June 18, 2018: …and the beat goes on! ~ Late Edition

~ Foreword ~
The *solution* to this separation of parents and children is Oh So Simple.

Those *mothers* who are dragging their children over all those miles in their attempt to ILLEGALLY ENTER the USA need to STOP – Stop dragging their children up here and then they won’t have to face having their children separated from them. The parties GUILTY of having the children separated sits directly on the *mothers* who bring them here.

If the TSA can separate your bottle of water or some other item from you when you plan to get on an airplane because it violates the RULES of what you can bring on the plane then why is this topic of separating children from the *adults* who try to bring them in a big deal? This is NOT a new rule or one that these *mothers* aren’t aware of at the time they take that first step to head North to ILLEGALLY enter the USA. With all the child trafficking that goes on we have no proof that these children even belong to the *mothers* who are claiming them.

As I stated in one of my rants yesterday – Send all those *ENABLERS* who are training these ILLEGALS on how to CON the BP agents of wanting and needing asylum as they FEAR staying where they came from to take their programs to the native lands and teach them how to apply for entry from their home country and then WAIT for PERMISSION to come to America LEGALLY. All those who are now teaching these ILLEGALS how to CON the game need to be arrested, charged and prosecuted for aiding and abetting criminal acts.

The media is doing all they can to assist this ILLEGAL INVASION with their coverage of the protests and the EMOTIONAL cries about separating families. This is a SELF INFLICTED ACT – When someone knowingly stands at the edge of a cliff and then falls over it – that is a KNOWN danger and I hold no sympathy for those who fall over the cliff.

Furthermore, as I have previously stated – if it is ASYLUM these people are seriously wanting they should have stopped in Mexico or one of the Central American countries they passed thru on their way to the USA border to seek asylum. Since they ignored that option it isn’t ASYLUM they are after – it is ENTRY TO AMERICA and all the GOODIES they can get here that they can’t get in Mexico or the other countries. It isn’t *ASYLUM* they are seeking – it is the free goodies they have been told they can get once they get over the border.

Please send this far and wide – let’s expose the real game going on and those who are pushing this EMOTIONAL CON GAME.

Jackie Juntti (Granny)
WGEN idzrus@earthlink.net 

Steve Vaus ~ We Must Take America Back

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One thought on “June 18, 2018: …and the beat goes on! ~ Late Edition

  1. Fergus

    I don’t give a damn about law breakers. I don’t give a rat’s ass about people who are more concerned about the medical benefits for illegals than US veterans. I am repulsed that there are people who don’t care American families are split up when crimes are committed but believe there is an exemption for foreigners.

    I am disgusted that there are so many race hustlers who don’t give a damn about the problems legal immigrants have to go through but can’t do enough for illegals.

    Finally I am appalled that anyone would compare these criminals with my ancestors. My ancestors came here legally, they were not criminals, they did not ask for government handouts, they did not wave the flags of the country they fled. My ancestors were proud to be Americans.

    I am ashamed of those people claiming to be Americans that seek to destroy our heritage, our laws, our society, our freedoms through lawlessness.


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