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The Declaration of Dependence: Hamilton, and BO’s History of Liberty

“[C]unning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the Power of the People and to usurp for themselves the reins of Government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” ~ George Washington (1796)

Crumbling-AmericaThe foundational tenet of The Patriot Post’s mission is to promote Liberty every day. But there are two days on our Patriot calendar set aside to celebrate Liberty.

The first is Patriots’ Day, April 19th, when in 1775 the first shots of the American Revolution were fired against government enforcers who were ordered to confiscate arms in Concord.

The second, of course, is Independence Day, celebrating the signing of America’s unanimous Declaration that Liberty is an unalienable right of all men, as “endowed by their Creator.” Eleven years later, those who survived the Revolution codified that endowment of Liberty in our nation’s formative Constitution.

To understand the essence of American Liberty, I have invested much of my life studying the years between 1760 and 1800 and the Americans who declared and fought for the endowment of Liberty for all generations to follow. Continue reading

It’s Time America Got Some Answers About Huma Abedin

Huma-Abedin-with-Hillary-Robyn-BeckAFPGetty-640x480Huma Abedin is Vice Chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. But Huma is more, much more than that. She is the person closest to the most powerful woman in American politics and perhaps the next President. Huma has been described variously as Hillary’s “body woman,” a sort of glorified go-to personal maid, gentle confidant, and by others as an Islamic spy. She may be all of these things, because as we shall see, Huma Abedin has an interesting and complex career history. Continue reading

Banning “Assault Weapons” Will Not Save Lives

ross_guns-1Last weekend, America regrettably witnessed one of the deadliest mass shootings in the country’s history at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in which 49 people were murdered and over 50 injured. The atrocity was carried out by a fanatic who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, using a civilian semi-automatic rifle, the Sig Sauer MCX. (Early reports that it was an AR-15 were mistaken.)

In the wake of this attack, many people have laid the blame on America’s relatively lax gun laws, arguing that so-called “assault weapons” (more appropriately known as semi-automatic rifles) and high-capacity magazines should be banned from civilian use. Continue reading

DHS Orders Whistleblower To Scrub Records of Muslim Linked Terror

dhsAmid the chaos of the 2009 holiday travel season, jihadists planned to slaughter 290 innocent travelers on a Christmas Day flight from the Netherlands to Detroit, Michigan. Twenty-three-year old Nigerian Muslim Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab intended to detonate Northwest Airlines Flight 253, but the explosives in his underwear malfunctioned and brave passengers subdued him until he could be arrested. The graphic and traumatic defeat they planned for the United States failed, that time. Continue reading

Alexander: Allahu Akbar Orlando — Analysis of the Absurd

BO Gets It Wrong, Again

“We have therefore to resolve to conquer or die. … Let us therefore rely upon the goodness of the Cause, and the aid of the supreme Being, in whose hands Victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble actions. ~ George Washington (1776)

BO gun problemHistorically, the worst in America brings out the best in America. Whether the catastrophic Islamist 9/11 attack 15 years ago, or the devastating Islamist attack in Orlando last weekend, killing 49 civilians and leaving many others in critical condition, first responders, friends and neighbors, and most Americans nationwide, are quick to rally in support of victims and their families. This unity in moments of great tragedy speaks volumes about the combined character of our nation.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about most leftist demagogues and many of their loyal constituents. When a political machine depends on a generationally tried and true “divide and conquer” strategy — one that foments discontent and division based on income, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, education, occupation and the like — in order to achieve its political objectives, predictably their politics of disunity will emerge before the blood on the walls has dried. Continue reading

Philosophy of the New World Order

the_new_world_order_-_by_h-_g-_wellsThe phrase, New World Order, just does not seem comprehensive enough to explain the circumstances that mankind is living under. The German expression, “weltanschauung” referred to as a philosophical view or apprehension of the universe is often used to ponder the human condition. Individual beliefs and understanding of the very nature of mankind was once seen in the convention of the Greek school of thought reflected in the teaching of Plato and Aristotle. Western Civilization essentially is based upon these principles and the cosmology of our heritage is involved and inseparable with an understanding of our spiritual dimension. Continue reading

AMEN! Black pastors have TWO WORD response to Obama’s trans bathroom order…

whicheverPerhaps as stunning as the Obama administration’s iron-fistedness on the issue of transgender bathrooms are the arguments it’s employing in an attempt to justify it. Many of us, of all colors, were taken aback — to say the least — when Attorney General Loretta Lynch compared the trans bathroom issue to Jim Crow laws — drawing a comparison between the struggles of transgender individuals and blacks.

Understandably, many blacks are just plain outraged at the Obama administration’s appropriation of civil rights to further its own ideological agenda — including our own Col. Allen West, who shared his thoughts here earlier today. Continue reading

A Recasting of Our Currency to Promote a ‘New’ History

obama_fingerPatrick J. Buchanan is an historian. In his piece, “Dishonoring General Jackson”, Buchanan conjures up facts. That is what historians do. Regarding the recent proposal to put new faces on our currency, and noticing a very certain attitude,

“..this is affirmative action raised to fanaticism, a celebration of President Obama’s views and values, and a recasting of our currency..”
Continue reading

Oriel College Statement: Decision About the Rhodes Statue

~ Forewords ~
The following was referenced by a reader who took exception to our previous post, OXFORD – The Fight Back Has Begun. The readers’ statement is as follows: “This is a lie. Here is the real statement” (what follows below). He concludes by stating, “What you wrote here is rendition of what you “think” they should’ve said.”

The following comes directly from the College’s website, however it does not disprove what might have been said at a mass-assembly, or by an instructor (professor) in a classroom. Further investigation is up to you – the reader. ~ J.B.

