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Words of wisdom from everybody’s Granny

Parliament of Whores

~ Forewords ~
whoresHistory just keeps repeating itself – different years/days and different faces and names but the ACT does not change. Gullible people continue to replace one whore with another whore.


With the recent news of the names of the DC MADAM making the *news* again it reminded me of P.J. O’Rourkes book… ~ Granny Continue reading

AMERICA, The Worlds Largest Insane Asylum

We're all MAD now....

We’re all MAD now….

Reading and listening to all the absolutely INSANE activity and legislation going on in America for many decades now and seeing it get worse each year I am brought back to the act by Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s when he released all those inmates to the streets…. they began to breed and they now hold public office…. and some are still living on the streets in card board tents.

California is where the INSANITY began and has increased over time. If you do a little research on the release of those in the asylums to those home care facilities – it began in California – I guess they needed more *entertainers* and *personalities* with no talent so they tried to exploit the thoughts from The Snake Pit movie in real life. What normal people call mentally deficient actions those in the Hollywood crowd call creativity. Continue reading

The NEED for Blue Collar Workers

dunce_web_19Last night I saw a short interview of several people on the topic of there being a huge need for workers who can DO SOMETHING other than pass around paper or sit on a computer.

One man talked about the need for mechanics – plumbers – electricians – you know, BLUE COLLAR JOBS that do not require a college education to do.

Another mentioned the NEED and then talked about how the schools are not doing the job to TRAIN UP new workers and how the Child Labor act did away with the in-house training of young people to learn how to do these jobs.

All this brought about the **need** (NOT) for foreign workers to fill these positions that Americans aren’t filling. It also brought about the low paying jobs that are paid to foreign workers (ILLEGALS in many cases) which is supported by the Farm Bureau and The Chambers of Commerce. Continue reading

Barry the Bastard Child

obama_deck of deceptionIt amazes me that so few are willing to acknowledge that Obama/Soetoro/ ???? has been ILLEGITIMATE since birth and everything in his life has been based upon ILLEGITIMACY. He has no concept of *Legitimate*.

There has never been a legitimate marriage certificate provided between his mother or the man claimed to be his father (that is also in question). Barry was born a BASTARD child and has remained such all his life.

It matters not what detail of his life you try to examine – it comes up with fraud and deception at every turn and he maintains that same trait in all he pushes politically. I have stated in the past that he is a petri dish sperm of Satan and all he does is to bring Satan into power and when you look at all he has done and continues to do – with the FULL ASSISTANCE of a silenced Congress and SCOTUS – it is all aimed at eliminating God, Jesus Christ, and any mention of CHRISTIANITY. The big push for the Muslim religion is Barry’s goal…. pure ANTI-CHRISTIAN. Continue reading

Granny writes to HER Senators and ‘Representatives’

Another Letter from a Woman – a woman with Cajones.

With the renewed push by the REPUBLICANS to open our national doors to any and all ILLEGALS who want to come here we must make sure that our CRITTERS understand how WE think about this matter. The MONEY BOYS want the ILLEGALS (profit rules over LAW) and the politicians listen to MONEY – unless they are up for re-election.

This is what I sent to John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, and Mac Thornberry this morning:

Jackie Juntti (Granny) Continue reading

A Racial Program For The 20th Century

big_dummyI always marvel at how certain things come to me and how they fit together even though on first glance they don’t seem to have anything in common.

We have all this race baiting and instigating taking place in America… and we have millions pouring in to this nation eating out our sustenance…. At first glance one wouldn’t see the connection but then a second look and it all comes together…

The Negro’s – White Guilt – Welfare – ILLEGALS – Protesting – Theft – Killing – Abortion – Lobbyists -Subsidies… – Granny

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” – (Israel Cohen, A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912) quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record (1957), p. 8559)

Sey, Sey, Brutha Holder…

holder_jnrI have about had it up to my ears with the out-crying taking place by the Obama Thugs in office (Holder, etc.) for charges to be filed against Zimmerman under the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT.

