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Dvorak: Key date looms in Iran’s counter-revolutionary protests!

Millions of young people continue to protest against the repressive hardline regime in Iran. At least 21 demonstrators have been killed, according to media reports. As 2018 begins, the question is ‘can the Islamic government to crush the latest democracy movement?’ It’s been eight years since the Obama administration turned away from Iran’s green movement and made a deal with the Ayatollah Khomeini hardliners. Continue reading

Dvorak: 9/11 plus 15

twin-towers of 911Fifteen years ago today, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four American planes, used them as guided missiles, brought down the World Trade Towers, severely damaged the Pentagon, and four terrorists were overpowered by Americans over a field in Pennsylvania. The suicide terrorist attacks killed 2,996, caused more than $100 billion in damages and stole America’s innocence.

According to a new Pew Research Center poll, the 9/11 attacks continue to be a powerful memory for Americans: 91 percent of adults remember exactly where they were or what they were doing when they heard about the terrorist attacks.

So how has the 15–year “war on terror” changed America? Looking back and forward, can Americans really believe they are safer? Continue reading

Dvorak: Headwinds for Hillary—she’s toast

hillary_tea-potPresidential hopeful Hillary Clinton had a bad week on the legal front. News leaked that more than 100 FBI agents continued to scour her private email server that the former Secretary of State kept in her New York home.

This week, the Intelligence Community Inspector General sent a letter to lawmakers disclosing Mrs. Clinton’s private server contained 24 “special access program” (SAP) emails. Those emails are so secret that only a handful of high-ranking officials, including the president, are allowed to view them. The emails in question are so secret it even required the Obama-appointed Inspector General (IG) Charles McCullough to obtain special security clearances to review them. In a January 14 letter to the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations committees, the IG said he found a number of those top, top secret SAPs. Continue reading

Amnesty By Executive Order—New Details Leaked

dvorak_2014President Obama suffered two history making midterm landslides, his approval ratings hit all time lows, but his administration is taking the drubbing in stride and decided to leak details of a controversial amnesty via executive order.

Officials at the White House revealed a 10-point amnesty plan that includes a provision to legalize up to 5 million parents of children born in the U.S. (anchor babies), expand the “deferred action” for “kids” who are under the age of 31 as of June 2012 (Dreamers) and give the first 10,000 illegal immigrants to sign up a 50 percent reduction in administrative fees.

But it wouldn’t be politics if there weren’t some pay back involved and the recipients in this executive order are purportedly hi-tech billionaires. The president is prepared to increase the current 65,000 H-1B visas handed out per year to more than 155,000 visa holders if they are studying for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) degrees. Emerging details also glean that tech majors will be eligible for citizenship including their spouses. Continue reading

Porous American Borders Too Tempting for Terrorists to Ignore

dvorak_2014A troubling storyline is developing along the U.S. southern border—more high-powered weaponry. Law enforcement agencies on America’s southern border have also confiscated a variety of military explosive devices– including sub-munitions.

Entering or exiting the United States, Juliette and Noe Ramirez were apprehended at the Texas/Mexico border on August 2, 2014 carrying sub-munitions, more commonly known as bomblets used in cluster bombs. “Juliette Ramirez was detained late Saturday night near the toll booth plaza north of the Del Rio International Bridge after a small explosive device was found hidden in a backpack,” the Del Rio News Herald reported. Continue reading

Comrade Secret Service Confronts “Conrad the Constitution”

Conrad the ConstitutionThe government’s “War on National Security Journalists” increasingly seems to be more than a political slogan and more like an aggressively asserted campaign. Employing Soviet era tactics of surveillance, censorship, and outright oppression, the First Amendment is under attack from a hostile U.S. government that tolerates no opposition.

The latest crack down on free speech in America reached epic proportions, when the creators of “Conrad the Constitution,” Tim and Jay Fox, were strong-armed by the Secret Service for creating a “South Park” like animated series on YouTube. The Season two episode eight season finale that prompted the Secret Service to visit their home as well as their parent’s home is entitled “After a series of unfortunate events, Conrad and Baldy (the eagle) must assassinate Obama to save America.” While the series illustrates the Fox Brothers dark humor, Tim Fox explained the episode was hatched to spark discussion about the shredding of America’s Constitution. Continue reading

Dvorak: What Kind of a Nation Have We Become?

dvorak_new_thumbWhat kind of a country sacrifices the lives and bodies of our troops for a tribal society that we have to then force to accept billions of dollars in economic assistance after the trillions already thrown at them and their corrupt leaders?

The folly that is Afghanistan must stop NOW. The United States has no national interests in the landlocked trash-heap of Asia. It is not a country, it is not a nation, it is not an adventure that is worth one more American life, limb, or dollar.

Has this country become so beholden to the military-industrial-cyber complex that we will continue to kill Americans and others for profit. What are the goals, the end-state? They don’t want to be like us, they don’t admire us, they don’t believe in democracy. The constitution we created installs Islam and Sharia law as the law of the land, not democracy and freedom. Like speech or religion for example. Ask the Christians in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Libya. Continue reading

Dvorak: Adios California Boeing to shutter plants

The first casualty of California’s new tax hike is defense contractor giant Boeing. The firm told its employees in California yesterday that major cut backs in military spending and shrinking bottom line profits gave the company no other choice.

