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Longstreet: The Last Bugle Call

J_longstreetEditor’s Note: Shortly after this post was submitted to us in early May of 2014,  Bill Ghent (J.D. Longstreet) passed away, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to post it. It brought a degree of finality and I was not prepared to meet that yet. He is sadly missed by this old war horse.

“J. D.” was a conservative Southern American (A native sandlapper and an adopted Tar Heel) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he was a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First”.

RIP Bill – I’ll see you at Sunset. (J.B.)

We Are All Entitled To Privacy

I’ve taken a few days before broaching this subject. If I have learned anything over the years about the MsM (Mainstream Media), it is that they tend to act as lemmings when they sense a sensational story and then they switch from lemmings to sharks in a feeding frenzy when they draw blood. It really makes no difference whose blood it is, either. Continue reading

First Amendment About To Be Shredded By Obama And Dems

us-constitutionActually, it has taken a bit longer than I had expected, but Obama and his “Marxocrats” are finally getting around to us, you know, conservative broadcasters, commentators, and bloggers.

Yep, they are finally going to make an all out effort to shut us down — and up! We will officially be “Haters.” Then they’ll accuse us of hate crimes because we don’t follow the “party line” and slap our behinds in jail, or reeducation camps, much like the old Maoist reeducation camps of a few decades ago.

So far the MsM hasn’t made much of this because they are controlled from the Obama’s West Wing or directly from the Oval Office. Continue reading

Longstreet: Adding Age AND Gaining Insight

Publisher’s NOTE: Mr. Longstreet has been out for awhile due to health issues. We sandbagged (he will appreciate that) a few columns for later publication. Enjoy, as we always do. (J.B.)

J_longstreetRecently, I have noticed something a bit different in my work, that is to say — my writing, my commentaries, if you please.

I have noticed that my faith has much more influence on my thinking than I had thought. I’m told that is a sign of aging and wisdom. I can readily agree with the aging part. However, the wisdom part, is something else entirely. That, dear reader, is decided by you.

That’s is a little out of character for me. I have always felt a man’s faith was between him and his chosen deity — and nobody else. As my family will unhesitatingly tell you “Papa” is subject to go off on a tear over a subject having to do with religion quicker than any other subject.

I have found, now that I am well into the eighth decade of my lifespan, that I am far more able to cope with the vexing problems that living life as a human being tends to deliver to our doorstep. That does not mean that I don’t stumble and fall every once in a while, nor does it mean that I am mistake free. Look. ALL the erasers on my pencils are well worn. Continue reading

Longstreet: The American Public School System Gets an “F

America Should Be Ashamed Of Its Education System

village_blindfold_The Public Schools system of the US has crashed and burned! No longer are our children the best educated in the world. Now our scholars rank among the less well educated even among a few of the third world countries. This is a shame we have brought upon ourselves by inviting the Federal Government and the Unions into our schools.

One-room schoolhouses turned out scholars of unequaled accomplishment when compared to today’s graduates. A high school education, just 50 years ago, is the equivalent of a college degree today. Our Public School teachers are barely qualified to teach. But, they have a Union to see that they are paid well, whether the can teach or not! Oh, you thought teachers unions were for the welfare of the students??? Surely you jest! Continue reading

Longstreet: 1930’s Redux?

The following was submitted to us for publication in June of 2013, and although we shared it on-air with our audience, we apparently never posted it. A year has passed since we received this from the author – and nothing has changed in this nation – other than to worsen.

Mr. Longstreet is on a (hopefully) short sabbatical due to health reasons. The time has come… Remember – Every Revolution BEGINS With a Spark! We wait for you Katniss! (Ed.)

barack-obama-adolf-hitlerOver the past few weeks I have been wondering why none of what’s happening today in America seems new, or even surprising. A short time ago it became clear. We’ve experienced it before. We’ve seen this movie before. It’s pre-1945 Germany — all over again. Continue reading

Has The Revolution Already Begun?

Kennedy Quote - RevolutionThe amygdala (pronounced ah-MIG-dah-lah) is that little walnut sized “thingy” resting near the bottom of the human brain that warns us when danger is near. Its sorta like a burglar alarm for your life.

