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The wrangling of politicians, crooks and criminals (sometimes they’re one and the same) as they sneak legislation and policies in the ‘rear window’ as opposed to coming in through the front door. Who knows – sometimes there may be a column about the sexual habits of our least favorite “people” – and their odd proclivity for… Well – you figure it out.

If Two Lesbians Kill Another Lesbian, Is It A Hate Crime?

“If my daughters were lesbians, I would like to think they would be like this!” – B. Soetoro

We have seen how the left tries to define alleged “hate crimes” and in particular they want to point to the free speech of Christians who decry a deviant lifestyle that is associated with homosexuality. But what happens when two lesbians kill another lesbian? Is that considered a hate crime by the left? In fact, would it even garner national attention?

Well such has occurred in Meadville, PN. Jade N. Olmstead, 18 and her new “lover” Ashley M. Barber brutally beat and strangled Olmstead’s former girlfriend, Brandy M. Stevens, 20, and then buried her alive. This is more than just a killing. It was torture. Continue reading

The Supreme Court Is Deliberately Misinterpreting The Constitution On Taxes

In the wake of my last commentary on the horrendous Supreme Court decision upholding Obama’s health care plan, several people have pointed out that I erred in saying that the income tax is a “direct tax.” While it is technically correct that the Court ultimately declared it to be an excise, not a direct tax, it is important to understand how it arrived at that opinion and why the decision has no practical relevance to the way the tax has been enforced. Just as it appears to have done with Obamacare, the Court came up with a technically constitutional pathway to allow the government to collect a tax in a blatantly unconstitutional manner.

In the 1895 Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan and Trust case, the Supreme Court declared the original Income Tax of 1894 unconstitutional because it imposed a direct tax on individuals that was not apportioned to the states according to the taxing provisions of the Constitution. For example it said that a tax on rental income is the same as a direct tax on the property that produced the income. In other words, a tax on income was tantamount to a tax on its source. Continue reading

The Scandal of Our Age

Like Nothing Before – In the Watergate scandal, no one died, at least that we know of. Richard Nixon tried systematically to subvert institutions. Yet most of his unconstitutional efforts were domestic in nature — and an adversarial press soon went to war against his abuses and won, as Congress held impeachment hearings.

As far as national security went, Nixon’s crimes were in part culpable for destroying the political consensus that he had won in 1972, at a critical time when the Vietnam War to save the south was all but over, and had been acknowledged as such at the Paris Peace Talks. But Watergate and the destruction of Nixon’s foreign policy spurred congressional cutbacks of aid to South Vietnam and eroded all support for the administration’s promised efforts to ensure that North Vietnam kept to its treaty obligations. Continue reading

Schwiesow: THE FALL

One can liken the days leading up to the pending collapse of this nation to an appointment with an endodontic for a root canal procedure, the time unto the appointment seemingly lapses with unnerving quickness while the horrific hour and a half in the chair grinds by for an ostensible eternity. Thus it is in regard to the final days of this nation that slip swiftly by in a run up to the pure hell that awaits; an ultimate frantic, terrifying, gut wrenching fall of a once proud republic.

“And I will dash them one against each other, the fathers and the sons, says the Lord. I will not pity or spare or have compassion, that I should not destroy them.” – Jeremiah 13:14

In the jagged ignorant minds of a lost people those terminal days will grind by in interminable agony. It will be a hell of a secular humanist making and a just retribution for the evolutionists, atheists, agnostics, sodomites, socialists, communists, and progressives who thumbed their noses at Almighty God and held His name in derision. Continue reading

Laughing All the Way to the White House

Barack Obama is in favor of gay marriage. He’s in favor of it in the same way he supports closing Gitmo: It’s a nice thing to be in favor of, he’s just not going to do anything about it.

And that’s fine, really, in the case of gay marriage. His opinion of what to do about it (nearly) matches my own. Gay marriage is a totally new thing whose time may be coming, but let the states — let the people — come to grips with it at their own rates. Thirty years from now everyone, even folks in North Carolina, will wonder what all the fuss was about. And that’s as it should be.

However, this is not a case a progressive Democrat may reasonably make. Progressives believe the crushing power of the state is theirs to wield to get their way on everything from what health insurance people must buy, to which light bulbs they may not. And now we’re supposed to buy, “except for letting the gays marry?” Hell, if the progs thought they could get away with it — and give them four more years on Pennsylvania Avenue and they will — they’d mandate that the Catholic Church perform the ceremonies. And in drag. Continue reading

WHO are you voting for?????

Yes they did get raises….

It was last year (2010), verified August 2011 but note that is still “his” staff and remember in November that we were told there was going to be no Cost of Living Adjustment for seniors for two years…while he wants to raise our taxes too. Come on people, we’re working our azzez off while they get more money, that government don’t seem to give a s*** about the voters.





