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The title of this category says it all. Of course, we could have called it “Watch on the Potomac” – but then we decided to develop a category for that subject anyway. In pre-war Germany – it was called “the Rhine.” Same difference – different time, different geographical region.

‘Liberalism Has A Kind Of Tourette’s Syndrome These Days’



A meme-worthy moment from George Will yesterday on Fox News Sunday, as spotted by Jeffrey Meyer of Newsbusters:

CHRIS WALLACE: We asked you for questions from the panel, for the panel, rather. And we got this on Twitter from Michael Daigeaun. Why is it that if you oppose their position and you’re white, you’re branded a racist? Both Attorney General Holder and POTUS race bait. George is that what’s going on here? Continue reading

Is Bundy Ranch Standoff a Warm-up?

lexington_concord-4.19.75The rancher-federal agent standoff that has been threatening to boil over in Clark County, Nevada, this week has transformed almost overnight from a ludicrous overreach by a government bureaucracy hiding behind an endangered tortoise to the probable result of a multibillion-dollar solar power project traceable to none other than Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid. Continue reading

Longstreet: A World Grown Weary

Ah, gits weary
An’ sick of tryin’
Ah’m tired of livin’
An’ skeered of dyin’,
But ol’ man river,
He jes’keeps rollin’ along! ~ Ol’ Man River

us-flag_FO_02.jpgAs an unarguable “senior citizen” I can tell you that I have long since given up on any hope of finding those so-called “golden years.” They are, I have come to believe, some ethereal manifestation of a joke played by the fates upon those who dare to take up space on this blue marble and breath its air.

More and more I am hearing from seniors my age, or beyond, who decry any extended lengthening of their days. I don’t attempt to dissuade them as I, too, and looking forward to whatever is beyond the pale. Hopefully, a new adventure as I, too, have tired of this one. Continue reading

The Unintended Consequences of Political Good Intentions

“Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.” ~ Milton Friedman

“When a free nation decides to exchange freedom for dependency on government, it ceases to be a free nation.” ~ Ron Ewart

Freedom-From-WarWar, as has been said so many times, is Hell. So many people die or are maimed for life, families are torn asunder, immeasurable property damage to buildings and infrastructure, as well as the long-lasting hate between cultures that takes generations to heal. Is it not noble, a good intention, to want to find a way to bring an end to the madness of war?

So many in the world suffer from hunger, starvation, disease, pestilence, government abuse and civil unrest. As humans, we have a powerful urge to want to ease the pain of the sufferers. How could this good intention, be a bad thing? Continue reading

America – A Nation of Fools

NY Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against JP Morgan Chase Over Bear Stearns FraudYes, of course I know this description of “us citizen” is offensive to some, may be more than some people however it is true, we are a nation of callous, indifferent stupid fools at best for being so silent all these years. We became our worst enemies to a country we pretend to love and care for.

Our indifference turned this country to a nation of fear, a police and security state at best. True we do not have the 400,000 “secret informers” like that of East Germany, but do not worry about it, our phones are tapped, our grocery shopping are monitored, our medications are kept tapped of, our medical files are accessed. Continue reading

Small Slice of Doctors Account for Big Chunk of Medicare Costs

Top 1% of Medical Providers Accounted for 14% of Billing, Federal Data Show

Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour.jpgA tiny sliver of doctors and other medical providers accounted for an outsize portion of Medicare’s 2012 costs, according to an analysis of federal data that lays out details of physicians’ billings. The top 1% of 825,000 individual medical providers accounted for 14% of the $77 billion in billing recorded in the data.

The long-awaited data reveal for the first time how individual medical providers treat America’s seniors—and, in some cases, may enrich themselves in the process. Still, there are gaps in the records released by the U.S. about physicians’ practice patterns, and doctors’ groups said the release of such data leaves innocent physicians open to unfair criticism.

Medicare paid 344 physicians and other health providers more than $3 million each in 2012. Collectively, the 1,000 highest-paid Medicare doctors received $3.05 billion in payments. (See More Coverage)

Alexander: You Might Be a Liberal If…

And Especially If…

“[W]e ought to deprecate the hazard attending ardent and susceptible minds, from being too strongly, and too early prepossessed in favor of other political systems, before they are capable of appreciating their own.” ~ George Washington (1795)

left-rightWe use political labels all the time. Too often, though, we do so without conveying anything substantive about the beliefs or worldviews of the individual upon whom the label has been conferred.

So what’s in a name?

To answer that question, I’ve culled numerous lists of my own, and those submitted by colleagues, regarding the attributes of voters who identify as “Democrats.” With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, here are my favorite answers to:

You Might Be a Liberal If You… Continue reading

If Only the Duke Were Leading the GOP

"i've had enough Pilgram. How about YOU?"

“i’ve had enough Pilgram. How about YOU?”

