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A veteran of Viet Nam, student of history (both American and film), Jeffrey Bennett has been broadcasting for over eighteen years as host of Perspectives on America, and later - 'Life, Liberty & All That Jazz.' Jeff is considered the voice of reason on the alternative media - providing a unique and distinctive broadcast style, including topics such as health and wellness, news, political satire - with a twist, education and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. In addition, Jeff publishes The Federal Observer - a daily on-line publication, which co-authored and spear-headed a petition, which ultimately caused new legislation to be signed by President George W. Bush within 450 days of the events that rocked our world on September 11, 2001.

YOUR Money: December 18, 2014

Fed Delays Parts of Volcker Rule Until 2017
The US Federal Reserve has given Wall Street banks even more time to comply with parts of the Volcker Rule, a key provision of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. The rule prevents federally-insured banks from using their own money when investing in certain risky assets. (Read Full Story)

China Buys 39 Tonnes Gold In Single Session
However, the rally was not sustainable. “As we are accustomed to seeing recently, interest dropped off during the Chinese break before USD $1,200 was breached in the afternoon session,” they say. The analysts add that silver also pushed higher on the back of renewed gold demand from China. (Read Full Story)

Traders Hoping That Russia Will Sell Gold
Russia’s surprise interest-rate increase failed to stop the plummeting ruble. Another tool available to repair economic havoc caused by sanctions and falling oil prices: selling gold. (Read Full Story)
Bankers See $1 Trillion of Zombie Investments Stranded in the Oil Fields
In a stunning analysis this week, Goldman Sachs found almost $1 trillion in investments in future oil projects at risk. They looked at 400 of the world’s largest new oil and gas fields — excluding U.S. shale — and found projects representing $930 billion of future investment that are no longer profitable with Brent crude at $70. In the U.S., the shale-oil party isn’t over yet, but zombies are beginning to crash it. (Read Full Story)

There’s a Blacklist in the $800 Billion U.S. Loan Market and It’s Not Illegal
Unlike any other market in the U.S., the blacklist rules in leveraged loans. No regulator polices trading in the $800 billion market. Here, borrowers — and the investors who control them — choose who gets into the club. It would be as if Apple Inc. (AAPL) got to decide who could buy its stock. (Read Full Story)

The Greatest Tax Story Ever Told
The Feds may be screaming,
But we all are beaming
’Cause we’ll never pay taxes,
We’ll never pay taxes,
Never pay taxes again!
(Read Full Story)

The Coin of the Realm: How Insider Traders Are Rigging America
Few traders on Wall Street ever know where the inside tips they use come from because confidential information is, in his words, the “coin of the realm in securities markets.” (Read Full Story)

CHICKENS WILL COME HOME TO ROOST: US Risks Economic Crash In Oil War With Russia
Why have Obama and Co. kept their mouths shut while oil prices have plunged, domestic industries have been demolished, and stocks have gone off a cliff? Could it be that they’re actually in cahoots with the Saudis and that it’s all a big game designed to annihilate enemies of the glorious New World Order? (Read Full Story)

Crashing Oil May Result In “Perestroika?”
It may seem fanciful, the scenario discussed below that is… and the various outcomes thereto no less, but as we all know by now, the truth is often stranger than fiction, by far…and then some. It’s quite a read for those with an interest in the subject matter. (Read Full Story)

This Is What Gold Does In a Currency Crisis
To say that gold is in a bear market is to misunderstand both gold and markets. Gold isn’t an investment that goes up and down. It is money in the most basic store-of-value sense. Most of the time it just sits there, and when its price changes in local currency terms that says more about the local currency than about gold.But when currencies… (Read Full Story)

The Fed Is Sitting On a $191 TRILLION Time Bomb
Stocks are bouncing today because the Fed will wrap up its monthly FOMC meeting and make a public statement this afternoon. Stocks have been rallying into FOMC meetings for the last three years, so traders are now conditioned to buy stocks in anticipation of this.The prime focus for the markets is whether the Fed continues to state that it will raise… (Read Full Story)

The Matrix of Power
The disappearance of knowledge from human consciousness is a rare phenomenon, but there are recorded instances of knowledge which has evaporated. As a curious example, Pancirollus, writing in the 16th Century mentions that, among many other cases of lost technology, in the time of the Roman Empire a man who had invented flexible glass was presented… (Read Full Story)