Tax Loophole Costs BILLIONS

News shows a massive tax loophole that provides billions of dollars in tax credits to undocumented workers and, in many cases, people who have never stepped foot in the United States. And you are paying for it!

INDIANAPOLIS – Inside his central Indiana office, a longtime tax consultant sits at his desk, shaking his head in disbelief.

“There is not a doubt in my mind there’s huge fraud taking place here,” he said, slowly flipping through the pages of a tax return.

The tax preparer does not want you to know his name for fear of reprisal, but he does want you to know about a nationwide problem with a huge price tag.

He came to 13 Investigates to blow the whistle.

“We’re talking about a multi-billion dollar fraud scheme here that’s taking place and no one is talking about it,” he said.

The scheme involves illegal immigrants – illegal immigrants who are filing tax returns. Continue reading


WASHINGTON (AP) — Young elementary school students should use the proper names for body parts and, by the end of fifth grade, know that sexual orientation is “the romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or a different gender,” according to new sexual education guidelines released Monday by a coalition of health and education groups.

The non-binding recommendations to states and school districts seek to encourage age-appropriate discussions about sex, bullying and healthy relationships – starting with a foundation even before second grade.

By presenting minimum standards that schools can use to formulate school curriculums for each age level, the groups hope that schools can build a sequential foundation that in the long term will better help teens as they grow into adults. Continue reading

The One Thing No One Is Mentioning In Their Barney Frank Tributes: The Prostitutes

Representative Barney Frank announced that he wouldn’t seek re-election next year. And the news wires are filling with little tributes and remembrances of his 30 year career. But there is one notable even that isn’t mentioned in most of them.

Reuters didn’t mention it. The New York Times didn’t bring it up. The Guardian didn’t note it either.

The Washington Post got to it in the 17th paragraph… Continue reading

And while we’ve been gone…

Class Warfare
War between the classes is a matter of perspective. For the elite, it is about the rabble attacking the Bastille. For the rabble, it is about Marie Antoinette being guillotined. (Read Full Story)

Bringing Down America from the safety of Vancouver, BC
The magazine of the Canadian non-profit Adbusters Media Foundation ­that revives 1960s-styled protests for ultimate Marxist takeover­ is printed in the United States of America. Without even a passing mention that they, with Barack Obama, are actually masterminding it, Adbusters November issue asks on its cover What Will We Do As America Declines? (Read Full Story)

Founding the Flea Party
It’s clear that the Democrats have “party envy,” even as they cast sneering glances at the Tea Party, which everyone assumes to be a primarily Republican organization. With the recent formation of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, some Dems are beginning to see the possibilities of having their own Tea Party-like organization in the hapless shlubs protesting against America’s billionaires. (Read Full Story)

Baroud: US-Arab Disconnect: Revolutions Restate Region’s Priorities

As the Arab Spring continues to challenge dictators, demolish old structures and ponder roadmaps for a better future, the US remains committed to its failed policies, misconceptions and selfish interests.

Arabs may disagree on many things, but few disagree on the fact that there is now no turning back. The age of the dictator, the Mubaraks and Ben Alis is fading. Continue reading

I’d like to make you a business offer…

Seriously. This is a real offer. In fact, you really can’t turn me down, as you’ll come to understand in a moment…

Here’s the deal. You’re going to start a business or expand the one you’ve got now. It doesn’t really matter what you do or what you’re going to do. I’ll partner with you no matter what business you’re in – as long as it’s legal. Continue reading

…and the Lord told Adam and Bruce not to partake of the forbidden fruit

~ Forewords ~
The passage of the Sodomite bill in New York city is going to have a far greater effect on America than most realize. I would hope those who fail to see the destructive path this brings will read this chapter in Genesis and especially that in verse 24 and 25. Everyone thought the 9/11 Twin Towers event was bad – that is NOTHING in comparison to what is coming to America for allowing this sin to go forth.

Those who promote and demand *marriage* for the Sodomites is akin to those Sodomites who went to Lot’s door and demanded to see the men who had entered. (verse 4). That is what the parades and protests are about – demanding to do as they please with those who happen to be nearby. Now they have the OCCUPATION FORCE rule to aid them in their sin. They have provoked the Wrath of God and they shall suffer the consequences of doing that.

Jackie Juntti

It isn’t who you are – It is WHOSE you are. Continue reading

SPECIAL EDITION: Alert – Nuclear (And Economic) Meltdown In Progress

Important note:
It is with a heavy heart that I am now issuing the highest level alert to my readers than I have to date. The threshold for an alert is one or more world events that personally cause me to take action.

I’m making this alert publicly available less than 36 hours after releasing it to my enrolled subscribers given its importance and the speed at which events are accelerating.

The substance of this alert centers on the unknown aftershocks that may result from the world’s third largest economy, Japan, rapidly shifting from an exporter of funding to a consumer of it. In situations like these, we are by definition operating with incomplete and often confusing information, and events are developing more rapidly than they can be fully analyzed and internalized. We regret in advance any mistakes that we might make due to making calls and decisions in this highly fluid environment.

