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Confronting the Latin Americanization of Our Urban Communities

White Mountains Lecture #10: Community engagement not democracy to uplift the new working class

latino neighborhoodIf you are a great student and a talented individual and learn from working in political systems that are generally failing, you won’t have much to add to the work of others and that’s fine if your organization or community is moving up, but it’s a problem if you are stuck in mediocrity or in decline. You may end up to be an impressive figure and you can achieve high-status positions, but you will not bring necessary change unless some disaster compels everyone to change. Inertia plays a great role in every arena of politics, thus Chinese leaders have an easier job than ours since they are riding a high of economic development based on the high-performance power of a disciplined culture with strong in tact families and low-wage, high-quality labor. Continue reading

Alred: Why Hispanic Immigration Matters

alredThree years ago, I invested several weeks writing a series of essays about the underlying cultural reasons Mexican and Central American students fail massively in our public schools. Soon after I circulated the document locally I was arrested as the result an underhanded conspiracy designed to undermine my reputation. I am usually an honorable person and had no idea they would go so far as to intervene in my private life.

My approach was to examine the foundation, the floor, the habits and rituals and daily practices which ensure Hispanic underachievement. My argument, which contrasted with the theories of ethnic studies and college of education professors, was Hispanics generally wasted the opportunity of a free public education because they would have had to make changes in their traditional attitudes and lifestyles. They would also have had to adopt brighter, more positive feelings towards civic society. Continue reading

White Mountains Lecture #13

Restoring middle-class pride and patriotism by putting the Jews in their place

~ Forward ~
alredTo speak out of turn, that’s what I am doing here, it’s insanity for a poor man to say anything important about politics and our fate as a nation in the context of all the status gradations and elite fortresses the Left Jews and the Right bourgeoisie have constructed to keep us in our place. So I am insane and absolutely brilliant in my analysis of where we are and where we are going if some of us don’t stand up. This is my final in this lecture series dedicated to the inclusion of towns like Tupelo, Mississippi and Show Low, Arizona and Pasadena, Texas and Detroit and Akron. As you read, my politician friends, especially Sylvia Garcia, you will see your role as redundant and artificial in the life and hopes of your people. I have something to offer, and you don’t. You would be better off, Sylvia, coming to my dreary hovel in Tupelo, Mississippi and doing my laundry, yes, you can do better for your folks by showing solidarity with the ninety percent of Latina women who are doing the laundry of white men because that’s where arrogant Mexicans and elite liberals always leave the rank and file of their people, doing the laundry of an intelligent white man who has more important things to do. I would let you do my dishes as well but I don’t want you in any intimate context. I am a revolutionary, Ms. Garcia, not a spoiled, taken-care-of hack-brat with unfounded self-confidence and the fellowship of a tarantula. The politicians of your ilk are zoo-keepers not officers in a disciplined army dedicated to communal uplift. It’s a well-paid profession but not really necessary because animals strike curious poses but they can generally take care of themselves which leaves the zoo-keeper as a unique animal-creature, a parasite, a parasite. (J.A.) Continue reading

Alred: The governance of urban schools

White Mountains Lecture #12

Jewish-star-of-david2One of the reasons I have criticized Jewish management of our national politics and their control of the local media of big cities is that out of instinctive, historically determined fear they have made politics uninteresting. Politics stopped being tragic and comedic soon after the resignation of Richard Nixon. I would not be surprised if Jews manufactured he whole Oprah industry because Oprah is SAFE and PHONY, two things that erase anxiety for middle-class people and make them contented with boring, unexamined lives. Thus, the connection between moderate Clinton liberals and tolerance of illegal immigration from inferior cultures. Continue reading

Alred: The One Lesson of Fascism

White Mountains Lecture # 11: Engaging the New Working Class

Statue-of-Liberty-crying-628x356My final act of resistance to the community democracy approach to managing schools adopted by urban liberals in the Houston Independent School District was taking photographs of students mobbing the hallways of the school where I taught for sixteen years.