As a result of restructuring, Boeing will close plants in California and consolidate operations in order to stem lower profit margins.

“We are raising the bar higher because our market challenges and opportunities require it, and our customers’ needs demand it,” said Dennis Muilenburg, chief executive of Boeing Defense, Space & Security.

The nation’s second largest defense contractor said they would reduce management level positions by 30 percent and slash costs by $1.6 billion through 2015.

In a company memo Muilenburg said the move was a result if its need to “be more competitive while investing in technologies and people.”

The manufacturing giant also told its employees that it would be cutting outside vendors as another method to curb spending. Continue reading

Dvorak: Was Romney right about Russia? The Benghazi connection…

As the presidential election nears its conclusion, the current Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, is finally facing media scrutiny surrounding his handling of the 9/11 attack in Libya that took the life of U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three others.

As the layers of spin are pulled back, information reveals that the U.S. may have been trafficking weapons under Ambassador Steven’s watch and Russia didn’t like it.

It is indisputable that the U.S. government was aware the Benghazi mission was under attack based on real-time drone surveillance video feeds from Libya to the Department of Defense, the U.S. State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, and the White House Situation Room. What is also now known is that the mission was under surveillance before the Benghazi attack by the very Libyan security forces charged with protecting the U.S. consulate and numerous requests for additional security went unanswered by U.S. officials. Continue reading

Dvorak: Friendly fire? Or is the FBI off target again with agent’s death?

Border Patrol agent Nicolas Ivie’s tragic death outside Naco, Arizona earlier this week should not be handled as a political football for Washington’s spin mills.

On October 2, the desert was quiet, well lit under a day old full moon, when gunfire erupted. It’s been reported that three Board Patrol agents responded to a tripped ground sensor, set to warn agents of intruders north of the U.S. border. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims Border Patrol agents were somehow separated, took defensive positions and began shooting at one another under a dark Arizona night. At 1:30 am the moon would have been near its zenith and 95-98 percent brightness. It was not dark.

However, many agents are not buying the friendly-fire theory. “One of the first things agents learn when they attend the Border Patrol Academy is ‘situational awareness’ and knowing where their partners are located in relation to a possible smuggling scene,” according to a source that wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation. “It’s also interesting that the FBI is not talking about the four sets of footprints, three heading south to Mexico and one set headed east toward highway 80 to Douglas.” [Read More]

Dvorak: Illegal immigrant accused of raping and killing a baby girl

The Albuquerque Police said they arrested an illegal alien on charges of sexual assault and murdering his girlfriend’s one-month-old baby girl. Authorities found the baby in a pool of her own blood with visible vaginal and anal tears along with two black eyes.

The suspect, Juan Galindo’s criminal record includes drug and alcohol abuse as well as assaulting another child. Galindo was charged over the weekend with aggravated criminal sexual penetration and child abuse resulting in death- his bail was set at $1 million. Continue reading

DHS set to employ 50,000 returning military veterans by 2012

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) new mission, according to Secretary Janet Napolitano, is to have 50,000 veterans employed at the agency by the end of 2012.

Secretary Napolitano announced that “DHS spent more than $1.4 billion with veteran owned small businesses, and surpassed the Small Business Administration’s target of spending 3 percent of all contracting dollars with service disabled veteran owned businesses.”

The agency says they recognize the numerous sacrifices veterans make for America, and have developed three strategic objectives to connect with veterans in fulfilling DHS missions: Increasing veteran employment opportunities; expanding contracting opportunities for veteran-owned businesses, and enhancing veteran engagement within the Department of Homeland Security. Continue reading

DEA Agents bust Iraqi-Sinaloa cartel drug smuggling/explosive ring in San Diego

Federal agents in San Diego broke up a drug trafficking ring involving Iraqi immigrants who worked with one of Mexico’s biggest drug cartel.

Approximately 60 Iraqi immigrants were rounded up and arrested just east of San Diego after the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) completed a six-month investigation. The DEA Agents also collected drugs, grenades, assault weapons and homemade explosives. Continue reading

Larry Link murder at New Mexico Stein Ghost Town remains a mystery

It has been just over two weeks since the murder of New Mexico ghost town owner and mainstay in the small New Mexico community. The New Mexico State Police say that they are no closer to solving this senseless crime.

So far the June 7 murder has failed to produce any suspects and the New Mexico State Police are asking the public to come forward with any details. Continue reading

UPDATE: New Mexico Businessman Larry Link murdered by illegal alien

New details are emerging about the murder of a New Mexico rancher, Larry Link, 68, who was killed yesterday on his property.

Link’s ranch/ghost town is located approximately 47 miles from the U.S./Mexico border, and he moved to Stein, New Mexico to get away from the hustle and bustle of Phoenix.

“My uncle was a good man who deserved better,” Bill Link said. Continue reading

New Mexico Businessman Larry Link murdered by illegal alien

Hidalgo County Sheriff Department has confirmed that New Mexico rancher, Larry Link, was murdered earlier today on his property.

Sources are reporting that the rancher was responding to an alleged- illegal alien on his property at Stein’s Ghost Town when the he was gunned-down. The murder took place on the southwest side of the state near the Arizona border on Interstate 10 at mile marker three.

The Hidalgo Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene, only to find the rancher had already died.

A Sheriff Department spokesperson said the investigation has been turned over to the New Mexico State Police, who are not releasing any further details. Continue reading