BREAKING: California to Register Illegal Aliens to Vote – AUTOMATICALLY

Court orders government to do so for all driver’s licenses issued

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California will take the next step in blurring the lines between citizens and non-citizens beginning April Fool’s Day when the state complies with a court order to begin automatically registering to vote all those who are granted driver’s licenses.

The state has long provided driver’s licenses to all who simply claimed, without proof, that they were citizens of in the country legally. There were no checks made or documentation required.

But beginning April 1 every person who gets a California driver’s license will be automatically entitled to vote.

“We are very pleased that Californians will have easier access to voter registration,” said Jeremiah Levine, an attorney with Morrison Foerster who represented the voting-rights groups. “We are especially satisfied that changes will be made before California’s statewide and federal primary elections.”

The state complied with the order under a program dubbed the California New Motor Voter Act. Signed into law in October 2015, the new statute requires the DMV to forward records for all eligible applicants to the Secretary of State’s Office for registration unless those applicants elect not to register to vote.

The League of Women Voters and three other groups sued the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and Secretary of State’s Office in May 2017, claiming the state burdens would-be voters by making them fill out the same information on two separate forms to register to vote.

According to the lawsuit filed last May, California ranks “a dismal 46th in the nation” in its rate of registered voters. More than 5.5 million eligible voters were unregistered as of February 2017, according to state data.

Other plaintiffs in the lawsuit include the ACCE Institute, California Common Cause and the National Council of La Raza.

Written for and published by WND ~ January 21, 2018.

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: California to Register Illegal Aliens to Vote – AUTOMATICALLY

  1. John Slagle

    It’s never a surprise when open borders California politics and the National Council of La Raza create another radical agenda involving illegal aliens. Just a few major goals of La Raza during the Obama years still in progress in 2018…

    1. Support voting rights for all illegal aliens
    2,Support access to driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.
    3, Supports open borders and Amnesty for all illegal aliens.
    4. Supports the DREAM act , designed to allow illegal aliens to attend college at reduced rates normally reserved for in state legal residents.
    5.Advocate reform that would give illegal aliens full access to taxpayer funded health care services., characterizing any reduction in government assistance to illegal ‘border crossers” as a disgrace to American values.
    6.Opposes the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act which would empower state and local police to enforce federal immigration laws, Sanctuary status for criminal aliens and protection from deportation by ICE.

    The list could continue but these six points are factual in Sanctuary state California. It seems there is no regard in California politics for legally admitted resident aliens or U.S. Citizens, taxpayers. No wonder Neal Ross is rightfully aggravated, “pissed off” with the nonstop nonsense in his home state.


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