Ever have those tiny little hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Ever have goose bumps? Ever get the feeling that you are being watched by someone, or some thing that does not have your, ahem, best interests in mind? Ever have the persistent feeling that all is NOT well and eminent danger is lurking in some quarter not yet identified? Well, unless your amygdala is broken, or has simply atrophied, that teeny-tiny little mass of nuclei buried deep in the anterior inferior temporal lobe of the brain. is where ALL the above comes from. Continue reading


fat-lady-singing-warningAn old admonition continues to tug at my consciousness. Its cautionary advice about something imminently dangerous approaching — just over the horizon — is more than a little compelling. You know — the admonishment that warns: “Eat, drink, and make merry, for tomorrow we die!” (You may recall several different versions found in the Bible.)

We are headed as straight to a third world war as a Martin flies to its gourd.

That fact, and I do believe it is a fact, is an unwelcome one. Nevertheless, ’tis true. Continue reading

Republicans Wimping-Out On Repeal Of Obamacare?

Poster_Boot_Obamacare_Uninsured_PayAllow me to be as clear as possible right here at the beginning of this commentary. I don’t like Obamacare at all, not in the slightest, in any way — shape or form. Period! Got it?

Obamacare is a Marxist/socialist/statist policy and I hate it.

Vladimir Lenin, himself, said: “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.”

Ole Vlad knew exactly what he was talking about. Obamacare warms the cockles of the hearts of all the Marxists in the Democratic Party and believe me, there are a host of them!

There is NOTHING good about Obamacare. It is a cancerous assault on the freedom of Americans and it needs to be gone and, frankly, all those who supported it and voted it through the Congress need to be gone along with it. Continue reading

Once Upon A Time …

Faust Milano, 1863How is it possible for a great American political party to be so out of touch with its constituents, so completely tone deaf to their wants and desires, so separated from the reality of the world around them?

With citizens looped together into one vast globe encircling network of information and communication, how is it possible for the GOP to be so ill informed?

The Republicans are, today, set to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory — again. Continue reading

Longstreet: A World Grown Weary

Ah, gits weary
An’ sick of tryin’
Ah’m tired of livin’
An’ skeered of dyin’,
But ol’ man river,
He jes’keeps rollin’ along! ~ Ol’ Man River

us-flag_FO_02.jpgAs an unarguable “senior citizen” I can tell you that I have long since given up on any hope of finding those so-called “golden years.” They are, I have come to believe, some ethereal manifestation of a joke played by the fates upon those who dare to take up space on this blue marble and breath its air.

More and more I am hearing from seniors my age, or beyond, who decry any extended lengthening of their days. I don’t attempt to dissuade them as I, too, and looking forward to whatever is beyond the pale. Hopefully, a new adventure as I, too, have tired of this one. Continue reading

America’s First Female President Won’t Be Hillary!

buut-wholeI have long thought that President Obama displayed more feminine attributes in his male persona that I am comfortable with. Note: I said “persona.” Now, a persona is a personal facade, a mask, if you will, that one presents to the world. It is supposed to be the “person” you think yourself to be and would like others to believe you are.

Having a persona, is natural. We all do it. Well, most of us do it, anyway. We all have an image of ourselves that, for all intents and purposes, does not match the true us — who we really are. And yes — it is a lie. So — THERE!

What worries me about Mr. Obama’s persona is either he has done a very good job at creating it, or, he has deliberately created a persona that is much nearer the truth of who he really is. Or both.  Continue reading

Lions Led By A Sheep?

Wolf Bait

wolf_n_sheepSomeone once said something that sounded a lot like this: “A nation of sheep led by a lion is more to be feared than a nation of lions led by a sheep.” That “someone,” as it turns out, was Alexander the Great. At least the attribution I found for it says it was Alex as quoted in “The British Battle Fleet: Its Inception and Growth Throughout the Centuries to the Present Day (1915)” by Frederick Thomas Jane.

Howsomever, who said it is not as important as the message it encompasses.

There can be no doubt that America is currently led by a sheep, nay, a herd of sheep when one includes the limp-wristed cohort of progressive/Marxists in the US Senate and US House of Representatives to the big sheep sitting in the Oval Office (or out on a golf course somewhere!). Continue reading

Longstreet: Refusing The Label Of Racist

mychal-massieI am a long time reader of anything written by Mychal Massie. The man is a true conservative.

