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Using Mass Migration to Commit Genocide

Coming SOON to an America Near You!

imvasionWorld War III is under way. It is not a typical war, fought with guns and munitions on the front lines. Nor do the armies of a million invaders carry firearms. But it is a world war—a race war—nonetheless, and its goal is to extinguish every last vestige of Christian and white civilization from the Earth. Far from an accident, it was long planned.

Sinister forces have cajoled and coerced Western political leaders into betraying their own peoples to a seething mass of foreigners, who are overwhelming societal structures and bringing about the collapse of entire cultures. It is a war of demography as destiny, driven forward by the imperialistic aggressions of the United States and Israel, as they destroy nations across North Africa and the Middle East, creating an artificial migration of peoples not seen on such a scale for nearly 2,000 years. Continue reading

Biesada: Glock Boy

Obama-Changes-Rules-on-Obamacare-AP-640x480I had to marvel at the resemblance of “Clock Boy,” (Ahmed Mohamed) and Glock Boy, Chris Mercer, the zombie shooter who murdered nine people, and wounded twice as many at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Ore. the other day.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mercer won’t be invited to the White House for dinner with Barack Obama, because he was shot dead by the police.

Maybe they can hold this Muzzies funeral there, then bury him at sea? Continue reading

Gaddy: Black Lives Matter; But Not to Black Leaders

black-lives-matterIn recent rants, I have noted the problems we as a country have inherited from two blatantly unconstitutional issues or programs; that being our Welfare State and the “War on Drugs.” Both of these programs have wide support among liberals and conservatives. Unfortunately, the majority of people have no problem with unconstitutional legislation that fits their desires or beliefs. For instance, while many local, regional and national farmers are most critical of food stamps and other forms of socialism, they have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the US Department of Agriculture’s “Conservation Reserve Program” (CRP) which provides farmers large taxpayer funded subsidies to not farm their land. (Both welfare whores and farmers are being paid to do nothing) Believe me; if a farmer protests other unconstitutional government programs, they sometimes receive not so subtle reminders of the “free money” they receive; money that is extracted from their fellow Americans by threat or coercion. Continue reading

How Democrats Milk America’s Safety Net

democrats milkingJust recently we received the State Audit Report on the Workforce Development System for the State of Washington. Reading it makes one to want to stomp on it, set fire to it, pour acid on it and go get the guys and gals that dream up such worthless, money sucking nonsense. The annual budget for this state program (remember this is just a program for one state) is over $1.1 Billion, a good portion of which comes from the federal public treasury and the rest of it is paid for by state taxpayers. Continue reading

Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints At Confiscation

Obama-Changes-Rules-on-Obamacare-AP-640x480When President Obama spoke in reaction to the heinous October 1 attack on Umpqua Community College, he went beyond his usual calls for more gun control and suggested instead that America consider following the path blazed by Australia and Great Britain.

In the mid-1990s Australia and Great Britain both instituted what were virtually complete bans on firearm possession.

Obama referenced the bans thus: Continue reading

Hope … As the House Gets A Shot of Penicillin

"Pull my finger!"

“Pull my finger!”

I was elated to hear that House Speaker John Boehner had finally resigned.

It’s like giving the House of Representatives a shot of penicillin, but it is obvious to the average citizen, that the maddening gushing, over Boehner’s resignation, shows a proclivity that Boehner’s brand of governance has contaminated the body politic like an HIV infection.

The hypocracy coming out of Washington D.C. is repulsive to the average American patriot. Boehner and his stooges have been complicit in pushing Barack Obama’s Marxist agenda to destroy America. Continue reading

The Muslim Invaders or The Barbarians at the Gates

muslim-invaderThe United States and our leaders should heed the historical record and listen to the reluctance of Eastern European leaders to admit the recent spate of hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” into their countries, because most of Eastern Europe views these “refugees” as invaders, rightly so. Muslim “refugees” have illegally breached the borders of several European Union nations, including Greece, Italy, Serbia and Hungary, and they have violently crashed the gates at Horgos-Rozke in Hungary, with arrogance and temerity, on their way to the Gates of Vienna and Germany and America; and as such, they are invaders in every sense of the word, who bring with them undeniable risks to every Western nation’s national security, and America must refuse to accept any Muslim “refugees” into our nation – these barbarians at the gates. Continue reading

DeWeese: It’s 1992 All Over Again

A New Agenda 21 Threatens Our Way of Life

screw_un_1If you had a time machine and could travel back to 1992 as the UN’s Earth Summit was underway, and you knew what you know now about Agenda 21, imagine the actions you could take to stop it in its tracks. You wouldn’t have to wonder what the NGOs who created it had in mind. You wouldn’t have to trust the news media to tell you the details. You would know, just as the NGO’s, Nancy Pelosi and all the others openly told you, Agenda 21 is a “comprehensive blue print” for the reorganization of human society.