This alert warns you that major world-changing events are now underway and that your personal preparations for an uncertain future should either be completed or take on a new sense of urgency. On the basis of the information contained here and in the past two days of posts, I am personally ratcheting up my preparations, making purchases, and topping off what needs to be topped off.

Important caveat: At this point in time, I cannot fully support 100% of my concerns with hard data and evidence. Some of what has tipped me into this state of urgency is data, evidence, and stories that I can point to. Some is due to the absence of data or information, the remainder results from watching market gyrations and correlations shift into new patterns, which tell me something is afoot.

I have not been this concerned since October of 2008. (CM) Continue reading

KNIGHT: Tyranny by decree

Why persuade or vote when you can rule by fiat?

Over the past year, it has become obvious that what leftists cannot win at the ballot box, they will accomplish via bureaucratic dictate. After the U.S. Senate in 2009 rejected the massive cap-and-tax scheme on carbon credits, the Obama administration rode to the rescue of global-warming fanatics. On Dec. 7, 2009, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa P. Jackson issued a ruling that the EPA would begin regulating five “anthropogenic” (man-made) greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, the air we exhale. The EPA based its finding on research from the now discredited U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and rejected at least 10 petitions for reconsideration. Continue reading

Secret Cold War plan included mass detentions

At the height of the Cold War, the Canadian government crafted a top-secret plan to detain thousands of citizens with Communist links in the event of a national security threat, according to a joint CBC/Radio-Canada investigation.

The secret contingency plan, called PROFUNC, allowed police to round up and indefinitely detain Canadians believed to be Communist sympathizers. Continue reading

Cantor: Backdoor Amnesty Becoming Reality

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Department of Homeland Security is in the process of trying to dismiss thousands of deportation cases against “suspected illegal immigrants.”

The Chronicle goes on to say that this effort by the Obama Administration began this effort a little over a month ago in Houston, where the Department of Homeland Security now has five attorneys working full-time on this backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens. This program is expected to be rolled out nationwide very soon (you know the old congressional lame duck quackery). Continue reading

American Citizenship Is Not A Birthright

Immigration: The 14th Amendment was written to guarantee citizenship for freed slaves. It’s been misinterpreted to give citizenship to children of illegal aliens. Now some GOP leaders want to restore its original meaning.

In Texas this year, some 60,000 so-called “anchor babies” will be born to the 1.5 million illegal aliens estimated to reside there. Continue reading

Sowell: Race card fraud

Credit card fraud is a serious problem. But race card fraud is an even bigger problem.

Playing the race card takes many forms. Judge Charles Pickering, a federal judge in Mississippi who defended the civil rights of blacks for years and defied the Ku Klux Klan back when that was dangerous, was depicted as a racist when he was nominated for a federal appellate judgeship. Continue reading

Baldwin: Assembly Line Medicine

It is no hyperbole to say that the consequences of the recently passed “Obamacare” bills by the Congress will be horrific. In fact, I’m not even sure that the English language contains a word sufficiently suitable to describe exactly how dreadful the consequences of this new national health care monstrosity will actually be.

With all its faults, America’s health care system is the finest in the world. Why else would rich people in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and elsewhere come to the US when the medical chips are really down? Socialized medicine doesn’t work for them and it won’t work for the United States. Continue reading

A Mexican Stand-Off Re: Selective Law Enforcement

A Mexican Stand-off, for now – Arizona has passed an allegedly unconstitutional law dealing with illegal immigration and at the same time the federal government refuses to act constitutionally by defending our borders against the illegal Mexican and OTM invasions.

The American federal government is now talking Constitutionality, a first in many years. The federal government has not engaged in one constitutional act during the last 4 administrations, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush II, & now Obama. Continue reading

Bentley: Has the time finally come to stop funding our own insurrection?

HB 2281 ends four decades of taxpayer-funded promotion of racism against white Americans in our schools

PHOENIX – MEChA clubs have infiltrated college and high school campuses from coast to coast since the late 1960s and early ’70s, promoting anti-white racism in favor of a “bronze continent,” while teaching Latino, Chicano or Hispanic students that assimilation into American culture, language and customs is tantamount to becoming white. Continue reading

Colon: From One Hispanic to Others — Arizona, You’re Being Had By the Media

rear_window_blogWhenever I’d watch old WWII movies and saw the occupying Nazi soldiers demand papers from French citizens I’d think how lucky we are that here in America we don’t have to be subjected to this treatment. Since the Arizona governor signed an immigration law, Democrats and their fellow alarmists in the MSM are desperately trying to equate it with Nazism and the civil rights abuse of Hispanics. President Obama hinted that the federal government may have to circumvent the law. Continue reading