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  1. Jackie Juntti

    Not just one AMEN but a hundred!!!!!
    I forecast the femization of the males back when the NAGS (National Womens Org.) started forming. their entire goal was to pussyfy the males and they have been more than succesful.

    Then the Sodomites and Lesbians stepped forward to increase the failure of males being MEN not just bodies that had a penis to pee with. Now we have the bunch that have no clue as to WHAT they are.

    MENTAL ILLNESS is a serious epidemic in America and I put a good part of the root of that at the failure of MEN to be MEN – not some caricature of a man.

  2. Kevin

    And I hate it, when I see a man trying to look like a woman and even dressing like a woman … I hate it !

    Why do we allow this shameful disgrace to be shoved into our face by these stupid men ?

    I think its time to lay claim to the first amendment and file a class complain to the highest court in the land and openly declare our rage and anger towards these perverts and against the courts for allowing these disgraceful shameful clowns to act like this in the public … ! because really, this a public disgrace !

    Anyone wanna join me and draw up a complaint ? How men real true men do we need to sign the complaint to get the courts attendants ?

  3. Jackie Juntti

    Gee Mike

    Are you a tranny or just an idiot?

    I am a female who wants my Man to be a MAN not a pussy whipped limp wristed nothing.

    It is obvious you are NOT a **MAN**.

  4. Mark

    “IF” you weren’t such a brainwashed Libtard you would realize the following:

    1. The article said nothing about women…didn’t mention them one time.

    2. It was about the so far successful intentional social engineering attack on boys/men and masculinity, started in the 60’s by the Femi Nazis, the public school system, the radical Left and aided and abetted by the Unholy Trinity: Big Media, Academia and Hollywood. (See atheists have a Trinity too!)

    3. It highlighted traditional characteristics and responsibilities of men from “the Garden of Eden” on.
    The metro sexual Soy boys prancing around today would make me laugh if they weren’t so sad and lost and hopeless in their masculine confusion and brainwashed behavior and dress.

    “The feminist hatred for masculinity is only another tool in the toolbox of communism. Masculinity tends to make a man individualistic. Individualistic men are capitalists, not communists. They are men who cherish individual liberty, and they rely on themselves rather than on government. Self-reliance is a four-letter word for leftists, and masculine men are generally self-reliant. Beta males like Pajama Boy rely on government, and such modern men, devoid of any semblance of masculinity, are ideal for leftist indoctrination.”

    Taken from an article from the American Thinker blog titled: Why Leftists Hate Masculinity. Sounds like it references you Mike.


    Here you go Mike…dress for your Leftist success:


  5. Jackie Juntti

    Mike, I pray that you will have a hunger and thirst for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that Jesus is the ONLY way to God the Father. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    So many denominations teach there are many roads to Heaven but they are dead wrong and those who follow that false teaching will NOT spend eternity in Heaven with The Lord. Matt. 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    Billy Graham preached a simple message – YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN https://billygraham.org/story/how-to-be-born-again/

  6. Jackie Juntti

    Mike – and others who need to read this from Evangelist Al Garza:

    OCS Ministry family and friends,

    God Loves us and He smiles upon us. Isn’t it time we smile back at Him?

    1 Peter 2:9 (NIV)

    But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession,

    that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

    Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

    For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

    Stand your ground in Jesus name!

    This once prominent Christian nation has turned from a country promoting morality and a belief in God to a nation where anything goes,

    with the most perverse and ungodly acts being accepted, promoted and even glorified. If anyone disagrees,

    or speaks-out against this immorality they are quickly labeled as promoting hate, bigotry or being a racist.

    This immediately intimidates most opposing forces while simultaneously, implanting the message in everyone’s mind,

    that those acts in-question are to be accepted and are somehow cool.

    As God’s children, we have a responsibility to fight against the rapid decline of disbelief in God, the Bible, and Christian values.

    Do not be dismayed; God’s original plan is in full force and will not allow the Hope and Change agenda to overshadow His masterpiece.

    Remember, “ Ignorance is not bliss, Knowledge is power.” Stand up in faith and be noticed. Join the ranks of “Christian Soldiers”.

    May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen.

    OCS Ministry

    Al Garza


    1. Craig Tarter

      “Isn’t it time we smile back at Him?” Beautiful! Even the flowers smile at Him, but then flowers are seemingly smarter than I am. I thank you again Jackie Junntti.

  7. Mark

    Taken from an article from the American Thinker blog titled: Why Leftists Hate Masculinity.

    Have you read the above? What say you on it?


    In your last post you never address the intentional hidden (successful to a degree) Marxist political agenda behind the Left’s LONG MARCH attacking traditional (since the beginning of time) masculinity.

    By the way the Left also is attacking the family, Christianity, the Constitution, and the entire fabric of “traditional” American society but this thread was just focused on masculinity.

