The Invasion Continues… July 9, 2018

Inmigración Chronicles


Pocahontas Just Lied About Why Kids at the Border Are Being Given DNA Tests
Not surprisingly, her characterization about why children at the border are receiving DNA tests is false. Federal immigration authorities are conducting DNA tests because it’s the only way to tell if adults traveling with children are actually parents. Much of the time, adults are strangers paired to unaccompanied children by smugglers… (Continue to full article)

Wait – How Many Immigrants Are On Welfare Again?
About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report… (Continue to full article)

Mercer: Separated From My Child—And Nobody Cares
America’s immigration policy—driven as it is by policy makers and enforces—exalts and privileges those of low moral character. It rewards law-breakers, giving them the courtesy and consideration not given to high-value, legal immigrants…(Continue to full article)

Immigration Anarchists Vs. National Security
Just when you thought you’d heard and seen it all, members of the Looney Left have shown that there is no end to the insanity and depravity that they would foist upon America and Americans… (Continue to full article)

IRS Defends Giving Refunds to Illegal Immigrants
illegal immigrants who get a social security number can go back and apply for a refund through the earned income tax credit. He said this is due to President Barack Obama’s executive order on illegal immigration, calling it unconstitutional and unfair. “It’s unfair to taxpayers that noncitizen illegals are gonna get this bonus that […] their tax money’s gonna be used for…” (Continue to full article)

Credibility Crisis: Media Trumpets Allegation of Child Migrant Abuse, Fails to Mention it Happened Under Obama
Democrats demanded that Trump, and Trump alone, “fix” the child separation problem through executive action — even as they simultaneously endorsed a reckless, shoddy, totally unworkable bill that was so badly written that its provisions are already sparking deserved political attacks against those who blindly backed it… (Continue to full article)

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