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Words of wisdom from everybody’s Granny

June 18, 2018: …and the beat goes on! ~ Late Edition

~ Foreword ~
The *solution* to this separation of parents and children is Oh So Simple.

Those *mothers* who are dragging their children over all those miles in their attempt to ILLEGALLY ENTER the USA need to STOP – Stop dragging their children up here and then they won’t have to face having their children separated from them. The parties GUILTY of having the children separated sits directly on the *mothers* who bring them here.

If the TSA can separate your bottle of water or some other item from you when you plan to get on an airplane because it violates the RULES of what you can bring on the plane then why is this topic of separating children from the *adults* who try to bring them in a big deal? This is NOT a new rule or one that these *mothers* aren’t aware of at the time they take that first step to head North to ILLEGALLY enter the USA. With all the child trafficking that goes on we have no proof that these children even belong to the *mothers* who are claiming them. Continue reading

Are we “Federal Children?

~ Foreword ~
While doing some searching on how we are TRACKED by the government (cell phones, etc.) I came across this item I wrote in 2002 that provides more info on how the government goal of TRACKING and controlling American citizens really got started. I had forgotten I had written this but in finding it today and reading it over I thought some on WGEN might like to review the history of how the *massa’s* devised ways to track us and how to use us as collateral for that national debt – mostly owed to China. When China calls in the debt we owe to them how many of us will then be placed in Chinese custody to do their bidding? ~ Jackie Juntti (Granny)

Are we “Federal Children,” owned by the Government?

Continue reading

Get Involved Locally ~ You Might Just Save the Country

I have watched how people treat and react to ‘politicians‘ since I was a young kid. Not sure why but I never developed or acquired that “AWE” so many people have towards those in public office. They should (providing they deserve it) be treated with respect but they are not gods to be worshipped as so many treat them or as many of them deem their right.

Neither of my parents were political in any way so not sure where this became a part of my attitude towards politics or those so called celebrities. I have always looked at these people as no different than me – they simply held a different kind of job than I did. I rubbed elbows with many of the so called powerful politicians and called them all by their first name and they knew me by my first name. I have always shaken my head at how so many exhibit this worship attitude towards another human being. Too bad they don’t hold the same kind of WORSHIP attitude towards God The Father and Jesus Christ.
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The ‘F’ Word

Hand_on_BibleI am so sick and tired of reading and hearing the **F** word – it matters not what web site – what station – what person is having a conversation – the **F** word is used as if it is *and* – *the*- *hello* – rather than the super offensive word it is. To hear those we are supposed to look up to – those we are supposed to respect – use this word and then to read this word in BOLD **** HEADLINE**** with !!!! and ______ marks – I have to ask, what has this country come to? This is the result of the watered down education – the failure to teach manners – the failure to teach it is wrong to be OFFENSIVE in the things we say or do and the words we choose to use over decent and acceptable words. Why is it that even Trump finds it acceptable to choose the *F* word to express himself? He certainly knows it is a horribly offensive word so why use it. Continue reading


enemaHow to reduce the number of dead and ILLEGAL voters. I don’t believe that we can eliminate them all as those who intend to lie and cheat will always find a way to do so but we CAN greatly reduce the number.

The evidence of so many dead people still being on the voter registration rolls proves that the voter registration rolls need to be PURGED. The number of ILLEGALS who are registering to vote is a CRIME!! Continue reading

How to UNRIG the Elections


voteIn the 90’s I was a PCO in a rural area.. I went out and knocked on the doors of every registered voter in my precinct. A friend of mine who lived in a nearby precinct did the same thing. We found that in the most recent list of registered voters that many had moved – several had died, some years ago – but they were all still listed on the registered voters list.

We took this information to the county Auditor who, if memory serves me right, was Cathy Pearsall-Stipek (D). We showed her what we had found out and requested those names who had died or moved be removed from the voters registration roll in our precincts. We were told that we couldn’t do that as the **person involved** had to come in and make the request to be removed. My question was HOW DOES A DEAD PERSON DO THAT???? She had no answer. Continue reading

The Whore of Babylon Dances the Night Away

What goes around – comes around – all over again. The following missive by Granny was published by the Federal Observer on August 12, 2012. It’s time has come again. Remember… ~ J.B.

I spent a restless night last night – thoughts of how far down the sewage tank this nation has gone – thinking of how polluted this nation has become and how the perverts – the Sodomites – the Lesbians – the child molesters – have infected this nation and so many in it How wicked – vile – deceitful – degenerate – depraved – Like Nineveh, like Rome – sin fills the air and open rebellion against God is everywhere.