Where has Holder been on filing charges against all those Pro-Football players who have committed crimes far worse than those exaggerated and trumped up charges that were filed against Zimmerman. Why the SILENCE from HOLDER on these overpaid thugs who wear shoulder pads and get away with murder? There have been 30 players who have been charged with crimes from 1st degree murder, DUI, child abuse, and other violent acts against other persons just since the Super Bowl on Feb. 3rd. Continue reading

What Time is it Kids?: It’s Howdy Doody Time!

boehner_doodyThis Punch & Judy Show that has been played out in Congress for decades really needs to come to a screaming STOP.

There is no mystery or difficulty in resolving the issue of the ILLEGALS who are presently here in America. We are dealing with a bunch of GREEDY politicians and foreigners who are doing all they can to STEAL from the American taxpayer and citizen.

Super easy solution:

Each and EVERY ILLEGAL, including their anchor babies, must return to their country of origin within 30 days from July 1, 2013. The expense of that return is their own and not up to the American tax payer in any manner. If they really want to become an American citizen they can then apply thru the legal channels and methods to come to America… just as all those in the past and still some do today. Point being: We have Legal and Proper Avenues to come to America – ENFORCE THOSE RULES. Continue reading

Land of Opportunity?

When I see the news reports with video of the HUGE give-a-ways of food – clothing – hair cuts – school supplies – – you name it and if it is FREE then the long lines are there. Take a GOOD look at the people in those lines….. most are non-white. Look at the number of kids that seems to belong to each mother.

I contend that if the FREE THINGS were stopped – at least on the scale they are now there would be a CHANGE take place. The ILLEGALS would learn they can’t come and take and take and take. There should be a citizenship status check for all in those lines… that would eliminate many ILLEGALS – only those with false papers would get thru. Continue reading

Samson and America – the similarities

Samson and Delilah, by Rubens

America was a very strong country – similar to the strength of Samson in the Bible. Samson was the strongest person on earth – all due to his God given strength.

America, like Samson, allowed Delilah (the ENEMY WITHIN) to beguile and to rob that strength by deceiving Samson with things that are against God’s Word.

As long as Samson kept his covenant with God and obeyed God he was filled with that superhuman strength. – As long as America and Americans worshipped God and obeyed His word America was strong, healthy and prosperous. Then The People began to look at other things not of God – to participate in things that were an abomination to God. They listened to the lies of the ENEMY WITHIN, they began to rely on *government* (Dagon) to provide them with monthly checks and food stamps and housing and that free sex, drugs, alcohol could be *enjoyed* without punishment. Continue reading


We are approaching another election – the exercise of man to raise up an IDOL to worship for another set number of years. Mans deceptive HOPE & CHANGE. Mans ultimate failure to place their HOPE in Christ and to bring forth the CHANGE that following and worshiping Christ brings into ones life – here on earth and our ETERNAL LIFE.

Mankind has either forgotten or has chosen to IGNORE the one true leadership of God – preferring to follow some man who does not have God in his agenda. Examine what the past 43 presidents have done to pervert the Word of God. None of them are innocent of making changes that are in opposition to the Ten Commandments, our ORIGINAL Constitution of this world.

The voters in America (by hook or by crook) chose to fall for the FAUX *HOPE & CHANGE* that Obama spew forth last election period. They FAILED to comprehend what kind of *HOPE* and what kind of *CHANGE* Obama was talking about. Continue reading

Juntti: Do you call that disease “Your disease”?

I’ve had a thought going round and round in my head for some time and after watching another of those PINK CURE RUNS and hearing a few of the people interviewed it really hit me – I need to comment on this *thought* and get folks to THINKING about what it is they say – What it is they lay CLAIM /OWNERSHIP of.

Years ago when I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus (SLE) I very rarely called it “My Lupus” – I referred to having been diagnosed with Lupus. I refused to claim ownership of that disease. I did refer to my 6 pregnancies as “My pregnancies” as I do believe they were “mine” and not someone elses. Just as the house I lived in was “My House” and my husband was “My husband” (even though he wasn’t very faithful to our marriage vows).  Continue reading

GOALS: What are yours? Do you have any?

