PART 1 – When Injustice Takes Hold: Freedom – Liberty – Really???

~ Introduction ~

The Fourth of July – a celebration of the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for.

But – – one might ask just what freedoms are we celebrating?

In fact, we might ask just what freedoms do we have in this year of our Lord, 2018?

Even better, we might ask what freedoms are we supposed to have?

Maybe we should also ask, “Just what are the rights of mankind that are necessary for freedom of Man to exist?”

Or, even, “Just when do the rights of Man become mere privileges granted by other men?”

Does waving a little flag – or a displaying a large one over our homes – mean our freedoms of man are secure? Or, otherwise?

I guess what I am asking is, are we free to exercise our rights defined, secured, and protected by the Constitution and its first Ten Amendments? What about the Ninth Amendment that secures those not listed specifically – how important is it?

It seems that most people never mention the Ninth Amendment when discussing the Bill of Rights or parts thereof. It also seems that many do not have any knowledge of it whatsoever.

However, if one reads it and knows what “enumerates” means, it is quite possibly the most important Amendment, as it secures the thousands of rights NOT enumerated by the other nine.

Why the thousands? Maybe that it a bit of an exaggeration but the fact is that the only limitation is that we may not intentionally harm another or his property. But, to understand what I am getting at, we must first understand the set-up and founding of the united States of America.

I often wonder if younger people up to age 20 can actually name the two founding documents of these united States we call America. We might also ask that of those from 20 to 40, and of those 40 to 60. What about those of my generation – 60 and older – how well versed are we?

Then ask as many as possible what the source of our rights is and the difference between rights and privileges.

What is the purpose of Government? What duties do the people demand of government? What authority do the People NOT grant to government?

We might even ask, what duties a free society must place on the people of that society for the society to remain free. Just what duties do we owe to each other and to our union of States?

Public schools should answer all of the above questions schools but is that the case? If not, are schools actually public -that is, of, by, and for the People? Or, are they US GOVERNMENT controlled institutions?

Hmm, as I think about education and society”, I must ask, are we even a society now? Or, put another way, do we have a culture that defines a state?

To answer that, we must know the definition of a state. Do the American people meet the definition? These questions are far more relevant to the state of our union now more than ever.

Anyway, I had to break away from watching this screen for a while. There was an old movie on the TV (I like background noise when studying and writing) that show nothing but old movies. Cheaper royalties to pay, I suppose. It just happened that the movie had scenes in it that reminded me of people being free to have fun using their streets for their enjoyment during the mid to upper 1960’s.

I am going to tell the story, as it brings up many questions that people need answered if America is going to return to the land of the free.

With that in mind, one of the cars and characters in it caused me to think of the following question. Most people believe that the government owns the streets and roadways. Is that true? Or, is it false? Watch out – this may be sort of a trick question.

To continue, I watched the mindless movie while I had coffee, a banana, orange, and apple. Good for the body and soul break, as I was taken for a few moments back to the “old days”.

I believe American International made the movie, named EAGAH. The studio is one of the many independents that later on went out of business or were absorbed by the now existing studies. (This is quite important later on in understanding the current state of America).

One of the young male characters in it drove what was called a “dune buggy”, a car that was essentially stripped down as far as cold be done in order to make it lighter for riding on the sand of such areas as the Oceanic Dunes along the coast of California about halfway between L.A. and San Francisco.

These were the start of the dune buggy manufacturing craze, whether by individual people in their garages at home or the later manufacturing ‘factories” putting out fiber glass buggy bodies put on VW frames and drive trains.

The young guy’s dune buggy reminded me a fad that I remember from the 60s before policemen became enforcers of de facto government “laws”. Of course, the so-called laws were a misnomer, if I ever heard one when considering the rights of the People.

The fad was that families would get an old car – a junker worth a few dollars – that still ran, preferably that did not smoke (burn oil) to badly, and strip it down to the frame, drive train, and floor pan. Some used the original seats, while others put sofas, easy chairs, or even porch swings or whatever for seats.

Then, on weekend nights, usually Saturday night – or even in the daytime sometimes – the families cruised the streets of town and cities for several hours, hitting the local drive-ins and the main streets of town, or any place that had a gathering of people, such as parks and the like.