They told you then, without hesitation, that Agenda 21 was aimed at destroying free enterprise. That is was a clarion call for humans to live on less. That the Earth could no longer sustain the United States of America. That’s what they told us, but so many weren’t listening. It took over 15 years to most to finally grasp it. And that was only after it was firmly entrenched in every government agency, every community plan, and every school curriculum. So much so than many now say it is impossible to combat. They whine that it’s a done deal. Continue reading

Dwyer: Malthusian Pope

Is Pope Francis A Sissy?

Is Pope Francis A Sissy?

Some 200 years ago, Thomas Malthus observed that any increase in handouts to the poor temporarily increased their living standards and translated, via their increased fertility, to their geometric population growth which, eventually, drove their living standards down back to where they were before the said increase of handouts took place.

The above observation, sometimes referred to as the Malthus Law, explains why is it so that the more effort and resources Americans put into the war on poverty that Lyndon Johnson waged the more effort and resources are needed to keep fighting it. Five decades of never-ending struggle, paired with estimated 20+ trillion dollars spent for that noble cause, supported with unprecedented advances of technology and unheard of economic growth, and we are still in square one. Continue reading

Hultberg: Alice’s Washington Wonderland

alice_in_wonderland__s__giardina_by_sinhalite-d5i7a38Government bureaucracies overwhelm our society today like locusts swarming over amber fields. Oppressive taxes stultify our waking hours from teen to twilight years. And the odorous rot of corruption eats away at even the honorable pillars of Washington as drab Machiavellians extend the tentacles of government everywhere. Yet despite such unbearable intrusiveness, our establishment pundits remain blithely impervious to the outrage of it all.

We are told by prominent foundation scholars that our nation is headed toward an “unlimited future of economic prosperity and social justice in a new world order of triumphant Americanism.” We are informed by Democratic savants in face of populist unrest in the heartland that “Americans don’t want less government, only more efficient government,” and by Republican schemers that “a spirit of bipartisanship rather than radical reduction of government is needed.” Continue reading

Driessen: Alarmists want skeptics prosecuted under RICO

Losing the climate science battle, climate alarmists want government to silence skeptics

PaulDriessen_2015They haven’t employed the thumb screws, rack or auto-da-fe that churches and states once used to interrogate, silence and eliminate heretics and witches. However, global warming alarmists are well practiced in the modern equivalents, to protect their $1.5-trillion Climate Crisis Industry.

They see only what they want to see, and publicize only what they want us to see. They refuse to debate anyone who questions the nature, severity or reality of “manmade climate change dangers” that are the foundation of their demands that we slash fossil fuel use, lower our living standards, and accept global government planning of economies and massive climate “adaptation and reparation” payments. Continue reading

Gaddy: Complaining Of Symptoms; Ignoring The Cause

statue-of-liberty-crying315Arguably, the most prevalent form of mental illness in this country is cognitive disconnect. People get totally lost when it comes to being able to rationally address cause and effect. Of course, mental acuity, when saturated with liberal doses of emotionalism and group think becomes feeble to non-existent.

The symptom I wish to address specifically is one that has been on the political table for decades: immigration. The causes, which are all too often ignored, are directly related to unconstitutional acts by our government. Many times these unconstitutional acts are wildly supported by a constitutionally ignorant population. Continue reading

The feminization of America accelerates as universities shame men for being men

SF-7The Left’s feminization of male culture in America is continuing unabated on campus after campus around the United States, with the most recent effort emanating from Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

The Media Research Center reports that the university’s Women’s Center is set to host a week-long event that will focus on lecturing men about a concept sponsors are calling “healthy masculinity,” whatever that is.

The lectures are part of “Healthy Masculinities Week”, in which the women’s center claims to be devoted to “Celebrating Women” while “Empowering All”. Continue reading

It Takes a Village Idiot!

“Cool clock Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House?” ~ President Barack Obama, September 16th 2016.

'lil ol' clockmaker, Ahmad

‘lil ol’ clockmaker, Ahmad

Once again, the propaganda media has misplaced it’s obnoxious anger on Donald Trump for not criticizing a man at his campaign stop for expressing his right to free speech.

Donald Trump has no business being a nanny, especially on a subject that he knows nothing about. The man could have been correct in his thinking about Barack Obama being a Muslim.