    Do you understand how we got here??? See below. What say you about this historically accurate article?

    This thread’s original post was 100% about traditional masculinity…nothing else…its a Conservative blog Mike. You brought women into it and called everyone “Crybabies” for voicing our support for the thread’s subject.

    This thread is not about a minuscule percent of beings who are human who are gay or transgender etc. …well under 2% of the population, we have always had them and always will, its about our support of, agreement with, traditional MASCULINITY.

    Comparing our stand and support of masculinity being better suited to Iran is pure hyperbolic nonsense.

    As far as believing what the Bible says about God of course we believe exactly what God’s says in His book…you are free to make your choice…why would we not take God at His word? Come on….come back with something of substance not just liberal emotionalism or “feelings”.

  8. Kevin

    Hello Jackie ! I just want to tell you ‘thank-you’ for what you said in your last post on March 3-2018 at 9:26am. I find it to be extremely rare for a woman to speak out and uphold the word of God in the way that you did. To find a woman who spoke out like you did in the way that you did, is like finding the rarest of the rarest gemstone ! There is a saying: ”Truth crush to earth, will rise again and the eternal years of God are her’s forever !” Truth will be rejected by all men in these last closing days of earth history, yet the Truth will rise in triumph when the trumpet shall sound, and all immorality will be left behind in this world. Time is running out very fast. The Sun of mercy and grace is about to set and night is about to fall upon this world. The angel of mercy and grace is about to fold her wings, to depart from this world. As it was in the days of Noah and Lot, so shall it be in our day and ages, and even now, it is here. Soon the mad max days will come, the hunger games of war and strife will descended upon this world in utter fury with absolute no restraints, and all the cities of this world will be reduced to ruin because of the lawless deeds of the outlaws who want nothing to do with religion or the Bible, or God Himself. The holy law will be rejected and spudded in scorn. Life will have lost its meaning. Even now, abortion is considered to be lawful and right and the little ones are denied of their right to life and snuffed out before they are born, and this is clearly murderer of the highest degree, and no woman who commits the act of abortion will ever be found in the kingdom of God, and the same applies to the men who carry out these dreadful attacks upon these helpless little ones. Yet these crazy clowns of men, who think that they can become a woman, forget that, no matter how hard they may try, they’ll never get a womb like a real darn woman !
    Oh how men and women have fallen from the high ideals of what God has intended for all man kind. The fallen foe has indeed deceived all men and women, just as he deceived one third of all the angels in his open warfare against the Almighty who sits upon the throne of light.
    Man was created in the image of God for a lofty purpose and for a man to claim that he is not a man but a woman, is an absolute insult against his maker, the Lord of Life. And for women to kill their little ones in an act of abortion, is an insult against the Lord of Life, in the fact that women were given the command to be fruitful and to fill the earth. When these little ones are snuffed out, their spirit returns back to God from where it came, causing The Holy Father great pain and suffering and grief, because for every soul, he had plans for that one, a place in his domain. We were created to replace the fallen angels who left their domain in heaven above. Men and women was created as a special master piece in the universe, on the highest level, to have direct access to God at all times, as sons and daughters of God. So for men to deny their manhood and to try to act like a woman, throws a shameful insults into the Father’s face, and the fallen foe dances in glee, because it is by this means that he can hurt God in the heart and spirit. Therein lies the reason for all this attack of immorality upon all man kind in this world. As it is written in the book of revelation, stand fast and let no man steal your crown of glory. Stand fast and be holy, for only those who live a holy life in this world, keeping the entire law of God will be found walking white as the light in the kingdom above. So let these shameful men and women strut in their shameful pride, for a day will come, when they will have to give the Father an answer for all that they do in this world.
    This little world, this little screw ball of rebellion is gonna get cooked and redone over one of these days in the very near future ! And I don’t wanna get cooked in that darn hot oven ! – Do you ? –

  9. Jackie Juntti

    I would hope all would watch the Tucker Carlson segments on what has happened to MEN in America.
    I blame it all on the pussyfication of MEN by those females who wish they were men.

    Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America

    ‘Men in America’: It’s odd how rarely you hear the problems with American men publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men are fine. But are they? The numbers say otherwise. #Tucker
    Tucker Carlson Tonight Videos
    View More
    ‘Men in America,’ Part 1: Why are men in the U.S. falling increasingly behind women in America? One scholar believes ideological policies that focus on de-emphasizing masculinity may be part of the problem. #Tucker
    VIDEO 17 hrs ago
    Left’s ‘toxic masculinity’ label to blame for male crisis?
    ‘Men in America’: It’s odd how rarely you hear the problems with American men publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men are fine. But are they? The numbers say otherwise. #Tucker
    VIDEO 17 hrs ago
    Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America


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