Letter to Governor Brown

Warning: Contains language which may be found offensive. ~ Neal

Governor Brown,

I was born in this State in 1958, and aside from the 13 yrs I spent serving my country in the Air Force I have lived here all of my life. I want to tell you something: If I didn’t own a home I would pack up everything that was of any value to me, load it in my truck, and leave this State forever; for it has gone to hell. As it is half the time I’m torn between doing that and setting my home ablaze as I leave; that’s how much I despise living in the place anymore.

It’s not that the land itself does not still have its charms, it does. Rather, it is the extreme liberal idiocy that I encounter almost everywhere I go, and the idiotic policies coming out of Sacramento that I hate so much. Excuse me for the crude language, but what the fuck happened to you people; when did you stop representing America and American citizens and start representing the citizens of countries who have come to America illegally?

For the longest time I thought you lawmakers, and this goes for the ass clowns in Washington D.C. as well, simply just didn’t give a damn about the Constitution. Now I’m beginning to wonder if you’re just simply as ignorant as the average high school graduate who knows absolutely nothing about that document.

You do know that the Constitution established our federal government, right? You do know that it was by consent of the States in existence in 1789 that it was ratified, right? And hopefully you know that one of the conditions for a State to be admitted into the Union was that they accept federal authority where it was lawfully exercised; as per the specific powers enumerated in Article 1, Section 8.

You are aware that Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 states that it is the authority of the federal government to establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and that the States are required to adhere to federal immigration law, right?

So what gives you the authority to sign a bill which makes California an official Sanctuary State in violation of federal law? What gives your Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, the right to threaten to imprison employers and private citizens who seek to assist ICE agents in the enforcement of one of the few laws our federal government actually has the authority to enact?

I’m sure you have heard of the Yes California initiative that seeks to declare California’s independence from the Union and free itself from the laws coming out of Washington D.C. which Californians feel go against their core values. Are you seeking to hasten this by having the federal government boot California out of the Union itself? I say this because if I were President Trump, that’s exactly what I’d do; no matter the illegality of it and what a bunch of District Court Judges tried to tell me.

In fact, I have been giving this a great deal of thought of late, and if I were President Trump I would send you a formal letter stating the following:

Governor Brown,
In light of California’s steadfast refusal to assist ICE in the enforcement of federal immigration laws, I am forced to take the following measures, effective in 30 days unless California rescinds its Sanctuary State status and begins cooperating fully with ICE in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Whereas, California accepted the Constitution and the government it established upon her admission to the Union, and whereas California lawmakers, and to a lesser extent, the citizens of California have decided that the welfare of criminal aliens are of more importance than are federal laws…

  • I do hereby decree that California is no longer a member of the Union and your representatives in Congress have 10 days to vacate their offices and forfeit their seats;
    And whereas California is no longer a member of the Union, the following will go into effect immediately:
  • The United Stated Coast Guard will no longer provide protection for California’s 840 miles of coastline
  • All highways going into and coming out of California will have border patrol checkpoints established and no California resident will be allowed entry into the United States without a visa; no matter if they have family members who reside in the United States;
  • All air travel from California which flies over U.S. airspace will be considered an act of war and shot down;
  • As California is no longer a member of the Union it no longer requires the protection of the United States military. Therefore all U.S. military bases in California will be closed and the troops withdrawn to locations within the remaining 49 States. (I hope your economy doesn’t suffer too much from the loss of revenue these bases provide to your local communities)
  • Furthermore, as California is now a foreign nation, the United States will no longer purchase military hardware or hire contractors from any company located within its borders. Again, I hope this does not harm your economy too much.
  • From this point forward, as California is no longer represented by the federal government, if there should be a major natural disaster in California, the federal government WILL NOT provide emergency assistance and FEMA will not come to her rescue. Should this occur I suggest you seek aid from President Nieto of Mexico, as it is clear you care more about the people of his country than you do the laws of the United States.
  • And finally, as California is no longer a member of the Union, all federal funds flowing out of the U.S. Treasury into California will cease; and this includes Social Security and Medicare payments, as those programs were established for U.S. citizens.

A grace period of 30 days will be offered after the implementation of these measures which will allow those Californians who disagree with the liberal policies coming out of Sacramento to settle their affairs and leave the former State. However, for acceptance into any of the remaining 49 States they must swear that they will never again show any loyalty to their former home; including refraining from sending any funds to family members who may have chosen to remain in California. California made its bed now let it sleep in it.

I truly hope that California flourishes as an independent nation without the burdensome laws we have enacted with hurt your precious liberal sensibilities. But if it doesn’t, don’t come crawling back on your hands and knees begging forgiveness from the United States, for there will be no forgiveness forthcoming.


That’s what I’d say if I were President Trump. And if you can’t tell, I’m pretty damned upset with the concern you show for criminals who violate our laws and come to this country illegally; some of whom are guilty of bringing crime and drugs into this country; such as Jose Zarate, an illegal alien who had been deported five times in the past before he finally killed Kate Steinle. Not to mention Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes, another illegal alien who, in court, derided the police officer he killed and said he wished he’d killed more. And let us not forget that now you idiots in Sacramento want to provide these people the right to vote; which is a right which belongs ONLY to citizens.

If these people are the ones you care more about than you do the actual citizens of your State, then I’m ashamed to call myself a Californian and the day I am able to retire and get the hell out of this fucked up State can’t come fast enough.

Have a pleasant day,

Neal Ross

~ The Author ~
Neal Ross, Student of history, politics, patriot and staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Send all comments to: bonsai@syix.com.

