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A veteran of Viet Nam, student of history (both American and film), Jeffrey Bennett has been broadcasting for over eighteen years as host of Perspectives on America, and later - 'Life, Liberty & All That Jazz.' Jeff is considered the voice of reason on the alternative media - providing a unique and distinctive broadcast style, including topics such as health and wellness, news, political satire - with a twist, education and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. In addition, Jeff publishes The Federal Observer - a daily on-line publication, which co-authored and spear-headed a petition, which ultimately caused new legislation to be signed by President George W. Bush within 450 days of the events that rocked our world on September 11, 2001.

TSA Myth Busters: Is TSA Slowing Down Lines to Increase TSA Pre✓® Enrollments?

In the words of Aretha Franklin, ‘Who’s Zoomin’ Who???’

TSAWe’ve been seeing claims suggesting that TSA is intentionally slowing down lines around the nation in order to profit from increased TSA Pre✓® enrollments.

Let us set the record straight. The $85 application fee (valid for five years) covers the administrative cost of the program, including FBI background checks, application analysis, associated technology and enrollment center costs.

Oh yeah! ‘See me, feel me, touch me’

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Ross: You’re Being Scammed

ross_unmaskedHave you ever falling victim for someone or something? Even if it is something as trivial as buying something you saw on an infomercial on TV that sounded like the next best thing since sliced bread; but when you got it home you found out it was a useless piece of junk. It’s happened to almost everybody I imagine; even I’ve found myself victimized by slick advertising campaigns; only to find out the product which the advertisers claimed did all these miraculous things was a waste of my hard earned money and ended up getting tossed in with the trash. Continue reading

Ewart: Don’t Get Mad At the IRS, Get Even!

NOTE: This is the last article of a series of four articles showing readers how to defend themselves when government, at any level, comes calling, including the IRS.

lerner_in the eye“I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations and I have not provided false information to this or any other committee.” ~ Lois Lerner, past director of the Internal Revenue Service’s Exempt Organizations Unit

That’s right! Lois Lerner didn’t do anything wrong, or broke any laws, or provided false information to any committee. No, she pleaded the Fifth instead. She, a practiced attorney, decided on her own to target conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status with volumes of intrusive, prying, intimidating requests for information that were purely designed to stop granting tax exempt status to conservative groups just prior to the 2012 presidential election. Continue reading

Driessen: Graduates face a big challenge

~ Foreword ~
PaulDriessen_2015“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered,” Nobel Laureate physicist Richard Feynman once said, “than answers that can’t be questioned.” Sadly, his admonition has been largely discarded in the halls of academia, and beyond.

Over the next few weeks, graduates will be lining up to get their diplomas – after years of being taught to accept “progressive” versions of reality without asking questions or daring to challenge their instructors’ views on energy, economics, climate change, history and other topics. That is very troubling for any free society, especially during an election year. Students, graduates and voters must once again learn how to THINK. ~ P.D.
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America’s Potty Wars

To pee or not to pee; that is the question… Or is it?

pottywarsSo much commotion about who can use the women’s restroom leads one to believe that this is a real problem, when it’s not. Most people that I know are not concerned about where transgenders are allowed to go. Quite frankly, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, acts like a duck and pees like a duck, I’m not going to look up anyone’s skirt to check, and I’m fairly certain that no one else is either. Just don’t wag your groove thing at me or you won’t need that operation.

But this is not about who pees where. This is about erasing all personal boundaries. It’s about promoting an ‘anything goes’ attitude that demonizes those who choose privacy over political correctness. Continue reading

Hultberg: Overcoming the Politics of Slavery

slavery_middlepassage_101212_400jrwFor the past 100 years we have taught the “politics of slavery” to our young, but are now shocked because they have grown into ruthless bureaucrats and apathetic sheep.

1) We have taught our youth that 50% of the nation’s voters can pay zero taxes for their federal government services via progressive tax rates – yet not ignite “infinite demand” for government growth. Continue reading

Gaddy: A Country of Feuding Gangs

Suffer the Little Children...

