One thought on “Sowell on Slavery

  1. Mark

    One of the problems with the race discussion is the lack of historical knowledge. Another one is white liberal guilt. Then there are the Race Hustlers and too many professional victims. Throw in our first bi-racial President who embodied the personification of Rules for Radicals for 8 torturous years…and here we are!


    Native Americans were the first slaves in the New World. It was very difficult to keep them under control and it was impossible to retrieve them if they ran away (they knew the land much better than the colonists). So, the colonists began to capture Natives and trade them for African slaves. Native Americans who were traded found themselves in Europe, Asia, and Africa. This is only partially true, the first slaves were indentured peoples mostly children from Ireland and England (orphans). As in the case of most accounts of history poor people are not represented.

    Some other Europeans were given a lift to the new world in exchange for work (indentured). This period was supposed to be seven years, most were never released before their deaths.

    Most Black slaves actually came from the over populated West Indies, not Africa. Children and the Irish were much cheaper than Africans. It was not until the late 17th and 18th century that Africans first came to America. The actual numbers were far greater for Caucasian and Native Americans than were blacks when it came to slavery.

    The myth of the indentured servant is just that. The American West was built on the bodies of the Irish not the coolies of China or the Slaves of Africa. Fact, there were very few blacks in the west until after the civil war.


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