and Cruz + Kasich = Fascism) actually running for and getting large support for the U.S. Presidency. Continue reading

Check out 8 U.S.C. 1182

Inadmissible Aliens + Additional Sections

mccutchen_15Am taking the liberty to add some other sections of 8 USC that politicrats ignore:

Here are some of the laws on the books, sorry for the computer glitches that happened when we had to switch servers.

These are summaries, the actual laws are a bit more lengthy. Can you imagine how quickly the illegals would self-deport if these laws were enforced???

Citizens: Federal laws not enforced – why? ~ J.M.
Continue reading

In With Facts, Out With Political Correctness & Fear!

mccutchen_15It is said he is a Conservative, it is said the Establishment hates him, really? I speak of course of Senator Ted Cruz and his candidacy for the U.S. presidency.

The Republican Establishment has recently stated in various ways and venues that rank &file Republicans & Independents are too stupid or too ignorant to allow them to choose the Republican presidential candidate. I agree but for reasons that are polar opposites… Continue reading

Tabula Raza Destroying Our Republic – and Oh Yes, Senator John Boozman

Finally the Truth unveils itself on the DC stage. Déjà vu…the Emperor’s New Clothes. The RNC is now naked as a jaybird.

mitt_romney_nudeIn the present campaign for POTUS the Republican Establishment so enmeshed in protecting their ill-gotten power & riches are blinded to the fact they have exposed themselves demonstrating they have been gaming the system for decades & beyond, accompanied by their utter disregard for the American middleclass. The Republican presidential campaign, with its Establishment candidates, save one, Donald Trump, have become so mentally deranged and at the same time revealing themselves to be nothing more than a collection of tyrants raping every tenet of the Constitution & its Bill of Rights and of course the American people. Continue reading

Swimming With The Sharks

mccutchen_15As my husband has exclaimed for years, “we are in a nosedive to the abyss”!

Is this election our last chance to at least grab a parachute and/or a life preserver?

Citizens did not understand a Constitutionalist like Ron Paul because he didn’t have “charisma” and spoke over their heads regarding the importance of individual freedoms and our Founding principles but they are flocking to Donald Trump because he not only has charisma but also the temerity to boldly stand up to the evil Establishment, both parties. Both are extremely desperate to protect their “playpens” (money & power) and the Donald poses a threat to the status quo & they are scared shitless…hence all the ad hominem hysterical attacks, e.g. Romney’s pathetic pit-poodle attack today on Trump. Their PANIC ATTACK flushed them out of their cover like a covey of quail, driving them into the spotlight & exposing their individual corruption for the entire world to see and they don’t even have a fig leaf to hide behind! Thank you Mitt Romney. Continue reading

Collectivism vs. Individualism

b_mccutchen_foSince the beginning of recorded human history, especially since Plato vs. Aristotle, the struggles of human existence have boiled down to Collectivism vs. Individualism. Power/Subjugation vs. individual freedoms (e.g. own property, pursue happiness/excellence, rise or fall based on one’s own efforts/merits, to be left alone without fear of pillage/violence, etc.).

Unfortunately most of human history has been plagued/ruled with some sort of Collectivist Force (Dictators, Czars, Kings, Warlords, Communism, Socialism, feudalism, serfdom, ad infinitum) Continue reading

America’s Trail Of Tears: Are We There?

~ Forewords ~
This article will take at least an hour and 15 minutes to read. If it is your intent to scan, then trash it. Every sentence is connected in various parts of the article and if you read, you will find as I, a very sobering state of affairs in our Republic.

I have been writing squibs & articles for 55 years with the only purpose to engender a thought process… many more failures than successes and observe where we are this day. ~ Joe McCutchen

MOur Founders wrote the prescription, replete with specific directions, The Declaration of Independence that would secure our lives, liberties & pursuits of happiness.

Understanding that many citizens are devoid of knowledge pertaining to our Founding Documents, The Constitution and its Declaration of Independence, I will take this opportunity and print an excerpt of the DOI in an effort to explain the reasoning behind this article, and at the end of the article each individual may arrive at their own evaluation and/or conclusion – ARE WE THERE? Continue reading

The Politician Candidates Vs. the Private Sector Candidates for The Presidency of the United States

Stop kidding yourselves—politician candidates are all panhandlers, liars, and con-artists, maybe only one and possibly two private sector Republican candidates are worthy of the U.S. presidency.


Two down… ‘Bye!’

The Democrat Party is the Truth Party (T). The Democrats tell you up front that they are going steal & redistribute all of your possessions & destroy all semblances of sovereignty incurred by 3rd & 4th world perpetual invasions by design. Continue reading

A Southerner’s response to Arrogant Ignorance

mccutchen_15Fort Smith School Board President Deanie Mehl came South looking for employment and found it.

With the above in mind, why is she so filled with anger and disdain aimed at the South and all things Southern?

She has been contemptuous, at least in her mind, by describing some local citizens as Rebels & Rednecks.

What President Mehl fails to understand is the fact that the words Rebel & Redneck are two of the most honorable words in the English language. Continue reading

McCutchen: Ignorance

Ignorance alone is a sad thing, but ignorance being sanctimoniously glorified is disgusting and disturbing. ~ Barb McCutchen

mccutchen_15H.L. Mencken, Will Rogers, Mark Twain – ­satirical humorous writers in the past would see the delicious irony in a school board & superintendent so ignorant and ill/mis-informed regarding history that they would equate a symbol of liberty/independence with one of slavery/bondage. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, that appears to be the case in the Fort Smith School Superintendent & School Board’s desire to remove/replace Southside High School’s 50+ year Rebel Mascot & all things Dixie. There’s never even been a protest of any size whatever of which I am aware. Continue reading

The Lincoln/Civil War Lies Must Be Exposed

Can facts & truth ever overcome the 155 year old Lincoln cover-up: all built on ignorance and untruths?

01_lincoln_pub_collTwo of the members of the Fort Smith School Board have indicated by their stated positions they are the two principal spokespersons for the Board.

They have shown that they are more than willing to carry and promulgate the now 155 year old brutal Lincoln cover-up.

These two women bill themselves as educators of children, when they shamelessly participate in perpetuating lies, distortions, revisions, omissions, indoctrination and political correctness in the government school classrooms, all orchestrated by the varied entities of all government. Continue reading