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From the pen of the Great-Great-Grandson of noted author, Charles Dickens. It could be called, “A Tale of Two Countries.”

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If you hate America so much, why are you here?

NOTE: Due to a comment which was added to this post on the morning of November 23, 2015, we have chosen to bring Mr. Dickens’ timely column back to the top of the Federal Observer today. It was originally posted here on September 19, 2012.  (J.B.)

Muslim Fundamentalist Protesters and Islamic sympathizers are marching in the streets of America voicing their hatred and discontent with my country and her policies. It is your privilege as a citizen: But are you a citizen? The reason for these violent protests is not the issue, but it does make me wonder why you came here in the first place. Why did you come here? Was it the free rent, welfare, medical care, educational system, or the remaining freedoms we enjoy? Were you forced to come here by some despot that wanted your life, or the lives of your family? Were you kidnapped; brought here against your will? Did someone hold a gun to your head forcing you to come here? Were you rescued from that shithole country you called home? No??? You came here of your own free will and at your own expense? Why??? Are you here on a Student Visa or as a Guest in this country? Why did you come here?

I strongly suggest you become accustomed to this question because I will ask it frequently… Why did you come here? Continue reading

Déjà Vu All over again…

dickens_2012_thumbI’m Angry!!! God Damn It, I’m Angry!!! Two years ago we entered a black hole in this country. It sucked us in and spit us out the other side in a reality far, far away. We created this singularity through frivolous spending, waste, and by supporting people that refused to work. It grew from the boneheaded ideas foist upon us by leaders in Washington DC who are far removed from our reality and who continue to pass laws that hurt rather than help; all in an effort to crush the middle class. They created a generation of “Takers” to support their feeble and miserable campaigns. Most of them including the President run on the Welfare Ticket. They wouldn’t balance the budget so they raised the amount of debt they can create to $16,000,000,000,000.00.


Here we are two years later and in worse shape than before. Continue reading

Dickens: Rampant Racism

Alive and Well in America… and in a city where you live!

dickens_2012_thumbA man named George Zimmerman killed a man named Trayvon Martin. Their ethnicities are mildly important. George is Mexican and Trayvon is African: Both are Americans. This is really important so remember this fact. They are both American.

We all know the story and regardless of where you stand on the trial or the fact that our legal system seems broken. This legal system is what we have and we cannot change it right now. We have a better system than most countries; regardless, sides are chosen and stands are taken. The past few days have seen protests of all sorts, a few more violent than others, all because of a racial undertone colored in by the media. They turned this into a circus of sorts telling everyone that this is a racially charged situation. Well, it is now! Don’t they do a great job at redirecting our attention from the facts? Continue reading

Dickens: WHO?

dickens_2012_thumbThis is an Excellent question, right? We always want to know who, but never stop to really investigate. We are very comfortable accepting someone’s interpretation and credential. Do you stop to think through the things you hear and read? Do you ever look deeper into the story?

Do you remember Paul Harvey? He was a very popular radio personality many years ago. He had a program called “The Rest of the story.” During his few minutes he would tell a story, and then he gave you the background. It was usually touching and always thought provoking. He and his staff took the time to investigate these stories and tell us the truth. Who does this for us now? Unfortunately, very few people take the time to tell us what’s really going on, you know… the truth. Only a few take the time to really investigate and share their results. Some programs from PBS and NPR attempt to disclose truth, but fall short to avoid stepping over the “Politically Correct” fence. 60 Minutes used to provide excellent investigative coverage, but being produced and broadcast by a media giant, they now dance to that piper’s tune. The rest we call crack pots, conspiracy theorists and bloggers. Right-wing Nut Jobs… After all, these people have no credential for this type of work. Do they? But, in each expose’ or posts, there is a modicum of truth and from these puzzle pieces, the picture emerges. Continue reading

Dickens: Political Time-Share

Let’s cut to the chase… We all know our government is for sale so let me outline my suggested program for a “New Constituent Timeshare” on politicians. Yesterday proved my point. Obama spent $540 Billion, and Romney spent $376 Billion.

Who won?

It was the big contributors, not the American public. Honestly, I don’t care who won the election, we all lost. We bought the lies, deceit, attacks, and other obfuscations that keep us from seeing the truth. Our Government is for sale!

Here’s a simple solution to help us all get into the game. Continue reading

Dickens: Enough Already!

The political contest for President of the United States of America is heated to the point of boiling, as is my temper. Over the past several weeks I have been plagued by an onslaught of unsolicited telephone calls on my home and mobile lines by political committees pandering for votes. I have heard the rhetoric and have seen the attack ads. I am sick and tired of this bullshit. I pride myself on being reasonably informed. I don’t need anyone telling me what to think or how to vote.