I figure it was that video that was on every newscast last night – running like a political commercial – of Hillary Clinton humping that fat Black woman in South Africa. Is that one of the *duties* of the office of Secretary of State? Remember all those *rumors* of how she and B.J. dated the same women in college? The other *rumors* of her Lesbian traits which are again making the news in many ways – like her big drinking party in Columbia. She is more like the Sex a tarry of Mistakes. Look at the Snappy Nappy news that came out yesterday of her and her Lesbian tribe – much like that of Janet Reno and Donna Shalala. Many complain about the Barney Franks but the females are no different. And let us not forget Edgar J. Hoover. Continue reading

Hillary’s $1,200.00 jacket needs cleaning

Hillary's jacketI’ve noticed that Hillary has been wearing this one particular jacket (the $1,200.00+ Armani jacket) a lot lately.

I thought of how it is much like the Black jacket that the North Korean leader wears so far as style.

Then, this morning I saw another report on her and she was wearing that same jacket again and it hit me that her LAUNDRY must be too busy laundering all those FOREIGN DONATIONS and emails so they can’t be cleaning her jacket right now.

Maybe she could get Fauxapontis to wash it for her… ~ Granny

Hillary: It’s ALL Related

Hillary-Doll--1064482222I’ve never made a secret my disagreement with females in public office. It is a RARE female that can sit in a position of such authority – my opinion is that most all females will fall back on EMOTION rather than LOGIC. What I find sad today is that the pussification of the Males by those hell bent with fury females – to the point that now the MALES fall into the EMOTION rule as well, leaving LOGIC in the locked file cabinet. When God created woman it was for us to be HELPMATES to the Man – not to put Man down and rule over him. Continue reading

Stumped: DHS’ Jeh Johnson Can’t Name Gun Law that Could’ve Stopped Mateen

eys of grannyI find this so very telling of the mind set of those who sit in rule over us. Their solution to *gun* violence is to take the guns from those who can protect themselves and others and give to those who are intent on killing us. Create GUN FREE – Shooting gallery – zones so the real killers will know that they won’t have any opposition from the victims. That is how the OCCUPATION FORCE thinks – how it plans to *make us SAFER* – remove any opportunity to protect ourselves. A gun in the hands of the protectors is a thousand times better than a cop on the phone. Continue reading

EMP & ELF – Sound Wave Weapons

~ Forewords ~

In times past I have written about the EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) and it seems it is time to post out the warning on this WEAPON that you can’t see but it can kill you.

Just like the High Intensity/Low Frequency (ELF) sound waves that I had to deal with when I was at my former apartment and the neighbors who thought playing that music with that BOOM BOOM BASE was really cool in spite of my telling them what it was causing my heart to do.

You can’t see sound waves but they are WEAPONS and can be Weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION. Check this at

Jackie Juntti

empCongress should give EMP threat ‘highest priority,’ says expert
It’s not as if the U.S. government doesn’t know about the EMP threat… (Continue to full article)

North Korea Poses EMP Threat
FObama administration indifferent to the apocalyptic threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack… (Continue to full article)

ISIS Has A Plan To KILL 90% Of Americans by 2016
An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a short burst of energy that will completely … are both existential threats that could kill 9-of-10 Americans through starvation… (Continue to full article)

Threat From EMP Attack Ratchets Up
Nuclear EMP attack is the worst threat, because it would cause the deepest damage to… (Continue to full article)

Government, Industry Studying Threat of Nuclear EMP Attack
Government, Industry Studying Threat of Nuclear EMP Attack on Electric Grid. High-altitude nuclear … May 19, 2016 5:00 am. American power… (Continue to full article)

‘For the Record’: Understanding the Threat of EMP
An Electromagnetic Pulse attack could result in the greatest loss of life in human history, but most people have never… (Continue to full article)

After EMP
An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is a threat few Americans are familiar with , yet one which could easily destroy their lives. What would you do if your… (Continue to full article)

Republican warnings about an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack
while the threat of a nuclear EMP was small, the threat of a solar one was real… (Continue to full article)

GAO: Agencies need to collaborate to prevent EMP threat
EMP — whether caused by a solar storm or explosive device — could cause a significant disruption to the nation’s power grid, so much so that the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack issued a 2008 report with 90 recommendations on how to address and recover from such an attack… (Continue to full article)