Would It Be Bad for the Economy If Oil Fell to $3 a Barrel?
If the price oil fell to $3 a barrel, and it stayed there for 10 years, that would be a good thing. What if this led to massive unemployment in the oil industry? That would be a good thing. But isn’t the primary task of a free market economy to balance supply and demand? Yes… (Read Full Story)

Illegal Immigrants Steal Americans’ Jobs.”
The logic of economics applies across borders: county, state, and national. Deny this, and you deny economics. Conservatives deny economics. They promote tariffs and import quotas across national borders, but not state and county borders. Ludwig von Mises had a word for this: […] (Read Full Story)

Will Gold Soar to $2347 or Plunge to $810?
The correction in precious metals, now in its 39th month, has been devastating for long-term bulls. At recent lows, gold was trading 42% below its September 2011 Comex high of $1952. As for silver, which peaked at $50, it has plummeted by an astounding 72%. From a technical standpoint, both look like they have further to fall: gold, currently trading around $1200, to exactly $810; and silver, quoted today near $16, to – better sit down for this – $7.86. (Read Full Story)

“The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they’re an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls. They’ve got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just about all of the news and information you hear. They’ve got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying ­ lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else.” – George Carlin (Read Full Story)

One Foot on a Banana Peel …The Other in a Grave!

KM PM_bnr_11.14Never before have I seen so many pieces of information to be put together in the span of just one week. This past week we were bombarded with connectable dot after connectable dot, nearly each and every one of them on their own would have caused a panic 30 years ago. I say “30 years ago” because this was before the 1987 crash, this was before anything and everything, nailed down or not …was levered many times over in what eventually became an inflation party. 30 years ago, black was not white, wrong was not right and “debt” was still in its infancy of being money. Fast forward to present day and we now have a monetary system with one foot on a banana peel and the other in a grave!

Let me list what I saw this past week as some very ugly dots to be connected, by no means is this list complete but I think you’ll get the point by the time you are done reading. (Read More)

Ross: We Have Forgotten Who We Are

“Time indeed changes manners and notions, and so far we must expect institutions to bend to them. But time produces also corruption of principles, and against this it is the duty of good citizens to be ever on the watch, and if the gangrene is to prevail at last, let the day be kept off as long as possible.” ~ Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane (1821)

ross_founders_largeLet’s be honest, America has lost its way, it has forgotten who and what it is. People today blame one political party or the other for the problems this country currently faces, while others blame the gridlock between the two parties for our problems. If you want the truth, neither of those two reasons are the real problem for all the problems in America today.

Think about it, we have what’s known as a representative form of government. It is not a democracy where the majority gets what they want all the time. It is not a dictatorship or an oligarchy were one man, or a small group of men, decide what is best for the country and their will is supreme. Under our system we choose candidates to represent the people in the management of the government. At the time it was established the states also had a say in the federal government by way of their choosing the members of the Senate. But that balance of power was shifted when they tinkered with the system by ratifying the 17th Amendment, giving the power of electing Senators to the people.

So now the system truly is representative of the people who inhabit this land due to the fact that we choose the president; we choose members to the House of Representatives; and we choose the Senators to represent our states.

The key word in all this is ‘represent‘. One of the definitions for the word represent is to express or explain what is happening or what people think. So if our government is disjointed and dysfunctional it is because we as a people are disjointed and dysfunctional. In that, our government truly is a mirror held up to the people it represents. Continue reading

Americans Already Live In A One World Order

“Today America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful. When presented with this scenario, [the Watts Riots] individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their wellbeing granted to them by the World Government.” ~ Henry Kissinger, member CFR, etc., May 21, 1992 at a Bilderberg Meeting in Evian, France

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and their great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” ~ David Rockefeller 1915, Internationalist billionaire, CFR kingpin, founder of the Trilateral Commission, World Order Godfather

one worldAs you can see from the above quotes, powerful men have been trying to merge America from a sovereign nation into a world of nations, dictatorships and democracies alike, for the last hundred years, in the interest of commerce and the flow of money, especially the flow of money. The establishment of the United Nations just after World War II was one element of the merger. Continue reading

Who Is Number-One in Football; Who Bought What on Black Friday; Who Did Bill Cosby Actually Rape; And Oh, By the Way, Our Government Voted to Support Nazis and Fascism?

gaddyIt just doesn’t take much to keep the mind of Ignoramus Americanus occupied during the holiday season—-or any season for that matter. Cable TV and a six-pack are the weapons of choice for those who want to remain comfortable and avoid any contact with cognitive discourse, the uncomfortable truth and harsh reality.