Suffer the Little Children…

No groups of people are more easily enslaved than those who are functionally illiterate or have been successfully indoctrinated to the point they do not understand they are slaves, and no groups of people are more criminal than those who believe their criminal acts are necessary and sanctioned by a god called government.

It started with John Dewey in 1898 and continues today with complete government sanction, operating under sanitized, euphemistic phrases such as “Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind or Common Core.” Collectivism has brought us to the point where approximately 50% of the population of our country is functionally illiterate. If you doubt this for a moment, have your server at a local fast food restaurant make change without a programmed cash register or ask almost anyone to explain why the people known as Anti-federalists opposed ratification of our Constitution. Continue reading

Ross: Be Careful What You Wish For…

ross_unmaskedI used to watch a lot of crime shows on TV and I recall watching one once in which a detective was talking about the modus operandi of cult leaders. The detective was saying that cult leaders are, more often than not, charismatic and well spoken, and they prey upon the sentiments and weaknesses of those whom they wish to seduce into their cult. By saying things that people want to hear these cult leaders lure people into following them; often to their later regret. Jonestown is a perfect example; I’m sure had Jim Jones told people at the very beginning that if they followed him he was going to tell them to drink poisoned Kool Aid the people would not have so readily followed him. Continue reading

Finley: Titanic Hillary

hillary_BSThe headlines of two articles appearing simultaneously and fortuitously in today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal say it all: “Brazilian President Rousseff’s Downfall Was Years in the Making” (5/12/16) and “Emails Are Likely to Keep Complicating Hillary Clinton’s Campaign” (5/11/16).

Every Democratic primary voter today and later every general election voter should note the parallels between the recent ouster of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (“Brazilian President Rousseff’s Downfall Was Years in the Making,” 5/12/16) and current U.S. presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton (“Emails Are Likely to Keep Complicating Hillary Clinton’s Campaign,” 5/11/16). Continue reading

DeWeese: Six Issues That Are Agenda 21

agenda_21_aEvery day, in meetings at all levels of government, representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), planning groups, and federal agents surround elected representatives and insist that their policies have nothing to do with international agendas. They regularly publish reports and rail against anyone even mentioning the names Agenda 21 or the new Agenda 2030. “No, no, no,” they insist. “Those people are just crazy conspiracy theorists. Ours is just a local plan for our community.”
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AMEN! Black pastors have TWO WORD response to Obama’s trans bathroom order…

whicheverPerhaps as stunning as the Obama administration’s iron-fistedness on the issue of transgender bathrooms are the arguments it’s employing in an attempt to justify it. Many of us, of all colors, were taken aback — to say the least — when Attorney General Loretta Lynch compared the trans bathroom issue to Jim Crow laws — drawing a comparison between the struggles of transgender individuals and blacks.

Understandably, many blacks are just plain outraged at the Obama administration’s appropriation of civil rights to further its own ideological agenda — including our own Col. Allen West, who shared his thoughts here earlier today. Continue reading

Ewart: Will You Be The Government’s Next Target?

“No oppression is so heavy or long lasting as that which is inflicted by the perversion and exorbitance of legal authority.” ~ Joseph Addison, (1672–1719) English essayist, poet, playwright, and politician

picking us offHage, Hiatt, Webb, Kelo, Strouss, Miller, Amos, Sackett, Lakin and Kilpatrick are just a few of the names of the tens of thousands of Americans who have had to fight alone against government abuse, arrogance and irrational and draconian laws, passed by out-of-touch lawmakers that don’t read the bills they pass, or take the time to determine whether those new laws, or even all the old ones, are constitutional.  Or, they had to fight against government agents working under the color of law with no legal authority, or in some cases, actually breaking the law.  The government and special interests know that most Americans won’t or can’t fight back.  They just go on their merry way as if the general population doesn’t exist and for the most part, it doesn’t. Continue reading

Thoughts from the Front Line…

“You might respond that even impoverished Americans live better than many others around the world. Maybe so. In some countries the poor and downtrodden simply accept their lot and remain happy. Here, we get angry. Why?”

female_silHere’s why, but first in broad response to the paragraph above, from my own experienced observations: I lived in three nations by the age of 21. Two of them so-called third world undeveloped nations, where my father owned mines and was also an adventurous cross border tradesman of varied goods, including contraband goods. So, I was one of the super tiny minority of the ”protected.” (see article below for quoted definition) Then I moved to a poorer European nation for a year and half, still remaining one of the “protected.”