The photos surprised many people who read my blog, which for once received plenty of attention.

For years under that school’s administration, students had the freedom to spend class time in the hallways in spite of state and local regulations. I used that reality to suggest the larger problem: that adult professionals were not serious enough about educating minority kids. Continue reading

Removing the Liberal Happy Face from Urban Communities

White Mountains Lecture #9: Creating seriousness and mercy in the American playground

Jewish-star-of-david2This article suggests we do not have political models which can lead us to improvements in our urban public schools and we have to look outside our traditions for new ways of engaging working-class, minority communities.

I try to write less about public schools these days for several reasons. One, my own experience standing up to the ethnic bureaucrats and union officials ended badly, and the end was too painful and costly. Two, I am interested in the big picture: trends (such as the lack of immigration enforcement and the permissive philosophies taught in university education schools) which made success impossible for more than a small percentage of students each year. Three, it makes my own thinking small and increasingly that’s less interesting to me. Four, I cannot do anything practical about problem, and in my final year I was ready for experimenting and in spite of all the money flowing in the Houston Independent School District, there was not room for real change, there was only room for talk of change. Continue reading

Alred: Something to get excited about?

White Mountains Lecture #8: The Failure of Reaganism and the need for a nationalist party with Protestant and Catholic approaches to self-presentation.

reagan_horsebackMy mother until her death remained perhaps the only post-presidential Jimmy Carter acolyte in this country besides President Carter’s remarkably attractive wife (have we ever had a sexier or more lovely first Lady?), and I could not share her enthusiasm.

My conservative roomates at Ole Miss convinced me of only one idea: “Carterism” was laughable. Carter’s presidency personified weakness. It had embarrassed the country. And the mention of his name wounded the spirit of any true patriot. When we went to the polls together, they voted for Reagan and I cast a protest vote for Anderson.

The following speaks to the manipulative power of national media marketing: the inwardly driven, contemplative, patient and stubborn Protestant Jimmy Carter cast as weak and vascillating and the half-assed dough-boy, policy chameleon Bill Clinton is sold to us as the greatest political artist of our generation. Continue reading

Notes on Democrats and Republicans and the Near Future

White Mountains Lecture #6: The Big Picture

demogogues_republicrats_01The fifty-fifty division in the electorate, or the 25-25 division between the Democrats and Republicans with the other fifty percent of Americans cast as non-participants, has not produced wise, careful and bold leadership on either domestic or foreign policy. The Clinton team led by not leading, it had no domestic or foreign policy initiatives worthy of note, and the past two administrations have increased spending without raising taxes, the Bush presidency flooding the Middle East with military dollars and Obama pulling back from those wars while fighting the Great Recession with new money. Continue reading

Keeping the Blood Flowing

White Mountains Lecture #5: Protecting the Rock and Roll of Democracy, July 4, 2014

lenin_reward_web_01We cannot sanitize our politics without losing the essence of democracy because dangers lurk in all democratic societies.

When you eliminate entirely the inherent fear and threats of an empowered and enraged populace, you give up on the democratic project altogether. When you ban hate, you take away the possibility of love.

  • Democracy requires every now and then Americans must go out into the streets and do battle the old fashioned way, creating injustices, martyrs and victims.
  • Democracy demands more than audiences for scripts written by Ivy League graduates seeking status and recognition in New York City or Hollywood.
  • Democracy cannot be made safe all the time.
  • Democracy has produced in our country white race riots in the hundreds in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and Black ghetto riots from the sixties thru the nineties.