Why should it matter that our government spends upwards of a trillion dollars each year on its defense industry or what has been called the military industrial complex? Strange indeed for a country who spends more on “defense” than the rest of the industrialized countries COMBINED! But, supporting and supplying one’s own army, navy and air force; the combined forces of our allies and our current and future enemies is a very expensive undertaking. That’s right; in order to insure the health of the military/industrial complex it is necessary to find, fund and equip our future enemies with money we don’t have. After all, if we don’t have two teams to play in February, there could be no Super Bowl. Continue reading

Ross: Are You A Law Abiding Citizen? (Est autem vis legem simulans)

~ Foreword ~

© Steven Michael

© Steven Michael

I knew from the onset that this was going to be lengthy and quite detailed. I realized that due to this fact that it would preclude it being read by many people. I also no longer care. I write for those who are willing to take the time to educate themselves, not for those who are too lazy to turn off their TV’s for an hour or two to read something that may teach them something they didn’t know. I also write solely for the purpose of staying at a certain level of proficiency at the actual act of writing. Writing is a skill, that unless practiced, is lost. So I write as much for myself as I do for you. That being said, if you wish to learn something, then please continue reading. (N.R.) Continue reading

Biesada: Bystander Effect

Those who can not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. ~ George Santayana

kitty g 01Fifty years ago the nation was outraged when a woman was raped and murdered in front of 38 witnesses.

Italian American, Kitty Genovese, was returning to her apartment in Queens after working a shift as a bar manager in New York City.

As Kitty attempted to enter her building, an assailant ran up behind her and stabbed her twice in the back.

She fell to the ground screaming out for help as her assailant fled, coming back a few minutes later to attack her again.

This time he beat her, raped her, and stabbed her for a period of 32 minutes all the while she screamed out for help, while 38 of her neighbors stood petrified and watched this heinous attack like brain dead sheep.

Kitty Genovese died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital. Continue reading

(Mi, mi, mi….) Me, me, me!

"Oh, solo ME oh!"

“Oh, solo ME oh!”

Obama uses first-person singular 91 times in immigration speech

In a speech concerning immigration last Tuesday, President Obama made it all about him.

While Obama was at the Copernicus Center in Chicago, Illinois, the first-person singular was employed 91 times in the speech, CNS News reported on Friday.

That figure did not include Obama quoting both a letter he received and a business owner’s remarks, the website noted.

MailOnline found that Obama – when neither quoting nor using the contractions ‘I’m,’ ‘I’ve, and ‘I’d’ – said the words ‘I,’ ‘me,’ and ‘my’ 73 times.

The contractions ‘I’m,’ ‘I’ve,’ and ‘I’d,’ meanwhile, were employed 18 times when the Obama wasn’t quoting in his speech.

CNS News noted that Obama’s use of the first-person increased due to his response to audience members who interrupted him.

Yo, Calhoun - the fat lady already sang!

Yo, Calhoun – the fat lady already sang!

‘Here, can I just say this?,’ he said, per the White House transcript of his remarks. ‘All right, I’ve listened to you. I heard you. I heard you. I heard you. All right? Now, I’ve been respectful. I let you holler. So let me — (applause.) All right? Nobody is removing you. I’ve heard you. But you’ve got to listen to me, too. All right? (Applause.) And I understand you may disagree. I understand you may disagree. But we’ve got to be able to talk honestly about these issues. All right?’

However, CNS News previously reported the first-person singular was employed by Obama 199 times in July. Read More

‘There is no American Dream’

Why one US professor believes the national ethos is an illusion and the country has the same level of social mobility as medieval England

Professor: The American Dream does not exist, according to Gregory Clark (pictured), an economics professor at the University of California, Davis

Professor: The American Dream does not exist, according to Gregory Clark (pictured), an economics professor at the University of California, Davis

It has powered the hopes and dreams of U.S. citizens for generations.

But the American Dream does not actually exist, according to one economics professor.