There I attended an expensive Greek language boarding high school and part time the French language Institute to finish my certification requirements. I did not experience poverty until I decided to go it alone at around 18. By that time I was able to teach English and French to young students and to older business people who required those languages for their business travels. Continue reading

Driessen: Ben Rhodes SPINS Climate Change

“Climate refugee” claims reflect deliberate mendacity and belief that we and reporters are stupid

PaulDriessen_2015Employing his college degree in fiction writing, White House communications strategist Ben Rhodes wrote deceitful talking points on the Benghazi attack and one-sided Iran nuclear deal – and later bragged about manipulating “clueless reporters.” Perhaps he’s also orchestrating administration climate spin.

Rising ocean tides will bring “waves of climate refugees” to America and Europe, President Obama has declared. “Environmental migrants” are already fleeing shrinking islands in the Pacific, and it is a “dereliction of duty” for military officers to “deny the reality” of dangerous manmade climate change. Continue reading

The Constitutional Militia: The Defense of the Nation Is the Responsibility of Its People

foundersThanks to the main stream media and anti-gun political agendas, the word militia is likely to have most running in fear. The word brings to mind images of ragtag red-necked racists running around the woods with “machine guns” and swastikas. While there are certainly radical groups out there claiming to be militias, the concept of an organized militia derives its authority from the U.S. Constitution for the purpose of maintaining liberty and defending the nation from hostile invasions. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 states that –

“The congress shall have the power to….provide for the calling forth of the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrection and repel invasion.”
Continue reading

and I have to come back to THIS?

Target petitions delivered: Read Target’s response
target_thumbWith your boycott pledge in hand, I personally delivered it to Target headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. I met face-to-face with Target executives and spoke to them on your behalf, urging them to end this boycott by protecting women and children in their stores. … Target representatives were gracious and respectful, but sadly, they rejected our offer. For that reason, I will work even harder to promote the boycott going forward…and I need your help to reach TWO MILLION boycott signatures… (Continue to full article)

Oh, No… We “Nuts” Were Right!

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” ~ William Casey, Ronald Reagan’s first CIA Director (from Casey’s first staff meeting, 1981)

CIA-LogoOn September 18, 1947, the National Security Act became law. This new law created multiple layers of unaccountable bureaucracies that have controlled our government since that date. Among those new bureaucracies were the Department of Defense, a subtle change in wording from Department of War to lull the American people to sleep believing their military would only be involved in defending the country. Of course, this has morphed into a force which, while leaving our borders unprotected, has embarked on a quest for empire with a US military presence in over 140 different countries, a massive albatross of choking debt, hundreds of thousands of dead and maimed military personnel and unconstitutional, perpetual wars for peace with nothing to show in the “win” column. Continue reading

Snaken’ it!

snakeAs you may have noticed – updates have been few and far between lately – other than the occasional political statement made through images. Well – I’ve got myself into another fine mess as I am doing clean-up, some minor repair work, landscaping and painting at my daughter’s home before we put it on the market.

Seems like we have been here before. My old team of Craig and Riley are working with me on this project as well – but it won’t be a long one. Should be done in about 4 to six weeks – then I am off to Calee-fornicate and Morro Bay for a week on an annual retreat with two friends from the Jungles of ’68 to ’70.

So why the pic of Snake with the eye patch? Apparently I damaged my dominant eye by using my smaller, traveling laptop for the past week. It felt somewhat swollen and painful to the point of general discomfort. Sometime during the night on Saturday, I must have rubbed it in my sleep – which exacerbated the situation and I awoke with a huge purple mark just off of my nose. Scared the hell out of me and the doc says that I need to not use it too much for the next few days – kind of stay off of the computer. I brought the Big Mac from the office – and I can SEE the damned thing – but still want to be careful for a few more days. Then we’ll get back to work.

Until then – just tune in to Life, Liberty & All That Jazz – won’t-cha? And I’ll TRY to be there everyday this week – but no promises. Life happens.

