4 thoughts on “Bitch! Bitch McConnell

  1. Goldbug

    These Congress swamp rats all LIE all the time. They know the masses have been “deliberately” dumbed down, so they won’t know the truth about anything they say. McConnel and his wife, Elaine Chao (shipping magnate family) are getting filthy rich in their positions of power, so Mitch will continue lying through his teeth until the people of Kentucky have had enough of him.

  2. Fergus

    Americans are pretty stupid. Most, I’d say 95%, are unaware that the SCOTUS has declared several times that the USG has zero obligation to pay out social security benefits should it end the policy for any reason.

    So dream on fools, the same government that pays illegals wants to cut the benefits you have paid for, been taxed for once prior to getting them, and will be taxed again when you get them.

    And you fools don’t even complain.

  3. Travis B.

    Career polticians need be put out to pasture.

    Makes me wonder why we, the U.S. taxpayers, love Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum? Oh, that’s right Republicans and Democrats HATE competition; first, they loath threats to their power so the Reps & Dems got together in a sticky lovefest to arbitrarily make a 15% threshold rule for 3rd party candidates. Second, the Commissars of Reps and Dems made a Faustian pact with each other to steal 3rd party ideas/keep 3rd party candidates out of debates and claim these ideas as their own. By the way, I want more than crumbs and would work for more than crumbs. Third, it gets even better when the political duopoly incest with each other to create hackable voting machines without a paper trail and no paper receipts for we, the voters. Blind faith IS NOT worth a pile of dung. Fourth, better still the Reps and Dems give themselves raises via 27th Amendment. I DO NOT like getting peed on as I’m not into golden showers. Fifth, keeps getting better the Reps and Dems have insured themselves three golden parachutes: a handsome retirement, “lawful” insider trading, and benefits for life. Last time I checked each of their ashes upon death are worth same amount as mine. Sixth, lastly the Reps and Dems have acquiesced their duty of insuring we, the people, have sound money to a foreign corporation that’s not beholden to the U.S. people & government.

    I speak as a man, not as a sheep.


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