USS Arizona: December 7, 1941

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There are times when a visitor to the site lands on something that has been around for awhile. The following is such a column, and was visited in the early hours of this day of republication, but it has far greater meaning than just the title of the column. Originally published on the Federal Observer – the time has come to bring it back to the forefront of the page for your consideration. It matters not who America’s Presidents have been before, or since that “Day in Infamy” just over six years before my birth, nor does it matter who resides in the White House on this day – the games never seem to end. It matters not who wins or who loses in congressional nor presidential elections – it is ‘We the People‘ who continue to lose.

Thanks for reminding us all Granny. ~ Editor

As I read the few posts reminding us of what December 7, 1941 was I am struck by a few things.  One is that on Dec. 7, 1941 we knew it was the Japanese who were bombing our men.  I am one of those who do not believe it was a *sneak* attack but one that was well known by the White House.

I do not believe it was Al Qaeda that was behind the Sept. 11, 2001 attack in New York City.  I believe, after reading many reports and opinions, that it was another of the ENEMY WITHIN operations to keep the American people in a state of FEAR of others and to make sure they do not investigate the real enemy that resides within this OCCUPATION FORCE that controls what we call our American government.

I do not believe that any other nation on this earth had or has the ability to destroy America.  This had and has to be accomplished by the ENEMY WITHIN.  That Trojan Horse filled with weapons of more than MASS destruction.  The OCCUPATION FORCE IN WDC and State capitols.

Deception at every turn, control of the media to ensure the people are fed just enough daily to keep them on edge, unable to clearly think.  Fill them with sleazy *news* of entertainers and their lives.  Create an economy that forces both parents to work so that the children are placed in the care of others, thus breaking that family bond.  Pump up inflation to devalue the dollar and increase the price of goods.  Create diseases and chemical medications to further blur the minds of those who would otherwise resist this chicanery.  Use the military as guinea pigs for medical experiments and other technological weapons  (EMP).  Keep repeating that it is Patriotic to invade another land and kill the people who live there under the pretense that they hate us and want to kill us, and that you are protecting America by doing so.  Give tax exemptions to the religious community so that the government can control what is preached from the pulpits.  Set up a government agency to APPROVE foods and drugs so that the poisons can be granted the appearances of being SAFE when the fact is they are killing those who consume them.  Set up a *Homeland Security Agency* to ensure that the borders of America are held wide open for foreign operatives to enter while Americans are sexually molested at airports, train and bus depots, as well as other locations, under the PRETENSE of it being for their SAFETY.  Place a foreign ILLEGAL in the White House and then prosecute those who refuse to comply with orders (LTC LAKIN) from that fraud Obama.  Silence one way or another all questions related to the eligibility of Obama to even be in America much less sit as the president.

How many LIES do people have to be fed before they begin to PUKE it all up and go after the ones forcing this vomit down our throats?  How many Waco’s?  How Many Ruby Ridges?  How many other Occupation Force attacks on Legal, law abiding Americans do you have to stand by and watch before you rise up and fight back?  Most get far more angry over not getting cell phone bars than they do over their neighbors being attacked under the color of unconstitutional laws.  That is America Today.  A big difference from the America of Dec. 7, 1941.

Jacki Juntti (Granny)
December 10, 2010

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juntii_thumbJacki Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at

10 thoughts on “USS Arizona: December 7, 1941

  1. John W. Slagle

    Thanks Jeff,
    On this date, I always read from my U.S.S. Tennessee Cruise Book written December 7, 1941 through December 7, 1945. The Tennesse under command of Captain C.E. Reordan was one of eight battleships which participated in the battle against Japanese zeros. The battleships California, Maryland, Tennesse, Arizona and Nevada were all moored in sigle file at Ford Island in the middle of Peral Harbor.At 7:55 a.m.wave after wave of attacking war planes dropped bombs on the fleet. At or about 8:00 a.m. the U.S.S. Arizona astern from the Tennessee exploded after a bomb dropped down her funnel igniting the forward magazine storage.Over a thousand ships’s crew were killed including Rear Admiral Issac Kidd and Captain Franklin Valenburg.

    For the next forty minutes the Tennessee was the center of a whirlwind of bombs and bullets. The zeros opened up with machine guns in low flying attacks. The ships gun crews fought with gallantry and in a most tenacious and determined manner. Volleys from the Tennessee’s anti=aircraft batteries did not provide an easy prey for Japanese airmen. Four ships crewmen were killed, 36 wounded in the attack. Two bombs hit the Tennessee. In the war that followed, the battleship shot down 16 enemy planes and sank 8 Japanese naval vessels in the battle of Surigao Straits.

    One of the ship’s company crewman was Howard Slagle, MM1C. Sergant Major Roger M. Emmons, U.S. Marine detachment was one of many heros on the Tennesse who provided the eye witness narrative at Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Arizona.