Mr. Massie has written a piece entitled: “Blacks And Palestinians Are A Lot Alike.” It is “spot-on!”

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives and a former member of its parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. In his official capacity with this free-market, public-policy think tank, he has spoken at the U.S. Capitol, CPAC, participated in numerous press conferences on Capitol Hill, the National Press Club and testified concerning property rights pursuant to the “Endangered Species Act” before the Chairman of the House Committee on Resources. He has been a keynote speaker at colleges and universities nationwide, at Tea Party Rallies, as well as rallies supporting our troops, conservative presidents, and conservative causes across the country. He is an unapologetic supporter of our right to own and carry firearms.

Oh, Mr. Massie also happens to be a black American. Continue reading

Obama’s White House Opaque Not Transparent

Press Surprised At Censorship From Obama White House. WHY?

freedom-of-pressYou know, this would be funny if it were not so serious.

As a former card carrying member of the press, I have had my share of run-ins with those who threw every roadblock in my way when I was doing my job gathering and delivering the news.

One — less than sterling — moment was a stand-up, in your face, yelling, verbal fight with a deputy sheriff on court house grounds. He was threatening to arrest me for doing my job. I was begging him to go ahead and put the cuffs on. I did, however, remind him that he was opening himself — and the county — up to a millions of dollars lawsuit for violation of my civil rights and, even more importantly, my constitutional rights as a journalist granted under the First Amendment to the Constitution. Continue reading

Leader of the Un-Led

Sometime ago we wrote of our “Hamlet on the Potomac.” You know — the one in the Oval Office.

If you listen closely you can hear Obama twisting himself into knots asking the wrenching question: “To lead… or NOT to lead?” (Our apologies to Bill Shakespeare!)

HAMLET Portrayed by ObamaAs America’s regal eagle, King Obama resembles Denmark’s overly sensitive prince, Hamlet, in so many ways. Obama never seems quite able to make up his mind. He pines away in the shadow of such great presidents a Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, James Monroe, et al.

I am so thankful to all the lackeys surrounding Obama for informing the nation that Obama is the smartest President the country has ever had, bar none! Heck, had they not told me that, I’d never have known! Dumb me! Continue reading

Longstreet: The Republic’s End Times?

endtimesAs each day rolls by now it becomes ever more obvious that “The Republic” is doomed. I refer to the American constitutional, representative, republic.

We were doomed, I suppose, by the very process used to ensure a democracy … democracy itself. And that is the inherent danger of a democracy, any democracy.

We were warned well in advance. Yet, we paid no heed. The man at the center of the transformation of America made no secret of his intention to fundamentally change America. In fact, he blatantly told us he intended to do just such a thing. And with a compliant US Senate made up of mostly Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, and a very few REAL liberals, they executed a brilliant coup de tat in plain sight. Continue reading

REDUX: Obama Lacks Respect Among World Leaders

General_James_LongstreetThis commentary was published back in August of 2010. I have decided to offer it once again so you can quickly see how things have, indeed, gotten worse since these words were written.

Nearly four years since and the world is a much meaner place — due mostly to the fact that there is no policeman prowling the globe.. Allow me to amend that and say the policeman may still be on the beat, at least to an extent, but he is now disarmed. That may be a better description of the current attitude of America in global affairs.

The US has the weakest Presidency and the weakest State Department in my memory of well over seven decades.

Obama’s foreign policy doesn’t exist as such. It is a made up policy –on the fly — and it looks exactly like what it is.

The words below were written by this scribe some four years ago as a warning. That warning was not heeded. Now we have to deal with the effects of a form of diplomacy that brings laughter and derision from the opposing side.

To put it bluntly — our President, B. H. Obama is a JOKE — a joke around the world.

Our Secretary of State is a pitiful reminder of the empty-headed former war protester who claimed to have thrown his medals over the fence at the White House to “give ’em back.” It has been rumored — later — that he never actually threw his personal medals over that fence. I have no knowledge what the truth of that story is.

