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About The Publisher

A veteran of Viet Nam, student of history (both American and film), Jeffrey Bennett has been broadcasting for over eighteen years as host of Perspectives on America, and later - 'Life, Liberty & All That Jazz.' Jeff is considered the voice of reason on the alternative media - providing a unique and distinctive broadcast style, including topics such as health and wellness, news, political satire - with a twist, education and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. In addition, Jeff publishes The Federal Observer - a daily on-line publication, which co-authored and spear-headed a petition, which ultimately caused new legislation to be signed by President George W. Bush within 450 days of the events that rocked our world on September 11, 2001.

Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix

The Plot thickens…

NOTE: Thanks to our friend, John Slagles for this one. ~ J.B.

FF_smallOne of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.” Continue reading

The Declaration of Dependence: Hamilton, and BO’s History of Liberty

“[C]unning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the Power of the People and to usurp for themselves the reins of Government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” ~ George Washington (1796)

Crumbling-AmericaThe foundational tenet of The Patriot Post’s mission is to promote Liberty every day. But there are two days on our Patriot calendar set aside to celebrate Liberty.

The first is Patriots’ Day, April 19th, when in 1775 the first shots of the American Revolution were fired against government enforcers who were ordered to confiscate arms in Concord.

The second, of course, is Independence Day, celebrating the signing of America’s unanimous Declaration that Liberty is an unalienable right of all men, as “endowed by their Creator.” Eleven years later, those who survived the Revolution codified that endowment of Liberty in our nation’s formative Constitution.

To understand the essence of American Liberty, I have invested much of my life studying the years between 1760 and 1800 and the Americans who declared and fought for the endowment of Liberty for all generations to follow. Continue reading

Ross: Not All Change Is Good

changeIn 2008 the world, and America in particular, stood in amazement as a young community organizer, turned US Senator, with absolutely no background or qualifications, leapt to the forefront of the Democratic nominees to eventually become president of these States united. Along the way followers attended his campaign rallies by the thousands; standing there with tears in their eyes and awestruck expressions on their faces while this young upstart offered us Hope & Change. Continue reading

Mother Shoots, Kills Intruder Lurking in Child’s Bedroom

And THIS is the reason why – you anti-gun Dummies!

You see – guns provide REAL feminine protection!

guns-n-babesA woman in Portland, Oregon, returned home with her two young children, aged 5 and 10, to find an intruder lurking in one of the children’s bedrooms, according to police. She was armed with a handgun and fired at least one shot and killed the intruder.

Officers went to the woman’s home around 1:45 a.m. Sunday after receiving a report of a homeowner shooting someone inside her home. Police said the 59-year-old intruder was found dead at the scene. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s Vow To College Grads: “I’ll Outsource Your Jobs To Foreign Graduates”

Hill_bitchHillary Clinton today promised donors that she’ll provide Green Cards to an unlimited number of foreign college graduates, even though the resulting flood of university-trained foreign labor will drown the lifetime wages and career prospects of her college-indebted American supporters.

The open-borders promise to foreign graduates is posted at her campaign, and is titled “Hillary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation.” Continue reading

Obama’s DOJ to ‘Look Into’ Challenging SCOTUS on Executive Amnesty

Loretta-Lynch-with-ObamaU.S. Attorney General Loretta (should be) Lynch(ed) is looking into options to challenge a Supreme Court ruling that effectively determined a lower court’s decision neutering President Obama’s executive amnesty would stand. The ruling would help to prevent Obama from ignoring U.S. laws and from allowing many illegal aliens to stay in the U.S. without deportation. Continue reading

Trump Just Drove a Truck Through Hole DNC Platform Panel Left in Clinton’s TPP Promise

Platform committee’s waffling on trade leaves Clinton vulnerable to Trump’s predictable attacks

Donald Trump on Tuesday attacked Hillary Clinton for her stance on trade in general and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in particular. (Photo: Reuters)

Donald Trump on Tuesday attacked Hillary Clinton for her stance on trade in general and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in particular. (Photo: Reuters)

Laying bare how dangerous it could be for Democrats to ignore populist opposition to corporate-friendly “free trade” deals, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday attacked Hillary Clinton for her stance on trade in general and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in particular.