Oh – and one more thing. On Saturday (May 7th) I stopped by my old home to see Armando and his wife and to bring them a bottle of wine to celebrate. It was the one year anniversary of the day I closed the door for the last time on MY home and turned it over to some marvelous people. They have maintained my dream, decorated it beautifully and expanded upon my original plans.

See you at Sundown.

Without Apology I am,


April 29, 2016: The Bathroom Chronicles ~ 102

I identify as a dog. Where is the nearest fire hydrant? Oh – I can get arrested for indecent exposure? Then why is it not equal treatment when a Perv goes into a women’s bathroom – and don’t kid yourself – they are stalking there. ~ J.B.

LGBT Group Calls for Unconstitutional Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools!
Sex crimes revolving around men in women’s facilities are becoming commonplace as liberals continue to push their anti-traditional values campaign onto the rest of us, but this fact doesn’t seem to be slowing the liberal march towards cultural insanity… (Continue to full article)

04-28_barstoolPedophiles: The Next Protected Minority Group
When liberals began targeting the sexual attitudes of our population through mass media and junk science such as Alfred Kinsey’s perverted sex studies, suddenly the worst thing one could be was a prude, and the accusation was thrown around almost as liberally (no pun intended) as “homophobe” has been in recent years. In retrospect, we can see that both were part of the same stratagem of shaming ideological opponents into acquiescence… (Continue to full article)

Judge, calling Hastert ‘serial child molester,’ gives former House speaker year in prison
hastertHastert would have LOVED the open bathrooms of today but he isn’t the ONLY politician guilty of molesting young boys and girls. This is the result of electing LIARS to public office. When they LIE about one thing they will lie about others and LIARS are NOT TO BE TRUSTED IN ANYTHING… (Continue to full article)

150 Students WALK OUT of high school after transgender allowed to use girls locker room
Everything about this makes me cringe. This ‘transgender girl’’who calls himself ‘Lila Perry’ and was born as a boy and, frankly, still looks very much like one, was recently allowed to use the girls locker room after P.E., BUT.. (Continue to full article)

More than 700,000 pledge to boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy
“We aim to please – you aim too – please…” (Continue to full article)

the Manneken Pis

Smith: We Choose to Fight

tranny bathroomCouched in the concept of “rights” for deviants, queers, perverts and transgendered individuals, President Obama and the anti-American far left Progressives are using “bias laws” [bathroom laws], like the one passed in North Carolina and proposed in Tennessee and Georgia, in their immoral agenda to subvert the traditional American family, Christianity and the U.S. Constitution. If Obama and the courts and a few million supporters of the LGBT deviant minority are allowed continued success in granting non-existent “constitutional rights” through their own unreasoned moral distortions and prejudiced arguments, our unalienable God-given rights will soon be denied, and the State Leviathan will emerge as the final arbiter of U.S. law, granting and eradicating one’s rights upon a whim. Continue reading

Oozing Sleaze ~ Secretary Clinton Surges Onward and Upward

Hillary ClintonThe left-of-center main stream media — which believes that it is entitled to foist the next president of the United States on a gullible public — has been bullying Senator Sanders and his supporters to get out of the race and let Secretary Clinton’s “barrier” coalition of African-Americans, other non-whites, and radical feminists take the Democratic Party nomination. Continue reading

The Founding Fathers Weren’t Concerned With Inequality

Economic disparity is a problem that has grown along with the nation.

This undated engraving shows the scene on July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pa. The document, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Philip Livingston and Roger Sherman, announces the separation of 13 North American British colonies from Great Britain. The formal signing by 56 members of Congress began on Aug. 2. (AP Photo)

This undated engraving shows the scene on July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pa. The document, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Philip Livingston and Roger Sherman, announces the separation of 13 North American British colonies from Great Britain. The formal signing by 56 members of Congress began on Aug. 2. (AP Photo)

In January of 1944, in the midst of the terrifying days of World War II, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt unveiled a huge idea in his State of the Union address. The nation had fought its enemies to ensure its residents remained free, he said, but American citizens could not be truly free if they were constantly worrying about where their next meal was coming from or if they could afford a roof over their heads. “People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made,” he said. Continue reading

