Ewart: America Is On Its Way To National Self-Destruction

Many states are in a tizzy because U. S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that the United States is going to finally enforce the Controlled Substance Act (21 USC P. 811), (CSA) with regard to medical and recreational marijuana use ….. well sort of. Sessions left it up to the individual U. S. Attorney’s offices to prosecute, or not prosecute. That’s all America needs right now is another “sort of” law. After all, Hillary Clinton was only “sort of” guilty.

The cannabis smokers (mostly millennials) are up in arms for fear they might lose their marijuana pacifier high. The money-hungry states that have legalized recreational marijuana are apoplectic over the potential loss of the marijuana tax revenue and have threatened to sue the FEDS if the Controlled Substance Act is enforced.

Washington State is pulling in well over $350,000,000 in annual tax revenues from recreational marijuana. State Republican and Democrat legislators were equally aghast at the potential loss of that much tax money if the FEDS move forward with enforcement.

California, that just legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, is set to rake in many hundreds of millions of dollars more than Washington State. They need that money to fund all those Democrat-sponsored social programs, the rising drug-infested homeless population, heroin injection stations and the millions of illegal aliens sucking up millions more taxpayer dollars, or killing legal Americans, as in Kate Steinle. Meanwhile, the state of California and its people are set to get on a permanent buzz from legal marijuana. Driving a car now becomes even more perilous. How nice!

For decades we’ve had to deal with tens of millions of alcoholics in America and the associated costs to the public in family breakups, lost jobs, lost production, homelessness and medical treatment. Now we can add millions more “mariholics” to the list as America proceeds towards national self-destruction. On top of this is the opioid epidemic that’s taking 60,000 lives a year in overdoses.

Why the need to get “high” all the time? Are we just plain stupid? It’s kind of hard to confront your enemies, keep government accountable, or pay the bills, or drive a car when your brain cells are fried from drugs, painkillers, or alcohol. No wonder America is falling apart.

We won’t go into the statistics on alcoholism. They are fairly well known, as are the huge financial and emotional costs. Millions of families are seriously impacted by alcoholism every day of the year.

In this article we will just touch on those people on drugs, any kind of drug, with an emphasis on marijuana, using statistics from 2012, 2013 and 2015. These statistics don’t take into account the sudden explosion in opioid abuse and overdoses.

The greatest use of illicit drugs occurs in the age group from 16 to 34. This statistic, in and of it self, is not too surprising. That just happens to be the age group of the greatest sexual activity. Drugs, alcohol and sex seem to be co-equal partners in the human process of procreation. Babies and children take some of the greatest toll with babies being born addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Ironically, most other mammals of earth, besides humans, don’t seem to have that problem. They can do it without getting “chemically” high.

In the political world of power-hungry politicians, the co-equal partners are power, money, drugs and sex, not necessarily in that order. Money usually comes first and foremost.

In all substance use, not including alcohol, marijuana is by far the drug of choice to get high. In fact, compared to all other artificial intoxicants, not including hard drugs or alcohol, drug users are 70% more likely to choose marijuana. That probably accounts for the sudden rise in states legalizing marijuana. Teenagers are the hardest hit victims. Obviously, government doesn’t really care how “high” you get, just so long as they can tax the crap out of the substance “taking” you to new “highs.”

Nearly 21 million Americans ages 12 and older had a substance use problem in 2015, according to a new federal estimate. Among those with a substance use disorder, three out of four people (or about 15.7 million) had a substance use disorder related to alcohol. In addition, 1 in 3 people with a substance use disorder had a disorder related to drug use, and 1 in 8 people had a disorder involving both drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol is still the main driver of getting high, but the other intoxicants are growing rapidly (like marijuana, opioids and synthetic heroin) most likely due to lower costs, availability and the public’s and government’s growing acceptance of drug use. Sadly, parents are on drugs or alcohol and grandpa and grandma are steadily losing their influence over their grandchildren, who, parroting their parents, are also getting high.

Since any and all drug or alcohol use reduces an individual’s inhibitions, the potential for jumping to another drug that produces a greater “high”, looms in the fog of inebriation. This is especially true for the teenage years where adult maturity and consequences have not yet materialized. Thus, marijuana being a gateway drug is not a fabrication, but a very real and dangerous possibility. Not only that, drug use and drug addiction, grows in a society just as quickly as an infectious disease, with little natural immunity, infects the masses.

The strength of any nation is wholly dependent on the totality of the physical, mental and moral strength of its people. Physical, mental and moral strength of the individual is gained from the parent’s example and direction, personal experience and is further forged in the adversity of life. If life offers no adversity where everything comes too easily, physical, mental and moral strength decline. The physical, mental and moral strength of the American people were last tested in World War 2 as an entire nation. Its people have not been so tested to that degree since, giving rise to the easy life, a chicken in every pot and a government on its way to tyranny.

After the Great War, with life so easy and money so plentiful, whether earned or not, the tendency to indulge in getting “high”, sub-standard entertainment and the pleasures of the flesh, or even crime, grows. If left un-corrected by morality or adversity, it expands into a run-away condition, like a train with its throttle wide open and a sharp curve in its future.