These are the two men America has on the front lines today facing a narcissistic dictator with a nuclear arsenal.

One is reminded of something President (Gen.) Dwight David Eisenhower once said: “History does not entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid.”

Just as the world has “gone to Hades in a hand basket” the past five years, you can expect the situation to worsen in coming months and years. There is simply no way around it. America has no leadership at the top. What that means, in fact, is — the FREE WORLD has no leadership at the top. That begs the question: How long will the free world remain free? The short answer is — not long! (J.D. Longstreet) Continue reading

Speak Softly And Carry A … Wet Noodle?

obama_wimp_newsweek_not_romney2I must tell you — I am embarrassed by our President. I mean red-faced embarrassment.

Obama is proving to be the empty suit we warned he was back in 2008. That doesn’t make me feel any better … being right, I mean. In fact, it scares the heck out of me.

Look. Mitt Romney was right about Russia being our number one enemy. (OK. So it’s a toss-up between Russia and China, but Russia always seems to be more overt with their meanness.) Continue reading

Brushfires of Freedom

samuel-adams-grangerDuring this country’s first “… times that try men’s souls…,” a member of a small minority of the American colonists, thought of as a radical, a rabble rouser, even a traitor, kept the fires of freedom burning in the hearts and minds of his fellow colonists. His name was Samuel Adams. He was known by his friends as just plain “Sam.”

Just plain Sam became a Founding Father of the United States of America.

Sam was born on September 27, 1722 in Boston, Mass.. At the height of his formal education he held a Master of Arts degree from Harvard.

Sam became a Politician. He was a tax collector. So when he wrote those rants concerning the king’s taxes, ole Sam knew what he was talking/writing about.

He was elected to Massachusetts Assembly in 1765, became a delegate to the First Continental Congress in 1774, signed Declaration of Independence in 1776, became a member of Massachusetts State constitutional convention in 1781, was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Mass. in 1789. and was elected Governor of Massachusetts, 1794 until 1797.

No grass grew beneath the feet of just plain “Sam.” Continue reading

Communists Announce Plans to Rescue Obama and The Democrats

Chairman Obama

Chairman Obama

How often have we told our readers that the Democratic Party is the party of Communism and Socialism? How many times have we noted the Marxist philosophy of Obama, of Hillary, et al?

Now, the Communist Party USA has stepped from the shadows and openly admitted their involvement with the American left including the Democratic Party and Obama.

They have announced their decision to aid the Democrats in holding on to the US Senate in the upcoming November election. Continue reading

The Republic We Decided NOT To Keep

The Sellout of Ben Franklin, et al

Ben_Franklin_510The story is told that when Ben Franklin emerged from the Constitutional Convention an anxious lady asked him what kind of government they had given us. His famous reply was: “A republic, Madam, … if you can keep it.” And, for the most part, right up through the Second World War, we Americans tried to keep it. But no more. It’s just too hard, too difficult, too dull, banal, and boring to involve oneself with politics.

Consider this: “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.” This phrase was first uttered by Irishman John Philpot Curran in a speech he made in 1790 (Not Thomas Jefferson as we are so often led to believe.) Over the centuries we have boiled it down to: “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” Continue reading

Being Free and Ignorant is Impossible

Spinning The Term Away

cTOON0219.gif.cmsWhen my daughter was small, I used to make up totally idiotic, nonsensical, explanations to explain why I had done something incredibly stupid and inexpressibly DUMB. The stories were intended to be quickly seen through and they always were. She would giggle and let me know that she knew that I knew that she did not buy my story for one single minute.

It was harmless fun served up by a doting father who knew that his offspring already recognized her father had feet of clay.

Today making up idiotic, nonsensical, stories to explain something incredibly stupid and inexpressibly dumb done by our President — His Royal Majesty B.H. Obama — is referred to as “spinning.” Continue reading

Hillary = Obama with Guts

hillary-obamaIt is looking more and more as if the Democratic candidate for President in 2016 will, indeed, be Hillary Clinton. Surprise, surprise!

The only thing I can see that MIGHT stop Hillary from running would be issues with her health.

