Lewis: When Injustice Takes Hold


Yeah, right – all it means to me is that I am a year older and still alive. Yep, 12 whole months older and maybe a bit wiser, or at least I like to think so.

Wisdom, however, seems to come at a much slower rate than age, especially for the last 40 years, as it seems my life has literally flown by. It is hard for me to believe that 54 years have passed since I graduated High School, or that kids I taught in one of the many indoctrination centers (public schools) are now in their upper 50s.

But, the passing is not all bad. I have learned facts that every American should know but – sadly – do not. Or, at least 98, maybe 99, percent do not know. Maybe I exaggerate but, regardless, the fact is that what they think is truth is not, not by a long shot.

It does not matter if we are talking about Christianity, Islam, or the greatest enemy Mankind has ever known, or will ever know. As I learned two decades ago, one must accept facts, whether the facts agree with what one believes they know or not. Tough assignment that often leaves one worn out due to the energy-robbing cognitive dissonance.

As I began assimilating facts into my former belief structure or forming new structures (accommodation), the dissonance really worked on me. After four years of strife, I was finally relieved of the stress with the dissonance replaced by a burning desire to learn more and, thereby, clearing my mind of the brain washing we all have been subjected to. .

Little do most of the sources of invalid info know they openly spout blatant lies. If they do know, then it is most often for job security they keep on lying. Little do they know they have and do aid and abet our enemy. We end up with fabricated history pounded into our heads by teachers, news people, false history in books, magazines, newspapers, movies presenting lies as truth, which includes all sources that should never be allowed to present anything other than the truth.

The evil mind controllers hit us currently with huge amounts of both old and new lies, possibly because truth currently gains footholds by leaps and bounds. Increasing numbers of our people discover facts and pass them on.

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, have now overcome the brain washing used against our people and the truth for the past 100 years. The masters of our currency must rely on the lies and fabricated events, some now treated almost as religions.

My gosh, People, we live in a land in which the so-called “supreme” court justices declared that it is just fine for the media to fabricate the news. I mean, what kind of crazed justices/judges make such decisions?

Even worse, though, what kind of pansy-assed people allow government officials to voice such crap as righteous? Is it what you believe, that it is okay to lie and ignore the truth for your own gain? Do you also believe that it okay then to sic armed enforcers on people that disagree with you, forcing compliance from them? Do you then believe, that telling the truth is a crime?

I found there are only two types of people called Americans. There are those first that honestly seek the truth, which are facts, not hearsay or blatant lies. Even if it hurts, and it often does, they will not accept less.

Then, there are the others, those so indoctrinated to myths and lies that they will not accept facts that differ from what they believe. It does not matter that fact after fact proves their beliefs falsely based – they refuse to even look at the evidence. They hang on to the belief that mainstreams media and other information sources tell – of all things – nothing but the truth.

When they hear the truth, they often react violently, attacking the messenger rather than the message. For these people, emotional responses are the rule, if only to scream at and curse the messenger. They base any try at rebuttal on more lies, as truth cannot defend lies.

Put another way, it is impossible for facts to support and prove lies are truth, or for supreme court justices’ decisions to prove lies and fabrications are truth. Their opinions, in other words, are just as wrong as the lies they allegedly rebut or support.

Any “like” decision flies in the face of law and justice and those justices making such decisions clearly show they are incompetent to hold office. Justice demands immediate firing for violating their Oaths and then tried as traitors.

Speaking of justices, how about those of the alleged supreme court coming up with “split” decisions? How is this possible? After all, a statute either means what it says and says what it means or it is null and void for ambiguity. In other words, a law/statute cannot have two different meanings. Nor can a decision based on facts.

The Law concerning the freedom of the people to exercise their rights, and the Law is quite clear on this – freedom is the right to freely exercise rights and is nearly unlimited. The only rule is that one may not intentionally harm another or his property. In other words, the limit of one’s rights ends where the rights of others begin. Freedom neither begins nor ends with government (the limitation of government)

Added to this is the basic premise of the founding of America. Government has no authority to regulate the people. Thus, government cannot lawfully or legally apply statutes to the people. It may only apply statutes to itself and its creations, such as corporations presented in statutes as “persons”

Provable facts are the basis for a court decision. So, how can a “split” decision occur? In such as case, who knows which side is right, or even if one side or the other is right by the Law and/or statute? How can such a decision be valid? How could it be other that a garbage-filled opinion that actually means nothing?

NOTE: I will add the documentation on the above in future commentaries. E.L.

When writing for several sites, I was often asked, “What can we do?” The answer to this was illusive. What I thought was most important is that a number of people must get involved. I also thought that corrupt government could easily silence one or two people. Thus, it is a case of the more, the merrier.

You see, many people can make a situation public, which is much harder for a man or woman alone to do. This is especially true when the target is the local government, whether county or city or township. How well I know this.

