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Ashurst: Prosecutorial Discretion

~ The Author ~

~ The Author ~

In the last several months the Department of Homeland Security’s policy concerning the security of our southern border has drastically changed. In a memorandum written on November 20, 2014, by Department of Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson, the latest of our present administration’s interpretation of law is given in detail. Detail, in this case, is relative to interpretation. I asked an attorney friend of mine to read the memorandum and give me his opinion. It is, he said, full of legal terminology and jargon that can be interpreted several different ways. (Jeh Johnson and Barack Obama are both attorneys.) The memorandum can be found on the Department of Homeland Security’s website and the title is, Policies for the Apprehension, Detention and Removal of Undocumented Immigrants. (If they cross the border illegally, they are not undocumented, they are illegal.) The first sentence states the memorandum “reflects new policies for the apprehension, detention and removal of aliens in this country.” It is interesting to note that this supersedes at least five other memorandums written on this subject since Obama became president. Continue reading

Ashurst: The Perils of a Taxpayer in a Foreign Land

“The border is not a fence or a line in the dirt… it is a third country that joins Mexico and the United States.” – David Aguilar, Chief Border Patrol Agent under the Obama-Napolitano regime.

The above statement made by Obama’s head Border Patrol agent set off a firestorm of controversy and anger from everyone except those encamped in the midst of the radical left and guaranteed Mr. Anguilar a permanent seat at the current administrations round table that has been graced with the likes of Tony Rezko, James Meeks, Sam Graham-Felsen, Van Jones and others. Given the U. S. Border Patrol’s already tenebrous mission statement, coming from controversial characters like Aguilar, Napotitano and even the President himself, one can’t help but question what is the true course of action we are pursuing on the Mexican border. In the next paragraphs I will leave innuendo and commentary behind and stick to documented facts. You and your imagination can do the rest.

Since February 21, 2012 until today, April 20, 2012, in a 12 mile stretch at the international boundary starting at Naco, Arizona and going west to the San Pedro River there have been no less than 10 drive-through loads of narcotics breaching the new steel fence that is 13 feet high. This same fence is the one that many thought would be a cure-all solution to our current smuggling problem.

One of the first drive-throughs traversed the bottom of a mesquite infested wash where whole crews of Mexican outlaws felled trees and bridged arroyos creating a road through the wilderness north to highway 92 some 3 miles distant. By drive-through I mean Mexican Cartel agents cutting truck size holes in the metal barrier facilitating the passing of whole truck loads of dope headed north to parts unknown. Continue reading

Report from the Border

“The harder you try to suppress the truth the more inevitable it is that it will find a way to come out.” – Arianna Huffington

We now have another example of the Obama administration’s continuous effort to skew the truth and suppress any real information about our country being invaded by outlaw Mexicans. On the evening of January 31, 2012 at approximately 7:00 p.m. four illegal aliens were in the process of stealing a vehicle in the Road Forks area near Interstate 10, seventeen miles west of Lordsburg, New Mexico. This intersection is where U.S. Highway 80 leaves the interstate and makes its way south to Douglas, Arizona, and is only two miles east of where Larry Link was brutally murdered in June of 2011.

Following a high speed chase at least one of the alien burglars bolted on foot, running onto the eastbound lane of Interstate 10. This outlaw was hit by an eastbound eighteen-wheel semi-truck and was killed instantly. Continue reading

Freshly Raped Children: Being Able to Survive Doesn’t Make it Okay

The number of times a group of illegal aliens came to our house asking for help was a number I cannot remember. It would be, without a doubt, in the hundreds. Most of them were polite. Occasionally, one or a group would be aggressive, even demanding, and a few downright arrogant and disrespectful. Most of them were lost, many times asking where Phoenix was located and when told that Phoenix was over those mountains 250 miles away they were astonished. Many of them had been told by their guides, known as coyotes, that Phoenix was within walking distance three or four hours away.

The volume of humanity that came by was simply overwhelming; you just couldn’t handle that many people. If you helped all of them by feeding everyone who asked for it, the word would get out on the amazing underground communication system, which was and still is in effect, and you would be flooded by even more. We would always give them water, but gave them food sparingly, simply because we did not want to be known as an easy meal. We always called the Border Patrol and many times they would be picked up before leaving the premises.