    God bless our veterans, past and present. Our greatest generation made this nation by blood, sweat and sacrifice few can comprehend today. I’m very proud of all our troops who served from WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, to the Gulf. Semper Fi.

    1. richard sauerheber

      Thanks for the comments. My dad was also on Tennessee, gunners mate turret three. He wrote that all five of his turret crew were killed when a bomb’s burster charge exploded on top of the turret. Other survivors informed me that another man on turret two Tennessee was also killed by a similar bomb hit there, the same bomb that mortally wounded West Virginia Captain Bennion. The Arizona Memorial recognizes 5 killed on Tennessee, but I suspect there were six.
      Also the lethal bomb hit on Arizona appeared to some to have gone down the stack, but actually it broke thourgh the foredeck and ignited powder that exploded her forward magazine.

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  4. hippybiker

    Thank you Granny! It is tragic that our society has become so dumbed down that they don’t even understand the history of their own country, or their Civic responsibility to the same. Tragic, indeed! hb

  5. The Publisher Post author

    Since the original publication of the above commentary, we have lost two of the original commentators on this article. In the early months of 2018 we sadly lost our good friend and great American, John W. Slagle. In early April, a dedicated colleague, ‘Osh’ – sometimes know as ‘Deputy Dawg’ of congestive heart failure. I never knew anyone who tried so hard and put so much effort into spreading the word to all those who would listen or read besides Chris Hambleton (his real name).

    In addition since the original publication of this article, we have also lost numerous writers and columnists to this Blog including, Alan Caruba, J.D. Longstreet and Sandra Miller. They are all greatly missed – but not forgotten. Our time is coming and I’ll see you at Sundown.

  6. Mark

    To buddies who have crossed the hill
    Whose laughter once rang loud and clear
    This moment finds us bowed and still
    Because you do not answer: HERE!

    I was born December 7th 1949.

    My Dad was a WW2 Navy Vet, enlisting in 1944 days after he turned 17. He was a 20mm gunner on an aircraft carrier. His ship was heading towards Japan when the first nuke went down. He always said Truman made the right decision and maybe saved both of our lives. I agree.

    I knew as a boy I was born to be a GRUNT – A MUD MARINE. It was a boyhood dream I got to live….and survive. I had announced that to my family in 1963 at the age of 13 after watching the movie THE DI staring Jack Webb. I watched the movie over and over and then became fascinated with the Marine Corps researching their storied history.

    I became an expert on the Life of Chesty Puller.

    I never wavered and yearned for the experience and enlisted at 18 just out of HS.

    (Long gap in time)

    I have always dismissed the theory that Pearl Harbor was known by Roosevelt…and 911 was an inside job.

    I no longer dismiss the possibility of both?

    This is a huge sea change for me…but after vetting Obama on my own in 2007…to the day he left office (thank you Jesus) in 2017, and investigating world history… I realize that the other two were possible?

    Flashback….My December 7th Marine Corps Boot Camp story.

    I was in Parris Island in 68…about the 2nd pukes…lower then whale shit… were standing at attention in front of our bunks reading the General Orders while the 3 Drill Instructors were reading folders. A brief calm moment in a turbulent storm. Evidently the folders held data on us.

    Suddenly, one of our Smokey the Bear Dark Angels got excited and called the other two over angerly pointing at the folder he held while cursing out loud about Pearl Harbor. Evidently my folder or a folder with my B-Day in it.

    Then they descended upon me like a pack of viscous Lions on a young gazelle.

    One in each ear…one in my face…their raging spittle assaulting my face in righteous indignation over me (PRIVATE SHIT FOR BRAINS) having the gaul to be born on the anniversary of the greatest Naval disaster in the history of our country!!!!

    As I was pumping out endless push ups with the 3 of them squatting down screaming at me I thought back to every DI scene in the movie THE DI I loved and kept my expression dead panned and grim and my arms pumping out push-ups. (I arrived in PI in serious push-up shape).

    It was a glorious moment in my movie!

  7. Jackie Juntti

    One of my uncles was blown off the Arizona – pulled out of the water to another ship and blown off that one to another where he was rescued. He died a few years ago after going to the Arizona ceremonies every year.
    My older half brother was a Marine stationed at the Marine base on Oahu and was given orders to go with another Marine to find and capture a German Spy, which he did, all while overhead the Japs were bombing Oahu. I have a news article that told the story. It is why I have always remembered this date.
    I was almost two years old when this happened.

  8. Mark


    Wow, your Uncle’s survival was amazing!

    The German spy incident sounds fascinating.

    I was stationed at the Marine Air Station in 1970 for a short while after serving in Nam and got to visit the memorial.


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