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The title of this category says it all. Of course, we could have called it “Watch on the Potomac” – but then we decided to develop a category for that subject anyway. In pre-war Germany – it was called “the Rhine.” Same difference – different time, different geographical region.

Dvorak: Biometric passports – electronic countermeasures to better secure borders

dvorak_2014With the President’s executive order to “temporarily” legalize five million illegal immigrants in this country, national security experts say it’s time to implement real biometric passports as well as strict entry and exit programs at all U.S. ports of entry.

What exactly is biometrics?
The biometric system uses a fingerprint to identify a foreigner entering and leaving the country. Currently, customs officers only use biographic means to match an identification card to an airline manifest at the time of entry into the United States. The benefits of a biometric system would provide immigration officers with valuable information regarding those who overstay their visas. (This group roughly makes up 40 percent of illegal population).

An effective biometric exit system would flag individuals and make the search for terrorists a bit easier. U.S Customs currently uses the Trusted Traveller program to provide swift reentry through Customs for pre-screened travelers. For Americans re-entering the U.S. is simple by utilizing a fingerprint the Global Entry System expedite the customs process, providing Customs agents with up to the minute status on travelers. Continue reading

The Obamacare Loophole

… gives employers a $3,000 incentive to hire illegal immigrants after Obama ‘amnesty’ gives them green cards and work permits

NOT A PROBLEM: Obama insisted Tuesday in Chicago that immigration reform would grow the economy and add jobs in the long run

NOT A PROBLEM: Obama insisted Tuesday in Chicago that immigration reform would grow the economy and add jobs in the long run

A perverse loophole in the Affordable Care Act will soon make illegal immigrants more affordable to hire than native-born Americans.

Once millions of people living in the U.S. illegally receive resident cards and work permits, they will be eligible to hold jobs and earn wages. But they won’t qualify for Obamacare benefits or subsidies.

That means employers with 50 or more full-time workers can’t be penalized for failing to provide them with company-based medical insurance. Ordinarily that fine amounts to $3,000 per worker, per year. Continue reading

Obama With Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping – Mao to Mao

Mao to MaoWe were aghast, nay furious, when we saw the picture of an American President wearing the tunic of a Chinese Communist Dictator. The words “unprecedented”, “disgusting” and “traitorous” came immediately to mind. If there was any doubt that we had about Obama being a communist sympathizer, they vanished upon seeing that image.

Obama is a corrupt, radical ideologue and an arrogant, narcissistic chameleon. He bows to the King of Saudi Arabia an Islamic Dictator, appeasing to Muslims; he apologizes all over the world for the country that was stupid and ignorant enough to give him the presidency; and then he has the gall to put on the tunic of a Chinese communist dictator in a country that knows all too well the vicious and brutal sting of a government that subjugates, regulates, denigrates, intimidates and has killed its own people by the tens of millions.

How dare Obama represent the United States of America in Chinese garb! Continue reading

Appeals court reinstates Texas voter ID law

texasAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A federal appeals court on Tuesday temporarily reinstated Texas’ tough voter ID law, which the U.S. Justice Department had condemned as the state’s latest means of suppressing minority voter turnout.

The ruling by a three-judge panel of the New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Court of Appeals allows the law to be used in the November election, despite a lower judge’s ruling that the law is unconstitutional. The 5th Circuit did not rule on the law’s merits; instead, it determined it’s too late to change the rules for the election. Continue reading

Man left with brain damage after ‘being attacked by gang of 20 black men’

“Waffle House isn’t safe fo’ no white people after Ferguson'”

Ralph Weems, IV

Ralph Weems IV

West Point man was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries after he and a friend were attacked by a group of around 20 people in a Huddle House parking lot, police said, potentially as retaliation for Michael Brown’s killing.

Ralph Weems IV, who is white, was injured early Saturday but is now in fair condition at North Mississippi Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Genie Causey said.

A relative, Bradley Barnes of Madison, told The Associated Press by telephone on Sunday that his brother-in-law was in a medically induced coma following brain surgery.

Where the hell is the outrage now, Mr. Holder???