After all, if a person acts like a Muslim, walks with the Muslim Brotherhood, and quacks like a Muslim, chances are he might be a Muslim, but in this case, I believe that the man was trying to convey a warning that under Obama, there are Muslim training camps operating on our soil, but Trump cut him short because he knew it was a no win situation with the nauseous media present. Continue reading

The Handbook of Human Ownership

NWO-WelcomeThe enslavement of humanity is replete throughout history. The reason is simple. The nature of societies allows corrupt sociopaths and malicious methods of domination to rule. The chronicles of any era clearly documents that liberty is rare. Inherent Autonomy is the intrinsic nature of the human condition. However, in the eternal struggle to achieve individual freedom, governments operate as overseers in invented schemes to herd human beasts into inhuman subjugation. The rule of the rulers over the resistance of the ruled is reality.

Nevertheless, not all people are aware of this conflict. In today’s America, a huge majority actually believes it is sensible that governments have the ability to bestow rights and privileges. Continue reading

Insanity on Steroids!

Economies collapsing, Middle East imploding – and Obama & Pals obsess over … the climate!

PaulDriessen_2015The Middle East is imploding. Islamic State butchers are annihilating Christian and other communities. Putin is sending arms to Assad. Under the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, the mullahs will get $100+ billion to expand their proxy terror war on Israel and the West. Saudi Arabia has 100,000 empty air-conditioned tents but won’t take any of the millions who’ve been driven from their homes. Neither will most of the other 22 Arab League nations or 57 Organization of Islamic Cooperation member countries.

Instead, millions of mostly Muslim migrants, militants and refugees are heading to Europe – with limited money, education, job skills, or desire to assimilate. They demand entry into EU countries whose energy, economic, employment and welfare systems are already foundering or nearing collapse. Continue reading

The Politician Candidates Vs. the Private Sector Candidates for The Presidency of the United States

Stop kidding yourselves—politician candidates are all panhandlers, liars, and con-artists, maybe only one and possibly two private sector Republican candidates are worthy of the U.S. presidency.


Two down… ‘Bye!’

The Democrat Party is the Truth Party (T). The Democrats tell you up front that they are going steal & redistribute all of your possessions & destroy all semblances of sovereignty incurred by 3rd & 4th world perpetual invasions by design. Continue reading

Hillary: Hostile, Hollow, Harlot and Political Whore

A Republican politician was on the stump and decided to stop at a rural farmhouse to give his pitch. The area was known more for Democrats than it was for Republicans but he thought he might be able to change a mind or two. The farmer greeted the politician as he drove up and said, “What can I do you for?

bill and hillaryThe Republican says, “I’m a Republican running for the U. S. House and I wanted to share a few words with you, if that’s OK.”

The farmer said, “Sure, but hold on a minute there sonny, the Mrs. hasn’t seen no Republican before, let me fetch her.”

The farmer rushes into the house and drags the Mrs. out to see the Republican. The farmer says, “OK Republican, let’s hear what you’ve got to say?

The Republican looks for a podium from which he can make his pitch and sees a pile of the same stuff that Beth Truman spent 35 years trying to get Harry to call fertilizer… Continue reading

Ross: The Danger of Political Parties

ROSS_cvr_v1_webWith the 2016 presidential election getting into full swing people will be provided plenty of chances to see the candidates in action; campaigning, debating, and flooding the airwaves with ads either announcing their stance on the issues, or criticizing their opponents. Elections used to fascinate me until I began realizing that they are all just one big circus designed to give us the illusion that by voting we have the chance to truly make a difference. As Mark Twain so correctly, and cynically I might add, said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” Continue reading

Gaddy: Founders Seldom Heard

cropped-constitution_flag.pngWe hear on a regular basis from talking heads in government what our founders intended our government to be, but seldom, if ever, do we hear a candidate for public office quote our founders such as Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. With the possible exception of Ron Paul, I can’t remember hearing either one of the two mentioned at all in recent history. Why is that, one might ask?

Well, most politicians don’t want to quote anyone whose political philosophy contradicts almost everything they support, promise to do and campaign for. Continue reading

ROSS: In Dependence

sign_constitutionIn 1776 fifty-six men, acting as representatives for the original 13 colonies, voted in favor of a proposal that basically told their government to pack its shit up and get out of Dodge, that they didn’t need it anymore and could handle things just fine on their own. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a rash decision made just because the colonists got all butt hurt over something King George did. As the Declaration of Independence states, “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…Continue reading

Hultberg: Roots of Islamic Fanaticism

Nelson_Hultberg“Know thy enemy,” said Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese military strategist of the 6th century B.C. Wise words, indeed, and we need to apply them toward the Islamist enemies we face today. What is it that motivates their fanaticism, their worldview, their hatred of the West? There are several factors, but there is one that is primary. It is the ideology of Islam. Since it is ideology that is the main determinant of history, this is where we must start if we are to “know our enemy.”