North Korea’s arsenal raises the stakes for US grid security
North Korea, the country whose nuclear ambitions have been the fulcrum of global security concerns for more than a decade, may be a threat in more ways than one… (Continue to full article)

Government Living ‘Under Sharia‘ Regimen that Prevents Acknowledging Jihad Threat

The Ultimate Trojan Horse

Trojan HorseAmerica should have retained the entry of immigrants thru Ellis Island practice. Those *immigrants* had to clear numerous tests before being let onto the mainland. Many were denied entry due to health or other reasons. America allowed ENEMIES WITHIN to gain power to govern and became like Troy in the story of the Trojan Horse. Continue reading

Parliament of Whores

~ Forewords ~
whoresHistory just keeps repeating itself – different years/days and different faces and names but the ACT does not change. Gullible people continue to replace one whore with another whore.


With the recent news of the names of the DC MADAM making the *news* again it reminded me of P.J. O’Rourkes book… ~ Granny Continue reading

AMERICA, The Worlds Largest Insane Asylum

We're all MAD now....

We’re all MAD now….

Reading and listening to all the absolutely INSANE activity and legislation going on in America for many decades now and seeing it get worse each year I am brought back to the act by Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s when he released all those inmates to the streets…. they began to breed and they now hold public office…. and some are still living on the streets in card board tents.

California is where the INSANITY began and has increased over time. If you do a little research on the release of those in the asylums to those home care facilities – it began in California – I guess they needed more *entertainers* and *personalities* with no talent so they tried to exploit the thoughts from The Snake Pit movie in real life. What normal people call mentally deficient actions those in the Hollywood crowd call creativity. Continue reading

04-28_barstoolI was convinced there was a NASTY, MEAN, element in the Sodomites way back in the mid 50’s in Seattle. I’ve related this story in the past but will tell it again so that folks don’t gloss over this FACT.

I was working for an attorney in Seattle and had a couple folks that I ate lunch and had coffee with on a daily basis at the old Westerner restaurant on 5th & Pike. There was a bunch of young guys that would be in the downstairs coffee bar in the mornings. One of them was really handsome and I tried my best to attract his attention to no avail. (I was still ignorant of Sodomites in real life at that time). The brother of a girl I went to high school with got a job at the old Freidlanders Jewelry store on 5th & Pike and had an apt in town. He had a ‘room mate” who dated my girlfriend. Little was I aware at that time that both the brother and the roommate were also involved with the Sodomites in town. Continue reading

The NEED for Blue Collar Workers

dunce_web_19Last night I saw a short interview of several people on the topic of there being a huge need for workers who can DO SOMETHING other than pass around paper or sit on a computer.

One man talked about the need for mechanics – plumbers – electricians – you know, BLUE COLLAR JOBS that do not require a college education to do.

Another mentioned the NEED and then talked about how the schools are not doing the job to TRAIN UP new workers and how the Child Labor act did away with the in-house training of young people to learn how to do these jobs.

All this brought about the **need** (NOT) for foreign workers to fill these positions that Americans aren’t filling. It also brought about the low paying jobs that are paid to foreign workers (ILLEGALS in many cases) which is supported by the Farm Bureau and The Chambers of Commerce. Continue reading

Barry the Bastard Child

obama_deck of deceptionIt amazes me that so few are willing to acknowledge that Obama/Soetoro/ ???? has been ILLEGITIMATE since birth and everything in his life has been based upon ILLEGITIMACY. He has no concept of *Legitimate*.

There has never been a legitimate marriage certificate provided between his mother or the man claimed to be his father (that is also in question). Barry was born a BASTARD child and has remained such all his life.

It matters not what detail of his life you try to examine – it comes up with fraud and deception at every turn and he maintains that same trait in all he pushes politically. I have stated in the past that he is a petri dish sperm of Satan and all he does is to bring Satan into power and when you look at all he has done and continues to do – with the FULL ASSISTANCE of a silenced Congress and SCOTUS – it is all aimed at eliminating God, Jesus Christ, and any mention of CHRISTIANITY. The big push for the Muslim religion is Barry’s goal…. pure ANTI-CHRISTIAN. Continue reading

Granny writes to HER Senators and ‘Representatives’

Another Letter from a Woman – a woman with Cajones.

