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Social Security – The Second Government Socialist Trap

“The only reason that Democrats care for the poor, the downtrodden, the sick, the infirmed, the disabled, the Blacks, the Latinos, the LGBT crowd and other minority groups is for the votes they hope to garner by pandering to them, because political power is their only objective. The only reason they lobby for and pass unconstitutional socialist legislation is to buy these groups off for their votes. In their politically driven hearts they care not one whit for these groups. Sadly, they cannot help themselves because after five generations of liberal indoctrination, this Progressive genetic disease is firmly embedded in their gene pool.” ~ Ron Ewart

A few days ago, a columnist in the Washington Post wrote this:

“When Bernie Sanders launched his bid for the Democratic nomination, he was often asked whether he, a democratic socialist, would actually become a Democrat. Now, more than a year after he ignited a movement with his unsuccessful bid, that question is moot. The Democrats have become socialists.”

“This became official, more or less, Wednesday afternoon, when Sanders rolled out his socialized health-care plan, Medicare for All, and he was supported by 16 of his Senate Democratic colleagues who signed on as co-sponsors, including the party’s rising stars and potential presidential candidates in 2020: Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand.”

The Democrats have now finally come out of the closet and admitted that they are avowed socialists. For those of us with any intellect at all, who have been watching the Democrats for the last 60 years, have known for at least that time that Democrats were and are socialists. Continue reading

The UN Is Determined To Swallow America And Its Wealth

Ever since President Wilson’s failed League of Nations, to the United Nations (UN) created in 1945 after World War 2, an international movement has been underway to merge all nations into one-world-government under the umbrella of the United Nations and the iron fist of the world’s central bankers. Although the original intent of a United Nations organization was to promote international cooperation, maintain world order and prevent war, the UN has assumed powers and has instituted international policies that virtually strip the sovereignty of member states, including the United States, but has not stopped wars.

Most of the policies the UN promotes and attempts to implement internationally, are based on socialist and Karl Marx principles. Its alleged objectives are to promote human rights, foster social and economic development, protect the environment and provide humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disasters, or armed conflict. The UN, for all intent and purposes, has become an international body that tries to enforce those socialist policies on all member states across the globe. America capitulates to the policies of the UN, while the rest of the countries, like Russia and China, thumb their noses at them. We “pay,” while the two other super powers get off scot-free and then get in our way when we try to use the UN to perform its stated objectives. Continue reading

Good Lord, Why Do We Put Up With It?

“Your individual, natural, God-given rights, are only as good as the depth of your willingness and courage to defend them. ~ Ron Ewart

Last week in our article entitled “The Distorted Window Through Which Americans Perceive Reality” we talked about the great goodness in the American people. The American people ARE good and generous, as donations of food, clothing, money and volunteers to the Hurricane Harvey victims attest. The outpouring of neighbor helping neighbor during this national calamity is inspiring. And yes, local, state and the federal government are stepping up to the plate as well with leadership, equipment and money. Nevertheless, we wonder why Americans cannot see how tyrannical government has become and how many freedoms we have lost since we drifted away from self-reliance, individual responsibility and constitutional liberties. Continue reading

The Distorted Window Through Which Americans Perceive Reality

In a book we wrote a number of years ago entitled “Our Cosmic Connection“, we opened one of the chapters with the following observation: “In spite of all of our individual and collective faults, there is a ‘great good’ that exists in a very large number of us. That good is personified in a wide range of human traits and behavior including private and public achievements, bravery, courage, sacrifice, industry, creativity, empathy, generosity, spontaneous volunteerism and spirit, either as individuals, or as a society. Unfortunately, due to the ‘distorted window’ through which we view our information, that ‘great good’ in us seems to be eclipsed by an over-zealous emphasis on that which appears to be ‘bad’ within us.”
Continue reading

Disturbing Socialist Echoes From America’s Past

“Helllllp Me! Helllllp Me!”

“You struggle, kick and scream, but alas, it is no use, you are trapped in the web of an evil monster. In the distance across the web, a black shape with multiple legs is headed straight for you but you cannot break free from the strands that bind you. Within seconds the monster, 4 times your size, pierces you with its sharp fangs and injects a poison into your blood stream. You can feel the poison work on your muscles and nerves almost immediately and try as you might, the strength is ebbing rapidly from your body.”

