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Words of wisdom from everybody’s Granny

Juntti: Do you call that disease “Your disease”?

I’ve had a thought going round and round in my head for some time and after watching another of those PINK CURE RUNS and hearing a few of the people interviewed it really hit me – I need to comment on this *thought* and get folks to THINKING about what it is they say – What it is they lay CLAIM /OWNERSHIP of.

Years ago when I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus (SLE) I very rarely called it “My Lupus” – I referred to having been diagnosed with Lupus. I refused to claim ownership of that disease. I did refer to my 6 pregnancies as “My pregnancies” as I do believe they were “mine” and not someone elses. Just as the house I lived in was “My House” and my husband was “My husband” (even though he wasn’t very faithful to our marriage vows).  Continue reading

GOALS: What are yours? Do you have any?

As I sat watching the news which was filled pretty much with coverage of the madness that they call Black Friday shopping I had a lot of thoughts cross my mind. First of all it was what a bunch of morons – how many of them have a job to have the money to spend on this junk they are camping out and standing in line to get. How many will just CHARGE IT? (Following the example set forth by government – CHARGE IT – go into DEBT. Debt is the Devils Chain of slavery around your neck.)

That got me to thinking about GOALS and how each person has some kind of GOALS in their life. My question is WHAT IS YOUR GOAL. There are many GOALS out there, some are long term, some are mid term and some are short term……. some are simply IMPULSE.  Continue reading

The right tools to do the job needing to be done

As I was getting up and getting ready for the day this morning I had this string of thoughts cross my mind.

Each and every profession or line of work has a set of tools to use to perform the job they are doing.

There are specific tools that a doctor uses, that an engineer uses, and the same goes for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, musicians, chefs, farmers, fishermen, ranchers, teachers, parents, housewives, and law enforcement, to name a few. They each have their *toolbox* with the *tools* they need to do their job and do it correctly. Continue reading

What is true Freedom & Liberty? Where does it come from?

This weekend we are hearing a lot about FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Many speeches shall be made and columns written about the *Founding Fathers* and the Patriots who gave their lives so that we may live in FREEDOM and LIBERTY in America. Many columns will be written quoting the *Founding Fathers*.

I am asking readers to really examine just how free are Americans today after all those lives that have been given in the quest for Liberty and Freedom. We hear so much about the sacrifices that the Founding Fathers and the American soldiers sacrificed on our behalf. In spite of all those lives – American falls deeper into Slavery and loss of Liberty than ever before. It matters not who sits in the Oval Office or in the Halls of Congress… Freedom, Liberty, keep fading further and further from view.  Continue reading

How the opposition candidates are chosen…

The *media* is talking and talking (and writing and writing) about Trump saying he won’t run for the Oval Office. This weekend it was all over The HUCKSTER saying he wasn’t going to run.

I encourage folks to THINK of how the elections are MANIPULATED so that the voters believe they only have a choice of EVIL A or EVIL B. If they would THINK they would realize they do not need to vote for any of the OWO chosen candidates. Continue reading

Juntti: Let’s get back to REAL Education…

Thousands protest at Texas Capitol in opposition to education cuts

As I watch and read about the huge protests (led mostly by UNIONS) in the different states that are dealing with massive budget deficits I have this ‘thought’ that keeps running through my head related to the *education* focus. The ‘thought’ is how many of these teachers teach mathematics? How many of these ‘students’ have studied mathematics and passed the grade? How many of these protesters have ever lived within THEIR means, not using CREDIT to live on? How many of them have ever reached into their wallets and find it EMPTY? Finding it EMPTY, do they go into the stores they want things from and DEMAND that they be GIVEN what they want even though they have no money to pay for it? Continue reading

Budgets? Budgets? We no gotta show you no a-steenkin’ budgets!

We have overspent – the money …it just WENT.
Now we have to find a way
To tax the folks a bit more today
Balance the budget we must do
and figure how to tax and screw…. the silent ones.

I challenge all to take the budgets from your state, county, city, and list out the items, one by one, that are supported by tax revenue.

Make that old fashioned *T* column over to the right of the itemized list.
You know the one – the Debit and Credit *T*. Continue reading

Granny: NO TIME

As long as people allow tyrants to rule over them we shall see more and more of this kind of *torture*. When every facet of your life is governed by one or more government *rules* then you are NOT FREE nor are you BRAVE. Every time you say, “There oughta be a law”, you are aiding those who intend to rule over you. We need a whole lot more REPEALING of *laws* (aka CHAINS OF SLAVERY). Continue reading

Granny: The value of human life and the killing of children today

Editor’s NOTE: I was privileged to share this commentary on my daily radio program, “Life, Liberty & All That Jazz” on Thursday, November 2, 2010. (JB)

I have been watching the increasing reports of children being killed – horribly murdered and dismembered in many cases, by their parents or care givers (boyfriends). I remember when one report of something like this would have been SHOCKING – today it is just another news item in the paper like a shoplifter being caught. Continue reading

Who is the Real Thief?

