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SARTRE: FBI and DOJ Corruption Beget Justice Denied

The facts about the collusion among the Deep State operatives regarding their plan to eliminate the Donald Trump Presidency have been covered in detail. Connecting the linkage among career supporters of the establishment empire within the FBI, DOJ and the Intelligence Community confirms our Founding Father’s most profound fears. Reject the specious diversion that party politics determines the correct version of the narrative and adopt the reality that the actual truth has been demonstrated by the actions of the systemic criminals that hold senior positions within these agency bureaucracies. Continue reading

When Injustice Takes Hold: Freedom – Liberty – Really???

~ Introduction ~

The Fourth of July – a celebration of the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for.

But – – one might ask just what freedoms are we celebrating?

In fact, we might ask just what freedoms do we have in this year of our Lord, 2018?

Even better, we might ask what freedoms are we supposed to have? Continue reading

Wooldridge: Can We Swap Out Americans for Foreigners to Maintain the Same Country?

According to U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (SC), you could take our entire population and swap it out for 320 million Chinese or Indians or Africans or Canadian or people from New Zealand, and the place would be no different, so long as the idea was still there,” Tucker Carlson of Fox News said. “Does anyone actually believe that?Continue reading

A Government Shutdown Solves Lots of Problems – for the Democrats

Well, looks like we may have another government shutdown, compliments of the socialist members of Congress who are still cheeky enough to refer to themselves as Democrats. But then, I guess you can still fool some of the people some of the time, though it is getting a bit more difficult.

Seems to me I recall that “honest” Chucky Schumer moaned back in 2013 what a tragedy a government shutdown would be. But now he seems to be okay with it. All depends on whose ox is being gored doesn’t it? Continue reading

‘S—hole’ ~ Just one more for the road…

Donald Trump’s “s—hole” remark is Exhibit A in what’s wrong with politics in the U.S. and also what drives Trump supporters like me to primal screams while climbing up the wall.

In case you have been on Mars the last few days, DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) and the potential for a government “shutdown” if a budget deal is not reached have been front and center. Don’t get me started on the budget process, which has become less about the proper role and priorities of government and more about what political advantage can be gained from the brinkmanship of a possible shutdown. Continue reading

What’s in a Sh*thole?

The outrage! The shock! The lament! The disgust! The inevitable head-shaking and finally the calls of racism. Racist. Everything is racist. The media’s reaction to Donald Trump follows this tight time-schedule that even Mussolini would be amazed at. This week’s offense by Trump are the comments he supposedly made during a closed door meeting with both Democrats and Republicans where he called certain countries “sh*tholes.”

But what is a sh*thole? Why is CNN so outraged – outraged! that they had to repeat it over 36 times while apologizing to their flock about having to say it…36 times!? Surely they have heard the word before. Most certainly because many in the media have used the word to describe red states in this country. Never mind that most of the Democratic strong holds are so nasty that even the rats have moved away (I am talking about the sh*tholes of Detroit, central Houston, most of Baltimore, Camden, N.J., and of course, the rest of the sh*tholes we all avoid). Continue reading

But what is a sh*thole?

Urban Dictionary clears it up.

“A sh*t hole by any other name would smell as sh**ty” ~ Romeo and Juliet, Act II. Scene II (sort of). ~ With a wink and a nod to William Shakespeare

With his head up his sh*t hole

“A horrible place that is considered (by the majority of thinking members of homo sapiens) completely undesirable to live, work, or play in. Oftentimes, but not always, shit holes can smell real bad as a result of cow/horse manure, methane or the like.” Hence, the origin of the term. Continue reading

Has This Country Gone Completely Mad?

It appears that every non-conservative individual or group in this Country has lost their freaking minds!! I have never seen such utter chaos than what we are seeing today!! And an awful lot of it is downright ugly, immoral and vulgar both in words and actions, and in many cases unlawful.

Pick a subject. Any one you want. Write about it. And no matter what it is…you’ll soon see a firestorm of responses filled with hate, bigotry, foul language, bitterness, race-baiting, name calling and even threats on your life. Is this what the most advanced society and freedom-loving Country in the world has come to? Continue reading

Krieger: I Don’t Want Your Leaders

In 2017, I wrote a lot about how dangerously centralized our political system in the U.S. has become, and how we need to decentralize governance in order to restore power, liberty and policy experimentation to the local level. This notion that a sprawling and culturally diverse nation of 325 million individuals should constantly battle to the death over the ring of political power in Washington D.C. so as to impose their view on the other half of the country which completely disagrees is patently ludicrous. States, and even metro areas themselves, should be making most of the important decisions that impact their citizens’ lives on a day to day basis. Continue reading

SARTRE: The Millennial Utopian Society

In order to understand the millennial phenomena that has influenced the beginning years of the 21st century, acknowledgement that the under thirty sect is quite different from their parents’ generation is crucial. Back some fifty plus years the popular saying coined by Jack Weinberg was “Don’t trust anyone over 30”. The crowning irony is that this mindset was expressed during the “Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley which was a struggle by students over the right to engage in political speech on campus, which helped to catalyze broader political activism on campuses around the country over student rights, civil rights and the Vietnam War”. Continue reading

Wisdom From An Old Man For Your Journey Into 2018

The New Year 2018 offers you more challenges, superb ideas and incredible ‘moments’ in your fascinating journey through life. Some things you may plan and others will be imposed upon you. In the end, each teaches a lesson or brings a gift depending on your attitude.

This story occurred in my youth. While cycling down a country road in LeRoy, Michigan, I crossed paths with a wise man. Continue reading

An Old Man Remembers

Sometimes, as old people are wont to do, I’ll think of something that happened a long time ago. In this particular recollection, I’m back in Brooklyn, right after the war ended. Around the corner from where I lived at the time there was a vacant lot, and for us neighborhood kids it was just about everything! Over one summer we cleaned out all the trash and played stickball there, when the lot was frozen over we played hockey or, for some of us, we ice-skated. Continue reading

Chicago Needs To Think Twice Before Begging For UN “Peacekeeping” Troops

So the One World Government crowd in Chicago thinks they are doing the right thing by requesting United Nations “peacekeeping” troops to patrol their streets to root out crime and dispense with firearms? If you only had a clue as to what you are asking for–well, maybe some of you do and the idea doesn’t bother you. You feel you are taking an important step into the corridors of potential One World government and if only you show the way, others may follow your shining example. Continue reading

In Africa, You Oust A Tyrant, But Not Tyranny

READERS were angry. I had rained on their parade by venturing that the appointment of a new party boss to head South-Africa’s dominant party was an insignificant game of musical chairs.

But perhaps it is I who should have been annoyed. Nobody with a modicum of cerebral agility should see in the new South-African Strong Man, union boss-cum-tycoon Cyril Ramaphosa, a significant change of the guard. Continue reading