“You think back and wonder how you got here. You briefly remember while you were flying free, a voice in the distance said: “come into my home and I will take care of you.” You had many troubles and the thought that someone else would sooth your savage breast and stroke your fevered brow was so enticing you thought it foolhardy not to enter their house ….. especially since the help would be free.”
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Is America In The Throes Of A Nasty Divorce?

What begins with the trappings of good will, respect and love, can often disintegrate into petty differences, resentment and rising anger. What starts out as mutual common ground in the building of a marriage, or the foundation for a country, can unravel if the common ground or the foundation is disturbed, distorted, or loses its meaning and significance. When the spirit of love, or the spirit of freedom, that binds two people or a nation together, is fractured by forces that tear it asunder, marriages and nations begin to crumble. And so it is, as the divide between Americans grows wider, as the principles of our freedom are eroded by the actions of those who seek more power over the masses and those who seek to live off the sweat of others, America is beginning to come apart at the seams, as the resentment towards opposing views becomes even more acrimonious. Continue reading

They’re Gaining On Me. I Must Keep Running

I keep running, but the dogs are gaining. I’ve been running for two days now and I’m hungry, tired and exhausted. I hear the hounds behind me but I must find the strength to stay ahead, always ahead. If they catch me, I might as well be dead.

It all started one Sunday when I was working one of my fields with a tractor, preparing the field for the next round of hay for the season. The exhaust pipe of the tractor was belching black smoke, as it usually did. The old diesel engine kept on chugging in a low staccato, as it always did, old reliable as it was.

I looked up and saw three official-looking black SUV’s in the distance down in the draw, coming up the gravel road that led into my isolated ranch. I knew by their speed and the dust streaming behind the trucks, that something was a foot. What I didn’t know at the time, was that I, working my land with my tractor, was that “something“. Continue reading

Government Has Americans Conned Six Ways From Sunday

The environmental obsession to wean the planet off of fossil fuels has blown up into an insanity all its own. Next to man-caused global warming (climate change) the deadly game that governments have played to convince people to disconnect themselves from the wonders of efficient crude oil using the force of government, is the biggest ruse every perpetrated on the masses since the dawn of civilization.

From climate change, to ethanol made out of corn, to wind and solar energy and now to electric cars, these con games have escalated into a full-blown racketeering enterprise where the rich and politicians get richer and the people get poorer …. from a bald-faced lie. Americans especially have been played for suckers because most of these “games” that government and the environmentalists are playing have a second purpose ….. wealth re-distribution to the rest of the world. That was and is what the Paris Climate Accord was all about. Why do you suppose Europe was all for it and moaned and groaned when Trump pulled the plug on the Accord? Europe and the other 192 UN countries want American dollars ….. for free. Trump’s action is probably one of the most sane things an American president has done in decades. Continue reading

Americans Oblivious To The Approaching Storm

A while back we attended an evening meeting of over 30 rural landowners, in which a couple of auditors of a land use department were there to collect stories of government abuse, for the purposes of an audit. They got an un-expected ear full. As the two auditors were leaving the meeting, one of them was overheard to say, “I had no idea it was this bad.” One might ask how they could be so blind when the rural landowners of this county had been yelling from the rooftops for years, about the egregious injustices that are being foisted on them by an over-bloated, CITY-RUN, county council. Continue reading

Equity and Social Justice – Democrats Tool For Perpetual Power

“I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Our guilty conscience is working overtime these days. It seems, according to many politicians and pundits, that we and the rest of productive humanity, are somehow responsible for the inequities and social injustices being perpetrated on the poor, who are trapped in “poor-dom”, by those of us who are a little better well off. The pundits and politicians want to rectify this tragic injustice (and have) by doing what the socialist Karl Marx advanced, and that is to “take from those with the greatest capability (those of us who are a little better well off) and turn our sweat, blood, tears, effort and money over to those with the greatest need”, you know, those poor folks who are forever trapped in “poor-dom.” Who gets the job of turning our tax money over to those hapless victims, the government of course, the great champion of the poor, the aged and the downtrodden, or the Blacks, Latinos and the LGBT crowd ….. in exchange for votes. Continue reading

Are You Beginning To See A Pattern?