One day about midday three illegals approached the house, a young man and two women. The young man was in his mid-twenties, the older of the women, about the same age. The other female was probably in her late teens. I called the Border Patrol and went out to talk to them. (Read the full story)

Ashurst: Politically Correct Terrorism

On June 22, 2011 President Obama made one of the most profound statements since taking office. While making a speech in the White House telling the American people about his commitment to protect the Homeland against what he called “the cancer of violent extremism” he said, and I quote, “for let there be no doubt that so long as I am President, the United States will never tolerate a safe haven for those who aim to kill us; they cannot elude us nor escape the justice they deserve.” Bravo – that’s the kind of tough talk I like coming out of the man whom I am suppose to look up to and revere as my leader. Too bad it’s not the truth! Continue reading

Ashurst: There Are No Cool Heads in Portal

Irregardless of which side of the political spectrum you reside, Portal, Arizona is a beautiful place. Located in the mouth of Cave Creek on the eastern slope of the Chiracahua Mountains, it is not much more than a hole in a road, which continues west to the town of Paradise, and eventually ascends to the top of the mountain at a campground located at a spot called Rustler Park. The small populace of Portal is partially made up of retirees, wealthy enough to own a piece of the pricey land; not a few who could be described as liberal academics. Continue reading

The Truth about Roger Barnett

Cochise County rancher, Roger Barnett, is no stranger to anyone who reads or listens to news stories concerning current events on the Mexican-American border. Even in the midst of international crisis such as: Hosni Muburack’s recent downfall, and the U.S. being on the highest level of terror alert, Roger, of late, has had equal footing on the prime time news shows. Fox News channel’s chief bloviator, Bill O’Reilly, has seen fit to use Mr. Barnett’s recent legal problems to feast upon, salivating over half truths, resulting from poor investigation.  Continue reading

Ashurst: Border Manifesto #6

“Do The Math”
The state of AZ in 2007 consumed 5 million tons of cement that was locally produced plus several hundred thousand tons brought in from out of state. This year (2010) the state will consume somewhere in the vicinity of 1.5 million ton. There is a new, state of the art cement plant recently completed with nowhere or anybody to sell their product to. To say the economy has cooled off would be a gross understatement. Continue reading

Ashurst: Islam: The New State Religion

Can you imagine what the left would have done if: George W. Bush would have sent Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio, Texas on a government paid vacation to Israel? Bush could have told Hagee, “Go to the Holy Land and make the Jewish People feel good about themselves. Remind them of all the positive influence they have had on our Nation and the world.” What would the media have said about the Dept. of Agriculture using money out of their budget to fund a scientific study on the mental health of Pentecostal Christians in the State of Oklahoma? Continue reading

Ashurst: Border Manifesto #5

Several weeks ago in the small town of San Lorenzo, Chihuahua a gang of thugs connected to one of Mexico’s large Drug Cartels entered a country dance and abducted a 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl and disappeared into the night. The next day the severed heads of these two local kids showed up on the window sill of a local café, and the two bodies were deposited in the town square. The two victims had done nothing to their killers, but rather were picked at random in another arrogant exhibition of the outlaw’s reign of terror. Continue reading

Ashurst: A Border Manifesto #4

At approximately 1:00 a.m., the morning of August 26, 2010, three vehicles loaded with dope and driven by Mexican Narco Terrorists, broke through the International Boundary Fence on the east side of Douglas, AZ. Unfortunately for them they were quickly spotted and subsequently chased by several carloads of authorities, both federal and local. The chase started on what is locally known as the Geronimo Trail, an extension of 15th Ave. Due to the close proximity to the town, the chase almost immediately found itself within Douglas city limits. The outlaws in their haste to get away tried every trick to evade the law officers. Continue reading

Ashurst: Border Manifesto #2

On Wednesday August 4th I met with Supervisory Border Patrol Agent, Mark Monin. He had contacted me a few days earlier to discuss the possibility of using a high hill about a quarter of a mile south of Highway 80 at mile marker 400 to establish a camp for several National Guardsmen. They wanted to establish an observation post complete with modern optics and night vision capabilities. The purpose of this post would be to aid Border Patrol agents in spotting and identifying illegal alien groups. Continue reading

Ashurst: A Border Manifesto

I believe story telling to be an art form, certainly verbal record is the oldest form of recording history and recognized by historians worldwide. There is an old adage among those who love to tell a good tale, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” And yet there are times when the truth is even more fantastic than exaggeration. What I write here is the truth, plain and simple. Continue reading