Islamic cultures today differ from those in the West quite drastically, which is certainly in itself not a bad thing. The diversity of cultures is part of the majesty of human civilization. But only if those differences are sane and peaceful. Is Islamic culture sane and peaceful? Let’s find out. Continue reading

A Southerner’s response to Arrogant Ignorance

mccutchen_15Fort Smith School Board President Deanie Mehl came South looking for employment and found it.

With the above in mind, why is she so filled with anger and disdain aimed at the South and all things Southern?

She has been contemptuous, at least in her mind, by describing some local citizens as Rebels & Rednecks.

What President Mehl fails to understand is the fact that the words Rebel & Redneck are two of the most honorable words in the English language. Continue reading

DeWeese: It’s 1992 All Over Again

A New Agenda 21 Threatens Our Way of Life

deweese_tIf you had a time machine and could travel back to 1992 as the UN’s Earth Summit was underway, and you knew what you know now about Agenda 21, imagine the actions you could take to stop it in its tracks. You wouldn’t have to wonder what the NGOs who created it had in mind. You wouldn’t have to trust the news media to tell you the details. You would know, just as the NGO’s, Nancy Pelosi and all the others openly told you, Agenda 21 is a “comprehensive blue print” for the reorganization of human society. Continue reading

How Deep Is The Rabbit Hole?

“We have come to a point in time where using common sense, speaking factual truths and asking honest questions have been deemed radical behavior. While in turn, manipulation, thoughtlessness and dishonesty is often rewarded and rules the day.” ~ Gary Hopkins

rabbit hole_foHuman beings are often strange creatures. I say this because far too often we place such blind trust and faith in people that we close our eyes and ears to anything which might prove that our trust was placed in someone who was unworthy of it. It’s not that we really care whether someone we have never met is proven to be a liar or a scoundrel, it is more that we do not dare question our own ability to make sound judgments regarding whom to trust. That is what frightens us, facing the realization that we can be fooled and misled. It frightens us because it then causes us to begin second guessing all future choices we make. Continue reading

Destroyed by the Largest Bait and Switch Scam in History

“I solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

gaddy as-sgtrockWhat would you call the person who foolishly trades away their individual rights as defined in the Bill of Rights and also traded away all of their rights as guaranteed by their creator? To make it even worse, what if that person actually paid to have their rights destroyed and then embraced and worshiped the people who stole those rights?

An overwhelming majority of the people who have worked most diligently to destroy this country and its republican form of government have taken a sacred oath to do exactly the opposite of what they have accomplished. They took the oath that is quoted in the opening of this article. Continue reading

Smith: A Heaven or Hell Decision

“To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience. It is not a light issue for me. It is a Heaven or Hell decision.” ~ Kim Davis

Smith_washingtopnAmerica was founded on religious freedom and the right to sustain and protect one’s beliefs and conscience, and yet, the American people were recently forced to bear witness to one of the most ignominious and unconscionable acts perpetrated by the third branch of government, the judiciary, in over 150 years, as a U.S. citizen was jailed for staying true to her own Christian belief and her conscience.

With the Ten Commandments still carved in stone above the entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court, Kim Davis, a Christian Democrat and Rowan County Clerk (Kentucky), was jailed by U.S. District Judge David Bunning on September 3, 2015 for contempt of court. He erroneously asserted that Mrs. Davis “arguably [violated the First Amendment] by openly adopting a policy that promotes her own religious convictions at the expense of others,” because she steadfastly has refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. Continue reading

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”: The Loss of Our Freedoms In The Wake Of 9/11

“Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.” ~ Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

vendettaWhat began with the passage of the USA Patriot Act in October 2001 has snowballed into the eradication of every vital safeguard against government overreach, corruption and abuse. Since then, we have been terrorized, traumatized, and acclimated to life in the American Surveillance State.

The bogeyman’s names and faces change over time, but the end result remains the same: our unquestioning acquiescence to anything the government wants to do in exchange for the phantom promise of safety and security has transitioned us to life in a society where government agents routinely practice violence on the citizens while, in conjunction with the Corporate State, spying on the most intimate details of our personal lives. Continue reading