Speaking in Monessen, Pennsylvania, Trump said the “TPP would be the death blow for American manufacturing” and vowed to “withdraw” the U.S. from the agreement.

He said Clinton took “a leading part” in drafting the 12-nation deal, noting that the former secretary of state “praised or pushed the TPP on 45 separate occasions, and even called it the ‘gold standard,'” according to prepared remarks. Continue reading

The Line is Drawn America!

Warn the Rulers with Resistance!

“You don’t need 30 rounds to hunt! But the 2nd Amendment was not written in case deer turn against us.”

ross_guns-1On June 18th 2016, Barrack Hussein Obama once again proclaimed he would usurp the United States Constitution (1,180 transgressions to date) by pulling out of thin air another illegal and unconstitutional Executive Order in an attempt to further restrict Americans’ (God given) right to bear arms.

The Huffington Post Blogger’s Club feels that things are getting a little too close for their sinful comforts when it reported that the timing of the Orlando attack, combined with the demographic of the alleged victims, the demographic of the alleged gunman, and all the D.C. theatrics since the shooting, dovetail too well with the domestic and geopolitical agendas in Washington. Continue reading

Gutierrez Busted Funneling Campaign Money to Family

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife went to prison for no less than this. It must be a Chicago thing!

Wha deed eiyee do?

Wha deed eiyee do?

Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is easily recognizable among those who keep an eye on the goings on in Washington, D.C. He’s most well known for his undying support of immigration reform and his efforts to open our borders and to grant amnesty to every illegal alien… ever.

However, Gutierrez may soon become infamous for more than just his foolhardy approach to immigration reform. He’s gotten himself caught up in a bit of a scandal, and while Democrat scandals don’t seem to cause as much of a ruckus as they should, this one could still end up ruining the Illinois congressman’s career. Continue reading

Hillary: It’s ALL Related

Hillary-Doll--1064482222I’ve never made a secret my disagreement with females in public office. It is a RARE female that can sit in a position of such authority – my opinion is that most all females will fall back on EMOTION rather than LOGIC. What I find sad today is that the pussification of the Males by those hell bent with fury females – to the point that now the MALES fall into the EMOTION rule as well, leaving LOGIC in the locked file cabinet. When God created woman it was for us to be HELPMATES to the Man – not to put Man down and rule over him. Continue reading

A Top Official Scheduled To Testify Against Hillary FOUND DEAD!

A leopard does NOT change its spots and the Clinton trail of bodies continues to grow. With the type of people she engages with – just how SAFE do you think America would be with her in the oval office? ~ Granny

ashe_hillaryThere are major questions being raised about the suspicious death of former United Nations (U.N.) official John Ashe. Was foul play involved?

A bombshell report shows that Ashe, who was found dead last week, supposedly due to a heart attack, is having the reason for death brought into question.

Police officers in the city of Dobbs Ferry, New York have claimed he instead died by a crushed throat in a “workout accident.” Continue reading

House committee report investigating Benghazi attack faults Obama administration’s response

HumptyBenGhazi2WebCR-10_26_12-thumb-700xauto-2105The Republican-led House committee investigating the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi terrorist attack — in which four American diplomatic staff were killed — finds fault with the Obama administration’s response, blaming a ‘rusty bureaucratic process’ that focused on crafting a public response to the attack rather than actually taking action to resolve the crisis.

READ MORE: (Hillary and Obama administration lied about Benghazi ‘video’ story at every turn.)


Why Have RINO’s Jumped On Obama’s Wagon?

electoral college 2Moan, groan, puff out your chest, pull your hair, or gnash your teeth and the numbers won’t change. After over 100 years of buying votes, the Democrats have conquered the nation ….. with votes, using your money. Think of any constituency group and the Democrats have the plurality. Whether it is women, the elderly, gays, transgender, blacks, Latinos, or Jews, the Democrats have them and these groups aren’t going to “switch” any time soon ….. unless enough of them are broke or scared. Continue reading

Of the Three – the Bern is the only one who makes sense

col sandersBernie Sanders demands Democratic platform contain plank against ‘disastrous’ Pacific trade deal
Clinton backers oppose tough language, while progressive House Dem hails document for $15 minimum wage and attack on death penalty. Bernie Sanders continued to quarrel with Hillary Clinton over the Democratic Party’s platform Monday even as he has scaled back other elements of his political ‘revolution,’ demanding a clear vote against a Pacific trade bill…  (Continue to full article)