Continue reading

Alred: Break on Through to the Other Side

White Mountains Lecture 4: Finding Triggers To Social Change

Jewish-star-of-david2The Kingdom of the Red Knights and their conservative opponents
The freight train coming our way, making this route for the thousandth time since 1973, travels with the speed and velocity of all the wealth and power of America, or so it would seem, and it’s nearly unstoppable by critics and skeptics and bystanders in the middle and working classes—and the farther you are from one of their cities on the east or west coasts, the less chance you have of putting up any noticeable resistance. On the other hand,that lonely distance from New York City to Tupelo, Mississippi or Lincoln, Nebraska or Show Low Arizona or Dothan, Alabama, allows for the development of a perspective in defense of American democracy, rather than a celebration of its increasing control and its impending demise within a system which preserves democratic forms. Continue reading

White Mountains Lecture 3: Jews, The Ecstatic Race

new_israel_foThis, the third in my series of lectures on why our political system has failed to address any major problem for three decades—the longest failure of our democracy in its history, will be the shortest because I am confronting a subject of which I know very little. I am writing this out of respect to the Jewish Left which I have criticized as the main source of democratic failure in the first two essays. This one is the simplest of the essays so far, and the most impoverished, based on a limited set of readings and my extensive experience working closely with Jews on the Left. Continue reading

Tyranny of the Moderates: forces behind the decay of American nationalism

White Mountains Lecture #2: Our political system today

You believe in dreams, in a dream forsaken land.” ~ Roseanne Cash, April 5th

johnny'sAs I write this introduction I sit in Johnny’s Drive Inn, which has been one of the few restaurants in the east-side neighborhood of Tupelo, Mississippi for more than fifty years. This is an area which has changed little since Elvis lived here in the fifties, or when I was a young child in the mid-sixties. The one difference of the present over the past in east Tupelo is one small park recently developed by the town government, Veteran’s Park, with our flag flying in multiples and a wonderful walking trail.

In front of me is the booth Elvis Presley used to sit in—there’s a picture of him sitting there hanging above the booth. One mile to the north of the restaurant is his birthplace and about a mile in the other direction, which I am facing, is the East Tupelo Federal Housing Project, where I spent my early childhood thru third grade and where my paternal grandmother spent her final years. My two aunts lived there too. It was the projects for poor whites, the other one across town served African Americans. Continue reading

Jew and Improved: the New, NEW Left Formed in the Clinton Years

White Mountains Lecture #1: the character of the American Left today

Jewish-star-of-david2The argument in this essay is the Left as it is today was created by a peace treaty made during the Clinton presidency among different factions of left leaning and far left secular Jews well-placed on Wall Street, in universities and labor unions, in Hollywood, in television and the newspaper and publishing industries, and in the legal profession. This coalition of former rebels, many of whom played some role in the counter-culture or New Left politics or in intellectual circles of Manhattan, have created an arrogant Left unresponsive to segments of society which received some relief in the New Deal Era, and by closing ranks they along with moderate Republicans have fashioned a tyranny of moderation regarding efforts to address any of our serious domestic problems. Not since the Civil Rights Movement has the United States had a decisive domestic policy initiative, which has led to a decline in the quality of urban public schools in spite of vast increases in funding and in a de facto immigration policy which fails long-term national needs. Continue reading

Alred: Too Much Positive Coverage of Urban Schools

Hey Jude,
Take a sad song and make it better,
better, better, better…

Lennon/McCartney, ‘Hey Jude

village_of_the_damnedThat a majority of public-school students in our two largest states, California and Texas, perform more or less the way my own students did where I taught for sixteen years–at the Hispanic majority Milby High school on Houston’s east side–should be a daily topic of discussion at the dinner tables of every American citizen.

At Milby in the Houston Independent School District, forty to fifty percent of kids dropped out before graduating and three-fifths of the rest received diplomas only because of pressure on teachers to pass kids regardless of performance. And it was usually above average for Hispanic schools in HISD. Continue reading

Alred: The New Politics – Whatever it is – is Good!

gut-check-image2Compared to earlier periods in our history, political power in this country has become increasingly concentrated, and the range of free speech and political experiments may be narrowing.

The concentration of media power, and the end of the era where every city had locally owned newspapers each of which had distinct approaches to public policy and political parties, is one reason.

