Seattle Police Begin NAZI STYLE Gun Confiscation

No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges

A man in Seattle has had his gun confiscated by police after breaking no laws. The police took his gun without a warrant and without pressing any charges. Tyranny has officially taken hold on American soil.

This sets a precedent that government can now forcefully take guns away from an individual without a crime being committed or an arrest being made and without a warrant. In the name of fear and political exploitation of anti-gun rhetoric, a citizen’s Second Amendment rights have been ripped away from him by the government.

The new “red flag” law, which has taken hold in other states already, allows the courts and law enforcement to take away guns from individuals they deem are dangerous and they’ve just begun the confiscation. A man living in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Washington became the first individual in the state to have his firearm confiscated without any formal arrest or charges. The man was not identified by authorities.

Neighbors complained that the man had been “staring at people through storefront windows while wearing a holstered firearm. He was not brandishing his weapon by any account, and open carrying is legal in the area, so he was abiding by the law. Other residents also complained that the man’s open carrying made them feel “uncomfortable” and “unsafe.”

“He was roaming the hallways with a .25 caliber automatic,” said Tony Montana, a man who lives in the same apartment complex as the gun owner and a person without any reasonable gun knowledge. Handguns are semi-automatic.

These lousy complaints from neighbors allowed police to use the newly passed state law to confiscate the man’s firearm because the man apparently stared at others. Maybe there’s a ban on staring at others in Washington we are unaware of. Under the extreme risk protection orders — also referred to as “erpos” or “red flag laws” — police (government officials) are now allowed to violate a person’s Second and Fourth Amendment rights (which are basic fundamental human rights) and take their legally acquired personal property if they are tattled on by offended liberals.

Tyranny has now taken hold on American soil.

Written by Mac Slavo and published by SHTF ~ March 6, 2018.

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5 thoughts on “Seattle Police Begin NAZI STYLE Gun Confiscation

  1. When Ijnustice Takes Hol

    Whoever wrote the sujbect in the e-mail needs to eo wome reweardcdh. You see, Germany did NOT confiscate weapons from Germans. In fact, he made it easier for Germans to buy and keep firearms.
    Every country, including the USA, take forearms from those they put in concentration camps and from pisoners of any type. Or, do you know about the thousands of Japanese taken by force from their homes and put in camps here in the land of the free, evern though they were American citizens?

    Do you know that the Jewish declared war on Germany in 1933 anr tried to force all countries to quit trading with Germany

    I suggest you listen and read everything David Irving has done during the last 40 years. His lectures posted on youtube are a good start. search for him, world war II and the truth about Hitler and teh awful holocaust carried out against germans by the brits, ameridcans, french and the bolshevik jews of Russia under the psycopath stalin. Search, for example, for Eisenhower and his death camps in which he starved to death 1.5 million prisoners of war. and for the terror bombing of German cities long before Germany droppeed bombs intentionally on civilian populations and, for truth’s sake, get the truth on the true purpose of German concentration camps, especially the most named, Auschwitz.

    Read HELLSTORM. Get the truth and then comment. Very little of the truth about WW I and WW II is known by the American ;public with greater and greater lies taught to our young by th people who butchered truth before, during, and after the wars, with the ggody two shoes Allies violaing all laws of makind and humanity during wars started by governmnent for the benefit of a few psychos that make billions upon billion from the wars and from their fabrications in information sourdces owned by them.

    Otherwise, we will continue falling into the abyss of their creation with no way out except death.

    Pardon any typos = I was up all night researching the treatments for Autism and the cures for Diabetes and the infomration pharma and government absolutely do not want people yo kmow and my eyes are shot in regars to this small print.

  2. Günter Tretrop

    The are busy disarming innocent, law obeying, legally armed citizens, but are unable to prevent mass shootings (even after being tipped off several times)!

  3. Mark

    The stark divisions in the country over the 2nd Amendment are just increasing the polarizing RED Vs. BLUE impending clash, that in my opinion will be two things…BIG & UGLY.


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