…the value of a single human being

…and so what makes our current form of government any different than that being addressed in this amazing film from 1961. There was never an actor before nor since like Spencer Tracy. Yes – the lines were merely dialog written by an individual – but Tracy could deliver those lines from the heart – and make you BELIEVE what he was saying.

I once used this “script” to close a six-hour broadcast series I had done entitled “FascUNism: Judgement on Washington“, written by Stephen Norling – the Knifeman. It still fits today…

When law becomes corrupt, sadistic and criminal, it is up to each individual to stand up, speak out and fight for JUSTICE. Life, love, liberty and justice must ALWAYS prevail against a corrupt government!!! Every individual owes it to our fellow man to stand up for crimes against humanity!

Today, we continue to delve into one “war” after another, including the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs and the War on the American People. To governments all over the world – there is NO “value of a single human being.” All is lost…

I’ll see you at Sundown,

2 thoughts on “…the value of a single human being

  1. Fergus

    Seldom have I seen an actor star in so many awful, propaganda movies. He made few truly good films and many stinkers that don’t hold up.

    1. The Publisher Post author

      Well Fergus – consider that in the scheme of things – nearly EVERYTHING out of Gollywood is propaganda – in one form or another. Every film has something to sell. The difference is – that you and and I only buy what we are looking for – yet most people buy all of the BS that is flashed in front of them. It’s kind of like the politics of the day – the people keep buying their brand of shit, whereas most readers of this publication do not.

      Remember when you went to school and first learned how to count? We learned “one, two, three, four…“? There are others who were taught “one million, two million, three million, four mill….” well – you get the idea. PROPOGANDA at its finest.

      I consider the above on it’s own as a ‘Point Blank’ commentary. There are a few others, which I will post in the future – and yes – even others by Tracy. I post them to get people to think outside of the box – away from the rest of the propaganda that the film makers tried to sell. See you soon brother – and NOT necessarily at the movies.


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