Right now the great Obama is traveling in a style no other president has EVER traveled in – he is over in India and other nations – dancing and clapping as he promotes more off shoring of American jobs to them. He calls his massive date night/vacation trip a TRADE TRIP. Yup – he is TRADING AMERICA for the pat on the back from his global handlers. He is TRADING American jobs for American unemployment and apple Annie corners in the big cities. There isn’t going to be any American *money* to purchase the goods or services he is sending to India and other nations. That isn’t a TRADE – it is a GIVE AWAY. Continue reading

Granny: Choose you this day whom you will serve…

The Occupation Force or FREEDOM.

I can’t say it enough times – if each person that reads this doesn’t work hard to apply white hot heat on Boehner as well as those that are elected to represent YOU in YOUR district – We The People will get the same thing we have been getting for the last 200 years.

I sent out a post earlier that explained clearly how the POWER and CONTROL comes from the TOP down in Congress. That is NOT – representation of the People Continue reading

Granny serves a plate of food for thought this election

As I read the topics on the invasion of the ILLEGALS and the election we are about to have – there is a few places in scripture that teach about how you can empty a house (body) of evil spirits but unless you immediately fill that house (body) with GOOD spirits, the evil spirits will wander around and then return – not alone though as they will bring more with them, worse than the one that was evicted to begin with. Continue reading

Juntti: The Battered Voter Syndrome

juntii_thumbWe have all heard of the battered woman syndrome  or the battered child syndrome. It is also called *Domestic Abuse* or *Domestic Violence*. This is not limited to just females, males are subjected to domestic violence also but they are either silent about it or just leave at some point.

The same psychological patterns that take place in Domestic violence are present in the elections that take place in America.  The first steps to ending the abuse or violence is to first ACKNOWLEDGE it is happening.  “Denial” of the ABUSE is what keeps it happening. Continue reading

Juntti: Which One is the Most Dangerous to America?

touch_evil_blogThere were many articles I could have picked to make my point – this one (Republicans seek political advantage) just happened to be the one I hit after thinking about my question to readers.

We have top news headlines – thousands of articles – constant TV coverage and talk show chattering about the Nigerian who put blasting powder in his shorts and got on an airplane – flew to the US and failed to blow his nuts off. Continue reading

Granny: The TIES that BIND America

juntii_thumbNovember 7, 2009 – In surfing the news this morning and reading the articles related to the three shootings – Texas, Florida, Seattle – in reading the background on the individuals involved a thought crosses my mind.  While these events are terrible in themselves I look to WHY and in all of them I see one root cause of it all…   GOVERNMENT….  a government that has gone way beyond the constraints that the Constitution set forth for our government to govern within.

Stay with me on this one as it isn’t easy for me to type it out with great clarity.  My mind is racing with thoughts and trying to get them into words to read is not easy.

I would like you to think about how each of these events are rooted in a government that has gone wild with CONTROL and elimination of FREEDOM for all in America. Continue reading

Those who have stood…

39_steps_blogAugust 12, 2009Sheesh –  what a day – one that is bringing up so many memories of events that I have been involved in one way or another over the past few years..  This is only the ‘recent’ memories…

As I was reading the article by Mike V that mentioned J.J. Johnson and the sniper gun aimed at J.J.’s back in the Macon GA fiasco…  it reminded me of when I first really came across J.J. Johnson.  It was his stand in Illinois when government thugs went after a woman named Shirley Allen in Roby, IL. (

Old timers on WGEN will remember the almost hourly posts WGEN was  sending out on the life threatening situation that the corrupt police chief Terrance Gainer led.  He went on later to be promoted to the IL gangster political circles.  The Land of STINKIN Slinkin. Continue reading

Granny: Resolve to be Healthy

obc_skull-n-bonesJuly 22, 2009 I want to present something to the readers on this AKA Health Enslavement program.

First of all – please figure out what it is that you consider to be HEALTH CARE.

Once you have settled that in your mind then you need to determine exactly who and what is needed to provide HEALTH CARE.

Next, list all the things and people that are now involved in HEALTH CARE that aren’t needed. I have done this years and years ago and every so often I present my thoughts to readers.

I like to present mental pictures to readers and that is what this is going to be so get your popcorn and settle down in your comfy chair.

My picture of health care is whatever CARE is needed to ‘fix’ or repair something that has happened to ones body. Continue reading

Tiny Tim: “God Bless Us, One and All!”

pie_downApril 21, 2009 – Little Timmy Geithner really thinks he has the authority to spend other peoples money as he sees fit.  The fact that these thieves have been doing it for a long time does NOT make it right or Constitutional.

Americans really are so willingly ignorant of their RIGHTS it isn’t funny.  They have come to believe that government has money of it’s own.  They fail to understand that government hasn’t got one red cent or one brown one either.  Government has to TAKE (steal) what is the property of American citizens. Continue reading