If these contestants would put this much effort into doing their jobs or fixing this country we would not be in our current condition. If they spent the billions of dollars in election contributions on fixing the country instead of exposing the rottenness of their opponent we would be on our way to resolution. If their real concern was for this country and not narcissism we would be a “Great Country” again: But alas, we are pummeled by these self aggrandizing egotists. Continue reading

Eleven Years Later

America – The Lesser

The anniversary of the September 11th ‘terrorist’ attack on America is upon us again. Television programs are rife and replete with memorials and “newly” discovered information regarding this event. Eleven years later we are still gathering information and discovering new data that should complete the puzzle but still leaves gaping holes in the picture. We have all the edges but the middle is still a mystery.

This tragic event was the culmination of years of planning and effort by an organization that appeared on our security radar years before but for some reason was ignored or passed-off as an anomaly and completely ineffectual. The two largest security services in this country knew of the plot but decided for whatever reason to hold the data confidential and not share it: How typically American. They were embroiled in a turf battle: they each wanted power; we suffered the result. Continue reading

Go Green

Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment.

The woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this green thing back in my earlier days.”

The young clerk responded, “That’s our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations.”

She was right; our generation didn’t have the green thing in its day.

Back then, we returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles to the store. The store sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilized and refilled, so it could use the same bottles over and over. So they really were recycled. Continue reading

Dickens: What’s Right with America

Over the past several years we have all found myriad things wrong with America. We continue to concentrate and express our views on these negative aspects in an effort to raise the level of awareness. There is also a cathartic satisfaction in venting ones’ spleen so to speak.

Today I want to tell you what I find good in this country. It’s not a comprehensive list just a few thoughts and important things for me personally. Take a look at the positive aspects that differentiate our homeland from the rest of the world. We need to remember what it is that makes us rant and rave against the problems that we ourselves see. These are the things so precious to us that they cause us to stand up against them. So here goes… Continue reading

The Clear Message

There is a clear message in the upcoming Presidential Contest in November. It’s Money! For the past several months I have watched the Barack Obama email blasts to the world. There is little about policy or about directions and lately it is all about money. Romney’s campaign is doing the same. They are begging for cash to outspend the other combatant.

Here’s a quote from the latest BHO email…

“We’re getting out raised — a first for a sitting president, if this continues. Not just by the super PACs and outside groups that are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into misleading ads, but by our opponent and the Republican Party, which just out raised us for the second month in a row.”

“We can win a race in which the other side spends more than we do. But not this much more.”

What is the message here? Clearly this is about how the incumbent’s view this contest. It’s certainly clear that Obama believes that more contributions equate to more votes and more power at the polls. Does this indicate that our government is for sale? Yes… but we all knew that and realize our legislature buys what it wants just like lobbyists and big businesses. Continue reading

America Doesn’t Want to Know

I’ve come to the conclusion that America, and people of the world general, don’t want to know what is really going on. There are those of us that delve into events in order to better understand the background and the cause and then relate our observations. But lately I’ve awakened to the sad fact that most American’s don’t want to know. “What we don’t know won’t hurt us”, is their mantra. You can look around and see the results. You can see how this complacent attitude has destroyed this country and our world. You can see that we have lost our power and control. Continue reading

Der Sheeples Republik of Amerika

I feel like I was kicked in the balls. I fully expected an honest and fair ruling from Der Supreme Kourt but sadly discovered that they were for sale. They simply shredded the constitution and let the pieces fall to the floor.

Welcome to Der Korporate Supreme Kourt! Seig Hiel! Thank You Comrade Justices…

We desperately need Healthcare Reform, but I see Obama care as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is Czar Obama’s next step toward the socialization of this country. It solves nothing but it creates new opportunities to pillage our country. It also provides some interesting elitist and exclusionary opportunities for “Special” groups.

Healthcare in this country is out of control. It is mismanaged and poorly administered at every level. The corporations that control the hospitals and clinics are forcing doctors to commoditize care and insert assembly-line processes in their clinics. These corporations carefully regulate the number of patients per hour to maximize revenue. This has a direct negative effect on care. Can any of you effectively explain your medical problems to a doctor and understand the treatment regimen in ten minutes? Continue reading

Dickens: Social Programming

Thinking objectively about this clandestine activity I keep running afoul of my bias toward open an honest communication, something missing for the past 30 plus years. This is becoming more obvious as time advances and as we are inundated with media entertainment in the guise of news reporting. We have graduated from information to entertainment. Where it will go next is a great topic for conversation: another lost art.

