Our Soap Opera Government

Well, if any-one thinks daytime television is their passion, then you should be very interested in today’s Political life. You will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.

There are divorces, affairs, pedophiles, and oh yes, love-children (remember Mr. Edwards?).

Then we have the high school mentality, constantly changing their opinion, depending on what’s popular. A better term would be Hypocrite. Of course, we have the “Bullies” (in Congress), always making threats and promises to “underlings” just to get their vote. Right next to the Bullies we find the persuasive Lobbyists taking advantage of the “greedy” and paying for special favors.

Why is it there is very little, if any, followup to these scenarios’. As soon as another ‘juicy’ story gets attention by the Media, everyone hops on the bandwagon for their brief, but lasting notoriety.

Now, who, or what is to blame for this ridiculous trend? I blame mostly the Media.

Also, we the public, must take some of the blame. The Media is led by the wants and desires of the public. And then, of course, the Corporations, always worrying about the ‘bottom line’. The Advertisers, constantly pushing to get their product on ‘the screen’, the billboards, in magazines, and wherever and whenever they can.

So, I guess we can all share in the blame. So how do we reverse the trends, or do we?

No one wants to be the odd man out. We all conform mostly. But how about being an individual. Sometimes we act like the “rats” following the Pied Piper.

Life is not beautiful and great, and wholesome, as we might want. Many have more, many have less. All told, though, we must admit that life in these United States is certainly much better all around than any other Nation on Earth.

I can only proffer that perhaps we, as individuals, should start to act like individuals. Then maybe some of the “rats” will follow. Maybe there will be so many less “rats”.

Our Democratic Republic must survive this current onslaught of One World promoters. Of youngsters and others less fortunate, those who will do anything to conform; those who will follow to avoid responsibility.

We must promote the American Dream.

We need borders, we need laws to be enforced. We cannot be the melting pot for the undesirables’ and lazy in our World. We must, instead of encouraging the less fortunate on Earth to come en-mass to our shores, encourage them to work together to improve their own lot in life. The Politicians that push against the Immigration Laws are only doing so for personal gain. They could care less about these people.

Disagree?? Read the History of America and more of it.

Put it back into our schools; educate our youth; instead of so much exposure to Video games and movies that are so readily available on many electronic devices.

The good life has to be put aside. We must work again to renew and restore our Republic to its’ place on the shelf of time, as put there by our Founders and Forefathers. Those who fought so hard for our future.

Be an individual! Stand up and be counted, through you voice and your vote.

Written by Jean Coulard and published by iPatriot ~ April 16, 2018.

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