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12 thoughts on “Letter to Governor Brown

  1. John Slagle

    Neal, you share the sentiments of multi-thousands of people who have left California for the Midwest.
    During the Vietnam era, the most beautiful sight in the world after long tours of duty in the South Pacific and Gulf of Tonkin was returning home and seeing Point Loma , the gateway to North Island, San Diego.

    With the exception of tribes of “pot smoking ” anti-establishment , zoned out wackos, the majority of the populace were outstanding citizens who believed in secure borders. In 1967, from Chula Vista south to San Ysidro, there was a major problem with large groups of illegal aliens from Tijuana burglarizing homes and assaulting homeowners. Due to the violence in Tijuana, the Navy and Marine Corp declared the place “off limits” for GI’s on liberty.

    In later years, our anti-smuggling unit worked a major category one case in sanctuary city Los Angeles involving MS-13 gangbangers who were welcomed in California as war refugees. Drug smuggling and human trafficking flourished under growing gang membership. The amount of people killed including police officers and two of our own agents is a matter of record. Fresno Border Patrol Station in northern California was closed due to liberal politics and conditions steadily worsened as politicians like Governor “Moonbeam” and other “aging hippies” placed illegal immigration protection above the rights of tax paying citizens. From voting rights issued along with California Driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and taxpayer funded defense of criminal aliens convicted of felonies, each day seems to bring new visions of the ‘flower children”. A noted historian once said , “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those they oppress”.

    Outstanding letter, Neal, you’re a true patriot, hopefully things will get better before California loses its best and brightest citizens.

    1. T. McCann

      John: Well said !

      Four (4) BPAS were left in the Livermore Sector when it was swept into the ” dust pan ” of immigration law enforcement. The former Fresno OS was raised to make way for Pinocchio’s O’Bummer’s Bullet Train. This is what California wanted; therefore, they deserve it.

      T. McCann
      U.S. Border Patrol Retired #106

  2. Sinolav

    I agree with Neal, but differ with the sanctions. After 30 days, ALL city, county, state and federal “workers” be arrested, tried for treason, and suffer their punishment. Hold HONEST elections, with properly veted voters elect new, honest, constitutional government. IF this can’t be done, then go for it Neal, cut that “state” off and let fall into the Pacific.
    I am sick of giving to “illegals” and keeping from the taxpayers and citizens of this country.

  3. Y2K

    I love the sentiment but the devil is in the details.

    What happens if CA decides to align with a foreign power which as a sovereign nation they would have the right to do?

    Do we want China/Russia/Iran, etc military bases in CA?

    No, we are stuck with CA so time to enforce Federal Law.

    1. Neal

      California has already aligned itself with foreign powers. It cares more about the welfare of Mexican illegal aliens and has signed a climate change agreement with China.

  4. Ray Harris

    The really bad thing Gov. Brown fails to see or care about is the capital flight that happens simultaneously with Conservative flight. The voters are leaving and taking their money (and yes, their taxes, too) with them. California keeps getting poorer and poorer as taxes, businesses and those with money flee the state.

  5. John Slagle

    Neal, speaking of alignment with foreign powers and California, you may recall Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo’s statement on July 23,1997. Zedillo stated on foreign and stateside medias that “i Have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by it’s borders , the southwest United States and that Mexican migrants are a very important part of it”. Soon the U.S. was flooded with illegal Mexican aliens all carrying matricular consular photo ID cards issued by Mexico. The card’s purpose was to achieve quasi-legal status for Mexican illegals residing stateside. California Banks and businesses gleefully accepted those credulas. 1997 was also a great year for large groups of illegal Chinese aliens brought stateside by seagoing cargo ships arriving in California and the western seaboard from Fujian province. After arrests by Immigration officers, many were formally deported but many more were allowed to stay after a hearing by a immigration judge who followed California’s sanctuary welcome policies. Zedillo’s Reconquista statement must have made an impact with California politicians because the invasion was on and all who arrived were protected , regardless of nationality.

  6. John Slagle

    Neal another point on your list should be health care costs to taxpayers due to illegal aliens. Under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, any person requesting emergency care must be treated until discharged, regardless of lack of insurance , ability to pay or a foreign national illegally in the United States. A fact rarely discussed by California politicians is the widespread closings of multiple hospitals because over half of their medical services were unpaid due to illegal aliens using the ER for everything from the Flu, women in labor to very serious medical conditions. A huge population of illegal aliens within a large city using hospital ERs as free clinics, the costs can be staggering. Ambulances from Mexico allowed entry into California with patients for Emergency rooms must also be accepted according to the EMTALA. It’s no wonder that a person with health insurance in California admitted to a hospital ends up with an overpriced medical bill, paying ten dollars for a roll of toilet paper or tube of lotion.

  7. Markus

    Hey Neal, sentiment is shared by me. Grew up in LA in the 50s and 60s, joined the Army in the early 70s and never moved back. Live in Texas now, in a small community of folks who daily remind me of the families I grew up around. My career in Federal Law enforcement gave me a perspective that also makes me shake my head regarding the priorities we continue to see from the government of my home state. Not cooperating with the Federal government is just counter productive. No state in the United States has the authority to decide with which Federal law they wish to comply. Just a fact. The “non cooperation” law California passed regarding illegal immigrants, should only increase the cost charged for the compliance. Bill California for the increases in budget and manpower necessary for ICE and CIS to do the job those agencies are tasked with in California.

  8. Dan

    The solution is simple. The bulk of the politicians in Kali have openly advocated for the violation of federal law. Arrest ALL of them, charge them, try them (convictions would be a slam dunk) then imprison them (executing them would save a lot of taxdollars). Once you have cleaned out the traitors new elections can be held…with the proviso that anyone elected who doesn’t strictly adhere to the law will meet the same fate. After that addressing judicial activists would be required.


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