America, as a nation and as a people, is on that doomed train. With 57% of the American people crying out for more government, the “disaster-waiting-to-happen” train is speeding up. Sadly, not many Americans are aware of the decline the nation is in, the reasons why we are in that decline, or the ultimate demise we face. The outcome of this folly is unpredictable. But whatever happens, be it total financial collapse, revolution, a second civil war, or war with a major super power, the average American will be taken totally by surprise because they are either purposely or unintentionally oblivious to reality, or high on drugs or alcohol, on their way to personal or national self-destruction.

We wish we could be more positive about America’s future, but it isn’t just drug or alcohol use that is plummeting America into a steep decline. We have outlined many of the other reasons in over 500 articles that we have written in the last 12 years that can be found HERE.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the American people are as oblivious to the drug and alcohol problem as they are to all the other problems America faces. All these other problems seriously threaten our economy, our financial security, America’s culture of freedom, our Constitution, our sovereignty and our very liberty.

But then hey, whose LISTENING?

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~ The Author ~
ron ewartRon Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America“, is the President of the The National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO), a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart can be reached for comment at info@narlo.org.

Mr. Ewart has been a continuing contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications since May of 2007.

4 thoughts on “Ewart: America Is On Its Way To National Self-Destruction

  1. Mark

    Let me mix Biblical spirituality and politics…combining my Biblical prophecy beliefs with the reality of this hard hitting article’s conclusions and the even harder truths of the body of the author’s outstanding work.

    I’m convinced the reason the United States is not a factor in the End Times is because “We the People” implode in some form or fashion, most likely triggered by an economic crisis/collapse (possibly even a controlled demolition by the international Gangster Banksters (BIS – MIF – FED) and then other massive fault lines are (as the Snowflakes like to say) “Triggered” bringing U.S. possibly to Civil War II.

    However, there has been a last minute reprieve form the ultimate Governor in the form of Jezebel’s unfolding fall that will soon lead to her being tossed out the window by the nurtured ones…and Trump is a type of Jehu.

    Believing culture, then politics, then economics, are all down stream (in that order) from the spiritual…and considering the steep spiritual decline of America (once again I’m talking the Bible – not the church of Oprah or any other cult or false religion) I am also a pessimist on our collective future as a nation and an empire/superpower.

    Empires often end in Civil War and the 11 clear and separate cultures of the Empire of the United States of America are gearing up to separate (with some alliances) and or diminish/destroy one another far past the last time.

    We will most likely implode from within…and the author is correct as the main jest of this article (drugs) will play a role with the masses who are either addicted or in a self destructive spiritually lost stupor. Too many worshiping themselves or the many false gods they have created or follow.

    Here is a “secular” prophetic read from 1996 that has been amazingly accurate to date and predicts Civil War II in 2020: https://archive.org/details/CivilWarIITheComingBreakupOfAmerica1996-ThomasW.Chittum

  2. John Slagle

    Excellent article Ron. Fighting the drug wars over three decades, the amount of people killed over Marijuana loads is a ‘body count” very high on both sides of the border. Cartel loads are ‘ripped off”,
    cargos seized by rival gangs and transporters murdered, left in the desert. Hector Burgueno Fragoso, an enforcer for the Sonoran drug cartel in 1989 killed over a hundred people in Mexico before he was arrested in Tucson as an illegal alien violation of 8 USC 1325. The violence attributed to Marijuana is as great as Ophiods in distribution areas from L.A. east to New York.

    Mark, I appreciated the link and reading the 95 pages , Civil War Coming by Military analyst Thomas W. Chittum. Very impressive from urban street gangs financed by drug traders onward …importing H1B non immigrants into the states in preference over qualified U.S. Citizens, Current Terrorist Phases, bombings becoming more common, Reconquista, Mexico U.S. Enhanced Border Control Plan to Riots. In 1982, the Miami Riots was a reality and Khrome North Immigration Detention Facility housing hundreds of Haitian deportees was under siege and required a special REACT riot control company to end the situation. Our volunteer fire teams forming a company entered the compound and restored order.USBP Bortac REACT teams were also present in L.A. riots of 1992.

    For a book written in 1996, Mr. Chittum was very accurate start to finish. Regarding drugs and youthful users… Three teenagers here in the Ozarks branched out to homicide to avoid paying a Mexican distributer/enforcer monies due. They ambushed, shot and killed the illegal alien running
    dope and in turn , they’ll spend most of their lives in prison, sentencing in 2018. An 18 year old girl and two boys in pursuit of a”HIGH” without consequences or paying the price of illicit drugs were
    idiots but they grew up in a family where there were no restrictions or rules . Like the 60’s, Do your own Thang” Man.

  3. Mark


    Chittum’s book is out of print and is so sought after it is going for $47.00 for a used paperback today.
    He did make many predictions that have come true and his most chilling was a second Civil War starting in 2020.

    Another landmark book that I believe provides historical insights into the 11 different cultures within the U.S. today is “American Nations” by Colin Woodard (published in 2011). There are historical founding gems in the book and you can see the regional spiritual/cultural/political divides that are becoming fault lines an earthquake like a second Civil War would follow.

    However, the recommendation comes with a caveat, the Historian author leans to the Left and this taints parts of the book. But, I learned much from it and agree with how he has defined much (but not all) of the 11 separate cultures within the country having lived in 6 of them and spent time in all the others.

    I just get annoyed when Historians put their thumb on the scale.

  4. John Slagle

    Thanks Mark, I always appreciated historical and educational books, from the military service to years spent in duty locations where television broadcasts were non existent.


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