With the renewed push by the REPUBLICANS to open our national doors to any and all ILLEGALS who want to come here we must make sure that our CRITTERS understand how WE think about this matter. The MONEY BOYS want the ILLEGALS (profit rules over LAW) and the politicians listen to MONEY – unless they are up for re-election.

This is what I sent to John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, and Mac Thornberry this morning:

Jackie Juntti (Granny) Continue reading

A Racial Program For The 20th Century

big_dummyI always marvel at how certain things come to me and how they fit together even though on first glance they don’t seem to have anything in common.

We have all this race baiting and instigating taking place in America… and we have millions pouring in to this nation eating out our sustenance…. At first glance one wouldn’t see the connection but then a second look and it all comes together…

The Negro’s – White Guilt – Welfare – ILLEGALS – Protesting – Theft – Killing – Abortion – Lobbyists -Subsidies… – Granny

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” – (Israel Cohen, A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912) quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record (1957), p. 8559)

Sey, Sey, Brutha Holder…

holder_jnrI have about had it up to my ears with the out-crying taking place by the Obama Thugs in office (Holder, etc.) for charges to be filed against Zimmerman under the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT.

Where has Holder been on filing charges against all those Pro-Football players who have committed crimes far worse than those exaggerated and trumped up charges that were filed against Zimmerman. Why the SILENCE from HOLDER on these overpaid thugs who wear shoulder pads and get away with murder? There have been 30 players who have been charged with crimes from 1st degree murder, DUI, child abuse, and other violent acts against other persons just since the Super Bowl on Feb. 3rd. Continue reading

What Time is it Kids?: It’s Howdy Doody Time!

boehner_doodyThis Punch & Judy Show that has been played out in Congress for decades really needs to come to a screaming STOP.

There is no mystery or difficulty in resolving the issue of the ILLEGALS who are presently here in America. We are dealing with a bunch of GREEDY politicians and foreigners who are doing all they can to STEAL from the American taxpayer and citizen.

Super easy solution:

Each and EVERY ILLEGAL, including their anchor babies, must return to their country of origin within 30 days from July 1, 2013. The expense of that return is their own and not up to the American tax payer in any manner. If they really want to become an American citizen they can then apply thru the legal channels and methods to come to America… just as all those in the past and still some do today. Point being: We have Legal and Proper Avenues to come to America – ENFORCE THOSE RULES. Continue reading

Land of Opportunity?

When I see the news reports with video of the HUGE give-a-ways of food – clothing – hair cuts – school supplies – – you name it and if it is FREE then the long lines are there. Take a GOOD look at the people in those lines….. most are non-white. Look at the number of kids that seems to belong to each mother.

I contend that if the FREE THINGS were stopped – at least on the scale they are now there would be a CHANGE take place. The ILLEGALS would learn they can’t come and take and take and take. There should be a citizenship status check for all in those lines… that would eliminate many ILLEGALS – only those with false papers would get thru. Continue reading

Samson and America – the similarities

Samson and Delilah, by Rubens

America was a very strong country – similar to the strength of Samson in the Bible. Samson was the strongest person on earth – all due to his God given strength.

America, like Samson, allowed Delilah (the ENEMY WITHIN) to beguile and to rob that strength by deceiving Samson with things that are against God’s Word.

As long as Samson kept his covenant with God and obeyed God he was filled with that superhuman strength. – As long as America and Americans worshipped God and obeyed His word America was strong, healthy and prosperous. Then The People began to look at other things not of God – to participate in things that were an abomination to God. They listened to the lies of the ENEMY WITHIN, they began to rely on *government* (Dagon) to provide them with monthly checks and food stamps and housing and that free sex, drugs, alcohol could be *enjoyed* without punishment. Continue reading


We are approaching another election – the exercise of man to raise up an IDOL to worship for another set number of years. Mans deceptive HOPE & CHANGE. Mans ultimate failure to place their HOPE in Christ and to bring forth the CHANGE that following and worshiping Christ brings into ones life – here on earth and our ETERNAL LIFE.

Mankind has either forgotten or has chosen to IGNORE the one true leadership of God – preferring to follow some man who does not have God in his agenda. Examine what the past 43 presidents have done to pervert the Word of God. None of them are innocent of making changes that are in opposition to the Ten Commandments, our ORIGINAL Constitution of this world.

The voters in America (by hook or by crook) chose to fall for the FAUX *HOPE & CHANGE* that Obama spew forth last election period. They FAILED to comprehend what kind of *HOPE* and what kind of *CHANGE* Obama was talking about. Continue reading