In the car the other evening, while waiting for a grandson to exit the local grocery store, we stumbled upon Mark Levin’s radio show where he was going down the list on how government corrupted the elements of liberty that were spelled out in the U. S. Constitution. He focused on government’s perversion of the “Commerce” and “Necessary and Proper” clauses, as delineated in Article 1, Section 8. Of course, these weren’t the only perversions of liberty perpetrated by a government that had been given its head to do just about anything it wanted to do because WE THE PEOPLE turned away from our duty to hold government accountable. Sadly, if the people won’t hold government accountable, they get what they deserve and what they get is slowly evolving slavery. Continue reading

Republicans Would Be Democrats Without the Conservative Wing

It’s taken just about 150 years for the Party of Lincoln to become a mirror image of the Democrat Party. It’s taken about 150 years for that same Party to forsake its basic principles of liberty as the Founding Fathers had envisioned liberty in the Declaration of Independence and codified into law in the U. S. Constitution. Conversely, it has taken about 150 years for the Democrat Party to become the mirror image of a so-called socialist utopia as envisioned by Karl Marx.

One might ask how did this come about? It happened quite simply actually, without anyone being aware of it. First, America went from an agrarian culture to an industrial culture in the middle to late 1800’s. Small cities began to grow into big cities to feed industrialization. Chicago literally blew up almost overnight when the trains came and because of its centralized location to the grain and livestock resources of the mid West. Being situated on Lake Michigan also allowed ship and barge travel to and from the Eastern big cities. Continue reading

My Name Is Viktor Maelvikoff ~ The full story

Several weeks ago there was a knock at the front door just after dinnertime. We weren’t expecting anyone and I cautiously opened the door to see what appeared to be a homeless man standing on our porch. Our doorbell camera caught his image.

I asked him what he wanted and he replied in perfect English with, “are you the author that writes about the IRS.” I nodded in affirmation and then he said, “I need to talk to you.” I asked him, “why?” He said, “I have a story to tell that you won’t believe that has left me in this condition, homeless and on the street, at the hands of the IRS.”

What came out of his mouth belied his appearance. He was well spoken, articulate and his voice had an element of authority in it. He was obviously well educated but he seemed over dressed for the weather. I didn’t know whether the way he looked was a purposeful disguise, or a result of unfortunate circumstances. I suspected the former. Continue reading

They’re Coming For Thee And They’re Coming For Me

At great risk to our own personal safety, our last two articles had to do with the heavy hand of the IRS and our efforts to ABOLISH THE IRS. It’s too soon to tell whether we will pay a price for our audacity to challenge Goliath. Nevertheless, the interest in our effort has been brisk.

Nevertheless, to further our efforts we created special lyrics to a Youtube video entitled “The IRS Blows My Mind” to the song, “The Windmills of Your Mind.” You’ll get a kick out of it.

But this week we delve into the heavy hand of government on private citizens and in this case a Virginia farmer. His story should send shivers up and down the back of every American but only a very few will see the whole picture and what it foretells. Continue reading

When Are Americans Going to Bury the IRS?

Last week in our article entitled “Save the USA – Abolish the IRS“, we gave compelling arguments on why the IRS should be abolished. At the same time we launched our new website with the same name. On the website we announced six different ways in which we would accomplish that task. Item number 5 in that list of six different ways stated the following:

“5. As part of the confusion of the Income Tax Code (Title 26 USC), the question arises on who is “liable” to pay income taxes. Upon a strict interpretation of the Code, the answer seems to be that the average American citizen is NOT “liable” to pay federal income taxes and yet millions of Americans overlook this conflict and pay their taxes in compliance with what appears to be not required under the Code.
Continue reading

Save the USA – Abolish the IRS

“The Internal Revenue Service is more ruthless than the Gestapo. Abolish the IRS. Stamp out organized crime.” ~ Evel Knievel

Many of our readers are aware of our continuing battle with the IRS and the many articles we have written taking them to task. But we’re just one IRS story. Millions, and we do mean millions, of Americans have fallen victim to this rogue, inept, out-of-control, bureaucratic agency that is relentless in its pursuit of your tax dollars to the point of abuse, harassment, blackmail, coercion, bungling mismanagement, law-creating, law breaking, corruption and blatant criminality. If you think you are protected from the IRS by the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments against illegal search and seizures, violations of due process or constitutional rights, or protected against self-incrimination, think again. Every time you sign the “Jurat” statement at the bottom of Form 1040 under penalty of perjury, you have abrogated your 4th and 5th Amendment rights and opened yourself up to being penalized or charged with a crime because the Internal Revenue Code is basically unconstitutional, complex and is rife with errors, omissions and conflicts. Continue reading

Why Hasn’t IRS Commissioner Koskinen Been Fired or Impeached?

