May 10, 2018

Another California City Joins Suit Against State’s Sanctuary Policies
The city council of Santa Clarita, California, voted to join the federal lawsuit against the state’s sanctuary city law. The suit has been joined by several Orange County cities, as well as the county government itself. Santa Clarita is the first city in Los Angeles County to challenge the law… (Continue to full article)

The ‘Russian Collusion’ Trial Is On, And Mueller May Be The First Casualty
Lawyers for Russian company Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, formally entered a “not guilty” plea in federal court Monday in a case special counsel Robert Mueller probably never thought would happen… (Continue to full article)

Infallibility of our own version of Law unto ourselves and imposed on others?
We are at a dangerous stage of decay in our Constitutional Republic where the autocrats, plutocrats, oligarchs and demagogues hold more sway than the people… (Continue to full article)

High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University
While a shortage of workers is pushing wages higher in the skilled trades, the financial return from a bachelor’s degree is softening, even as the price — and the average debt into which it plunges students — keeps going up… (Continue to full article)

Why isn’t Michael Avenatti in jail?
The Whore’s Attorney is worse than a PIMP…. He is a THIEF as well… (Continue to full article)

Her “Little Pink House” Was Her Castle Until The Government Said It Wasn’t
Little Pink House … recounts the true story of Susette Kelo and her working-class neighbors in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood of New London, Conn., whose homes were seized by eminent domain to clear the way for an upscale private development at the behest of Pfizer, the Big Pharma colossus… (Continue to full article)

Mansfield teacher was accused of promoting a ‘homosexual agenda.’ Now she’s suing
When will the Dyke’s, Fairies and Tranny’s and their agenda going to be put in their place???… (Continue to full article)

Cornell University student presents thesis in bra, underwear to protest against ‘oppressive beliefs’
Looney Tunes just like her mother… (Continue to full article)

Feds probing how Stormy lawyer got Cohen’s banking info
Slime ball gentile lawyer…I wonder who he studied law under; maybe Ringkle, Dingkle, and Finkelstein… (Continue to full article)

New Jersey Residents Who Own Firearms Now Face Eviction
One of the largest housing developers in New Jersey, RPM Development Group, issued the new policy to its millions of tenants this week amid huge backlash from civil rights groups… (Continue to full article)

Scientists say life begins at conception with a burst of fluorescence
Abortion advocates often claim as a defense of abortion that no one can really, truly define the moment life begins. Without knowing that, they say, there’s no real argument against abortion. Consider, for example… (Continue to full article)

Steve Vaus ~ We Must Take America Back

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2 thoughts on “May 10, 2018

  1. Mike

    We must take America back??? Huh.

    Non-politician and hero-of-the-average-working-man Donald John Trump was elected.

    Did you not feel America was taken back?

    Trump promised to drain the swamp.
    Immediately, he fired (and did not replace) hundreds of career civil servants. Then, of the two thousand appointed positions, he left most of them unfilled by never submitting a candidate.

    Is that not “swamp draining”?

    His cabinet appointments are nearly all billionaires. None of them have knowledge of the job to which they are appointed. Is that not what you wanted?

    1. The Publisher Post author

      Mike – I have made it pretty clear that I really am not a fan of Trump’s, nor was I of Hillary’s. Let me ask you a question – at what point, and under which President or political party control were you ever happy.

      Didn’t your mama give you a teat to suck on when you were a baby? You are the most miserable piece of shit of a human being that I have ever come across. There is not a single thing on this Blog that appeases you.

      You have reached the end of your road here.

      Goffaq Youseff, Publisher


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