Continue reading

SARTRE: Forbidden History the Ultimate Taboo

Mayer_Amschel_Rothschild_NWOPeople are dumb because they do not know and refuse to learn the real history behind world events. Educational institutions do not function as seekers of truth, but as gatekeepers for narratives that defy common sense and defame historical facts. Society fosters the ultimate taboo against chronicles that differ with the established story of distortions and misdirection. Anyone who dares waver from accepted limits and suppositions immediately is a quack or an extremist. The dreaded label of being a conspiracy theorist, used to smear and marginalize researchers and pundits, is the height of anti-intellectualism and character assassination.

The dim-witted public, told to shun contradictory accounts, interpretations and disturbing explanations accepts sham history. The accurate course of events must remain hidden from the masses. The subject of a New World Order is not newfound. The process of world domination is as old as the formation of the first empire. Despite the annals of war and governments, the actual power that enslaves civilizations and humanity, is evil itself, in its purist form and manifestation. Continue reading

Ross: There Is No Middle Ground

My Thoughts on this ISIS Mess

ROSS_cvr_v1_webThere has been a lot of talk lately about this problem in Iraq with the militant group ISIS and what to do about it. Sure what is happening over there is horrific and disgusting, but is it the responsibility of the United States to do something about it? Far too many Americans simply watch a four or five minute news story about what is happening over there and have no real understanding of who Isis is and what they are doing. Yet these people either support or oppose our government getting involved based upon the barest amount of information.

ISIS, otherwise known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is a self proclaimed caliphate which claims religious authority over all Muslims in the region. Some of you do not understand what a caliphate is, and therefore don’t understand what Isis is trying to accomplish. A caliphate is, according to their belief, is similar to the pope, a direct successor to Muhammad. Therefore they claim the authority to direct all religious activity in the region. This includes their requiring that all sects adhere to the dictates they impose. If anyone opposes them, or differs in their beliefs, they can, and routinely are, executed. Continue reading

Evidence Mounts of a Manufactured Border Crisis

border_headerThe situation at America’s southern border is a “manufactured crisis,“one perpetuated—if not started—by the Obama administration. After all, the administration put out an ad in January 2014 asking for contractors to handle an influx of 65,000 children.

“The surge to 60,000 or so children seen this year was said to catch many off guard, especially since just 6,500 children entered the U.S. as early as 2011,” reported Pete Kasperowicz for The Blaze. “But [Republican Senator Jeff] Sessions [R-AL] said the advertisement showed that the administration knew the surge would happen.” And in reality, the 60,000 children represent only about 20 percent of the total illegal immigrants who have come into this country since April. Continue reading

If This Keeps Up, They Will Have To Start Putting Armed Guards On Food Trucks

farmtruckThe basic necessities in life just keep getting more expensive. On Tuesday, Hershey announced that the price of all of their chocolate bars is going to go up by about 8 percent. That is particularly distressing to me, because I am known to love chocolate. But if it was just chocolate that was becoming significantly more expensive perhaps that would be okay. Last month, it was coffee.

J.M. Smucker, one of the largest coffee producers in the United States, announced that it planned to raise coffee prices by about 9 percent. And Starbucks has announced a bunch of price increases across the board on their coffee products. Of course we could all survive without chocolate and coffee, but as you will see below just about every food category is becoming more expensive. If this keeps up, could we eventually see armed guards in grocery stores and on food trucks? Continue reading

Hirschhorn: Lifeboat USA – Sinking from Illegal Immigration

titanicThe epidemic of stupidity in the USA has risen to new heights with the widespread public, political and media support for the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America invading the country from Mexico. Those protesting the way the government is behaving are being attacked.

The narrative goes like this: Oh those poor children and mothers escaping incredibly awful conditions want nothing more than a decent life in the USA, and why not? After all we are a nation of immigrants. How could we deny giving these suffering kids and mothers a place in our nation? Never mind the legitimate sanctity of our borders. Continue reading

VA Scandal: Retaliation aimed at whistleblowers a serious problem

VAOne of the major complaints leveled at Veterans Administration (VA) officials has been their retaliation against military hospital staff who identify problems within their facilities. But according to the VA’s acting chief on Friday, those involved in intimidation or retaliation against whistleblowers will face serious disciplinary action.

Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson said in a press statement that federal investigators are probing complaints by at least 35 employees who formally alleged they were victims of workplace retaliation by VA supervisory personnel. Continue reading

40 States Expect Water Shortages In The Next Decade

california-drought-folsom-lake-jan-2014Four-fifths of U.S. states are expecting to have water shortages in the near future, according to a new government watchdog report.

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) review state water regulators and experts and review of water supply literature found that officials in 40 out of 50 states expect water shortages to occur in some parts of their states in the next decade. Many officials are concerned about water shortages in the future, especially in the wake of a severe drought that has hit the west coast. Continue reading

Hillary Defends Exchange of Taliban Terrorists for Accused Deserter

ricks hard-onHillary Rodham Clinton on Monday gave a measured defense of the Obama administration’s controversial decision to swap five Guantanamo Bay detainees for a U.S. soldier held hostage in Afghanistan, noting that many of America’s allies make similar deals.

The former secretary of state was asked about the exchange by the moderator at an event in a Denver suburb. Clinton said she did not second-guess people who make such tough decisions, but said the American tradition of caring for its citizens and soldiers was a “noble” one.

She also noted that countries like Israel have made similar swaps, citing that country’s decision to exchange more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for one of its soldiers in 2011. Continue reading

Prisoner or Traitor: Many headlines to consider…

‘He willingly deserted’
Freed POW’s former platoon-mates call for him to face COURT-MARTIAL as they reveal how he left post. Army made comrades sign gagging orders (Read Full Story)

Obmaa with BergdahlsFrom biker to bearded campaigner who told the Taliban, ‘God will repay the death of every Afghan child’
The transformation of Bowe Bergdahl’s father before his son’s release. Bob Bergdahl has drawn scrutiny after speaking Pashto, an Afghan language, and Arabic at a Rose Garden press conference (Read Full Story)

‘A cover up just like Benghazi’
Outraged parents of officer who died hunting for ‘deserter’ POW Bergdahl lash out at Obama over ‘LIES’ they were told about how their hero son died (Read Full Story)

Freed hero or traitor?
As the only U.S. soldier held by the Taliban is released, the doubts over his story and its unsettling echoes of a controversial TV thriller (Read Full Story)

‘You blew it again’
Palin rebukes Obama for surrendering to ‘Osama Bin Laden’s partners’ in order to get Bergdahl back (Read Full Story)

Could Obama be impeached over prisoner swap which brought home soldier who ‘walked away’ from his unit?
The president ignored a law – which he signed last year – requiring him to notify Congress 30 days before releasing anyone from Guantanamo Bay (Read Full Story)

Fmr Soldier Who Served With Bergdahl: ‘He’s at best a deserter, and at worst a traitor’

Josh Korder: I could not go on if Bergdahl were hailed as a hero.

Former Army soldier Josh Korder who served with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl shed light on the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s capture Monday on CNN.

Korder confirmed to host Jake Tapper Bergdahl began to express anti-American sentiments while in Afghanistan. The late Michael Hastings reported Bergdahl emailed his parents prior to his capture conveying disgust for the U.S. military and their mission in the country.

Tapper asked Korder about the soldiers who died in search of Bergdahl and if it “made him angry” Bergdahl is now free. Continue reading

It’s Not the VA: It’s Government-Run Health Care

FO_back_07_2014.jpgExcellent piece in Reason’s Hit and Run blog by J.D. Tuccille that makes the case it’s not just the Veterans Administration that is at fault for the scandal. The problem is government-run health care systems in general, as the UK, Canada, and other places have already discovered.

Such delays are typical of government-controlled, single-payer systems, I wrote yesterday. They’re such a regular feature that the U.K. National Health Service boasts “you have the legal right to start your NHS consultant-led treatment within a maximum of 18 weeks from referral.”

And the deaths that go with such delays may also be a regular feature of single-payer systems. Continue reading

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