Free State of Jones Actor Matthew McConaughey: Confederate Soldier’s “DNA was written in the Bible and the Declaration of Independence”

confed_graveyardI’m a huge fan of the history surrounding the War of Northern Aggression where the tyrant Abraham Lincoln completely usurped the Constitution, which led to the deaths of thousands of Americans. Recently, a film was released starring Matthew McConaughey titled Free State of Jones and I was immediately captured by the trailer, which you can see below. However, listen to the interview of McConaughey regarding defiant Southern farmer Newton Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy.

Appearing on CBS Sunday Morning, McConaughey said, “The deeds of that story, the context of that time will be very relevant to today.”
Continue reading

Ross: My Thoughts On Brexit

confederate_flags_groupAside from the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has been leading the news in the category of current events. Stock markets tanked the day following Britain’s decision to opt out of the European Union and White House staffers said Barack Obama’s message to British Prime Minister David Cameron could be summed up in one word; BUMMER.

Is it though, a bummer I mean?

If you look at the European Union, what is it but a joining together for the common benefit of individual sovereign nations? That sounds awful familiar; I wonder where I’ve heard that before? Of course, the United States of America; that’s where. Continue reading

It’s Time America Got Some Answers About Huma Abedin

Huma-Abedin-with-Hillary-Robyn-BeckAFPGetty-640x480Huma Abedin is Vice Chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. But Huma is more, much more than that. She is the person closest to the most powerful woman in American politics and perhaps the next President. Huma has been described variously as Hillary’s “body woman,” a sort of glorified go-to personal maid, gentle confidant, and by others as an Islamic spy. She may be all of these things, because as we shall see, Huma Abedin has an interesting and complex career history. Continue reading

While you were distracted by BREXIT…

… Monsanto’s puppets in the U.S. Senate announced a ‘compromise’ to outlaw GMO labeling laws nationwide

Call your U.S. Senator NOW and tell them you strongly oppose this “DARK ACT” GMO labeling compromise. It’s all a biotech industry scam that’s designed to outlaw meaningful GMO labeling!

Monsantos-Genetically-Modified-FoodsWhile UK citizens were revolting en masse against bureaucratic rule in Europe, another cabal of prostituted lawmakers were busy plotting against American food consumers.

According to this announcement from the United States Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, committee leaders have reached a “bipartisan agriculture biotechnology compromise solution.”

What exactly is this so-called “compromise?”

The complete banning of all GMO labeling state laws across America.
Continue reading

F*@k America!‘ Muslim woman makes terror threats at LAX

‘I will make sure we bomb America. You have no idea what’s happening’

A Muslim woman extends both middle fingers as she threatens to bomb America at Los Angeles International Airport on June 14, 2016 (courtesy Tony Vera video)

A Muslim woman extends both middle fingers as she threatens to bomb America at Los Angeles International Airport on June 14, 2016 (courtesy Tony Vera video)

Just one day after 49 people were murdered in an Islamic terror attack at a “gay” nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a Muslim woman at Los Angeles International Airport was caught on video making terrorist threats against the U.S. and blasting homosexuals.

On June 14, video journalist Tony Vera recorded an interview with the self-professed worshiper of Allah who had just been searched and released by police outside LAX. Continue reading

Ross: Qualifiers

ross_unmaskedThis will probably be my last article for awhile. I got an e-mail from a friend whose opinion I respect saying I need to take a break; that all my recent submissions have been a repetition of the same thing. I too have noticed that my tone, and the message I’ve been trying to get across, has become increasingly negative.

I believe it is because I’m simply getting burnt out. I do have a month long vacation, (outside the continental US) planned in September, and was planning on using that time to recharge my batteries while getting away from all the things here that have been dragging me down. I guess I’ll just have to scrap that plan and just stop writing now.

I did want to finish a couple of loose ends first; I absolutely hate leaving things undone; and these last two articles were works in progress when I got my friends e-mail. Continue reading

Gaddy: Are We Really That Stupid?