In many areas of policy, elites have created what I call packages, or a set of possible options, each of which makes certain assumptions. In education for example, you can identify public school teachers as the source of unequal student outcomes, but you cannot bring up Hispanic immigration as a factor enlarging school mediocrity. Protectionism, which is practiced by nearly all of our East Asian competitors, is automatically off the table. And some issues, such as the economic decline of small towns and rural areas, get far less attention in the national media than gay marriage. Continue reading

Alred: Two Gifts From Manhattan

gut-check-image2Since Watergate, when media elites transformed a non-event into one of the greatest catastrophes encountered by the American presidency, it’s hard to recall anything as overly marketed and phony as the current politics of urban schools.

The reality of student performance in our cities is far worse than someone of my generation, especially a civil rights liberal, would have expected it to be, say, thirty years ago, and Hispanic immigration is the primary reason. We passed all those civil rights laws so this would get better. And there’s the affirmative action and minority scholarships and increased per-pupil spending on public education. Continue reading

Mental Illness and Clarity in Managing Urban Schools

“When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
You understand now why you came this way.
‘Cause the truth you might be runnin’ from is so small.
But it’s as big as the promise – The promise of a comin’ day.”

~ Southern Cross, Crosby, Stills and Nash

Detroit_abandoned_schoolI am not a great cook, but I like to cook and I believe I have good instincts, and for a straight southern male, I own a decent number of cookbooks, about thirty in all–not such a great number if I were bourgeois born and bred, but my favorite cook-author is Helen Nearing, who writes anti-cookbooks. She claims to hate cooking and reduces ingredients to the minimum and the very simple. And I mean really few and really simple.  Continue reading

Why is the Arizona Republic pro-illegal immigrant?

Arizona_Republic_front_page_July_25_2010Every community has its lore and hidden secrets.

Back in Tupelo it was that Elvis Presley brought something on ice back from Germany circa 1960, a product of early German research into the science of genetics.

And when I was in Arizona recently, it was the widespread, apparently disconnected prosecutions of anti-immigration activists for a variety of unrelated crimes.

And you can’t prove things like that.

And you have to have a sense of humor about I all. Continue reading

A question of character. Letter to the Hispanic leaders of Houston, Texas

Houston_illegal_immigration_protestYour leadership has a detrimental impact on the character of our society everywhere you have accumulated power. Here or in Hispanic countries, you seem to lack the ability to spread hope among your people without engaging in widespread corruption. You have little history of creating a broad middle class of hopeful citizens seeking constant self-development and positive self-expression through education, voting and civic participation. You have lots of history inculcating corruption and preserving great levels of class stratification and that’s evidenced in nearly every Hispanic nation. Continue reading

What the National Media Does Not Say About Hispanic Influence

Hispanic_gang_LAMedia coverage of the congressional debate over immigration reform stands out as predictably one-sided. It’s also too abstract and divorced from the realities of how Hispanics are impacting our communities. The national newspaper chains and the television media share a pro-immigrant bias which prevents them from analyzing these impacts.

The educational statistics covering cities, towns and rural communities where Hispanics of Mexican and Central American heritage make up majorities show overwhelmingly poor performance compared to most cultural groups, including immigrants of Asian, Caribbean, East European and Cuban backgrounds. Continue reading

The Same Old Story: Politics in the Houston Schools

village_of_the_damnedWhat we have in the Houston Independent School District and many urban school districts across the country are self-serving, self-promoting systems which fail to educate from fifty percent to seventy percent of students who enter our schools. To solve this problem, our federal and state governments have adopted standardized tests which attempt to set a minimum level of knowledge and skills all students should attain upon graduation.

My concern with Community Voice for Public Education, and the Anne Sung campaign for the HISD District VII trustee position, and the various elements of this coalition, including the Houston Federation of Teachers and the Houston Gay and Lesbian Alliance, has to do with their inordinate focus on testing as the problem.

The real problem is too many of our minority students are not learning much in spite of a significant financial investment. And the anti-testing movement appears to be a politically motivated con game to distract citizens from the real issue. Why aren’t minority students learning? Continue reading