As I sat watching the news which was filled pretty much with coverage of the madness that they call Black Friday shopping I had a lot of thoughts cross my mind. First of all it was what a bunch of morons – how many of them have a job to have the money to spend on this junk they are camping out and standing in line to get. How many will just CHARGE IT? (Following the example set forth by government – CHARGE IT – go into DEBT. Debt is the Devils Chain of slavery around your neck.)

That got me to thinking about GOALS and how each person has some kind of GOALS in their life. My question is WHAT IS YOUR GOAL. There are many GOALS out there, some are long term, some are mid term and some are short term……. some are simply IMPULSE.  Continue reading

The right tools to do the job needing to be done

As I was getting up and getting ready for the day this morning I had this string of thoughts cross my mind.

Each and every profession or line of work has a set of tools to use to perform the job they are doing.

There are specific tools that a doctor uses, that an engineer uses, and the same goes for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, musicians, chefs, farmers, fishermen, ranchers, teachers, parents, housewives, and law enforcement, to name a few. They each have their *toolbox* with the *tools* they need to do their job and do it correctly. Continue reading

What is true Freedom & Liberty? Where does it come from?

This weekend we are hearing a lot about FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Many speeches shall be made and columns written about the *Founding Fathers* and the Patriots who gave their lives so that we may live in FREEDOM and LIBERTY in America. Many columns will be written quoting the *Founding Fathers*.

I am asking readers to really examine just how free are Americans today after all those lives that have been given in the quest for Liberty and Freedom. We hear so much about the sacrifices that the Founding Fathers and the American soldiers sacrificed on our behalf. In spite of all those lives – American falls deeper into Slavery and loss of Liberty than ever before. It matters not who sits in the Oval Office or in the Halls of Congress… Freedom, Liberty, keep fading further and further from view.  Continue reading

How the opposition candidates are chosen…

The *media* is talking and talking (and writing and writing) about Trump saying he won’t run for the Oval Office. This weekend it was all over The HUCKSTER saying he wasn’t going to run.

I encourage folks to THINK of how the elections are MANIPULATED so that the voters believe they only have a choice of EVIL A or EVIL B. If they would THINK they would realize they do not need to vote for any of the OWO chosen candidates. Continue reading

Juntti: Let’s get back to REAL Education…

Thousands protest at Texas Capitol in opposition to education cuts

As I watch and read about the huge protests (led mostly by UNIONS) in the different states that are dealing with massive budget deficits I have this ‘thought’ that keeps running through my head related to the *education* focus. The ‘thought’ is how many of these teachers teach mathematics? How many of these ‘students’ have studied mathematics and passed the grade? How many of these protesters have ever lived within THEIR means, not using CREDIT to live on? How many of them have ever reached into their wallets and find it EMPTY? Finding it EMPTY, do they go into the stores they want things from and DEMAND that they be GIVEN what they want even though they have no money to pay for it? Continue reading

Budgets? Budgets? We no gotta show you no a-steenkin’ budgets!

We have overspent – the money …it just WENT.
Now we have to find a way
To tax the folks a bit more today
Balance the budget we must do
and figure how to tax and screw…. the silent ones.

I challenge all to take the budgets from your state, county, city, and list out the items, one by one, that are supported by tax revenue.

Make that old fashioned *T* column over to the right of the itemized list.
You know the one – the Debit and Credit *T*. Continue reading

Granny: NO TIME

As long as people allow tyrants to rule over them we shall see more and more of this kind of *torture*. When every facet of your life is governed by one or more government *rules* then you are NOT FREE nor are you BRAVE. Every time you say, “There oughta be a law”, you are aiding those who intend to rule over you. We need a whole lot more REPEALING of *laws* (aka CHAINS OF SLAVERY). Continue reading

Granny: The value of human life and the killing of children today

Editor’s NOTE: I was privileged to share this commentary on my daily radio program, “Life, Liberty & All That Jazz” on Thursday, November 2, 2010. (JB)

I have been watching the increasing reports of children being killed – horribly murdered and dismembered in many cases, by their parents or care givers (boyfriends). I remember when one report of something like this would have been SHOCKING – today it is just another news item in the paper like a shoplifter being caught. Continue reading