Sponsor a Millennial TODAY!

The Country you save may be your own!

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4 thoughts on “Sponsor a Millennial TODAY!

  1. Mark

    This was heartbreaking! It brought a tear to my eye…

    I see these poor technology addicted, empathetic empty, non-persistent, broke with expensive tastes, know everything, risk averse, socially inept, sheltered from reality, bloated with self-esteem, unrealistic expected, self-entitled, ill-mannered Millennials walking in zombie steps staring at the phone in their hand around Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill NC all the time.

    They are completely missing their 20’s!

    Where do I sign up! They need our help!!!!

  2. Publisher

    Oh Mark… You are going to make me come back and tell my Chapel Hill story – aren’t you? You will laugh your butt-off. No time now, but in the words of Ahnold, Ah’ll be bach!

  3. Mark

    Ahhhh…Chapel Hill another blue bubble snowflake infested island of petulant liberal, progressive, socialist, commie utopian worshipers surrounded by red, white & blue NC flyover land.

    I have an 18 year old beat up farm pickup truck that I tattooed with some bumper stickers and decals I drive around (when forced to trade and or visit the VA within enema – I mean enemy) blue bubble land.

    1. Large decal on the back window: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH VIETNAM – SCHOOL OF WARFARE

    2. Bumper sticker: A SOCIALIST IS JUST A PROGRESSIVE IN A HURRY & A COMMIE IS JUST A SOCIALIST IN A HURRY. (I had it custom made – black lettering on a bright pink background).


    3. Purple Heart license plate.

    I find it hilarious when grim black garbed Antifa types or the more stylish ripped jeans revolutionaries or the effeminate Metro Sexual Soy Boys or the hard edged blue or pink haired Feminazies or the aging Academia types (left overs from the 60’s still wearing pony tails) or angry Pussy Hatters or anyone else on the Left who gets behind me at red lights…while watching them in the rear view mirror their faces get red, they jam their elbow into whoever is setting next to them…pointing in – I don’t know anger over what I am stating? Astonishment I am openly triggering them? Rage against my Right (every pun intended) to their Left?

    Where is their love of diversity…of tolerance???

    Their stares become hard – I call it the Snowflake Generation Glare. One young Soy Boy type immediately roared past me on the left (giving me a dirty look) as if my decals were burning his eyes and he had to zoom pass me before he went blind?

    I can tell who is on my side when they smile broadly or even start laughing! They are always older…and in my humble opinion…wiser.


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