Never mind Benghazi, the mainstream Media is already running interference for her on that and can be expected to smother any other scandal that may arise. Hillary will be, as was Obama, THEIR candidate and they will pull out all the stops to get her elected to the office of President. Continue reading

America’s “Franken-Culture”

longstreet_2012America is, indeed, a house divided. So, let’s survey how we got here and what to expect next. Shall we?

A few years ago I wrote: There was a time in America, not so long ago, when we had white people, black people, brown people, yellow people, etc. We had men and women. We had healthy people and we had sick people and we had handicapped people.

We had smart people and we had dumb people. We had retarded people and we had normal people.

We had queers and homosexuals and but we had no gay and lesbian people.

We had the truth and we had the lie. Continue reading

Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory … Again?

So Near And Yet So Far

amnesty_for_illegals_smlThe Republican Party is set to reap a virtual bumper crop of votes from the “Obamasick” electorate in November increasing their numbers in the US House of Representatives and securing control of the US Senate … unless … they push through an Amnesty for Illegal Aliens bill known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Look. You can slice it and dice it, twist it and turn it, and it STILL means amnesty.

I have no degree from the ivy covered ivory towers of academia, but I have enough smarts to know that for the GOP to go after the Hispanic vote is a lost cause. It is wasted time, effort and money … and conservative voters who will stay home again in November IF the GOP insists on passing an Amnesty for Illegal Aliens bill. Continue reading

Longstreet: Is Affirmative Action To Blame?

hands-tiedWhether or not it was intended, Barack Hussein Obama is our affirmative action President.

We Americans have been living with the nightmare of affirmative action since President John F. Kennedy used the words in Executive Order 10925 on March 6, 1961, to promote actions that were intended to achieve non-discrimination.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who followed JFK, issued Executive Order 11246 in 1965, which required government employers to take “affirmative action” to “hire without regard to race, religion and national origin”.

Affirmative action is intended to promote the opportunities of defined minority groups within a society to give them equal access to that of the privileged majority population.

Many believe affirmative action has been a plague upon the nation ever since JFK and LBJ saddled us — or “yoked” us — with it. Continue reading

Destroy the Family – Destroy the Country

General_James_LongstreetWe have all heard it said that the basic building block of society is the family. It’s true, and has been true since the Garden of Eden. Until now, that is.

America’s hedonist lifestyle has prevailed and we have made a remarkable decision. We have decided that our wishes and desires, our lusting after, and coveting after well, everything, is far more important than a family. As a result the American family, except for rare instances, doesn’t exist anymore. Oh, we have groups of people we refer to as “family,” often times living beneath the same roof, but it’s not a family… not in the true sense of the word.

There has been a movement underway in America — since at least the early 1900’s — to tear this country down to its bare elements and rebuild it in the mold of a socialist/communist state. To do that successfully, the American family must be destroyed.

The easiest way — and the bloodless way — to do that is to redefine what a family actually is.

And we have. Continue reading

Don’t Waste Tears On The Insurance Industry

obama_tells_emIf you have, out of the goodness of your heart, been concerned for the continued welfare of the insurance industry in America under Obamacare, don’t waste the tears nor the time worrying.

Believe me, they have been well cared for under the ACA.

I recently discovered just how well the insurance industry has been provided for by Obamacare by way of an article at The article was written by John Tozzi and it is entitled: “A Guide to Obamacare’s Backstop for Anxious Insurance Companies” It is an eye opener! We hardily recommend that every American read and thoroughly digest the contents of Mr. Tozzi’s article. You will find it HERE

The rumors have been flying for weeks that a huge bail out is coming for the insurance companies (from the national treasury’s tax payer money) toward the end of this year. Plus, the rumor that next year will definitely bring rate increases for all of us. Continue reading

Obama: de Law Giver

Obama Giveth – and – Obama Taketh Away

moses-obama-barack-obama-2767936-468-6111All this time I have been laboring under the false impression that the Congress was constitutionally assigned the duty of making and changing (amending) law(s) for the country.

Silly me! I am SO embarrassed! Just shows how dumb a poor ole swamp rat like yours truly can actually be, I suppose.

Anyway, Mr. Obama has set me straight on that. He has shown me that HE has the power to make law, and change law, and enforce law or — choose NOT to enforce law — as HE chooses. Continue reading