Gregory Clark, who works at the University of California, Davis, claims the national ethos is simply an illusion and that social mobility in the country is no higher than in the rest of the world.

‘America has no higher rate of social mobility than medieval England or pre-industrial Sweden,’ he said. ‘That’s the most difficult part of talking about social mobility – it’s shattering people’s dreams.’

After studying figures from the past 100 years and applying a formula to them, Mr Clark concluded that disadvantaged Americans will not be granted more opportunities if they are hard-working. Continue reading

Dvorak: Biometric passports – electronic countermeasures to better secure borders

dvorak_2014With the President’s executive order to “temporarily” legalize five million illegal immigrants in this country, national security experts say it’s time to implement real biometric passports as well as strict entry and exit programs at all U.S. ports of entry.

What exactly is biometrics?
The biometric system uses a fingerprint to identify a foreigner entering and leaving the country. Currently, customs officers only use biographic means to match an identification card to an airline manifest at the time of entry into the United States. The benefits of a biometric system would provide immigration officers with valuable information regarding those who overstay their visas. (This group roughly makes up 40 percent of illegal population).

An effective biometric exit system would flag individuals and make the search for terrorists a bit easier. U.S Customs currently uses the Trusted Traveller program to provide swift reentry through Customs for pre-screened travelers. For Americans re-entering the U.S. is simple by utilizing a fingerprint the Global Entry System expedite the customs process, providing Customs agents with up to the minute status on travelers. Continue reading

EWART: You Can’t Get To Freedom On The Compassion Plan

“Give us your tired, your poor and your huddled masses, yearning to get something for free. Send us your homeless, your deadbeats, your freeloaders, your peasants, your indigents, your murders, your terrorists, your rapists, your psychos, your drug lords and druggies, and those stricken with TB, Ebola, Cholera and Small Pox. Pray be that they all be Democrat voters and it’s OK that they don’t speak English. I lift MY lamp beside the golden door and say, LET THEM ALL IN no matter what it costs because we are a compassionate nation ….. to a fault.” ~ Emperor of the U. S. of America, his heinous, Barack Hussein Obama

King_ObamaFor over 100 years the Democrats-Liberals-Progressives have used the word “compassion” and its implementation by force of law, to insure their perpetual hold on political power in America. They have been hugely successful and have used the people’s money to do it ….. all in the name of compassion.

Almost the entire news media, 100% of academia and over half of the American people support their radical ideology. They beat the Republicans over the head with compassion. They empty the public treasury pandering to the tens of millions of people that have now grown dependent on government’s compassion. Americans are being drowned in the black, smelly, expensive ooze of irrational compassion and the taxes to pay for it all, pre-empting other funds for vital national and state services. Continue reading

GADDY: My Two Proposed Amendments

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress… ~ Article V, US Constitution

US-ConstitutionWithin the past couple of years, the drum beat for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) or an Article V Convention has been increasing in many cases due to a book on the subject and frequent mentions of the concept by radio host Mark Levin. Levin has referred to himself as a “constitutionalist” yet to my knowledge has failed to explain how one can be a true constitutionalist and support unconstitutional legislation such as the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act and also support non-defensive, unconstitutional wars, as long as they are initiated and supported by Republicans.

By default, to support legislation such as the Patriot Act and defend the right of the Executive branch to declare war on its own say-so, a person must be an advocate of a strong, centralized, national government; a concept repeatedly voted down in the Constitutional Convention of 1789 and the various State Ratification Conventions, and outright opposed by several of the amendments in our Bill of Rights. Continue reading

A Constitutional Crisis or a Republic Lost?

Smith_washingtopnNo U.S. President has the right to destroy the U.S. Constitution and completely disregard it, in the course of his duty to all Americans. We are supposed to be a nation of laws, but on November 20, 2014 Obama became a rogue president, and he unilaterally declared amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens, by my count, as he violated the principles of separation of powers that serve as the bulwark to protect our liberties, defying the American people, the election results and usurping the legislative process and essentially saying “to hell with the Constitution.”