Once upon a time there was a group of individuals that fought hard to bring the truth to our country. This group had active members who all worked diligently to expose and report news. Yes, news. There was veracity and believability in these reports. This is gone the way of the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon: which are by the way extinct. There was even prosecution for false reporting. I imagine prosecution was abandoned because of the unbelievable demand and our inability to distinguish fact from entertainment. Continue reading

Americas’ Newest Reality TV Show

Welcome to “Who Wants to Be President” America’s newest reality show where we bombard contestants with insipid questions from a panel of intellectual pigmies. Watch these men and the obligatory woman pander to the audience and dance around the questions in the hopes of advancing to the “Popularity” round. This initial phase consists of several “ranking” rounds wherein the contestants vie for position and funding potential. Continue reading

It Is Time…

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

I hope some of you can remember this sentence. It is an exercise we all learned it in typing class. It really is too bad that the meaning of this little saying seems completely lost in modern life; and especially in politics. Of course there are a great many other things lost in modern politics not just the power of a simple sentence like the one above. We have lost our direction and passion for this country as well. We have lost our focus and our drive. We have lost our national identity. We are a nation of individuals all clamoring for their personal way and insisting that we are no longer Americans… We demand to be hyphenated – Americans!

Regardless of your job, we all work harder and play less. We have more of everything except time and money. We live stressful lives walking on eggshells and hope none collapse under our weight. We look hopefully for leadership for a path out of these trying times. We look for answers and all we receive is more questions and restated problems. Like most of you I think we are well aware of the situation in America. We all know what’s wrong; we are looking for someone to help us find the answers and solutions to these problems. We are looking for someone to lead us out of these dark days and into the light of reasonable action. We know there are solutions and that these solutions will require our combined efforts to solve them. It will take ALL of us to solve them – not just the working class, but the wealthy privileged classes as well. Continue reading

The God Lever

I am tired to the bone of those that use God as a lever to rationalize and justify their actions. Not even Cecil B Demille killed as many people as we have in God’s name. Some religions like Islam continue to subjugate the believers with Shariah Law which places men well above the status of women and condone all manner of atrocities in the name of this cult. Women are subjected to beatings and murder regularly. In Pakistan 80% of the women are beaten and one is murdered daily. All that is required to convict a woman of heresy are two men to accuse her. One woman is in prison awaiting hanging for arguing with two such men. They accused her of heresy. She awaits her fate. Continue reading

A Call for Common Sense

I have been pretty quiet for the past several weeks thinking through many of the things happening in the world and our current situation in this country and in the world. Our globalization makes it imperative that we live our lives as members of a larger collective and less as individuals. Individualism is a right that we all have and should enjoy personally, but as is applies to the collective we need to be mindful of our impact on those around us.

As we wander through this life we impact everyone and everything we encounter. We are no longer an island adrift in a sea of self indulgence and secure in our own little world. We are like the rest of the world connected by our global political and financial decisions. We have become one world. As we consider our direction as a country and society we must be mindful of our affect on others; not just in America but in the world around us. Continue reading

Dickens: No Choice

We no longer have a choice. We are told what to accept and what to allow. Special interest groups dictate our available choices. Our Government is no longer interested in our desires; they now tell us what to like and what to accept. We have no choice.

I want to preface this document with a few personal statements.

1. I don’t care about your sexual preferences

2. I don’t care about your religious preferences

3. I don’t care about your ethnicity or national origin

4. I don’t care what car you drive or about its color

5. I don’t care how much money you make or how you make it

6. I don’t care how smart you think your children are or where you choose to school them

7. I don’t care how much hair you have or don’t have

8. I don’t care about your personal life… At All!  Continue reading

Dickens: Extinction

I am extinct. At least my way of life, morals, ethics, and business methods are extinct. In order to survive I must adapt. I must become what I never was; and act as I never did: or I will be extinct.