Yes, young people, people used to get together to talk, or walked around saying “Hi” to people in their yards or sitting on their porches, or cruised instead on texting, playing games on computers and whatever hand held electronic devices they focus on now. People actually had face-to-face contact and got together in groups. Even couch potatoes were few, and usually were those that physically could not get out.

But, back to the dune buggy craze. One of the larges I experienced was in Daytona Beach, Florida. It must have had 50 or more dune buggies with their families out having a great time cruising the streets, talking (yelling) to each other, and – well – just behaving like a bunch of fun-loving crazy people, or maybe even a bit tipsy but no harm, no crime. No fights, no bumper car action; just fun for all.

After six months at Orlando AFB, Florida, my next base was in Okinawa. By the time I returned from overseas in the latter part of 1966, the fad was over.

I have often wondered if it just faded out, as many fads do, or been forced out by money grubbing and power lusting local governments. Funny that I never heard of any injury for these “these-no-chance-in=Hell-of-passing-a-safety-check” cars or whatever. They had brakes, lights, and maybe radios that worked.

This example, and many like it across the land, makes it clear that such could go of now, with the difference that local governments “must approve”. Can you believe it, that the people who own the streets, who have the inherent right of assembly, must get permission to use their streets and to gather in huge groups?

When I worked two decades later on the road in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, there was something similar to the buggy parades in Springfield, Illinois, except that it was cars that did the cruising that were worth thousands more than some were when brand new that cruised.

On 5th and 6th streets, the main streets through downtown Springfield, every street rod, customized cars, and so on that wanted cruised the downtown area for the length of the actual business district, a several mile oval cruise. Really some fine cars, several hundred, that people on the sidewalks could check out as the cars, pick-ups, whatever, cruised by.

The examples also show many facts that I will make clear in the future, God permitting me to live long enough to do so.

Before I leave this introduction, there is a term I feel I must explain. Please, read the following, if not now, before my next article.

Words of Art

The vocabulary or terminology of a particular art, science, or profession, particularly those expressions that are peculiar to it. (Source)

This definition is fine, as far as it goes, as this one is like the definitions given by other dictionaries. I, however, am forced to NOT use the term when I write about statutes.

I hope to eventually prove way beyond any doubt whatsoever that when such terms are used by government and government created entities called “attorneys”, that there is nothing “art – ful” about them. That is, unless one considers conmen’s actins as art.

Why do I believe that? The answer is very simple and direct. For several generations now, alleged words of art have misled and protected conspiracies to defraud, extort, steal, and commit multiple other crimes against the people.

You see, statutes under any name do not apply to me or any other American man, woman, or child that does not have some sort of contract they entered into with full knowledge, willingly, and intentionally, as described by U.C.C. 1-308, which is formerly U.C.C. 1-207. I, nor you, have ever had full knowledge.

I prefer to use the phrase, The following are taken from: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition copyright ©2018 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

Technical –2 (b.) Used in or peculiar to a specific field or profession; specialized: technical jargon.

Import – 3.(a.) To carry or hold the meaning of; signify: had trouble understanding what the strange word imported.

4. Importance; significance: a legal decision of far-reaching import. See Synonyms at importance.

Example terms of technical import with huge significance are person, driver, income, and individual that have different common language meanings from those in statutes. I fully intend on making the correct meanings clear in my future offerings.

I have one last question to end this offering and to begin the next. “If an official swears to uphold the Constitution for the united States of America, your state’s constitution, and laws thereof, how the heck can they do so if they do no know the laws they must uphold?”

Thank you,

Of the People

Submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications by the author.

~ The Author ~
lewis_thumbEd Lewis has been widely published on the Internet for several years prior to the last two, when he took a sort of sabbatical to somewhat helplessly watch America being manipulated onto the road to ruin. He holds BS degrees in Biology and Psychology, National Honor Society in both fields, and MS coursework and research in Psychology completed.

Lewis is a 64-year old Vietnam Era veteran that believes every official should be held accountable for treason and other crimes when Law, statutes, and their Oaths of Office are violated.

He believes that every American has the duty to stand against any government or chartered quasi-government that violates the rights of the people, and that no man, or group of men, especially foreign lobbyists and dual citizen people, have the authority and/or the right to interfere in our land and tell us what we might think, say, write, and do. Fear to do so will ultimately destroy America.

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