The Bathroom Chronicles: The Insanity of it All

huh?_pizzzzArizona Bill Forces Public Buildings to Install Urinals in all “Ladies” Restrooms
Alright Ladies, A few of you Asked For Equality…… so why you shouldn’t you bear the burden of your desires….. the sad part is you drag the rest the population with you… (Continue to full article)

The Homosexual Manifesto Is Just Satire! Silly Americans!
It has been a week of weeks concerning the assaults on the American people coming from this administration and their communist allies within and without. They are becoming more emboldened, ruthless and obvious as to who is responsible for the crimes committed against the American people, especially those involving the sodomite community… (Continue to full article)

UrinellaWaiting Period to Buy Viagra?
Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the…..WHOA! That song is not in sync. Carolina is NOT that ‘fine’, according to the LGBTQ organization that has declared that the people in those states, North and South, are backward and must become progressive in order to keep up with the times in a changing world… (Continue to full article)

Facebook freezes Wash. woman’s account over ‘bathroom bill’ post
Kristi Merritt posted a collection of photos of her dressed in different clothes — a Russell Wilson jersey, a pirate outfit, and a sombrero — comparing the outfits to being transgender. Her caption reads, “A man in women’s clothes does not make him a woman. Men should not get to be in our bathrooms or lockers!”… (Continue to full article)

Dad & Daughter Confront Target Over Bathroom BS, What His Daughter Said Is HILARIOUS
target_thumbWhen he found out about Target’s new ‘inclusive’ bathroom policy that allows men to use the women’s bathroom, he decided to confront them himself — and brought his daughter along with him. Take a look at how this played out… (Continue to full article)

A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms
Even if there aren’t hundreds of abusers rushing into locker rooms by the dozens, the question I keep asking myself is, “What if just one little girl gets hurt by this? Would that be enough to make people reconsider it?”… (Continue to full article)

Trump on Transgenders in Public Restrooms
startrek_bathroomTrump is, of course, absolutely right. In the 1960s, I lived on the near north side of Chicago, the State and Rush Street area, where all the nightlife happened. Even back then there was a particular club on Rush Street where you knew that inside were men dressed as women doing imitations of famous people. Chicago’s near north is where the action happened, and we didn’t pay much attention to the club… (Continue to full article)

Transgender teen wins Virginia school bathroom appeal
Gavin GrimmI find it quite fitting that this issue is about BATHROOMS (TOILETS). These demons creations want to return to the OUTHOUSE where the SMELL and sight of what they are made of comes thru loud & clear. To all you folks old enough to remember the Outhouse – remember looking down into the hole to see what was there?? It was a huge pile of EXCREMENT from everyone’s bowels. That is exactly what this Transgender *movement* is – a huge pile of EXCREMENT!!! It all needs to be FLUSHED away into the sewer… (Continue to full article)

Caitlyn Jenner protests transgender bathroom law in Houston
OMG – wait until you check out these dogs… And if you don’t like my opinionated comment – that is just too damned bad! (Continue to full article)

Duke_peckerLife, Liberty & All That Jazz may be heard at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) for TWO-HOURS, each Monday through Friday on The Micro Effect.

The War That Destroyed the Declaration of Independence



One would be hard pressed to disagree with the fact the Declaration of Independence not only defines the beginnings of our country but could be called our founding charter. Thomas Jefferson most eloquently laid out the tenets of lawful separation from a tyrannical oppressor, but also the definition of the one thing which defines the difference between ownership by the people of their government or the ownership of the people by a government: the basic tenet of “consent of the governed.”

It is both an indictment and a conviction of the Public Fool System and the institutionalized ignorance of the vast majority of citizens in this country that a government which operates without their consent is not only tyrannical and oppressive but such a government renders the people political slaves to their government’s edicts, rulings, and laws. Believing an elected representative who does not strictly adhere to a sacred oath to the Constitution is a lawful “representative” of their vested interests is insanity perfectly defined. Any elected representative who votes or acts unconstitutionally is a criminal and should be treated as such. Continue reading