Folks, I have had it with political gurus’ advised metrosexual approach to dealing with the cold, callous politicking spewing out of the Democratic Party.

These vile people consider undermining the best interest of the American people and sacrificing American lives mere collateral damage in the implementation of their socialist/progressive agenda (fundamental transformation of America).

While they aggressively attack values, institutions, and traditions held dear by a majority of Americans, Democrats, with MSM support, portray themselves as victims of right-wing extremism and aggression.

With impunity, Democrats relentlessly throw lies and every despicable dirty trick under the sun at us (conservatives/Republicans). Continue reading

Teen’s experiment can save US millions

An e. You can write it with one fluid swoop of a pen or one tap of the keyboard. The most commonly used letter in the English dictionary. Simple, right?

Now imagine it printed out millions of times on thousands of forms and documents. Then think of how much ink would be needed.

OK, so that may have been a first for you, but it came naturally to 14-year-old Suvir Mirchandani when he was trying to think of ways to cut waste and save money at his Pittsburgh-area middle school.

It all started as a science fair project. As a neophyte sixth-grader at Dorseyville Middle School, Suvir noticed he was getting a lot more handouts than he did in elementary school. Continue reading

Nearly 1,900 Veterans Committed Suicide In Just 2014 Alone

washington-dc-arlington-national-cemetery-sNearly 1,900 military veterans have taken their own lives in just 2014 alone in just 2014 alone, according to an estimate from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, ABC reports.

Extrapolating from a 2012 VA report that found 22 veterans took their lives each day in 2009 and 2010, IAVA members planted 1,892 flags on the National Mall Thursday to commemorate the staggering figure.

We are losing too many of our brothers and sisters nationwide. And we’re storming the hill to change history and transform a landscape so that America will truly take care of its own who have shouldered the burdens of war,” said IAVA Founder and CEO Paul Rieckhoff in a statement to Business Insider. Continue reading

Man Not Allowed To Vote While Wearing Second Amendment Shirt

A Texas man was stopped at a polling station during early voting Tuesday because of guns—namely, the ones referenced on his t-shirt.

Chris Driskill was on his way to the voting booth when, he said, “I heard a gentleman’s voice over my shoulder say ‘he can’t vote with that shirt on. You’ll have to either turn it inside out our you’ll have to leave.’” Continue reading

Headlines and News: February 18, 2014

Couple’s Colorado dream home turns to nightmare as they face having it confiscated in bizarre row over a SNOWMOBILE
Andy Barrie, who lives in the century-old cabin with his wife Ceil, has said he feels like he ‘can’t trust my government’ as it attempts to claim his property under controversial rules usually preserved for economic development and preserving open space. The case stems from the Barries insisting they had the legal right to reach it on a snowmobile – or All Terrain Vehicle. (Read Full Story)

Connecticut Criminalizes The Second Amendment
Gun Control: In a massive display of civil disobedience, tens of thousands of state residents have refused to register what the left calls assault weapons, instantly making them criminals guilty of a felony. (Read Full Story)

Aide who accused Bill Clinton of groping her in White House claims ‘Hillary Clinton IS the war on women … she enabled his behavior’
Hillary ‘enabled his behavior,’ Willey charged in an interview, ‘and attacked all the women who just made the mistake of walking in front of him’ (Read Full Story)

Sebelius claims there’s ‘absolutely no evidence’ Obamacare will cost jobs, defying Congressional Budget Office estimate of 2.5 MILLION lost by 2024
Not a smidgen??? by choosing to say there would not be ‘any job loss,’ she has left herself open to attacks from Republican members of Congress who are growing impatient with the Obama administration’s handling of the law’s implementation. (Read Full Story)

Obama’s minimum wage hike will cost 500,000 JOBS by the end of 2016, claims bombshell official report
The White House may have to scrap its plans to aggressively promote a 40 per cent national minimum wage hike now that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that the move would likely cost the U.S. 500,000 jobs by the second half of 2016. Obama makes like a rug again… (Read Full Story)

Obama: Immigration reform will get done ‘before my presidency is over’
Obama will likely have little say over whether immigration reform gets across the finish line. House Republicans are sharply divided about the timing of an immigration package, with some saying the issue should remain on the backburner until after the midterm elections. (Read Full Story)

Obama ‘Jobs Recovery’ More Than 100 Million Not Working
January’s labor report confirmed yet another month with over 100 million Americans not working. In fact, more than 100 million Americans have not been working in Obama’s workers’ paradise for all of 2012 and 2013, a unique achievement in American history. White House spokesman James Carney hailed … (Read Full Story)

Obama marks 5th birthday of his shovel-ready spending hoax; How will you celebrate?
Some people think Monday’s national holiday had something to do with commemorating the birthdays of two of the country’s greatest presidents, George Washington and Abraham … Never saw anyone shovel more shit than this guy… (Read Full Story)

Episodio: No se puede’: The Latino problem and Obama Care is still running

medicalassistanceforillegalsThe Latino problem is still “un problema” for ObamaCare, as reported by The New York Times:

“With an estimated 15 percent of the country’s uninsured population, California is crucial to the success of President Obama’s health care overhaul. Here, that success cannot come without enrolling Latinos, who make up more than half of the state’s uninsured.”