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” ~ Albert Einstein

happy-hunger-games-and-may-the-odds-be-ever-in-your-favor-7Imagine with me for a minute: it is April 19, 1942, you have heard on the radio of the Doolittle raid on Tokyo. In your heart, you feel a little justification for what you have been repeatedly told was a “sneak attack” on Pearl Harbor just four months prior. You are told the president of the United States (Barack Roosevelt) will be making an announcement within the hour. Of course, you are shocked beyond belief when the president declares he will be spearheading efforts to bring refugees from the raid on Tokyo to cities and towns in America and proclaims Islam Shinto religion to be a religion of peace. Continue reading

FREEDOM: The Storm Still Rages

“Old forms of Government finally grow so oppressive that they must be thrown off even at the risk of reigns of terror.” ~ Herbert Spencer

snakeThe philosopher Thomas Hobbes is reported to have said, “Freedom is government in very small fragments.” On the 23rd of June, just two days ago, Britain voted to leave the European Union and be ruled by a smaller fragment of government. Perhaps they heard the echo of the voice of Winston Churchill and his admonishment to Charles de Gaulle in 1944 that if Britain were forced to choose between the rest of Europe and the “open sea” she must always choose the open sea. The battle of consolidation of government and the resultant loss of freedom in such an association has resulted in a rage for freedom throughout recorded history. America exists only because of this rage for freedom and the power which resides in the people known as nullification and separation. Continue reading

Vietnam vet pilot to be awarded Medal of Honor 50 years after he braved enemy machine gun fire to rescue 40 trapped soldiers in his badly damaged Huey

498_logo_thumbDateline June 24, 2016: As I post this column today – I am sitting looking over the Pacific Ocean just north of Morro Bay, California – looking in the direction of a country where Leonard Kizirian, Raymond Schacht and myself – served together some forty-eight years ago as a part of the 498th Med-Evac (Dust Off) Unit. Tomorrow will conclude one of many annual reunions which the three of us have spent together.

It is with this in mind that I choose to post this timely column – honoring one of our many brothers. Welcome home to all of our comrades ~ J.B.
Continue reading

How American Politics Went Insane

It happened gradually — and until the U.S. figures out how to treat the problem, it will only get worse…

unca scamIt’s 2020, four years from now. The campaign is under way to succeed the president, who is retiring after a single wretched term. Voters are angrier than ever—at politicians, at compromisers, at the establishment. Congress and the White House seem incapable of working together on anything, even when their interests align. With lawmaking at a standstill, the president’s use of executive orders and regulatory discretion has reached a level that Congress views as dictatorial—not that Congress can do anything about it, except file lawsuits that the divided Supreme Court, its three vacancies unfilled, has been unable to resolve.

On Capitol Hill, Speaker Paul Ryan resigned after proving unable to pass a budget, or much else. The House burned through two more speakers and one “acting” speaker, a job invented following four speakerless months…  Continue reading

Banning “Assault Weapons” Will Not Save Lives

ross_guns-1Last weekend, America regrettably witnessed one of the deadliest mass shootings in the country’s history at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in which 49 people were murdered and over 50 injured. The atrocity was carried out by a fanatic who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, using a civilian semi-automatic rifle, the Sig Sauer MCX. (Early reports that it was an AR-15 were mistaken.)

In the wake of this attack, many people have laid the blame on America’s relatively lax gun laws, arguing that so-called “assault weapons” (more appropriately known as semi-automatic rifles) and high-capacity magazines should be banned from civilian use. Continue reading

Gone Fishin’…

“Up a lazy river in the noon day sun…”


I guess that I was long overdue – far more than I realized. Sitting out on the deck of a house just north of Morro Bay, California. The surf is pounding onto the beach – which is better than the pounding in my head that has been going on for too long.

Will I post this week? I don’t know. Right now – I don’t really care. On the 28th of June – I will remember 21 years of broadcasting. For what have I continued to do this? What has changed? What has improved in the United states and around the world? What have we lost? What have we gained?

Change? Not much for the good – if anything.

Improvement? Nothing that I have found to be acceptable.

Gained? Tens of millions of illegal invaders and mixed bathrooms for all to share.

It is no more for me to answer. It’s up to you.

In the words of Barry Manilow, “What am I doing here…?”

For the moment – I am not.

Oh – and my “fishing partner” above?… only in my dreams.

Without Apology I am,