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Suggestion For Cracker Barrel Topic

I just submitted the following message to KTTS Radio, “Cracker Barrel” at Springfield, Missouri for possible public discussion.

Due to the fact that it is too “pointed and red neck”–, I suspect that it will be “deleted on arrival” but time will tell. – Ivan Fail

July 22, 2012

To: KTTS Radio Cracker Barrel Emcee

Subject: Suggestion for public debate on Cracker Barrel

Re: Cracker Barrel’s 7-22-2012 discussion on the mass murder shooting spree in Aurora, Colorado Continue reading

The Most Lethal Threat To America (The Rats Within)

The most lethal threat to the survival of any free and “self governed” Democracy,
Is finger pointing, “accountability avoidance, double standards” and High Handed Hypocrisy.

Example setters” in Politics, Law, Religion and Free Enterprise, Set the standards for societal values, candor and truth or “half truths and lies”.

It’s the “The Example Setters” in the “Towers of Power” who “call the shots and set the pace”,
And mold a society of inherent integrity or larcenous greed, deceit and disgrace. Continue reading

Fail: Why You Can Not “Lawyer Proof Your Last Wishes”

The inspiration for this beautiful and educational illustration was Wilson County Kansas Fraudulent Lawsuit # 2006-CV-25, I think you will agree that the illustrator did a masterful job of reproducing my mental image into this colorful indictment of the Perfect Crime.

And all Disgruntled Heir lawsuits are the “perfect crime” for case chasing Fraudulent Lawsuit Industry Trial Lawyers and their clients because the only lawsuit filing and litigation preventing defense witness for the defendants–, is “six feet under —, and safely –, and permanently silent”. Continue reading


From the Middle 1920’s till the Interstates were paved,
Two legends served our nation, “Sixty Six” and Burma-Shave!
The Mother Road would carry us through valleys, mountains, plains,
While poem signs of Burma-Shave would keep us entertained!

She started at Lake Michigan where the Windy City reigns.
She wound her way across the land through deserts, mountains, plains.
In honor of her poignant role her title was bestowed.
She’s destined to for ever be our nation’s Mother Road.

Like the Model T’s and Model A’s she bore the pain and tears,
Of starving masses seeking hope in Great Depression years.
And when we entered World War II in 1941,
She joined our march to victory until the peace was won. Continue reading


As an Independent, “middle of the road voter” I share much of the Conservative electorate’s frustration and mistrust of Obama and the left wing Democrats in general for their role in the “sell out” of non ruling class Americans in “deals” such as General Electric’s looming move to China, as well as other liberal left Democrat “causes”.

But let’s not forget that most Corporate “power brokers” -, including “hip pocket politicians” and Corporate attorneys who presided over letting Wall Street get away with financially “blind siding and stabbing” millions of “non ruling class” Americans –, “in the back” with loan sharking deals–, are Conservative “Fat Cat Wall Street type Republicans. You can’t get any more unprincipled, unaccountable, predatory and “finger pointing hypocritical than that, at least in our political system. Continue reading

Society’s Apples Don’t Fall Very Far From The “Bi Party” Political Tree.

America’s politics is a “bi party Aristocracy”,
The Elites of both parties “OWN” this Bureaucracy.
Corporate “Christian” Republicans pontificate God,
but with fine print –, that makes “microscopes squint”—, they perpetrate fraud.

The devious, deceptive and misleading prose,
in their contract language “keeps setting new LOWS”.
The “speed speech” disclaimers at the end of their spiels.
is their “accountability avoidance –, License To Steal”. Continue reading


In this “peon’s opinion” it is long past time that we the multi-racial, non ruling class, majority electorate of America start thinking, speaking, uniting, acting and voting of our own volition and not as an army of “party puppets” with a string to our brain and our jaw which is manipulated by the “divide and conquer political ventriloquists” of both major parties. “Rote voting” party agenda is not the same as “thinking and acting for ourselves” as a fully informed, united and focused majority electorate.

In spite of the perpetual, traditional and often disastrous “post election replay” of “back door pick pocket politics as usual” -, WE perpetually continue to let puppet politicians and their “PAC money power brokers” all evade and trample the key principles which are crucial, vital and indispensable to a “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Continue reading

Attention Senator Claire McCaskill

This information should be in the hands of the public -, many of whom are victimized, terrorized and bilked by this Racket Others have their Identities, Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers and pin numbers, checking account numbers and routing numbers or large chunks of their assets etc stolen by professional criminals posing as bank credit card company executives or law enforcement officers. With caller ID spoofing the crooks can -, and they do make any name, number and business/law enforcement agency and title they choose display on their victim’s caller ID.

Contrary to the propaganda that the lawmakers, law enforcement agencies and state attorneys general “spoon feed the public” that this is an “off shore enterprise”, much of this caller id spoofing racket service and technology is created, marketed and employed right here in America and paid for with American credit cards. That is “not off shore”!!!!

Ivan L Fail Continue reading


On December 31,1988 I retired from a 29 year, “three prison career” as a Federal Correctional Officer. During that career, personal experience, observation and dialogue with inmates and class room instruction gradually endowed me with a certain degree of “there but for the Grace of God go I” empathy for even some of the most “hard core” and violent offenders. Continue reading

Fail: Politics, Law And “Free Enterprise” – Aka “Monkey See, Monkey Do”.

During my “post Marine Corps”, 29 year career (1-25 -1960 through 12-31-1988) as a Federal Correctional Officer in three Federal Prison Facilities , including Leavenworth, I “absorbed a college education” about one of most powerful “psychological triggers” of contempt for the system –, and the law —, in “rank and file” Americans . Especially Americans who are -, or who have been politically, legally and financially exploited by “the PAC money powered and protected ruling class”. Tens of millions of victims of the Wall Street Meltdown recently got a very bitter and revolting taste of -, AND THE BILL FOR–, the PAC money politics and unfettered, un-regulated, unchecked -, and unscrupulous “free enterprise” that millions of other Americans have been laboring under for decades. Continue reading

Fail: (ACLU) Attorneys Conspiring Larceny Underground

We are aware of the fact that the A C L U and the Trial Lawyers can “dish it out and ram it down our throats” in the name of free speech and Constitutional License. Let’s see if they “can gracefully take a force fed dose of “their own medicine” A K A our Free Speech Rights”. And let’s see if they can prove my allegations wrong in the minds of the fed up, traditional value “majority electorate” of America. Continue reading