Yes, Latinos are not signing up. Why are they avoiding The Affordable Care Act? Continue reading

Oblige Government to Control Itself

us-constitutionThe Constitutional rights of politically-active citizens across our country are being shredded. As corrupt politicians are engorging on power while trampling over individual rights, it is time to reassert the notion that government’s legitimacy derives from abiding by its limited powers, which ultimately flow from the consent of the governed.

Beginning with the 112th Congress, Republicans started the tradition of opening Congress by reading the Constitution from the floor of the House. This was more than a symbolic gesture, and given the rampant political corruption in the states, their legislatures also need to affirm constitutionalism.

Our founders distrusted mobs, and were equally aghast at prospects of a tyranny of the many as they were the tyranny of the monarchy. John Adams even described some Americans as “vile, detestable and loathsome.” Of course, he was mostly referring to the urchins in Philadelphia, particularly those imbibing gin and habituating debauched establishments, but in general he believed you can’t have democracy without lots of discipline. Continue reading

The Great Grand Poobah

fat-lady-singing-warningIn his 2014 State of the Union address Barack Obama threatened like a spoiled brat (which he is), to use more executive orders if Congress and the American people fail to give him his way.

The hubris of this narcissistic scumbag is unbelievably gigantean in its proportions.

For someone who claims to have taught constitutional law for ten years, he should know that he does not have the constitutional authority to pull half the stuff he is pulling. Continue reading

GOODNIGHT, JAY: Leno Last Fair, Balanced Late Night Host

LenoJay Leno is getting a second Tonight Show farewell this evening, but this one means far more to the late night landscape.

Leno first left the show in 2009 after NBC botched a plan to keep rising star Conan O’Brien in the family by giving him the gig. We all know what happened next. Leno’s 10 p.m. program flopped, and the O’Brien-led Tonight Show couldn’t match the ratings Leno pulled in.

Those late night maneuvers came early during President Barack Obama’s first time, a time when comedians were unsure about mocking the country’s first black president. Plus, any new president typically begins with some goodwill from voters and comics alike. Continue reading

Sorry Folks, But This Is Getting Way Out Of Hand

ross_mossIn a way it is funny, but then again it is also kind of sad, but since I began writing 15 some odd years ago I find myself right back where it all started for me, discussing the issue of gun control. I have to tell you, I am getting awfully damned fed up with people and their almost manic phobia regarding guns. Let me explain why I call it a manic phobia.

This morning before I headed off to work I read an article on an ABC website about how to ask other parents if they keep guns in their homes. It seems some parents are so afraid that their little child is going to go to a friend’s house and find a gun and accidentally shoot someone, or themselves.

There is so much wrong with this that I hardly know where to begin. First of all, if you are that afraid of guns, you are most likely passing that fear on to your child. If that is the case, I don’t want your pansy assed kid anywhere near mine. Secondly, kids are naturally curious about things. If they see a gun and have never been shown one, or taught how to respect them for what they are, of course if they see one they may pick it up and ‘play’ with it. Continue reading

Gibson Sticks Thumb In Obama Administration’s Eye With ‘Government Series’ Guitars

les_paul_gibson-govtIn 2011, the Department of Justice raided Gibson Guitar facilities in Memphis and Nashville, alleging a violation of the so-called Lacey Act, a law that bans the importation of certain kinds of wildlife, plants and wood.

At the time of the raid, Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juszkiewicz told Hugh Hewitt on his radio show that the feds confiscated tonewood imported from India for the guitar Gibson manufacturers which would result in a cost of $2 to $3 million for his company.

At a great expense in legal fees and time, Juszkiewicz fought the federal government tooth and nail. But in August 2012, he settled with the Department of Justice by agreeing to pay a penalty of $300,000 and a $50,000 community service payment to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Continue reading

SOTU Backlash: Black Activists From Chicago Tell Obama to “Just Quit”

originalAfter his “instantly forgettable” State of the Union address on Tuesday, Rebel Pundit interviewed a handful of Chicago activists to see what they thought of President Obama’s speech. Needless to say, it wasn’t good.

Mr. President, we’d probably be better off with you cutting your presidency off right now,” Mark Carter of Voices of the Ex-Offender (V.O.T.E.) said. “Just quit. Because if this is what you call helping us, then just stop helping us.”

J.R. Fleming of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign said his speech was just “a bunch of talk and rhetoric to give faith to a dying economy in America.” And the reason for that, he said, is because the president’s approach is to always place blame. Continue reading

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