Decision About the Rhodes Statue

RhodesOver the past few months, there has been intense debate about how Cecil Rhodes is commemorated in Oxford, and particularly about the Rhodes statue on Oriel College’s High Street frontage. Oriel believes that this issue needs to be addressed in a spirit of free speech and open debate, with a readiness to listen to divergent views. The College’s intention, by releasing its statement in December was to open debate and listen to the response. Since that announcement we have received an enormous amount of input including comments from students and academics, alumni, heritage bodies, national and student polls and a further petition, as well as over 500 direct written responses to the College. The overwhelming message we have received has been in support of the statue remaining in place, for a variety of reasons. Continue reading

Check out 8 U.S.C. 1182

Inadmissible Aliens + Additional Sections

mccutchen_15Am taking the liberty to add some other sections of 8 USC that politicrats ignore:

Here are some of the laws on the books, sorry for the computer glitches that happened when we had to switch servers.

These are summaries, the actual laws are a bit more lengthy. Can you imagine how quickly the illegals would self-deport if these laws were enforced???

Citizens: Federal laws not enforced – why? ~ J.M.
Continue reading

OXFORD – The Fight Back Has Begun

This letter is a response from Oxford to Black Students attending as Rhodes Scholars to remove the statue of Oxford Benefactor, Cecil Rhodes.

RhodesInterestingly, Chris Patten (Lord Patten of Barnes), The Chancellor of Oxford University, was on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday on precisely the same topic. The Daily Telegraph headline yesterday was “Oxford will not rewrite history”.

Patten commented “Education is not indoctrination. Our history is not a blank page on which we can write our own version of what it should have been according to our contemporary views and prejudice”

Rhodes must fall ???? Continue reading

The Number One Reason Americans Will Be Sent to FEMA Camps In a Hillary Clinton Presidency

fun-campsWith 300 million guns in America, the establishment must find away around the the obvious means that Americans can defend themselves against the encroaching tyranny. And the criminal elite running this country have found a way around the obvious barriers. The solution is simple, simply take a page out of the old Soviet Union’s manual for political repression.

For decades, the majority of the workers of America could best be portrayed in the following manner:

Americans were taught by the Mainstream Media to not question authority. Corporate controlled news became gospel of truth for the majority of Americans…
Continue reading

The Crusade has never ended…

crusadesAsk any person not your child between the ages of 18 and 25 if they ever heard of the Nuremberg Trials. 1 in 13 might say they have but will not be able to tell you “what” was on trial (not who). Those same people will not be able to tell you the name of the Vice President. 84% of those who receive this will not read it completely, or at all. 10% will but will also chose not to forward it. The remaining 6% will forward it.

The war started in the 7th century and lasted through the 17th century. I would contend it never stopped but historically the facts below are correct. Continue reading

VAXXED: The Movie You Can’t See, The Truth You Can’t Know

vacci-liesTo all meddlers who know best and are keeping us from exploring “dangerous information” on our own:

Fuck off!

Is that clear enough?

Here’s what we don’t need; people who pretend to act like shepherds for our own good, while profiting from their version of the truth. (Continue to Full Article)

Are the Chickens of Social Progressivism Coming Home to Roost?

evil-wishes-like-chickens-come-home-to-roost-aesop-109-40-91The Michigan Democratic primary was a close race which Secretary Hillary Clinton unexpectedly lost and Senator Bernie Sanders surprisingly won. The pundit analyses of this unanticipated reversal relied almost exclusively on economic explanations. It looked to me, however, like something was missing.  The rest of the story, in my view, has to do with identity politics, gender politics, and political correctness. Continue reading

Dolz: STOP the Bull Shit!

trump_cruzDon’t you see that WE are being gamed. Let us not spread hate and division within the Grassroots. We are in fact winning. All establishment candidates have crashed and burned.

We are seeing hate injected into the campaign by corrupt establishment operators like the lesbian scumbag Liz Mair funded by the GOP money bags. Cruz might be a constitutionalist and a good guy. A part of me identifies with both Cruz and Trump. I see them as the insurgency against DC corruption. The corrupt establishment GOP is part of the BI-PARTISAN political ruling class cartel in DC. All the old boys and girls of the establishment get a cut of the corruption that has made us the world’s biggest debtor nation. These elites do not tolerate candidates that are not members of the club, their club. These corrupt establishment GOP have more in common with Hillary Clinton (the Clinton Foundation Family Criminal Enterprise, than with the unwashed little people of the Grassroots. Continue reading

All of a Sudden

“All Of A Sudden… Seven Short Years Have Passed!”

cold-blood_polskiBefore Obama there was virtually no outlandish presence of Islam in America.

  • All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. Christianity and the bible are banned in schools.
  • All of a sudden we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in schools, airports and businesses.
  • All of a sudden we must stop serving pork in prisons.
  • All of a sudden we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by American culture.

Continue reading

Wheat: What Were They Called?

lil thugThese young Negro robbers when apprehended, claimed “the gun wasn’t loaded” (guess the baseball bat wasn’t either)… As if this makes their actions ‘fair’…in the course of intimidated armed robbery. How about the ‘intent of their brains’…were they ‘not loaded’ either?

And ‘whitey’ would not have received a beat down if they resisted this injustice!

Why didn’t these robbers choose an establishment with Black patrons? Continue reading

Cartoonists show famous Belgian statue URINATING on ISIS

Social media users around the world have paid tribute to the 34 people who lost their lives in a series of blasts across Brussels by sharing cartoons that undermine the terrorists responsible.


In a symbol of mass defiance, hundreds have posted images that show the boy from the city’s iconic Manneken Pis statue – who is depicted urinating into a fountain – relieving himself on ISIS fighters.

They have also adopted the phrase ‘Je suis’, which became a hallmark of support for France in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, using #jesuisbruxelles in a show of solidarity with Brussels. (Continue to full article)