President Obama has threatened to enact an “immigration reform bill” through executive order for months now, if Congress did not pass a bill he could sign, even though the real issue is not one of reforms but rather one of enforcement. All the “immigration reform” in the world will not matter in the face of a Congress reluctant to enforce the law. This is the reason the Secure Fence Act of 2006 still leaves a fence with holes in it, and our southern border is porous as ever. Continue reading

Hultberg: Alien Tidal Wave Now Assured

Immigration_ProtestReason flees; pygmies rule. Our intellectuals and legislators on both sides of the spectrum have abandoned all sanity regarding immigration, culture, freedom, and common sense. Our country is in free fall. Collapse lies over the horizon like grinning Death with its blood stained Scythe. Pity our children. They must live in the desolate country we are creating for them.

Those who hold intellectual and legislative power in America today, no doubt, think of themselves as noble and brave in pursuit of justice and progressive purpose to advance the values of our great nation. They imagine that they are doing the “people’s will.” They please themselves in front of the morning mirror thinking that the world’s a better place because of their presence and acumen. But it is a cunning lie. Continue reading

SARTRE: Amnesty Treason and Dumb Down Public Acceptance

obama-neroThe Rubicon has been crossed. The demented tyrant declares he is now Caesar. The Senate remains silent and the dependency crowd continues to spend their Food Stamps on Red Bull. The SNAP society eagerly awaits the next circus as the three ring distractions continue their Greatest Shown on Earth. America is officially dead. The multicultural melting pot has boiled over into a toxic brew of deadly hemlock. Drink the waters from the Obama River Styx and enter an underworld that would make Nero and Caligula proud. Light state boulevards with the inflamed corpses of Tea Party dissenters and recruit the lost generations of government schooled idiots into the ranks of the DHS brown shirt ‘de facto domestic military’.

What a triumph of the will. Obama gives new meaning to Seneca’s words: “He who has great power should use it lightly” as the public demonstrates that Cicero was correct: “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.” Continue reading

PFLP Soul-searching: The Rise and Fall of Palestine’s Socialists

Ramzy-BaroudWhen news reports alleged that the two cousins behind the Jerusalem synagogue attack on 18 November were affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a level of confusion reigned. Why the PFLP? Why now?

The attack killed five Israelis and wounded others. It was, to a degree, an expected addition to a violent episode caused by police-sanctioned right-wing violence and abuse targeting the Palestinian population of the illegally occupied East Jerusalem. Much of the violence targeting Palestinians is systematic, involving severe restrictions on Palestinian movement, targeting houses of worship, and nightly attacks by Jewish mobs assailing Arabs, or anyone who may be suspected of being one. It also included the hanging, lynching and burning alive of Jerusalem Arab residents. Continue reading

FERGUSON: Thankful for Founding Fathers’ Legal Legacy

mercerGrand-jury deliberations were conducted behind closed doors. The decision was announced at night. It was too dark. Jurors were given too much information to absorb. The St. Louis County prosecuting attorney was not sufficiently involved in the proceedings. The latter, Bob McCulloch, was too “cold” in sharing the cold, hard facts of the case with the public. His remarks were excessively long or redundant. The police were too passive in their response to the pillage that followed the unpopular decision.

These are a few of the complaints voiced by the “Racism Industrial Complex (RIC)” against a grand-jury decision in the shooting death of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri. A quorum of ordinary Americans has determined that Officer Darren Wilson was not “the initial aggressor,” that the officer “acted in self-defense,” that he “was authorized to use deadly force” in a situation in which he found himself being punched – and then bull-rushed by a demonic-looking mountain of flesh, Michael Brown. Continue reading

Driessen: The Gruberization of Environmental Policies

World War II Poster "Buy War Bonds" (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1942)_FOAccumulation of fraudulent EPA regulations impacts energy, economy, jobs, families and health

Call it the Gruberization of America’s energy and environmental policies.

Former White House medical consultant Jonathan Gruber pocketed millions of taxpayer dollars before infamously explaining how ObamaCare was enacted. “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” he said. “It was really, really critical to getting the bill passed.” At least one key provision was a “very clever basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.” Continue reading

Beaman: Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown

TrayvonTrayvon Martin came from a broken family. Michael Brown, Jr. had a different name from his mother. Were his parents together?. Is that a pattern?

Malcolm X said to his followers that blacks had to clean up their acts. He said that for the black man to be accepted by the white man, he’d first have to make himself acceptable. He told blacks to start opening businesses, get jobs and work. Continue reading

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