My epiphany happened today, actually this afternoon during a meeting with an adversary. I have the tire tracks from the bus to prove it. I had hoped that this person would be an ally but it was not to be. Try as they might, my supporters could not save me or pull me from the path of that bus. In their defense there was nothing they could do except to sacrifice themselves on my behalf. I could not ask and did not expect it. Continue reading

Dickens: Bicycle Helmets

In past several decades I have wondered what has happened to America and the World we live in. It seems that stupidity and insipid behavior have taken over where logic, common sense, and rationality once reigned. We live in a litigious and licentious society with no boundaries and certainly no sense. Everything is out of whack and there seems no possibility of our return to a normal safe and courteous world. We are run amok. We are stuck on a sand bar in an ocean of inane laws and ignorant actions. Our ship is solidly aground. Continue reading

Dickens: Flimflam in the Frying Pan

During a friendly hello call to Paul, he mentioned that oil was a topic of real concern for him. I know Paul he’s a level headed fellow with a great guitar boutique in Cave Creek, AZ. Paul like all of us is suffering from the economic catastrophe. He is a true news hound so when he told me that the price of oil is expected to hit $200 a barrel because of the unrest in the Middle East, I took notice. I knew it would go over $100 but not that high. Being the curious about this I did a bit of research on the internet. I discovered a site that had information about the top 15 exporters of oil to the US. Continue reading

Dickens: Sailing the Seven Seas

One of my dreams for as long as I can remember is to own a sail boat and sail the world; just my wife and I enjoying the solitude and beauty that this endeavor can offer. There will be hours and hours of peace; just the wind and the water and the boat. We would have plenty to keep us busy. We would have great conversations about our lives and the friend we’ve enjoyed. Maybe we would even bring them along on parts of the odyssey. Continue reading

Who did we forget?

I was having an all too infrequent chat with my friend in Hollywood last night. We caught up on the usual stuff about spouses and cats and work. When we started talking about my therapy, our conversation took an interesting turn. As you may or may not know – or even care, I play music for therapy: self prescribed. I find that after a week of dealing in corporate America I desperately need a distraction and release: and this few hours on stage is what I really want to do. So I play music in a “Biker Bar” in Cave Creek, Arizona on Friday and Saturday evenings. Continue reading

What’s Wrong with the World?

Maybe it’s not the world; maybe it’s us. After all we are not the guardians of world politics. We are not our brother’s keepers. Maybe these people are not really our brothers. Do we actually believe that after millennia of physical changes, and cultural and racial evolution, we are all the same? We are all made from the same genetic soup and stuff, but that’s really where the similarities end. We differ greatly in our approach and value of life. We view the world through politically different eyes. We are culturally disparate and separated by our religious preferences and beliefs. I think this makes us all very different. Continue reading

English in America…

I just read the news brief on the Earthquake in Pakistan. It was an 8.2 – big quake. In order to lend credence to the story the reporter quoted several local people, basically eye witnesses. She said that one “texted” her. I would expect that a journalist would have at least a rudimentary command of the language she was writing; putting this in print cheapens her as a reporter and certainly sends an interesting message from her editor, who ever would allow this to appear in print must be a real intellectual and linguistic pigmy. Continue reading

Dickens: Nineteen Eighty-Four… Again…

California’s Supreme Court just allowed the search of cell phones as personal property and without a warrant. This happened recently in a case involving a drug purchase from a police plant which caused the arresting officers to search the text message file of the detainee’s cell phone. This was taken to the Supreme Court in the People’s Republic of California (PRoC) who allowed the search as legal. It turns out that the person arrested was involved in another drug related deal so this was added to his list of crimes. The PRoC sees this as absolutely legal. This sets an unbelievable precedent for the rest of us. Continue reading

Dickens: Our “Flea” Market Economy

No, this is not a misprint. I think we are now living in a Flea Market Economy. The idea for this post came from a friend of mine, Chicago Johnny Vegas (his stage name) who during a conversation this morning mentioned that there is no such thing as the “Free Market” economy any more. His comment struck a chord with me. He’s right. We now live in the world’s largest “Flea” market. American is for sale for the best discount and cheapest price. This is our new mantra and it is now the way of the economy. Everything we do is driven by cost and profit. The only way to survive now is to make whatever financial arrangements you can for the lowest possible price. Continue reading

The New Era…

On October 26th, 2001 a 1500 page document that no one had read was unanimously adopted by Congress and enacted into law granting our Government unbelievable power. It is called the US Patriot Act is an acronym for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. This Act made it possible for our government to ignore the US Constitution in the name of national security. It usurped our rights and freedom. Continue reading

Dickens: The Federal Reserve – America’s Loan Shark

The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve; it is a Loan Shark operation to keep America in Debt. First, let’s look at what the Federal Reserve is and how it came into existence then we’ll look at why this is important to them and a really bad deal for us.

There has always been a “Central Bank” (Federal Reserve) to fund, you guessed it… WAR. The Kings of Europe usually needed money to fund their activities to rid the world of infidels or to gain more territory for their kingdom. If you were a King and needed to fight the good war for Christianity but didn’t have the funds to field an army for the local “Big Bank” would loan the money for the activity. Continue reading