How you dress and how you are ADDRESSED

Former Disney Princess, Bella Thorne

I am way past tired of all the sexual harassment claims that have been filling the news – – News that is many times being mouthed by females who are wearing what I would call *come on* clothing.

It is one thing to claim sexual harassment when the female is modestly dressed and portrays a modest kind of *character* but if anyone takes an honest look at how most females dress and have done so for decades – each decade shedding more cloth and displaying more skin – and then claim sexual harassment – well, I for one just don’t buy it.

The reduction in the type and style of clothing – exhibiting more and more skin is nothing more than a “COME AND GET IT” invitation, IMHO. While I understand that many females have been *harassed* that have kept their body parts covered (with non-see thru clothing), I think the most of them have worn the COME AND GET IT clothing. Then when some Male takes the BAIT he is charged with sexual harassment – and all he did in many cases was to accept the *invitation* he saw placed in front of him.

There have been and still are many females claiming the victim role who will stand in front of the cameras dressed with their boobs showing – hems on skirts higher than an elephants eye and sobbing for the cameras to prove they have been assaulted.

I saw a group of mostly blonde females sitting on a couch on one of the morning news shows I check in on and one of them had her skirt barley covering her female parts. The others weren’t much better. This is the common sight on most all now days.

Again, there are those (few) who are not guilty of BAITING males but the majority I see on camera are doing all they can to look as *inviting* as they can. Blinking eyes – low cut boob tops and butt hinting skirts.

And, as for all those who claim their bosses molested them – Can they be HONEST and say they had already figured that SLEEPING their way to another job was not beneath their drive to get promoted??????

                 Bella Thorne, “Hey LOOK at me now!”

We have an entire GAME being played out and the feminists are taking advantage of every opportunity – stomping on those few females that really were assaulted – molested – raped. In my mind – if someone assaulted, molested, raped, me I would make fast tracks to the Police station and file a report. Not wait years before stepping forward to complain with NO EVIDENCE other than my accusations. Those who have done that and continue to be brought forth – to have remained silent at the time the so called incident took place – means it was very likely consensual…. unless your life was threatened if you told anyone.

So, all these CLAIMS by all these females need to be FACT CHECKED before being accepted as truthful.

Jackie Juntti

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juntii_thumbJackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at

2 thoughts on “How you dress and how you are ADDRESSED

  1. Darkwing

    The women on TV news dress like tramps to get you to watch the show. Fox news has been the biggest pusher, just watch. In my 40 years of working you had to be careful who you gave a compliant to, how you said it. PLUS if you looked at a women too long, the dren hit the fan real fast. BUT it is never about them, it is the guys. PLUS: this harassment stuff, it is true and it does happen, it does not matter about dress. There are problems on both side. I was raised to respect women: most of the time I did but there were times and it is just like the race issue. BTW: it will never end

  2. A Reader

    Female mating strategy may explain these.

    A female in her reproductive age is trying to attract the most desirable male in order to have children that survive and reproduce. They tend to be committed to quality because once a child has been born, the female’s options for correcting any mistakes are narrow, if they at all exist.

    In order to have a large pool of prospective mates to choose from, some females resort to broadcasting. They are sending, indiscriminately, messages “I am available for mating, come and get me!”. Of course, most of the males who respond to this advertisement are not desirable from the broadcasting woman perspective, and they are supposed to just go away. Those who will not or cannot are then charged with sexual harassment.


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