Over the past 20 years, this took reading and studying hundreds of documentaries. It also took verifying as much as I could through the Constitution for the united States of America, the Declaration, and my state’s Constitution.

Additionally, I had to learn to write clear Affidavits, as they are one form of sworn testimony. This also involved reading the exact court decisions of high courts’ cited. Why? Because I found many reports and/or cites by attorneys, spokespeople, reporters, etc. may or may not be truthful. I often found words and/or terms changed.

Thus, I learned to copy and paste cites I used from the case itself, not just because someone cited or reported it as truth.

I also learned a great deal from many historians and researchers. Most learned, though, is that de facto government lacks any intent of obeying the supreme Law, the law of the people, or the statutes meant to control them and their creations. Thus, government holds the people in servitude and most do not even realize it.

Then, about three – maybe three and a half – months ago, I had an epiphany. It was as if hundreds, maybe thousands, of bits of information fell into place. The resulting picture revealed just how lost America and Americans are. Freedom is nothing more than an illusion because freedom means “not under government control”.

It is my intent to sort of start at the beginning, and end up with every reader having the answer as to what to do. If one collects each submission, one will end up with a book that I hope will answer everything you wanted to know.

At this point, there are three terms that I know I will use and I want to make sure every reader understands how I use them. Also, I will give my e-mail address openly so that readers, if any, may e-mail me directly. Feedback is always welcomed.

Verifiable and reliable facts are truth. Feelings are not necessarily the same and may be – and usually are – based on less than the facts indicate, or the complete opposite. Such a case is indicated when one spouts out an emotional reaction rather than stating his case objectively.

Ignorant (or ignorance). When I use either of these terms, it means that one is not knowledgeable of whatever information I presented. It does not mean stupid, dumber than a box of rocks, or any other term that applies to one well below average.

I do not use idiot to mean that one is stupid or a dullard or whatever. It simple means that one is not too bright if one ignores cold, hard facts or avoids information that differ from what they believe. Needless to state, perhaps, but nothing is correctable if idiocy prevails.

Perhaps rather strangely to some, one may be ignorant and an idiot. What if one is ignorant and refuses to even consider their beliefs might be wrong? What if the man or woman based their belief on misleading information or out and out lies (propaganda, as most of us think of it)? Such may react violently with no wish to leave the herd, so to speak. Often they support each other, which would be good if they were defending the truth.

People can and should, though, replace ignorance with knowledge. It is difficult to leave propaganda behind, though, when we hear much of it daily.

The herd does provide security, while one may feel threatened to reveal facts to government. “Oh, I can’t – I might get into trouble.” With who or what do they refer? What else but government.

Maybe idiots simply do not want to risk, “How could I have been so stupid to believe the crap I have been bombarded with all of my life?” Maybe they are happier – or believe so – if ignorant. What is the old saying – ignorance is bliss or something like that.

Me, I kicked myself brutally, one might say, but pushed on to knowledge regardless. Of course, I also suffered for a number of years from off an on depression, as I tried to figure out why those in government ignore the actual laws they are sworn to protect and so on.

I just had another thought. There is other term I want to make clear. In my writings, power does not mean legislative or enforcement authority. Quite the contrary. It means officials do not have the authority but use coercive means to force compliance.

Well into the morning of January 2nd, I realized that I had to do all I could to give people facts, and my normal Christmas and end of the year depression lifted.

I know from experience that many will ignore me and write me off as some lunatic or radical weirdo that does not know what he is talking about. Thus, my writings will be well documented but not so much that it bogs the reader down. Even if not in the text, I will provide it at the end of each article.

If is also my belief that if I could be led to the truth and accept it after my lifetime of 60-plus years of indoctrination by our enemy, then so can most others. Ignorance and fear of finding the truth of who and what our (mankind’s’) true enemy is must not stop the spread of the truth. Maybe – just maybe – I can help a few others get on the path to enlightenment. One becomes two – two becomes four –four becomes eight – and so on to millions in a year.

Enlightenment is not to be confused with the all-seeing eye in the realm of the occult, but rather the realm of knowledge and self-actualization.

Thank you,

Of the People

January 1, 2018

Submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications by the author.

~ The Author ~
lewis_thumbEd Lewis has been widely published on the Internet for several years, when he took a sort of sabbatical to somewhat helplessly watch America being manipulated onto the road to ruin. He holds BS degrees in Biology and Psychology, National Honor Society in both fields, and MS coursework and research in Psychology completed.

Lewis is a 60-some year old Vietnam Era veteran that believes every official should be held accountable for treason and other crimes when Law, statutes, and their Oaths of Office are violated.

He believes that every American has the duty to stand against any government or chartered quasi-government that violates the rights of the people, and that no man, or group of men, especially foreign lobbyists and dual citizen people, have the authority and/or the right to interfere in our land and tell us what we might think, say, write, and do. Fear to do so will ultimately destroy America.

Contact Mr. Lewis at with@cvalley.net

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