Huge surge in kids poisoned by ADHD pills

Why aren’t celebrities talking about this instead of spouting off about gun control? We should be looking for REASONS our kids are so messed up.

The rate of kids being poisoned by ADHD medications – accidentally and intentionally – has soared since 2000 – with thousands of under-6s taking them accidentally as teens use them to get high. (Continue reading on Victory Over Cancer…)

One thought on “Huge surge in kids poisoned by ADHD pills

  1. Goldbug

    Why don’t the lefties talk about the fact that this is all part of an ongoing DEPOPULATION PLAN? The psycho psychiatrist who penned the “disorder” now known as ADHD, on his deathbed, admitted he made it up, that there is no such illness .. just kids who are more active than others and mostly bored.


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