It has been two years and 10 months since the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released its 70-page report on the investigation into the IRS illegal targeting of conservative groups. The investigation started in February 2012 and lasted until June of 2014. During the investigation there were three IRS Commissioners, ending with Commissioner John Koskinen, who is still in office as we write this article, even though he was found to have provided false testimony to the Committee, along with cover up and obstruction of justice. From the Committee’s report:

“The Oversight Committee conducted dozens of transcribed interviews with Treasury and IRS staff and determined that the former Director of Tax-Exempt Organizations (EO) at the IRS, Lois Lerner, was the at the center of these efforts to target political groups. Lerner asserted her Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination before the Oversight Committee, declining to answer questions while simultaneously asserting her innocence.”
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Illegal Aliens Have More Rights Than IRS Taxpayers

“If illegal aliens can break our laws and get rewarded for it, if illegal aliens have more rights than the taxpayers that pay the billions of dollars to support illegal immigration, then there is no law and we become a de facto lawless nation without borders and without sovereignty.” ~ Ron Ewart


For over eleven years we have been writing a weekly column pointing out the injustices inflicted upon Americans and the American taxpayer by government and special interests. But no injustice is more egregious than allowing foreign nationals to invade our country by the millions where they get to profit from the invasion, rather than being put in jail or deported as they would be in any other country. No other sovereign nation on earth allows illegal immigration to exist on such an enormous scale, as does the United States of America. What is even more unfathomable is why this injustice doesn’t fester in the hearts and minds of the American people to the point where they put an immediate halt to it, or fire those in government who are responsible. What does it take for the American people to rise up against this injustice in full force and fury, as they should? Continue reading

Are You A Subject of Government, Or A Sovereign?

Author’s NOTE: This article has nothing immediately to do with our contemporary problems as a nation and as a people. And then again, it may have EVERYTHING to do with our current problems as a people and as a nation because it deals with the principles of individual freedom and sovereignty and who HAS the real power, but only if they have the courage to exercise that power. We write these kinds of articles from time to time to bring a much-needed focus to the issues. ~ R. E.

The U. S. Constitution and the Constitution of the several states do not start out with “We the Government”, or “We the Group”, orWe the Collective“, or “We the King.” They all start out with “We The People” and for good reason. The whole concept of “We the People” was and still is based on the fundamental law that each person is endowed with personal sovereignty over their lives and their property. America’s total foundation was built upon sovereignty resting in the people, not the government. Government was limited to seventeen (17) enumerated powers. All other rights were reserved unto the states and the people. Each individual person is equal to all other persons, as joint tenants in a government created by them, with the right to throw off that government or “….. to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
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What Happened to the Simple Solutions?

Each week we share lunch with a highly experienced, wise, knowledgeable businessman in his seventies and we talk about the issues that many informed Americans talk about. He reads our articles every week and we discuss the articles as they relate to what is going on in our local, national and global world. He often mentions that we write about what is wrong with America, but we never write about the solutions. To that end this current article addresses his concern. ~ R.E.

How did we manage to let life and the solutions to our individual and collective problems become so complicated? How is it that only politicians can take the laws of physics, economics and the principles of freedom and liberty and screw them up so badly? Do we have a national or sovereignty death wish? Do we value freedom so little that we will cast it aside for security, political expediency, a socialist agenda, very costly radical environmental policies that erase our liberties, or a one-world-order that bears no relation to the individual rights under our Constitution? Have we become so naive, ignorant, self-absorbed and apathetic that we would succumb to the propaganda from government, where a handout from them, or a new law, carries with it the handcuffs of slavery? Continue reading