Clint Eastwood: Obama ‘Worst President In Our History; He Looted America’

Will Obama EVER LIFT his SEALING of all his records??? Start with his birth certificate (a REAL one) – then his passports – next his school records – and WHO IS THE REAL SPERM DONOR that started this thing??? – Jackie Juntti

Shameless Barack Obama “looted America like a mobster” while running “the dirtiest business in the town” according to Clint Eastwood, who also declared that history will judge Obama to be “the very worst president in the history of the United States – by some distance.“

Nobody would have predicted Obama would turn out to be such a vindictive bully,” Clint Eastwood said in London, England, while promoting his new film, 15:17 To Paris, about three young Americans who thwarted a terrorist attack on a French train in 2015.

The great shame of the Obama administration was the way he looted ordinary Americans, and then put out hit-jobs on anybody who dared to question his White House,” Eastwood said.

There is hard evidence that anyone who filed a formal complaint with the authorities about illegal actions by Obama’s administration was hit with vindictive and destructive bullying tactics by Obama’s people.”

The Obama administration ruined millions of people’s lives. Go and speak to the thousands of US citizens in New York, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, you name it, who had hit-jobs put on them by Obama and his administration.“

According to the veteran actor and director, who was mocked by mainstream media for campaigning against Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, Obama was “living under daily fear of being exposed” for running a sham presidency designed to exclusively benefit the elites who “rigged” his path into office.

Silicon Valley, Chicago political dirty tricksters, and mainstream news cartels controlled by the DNC managed to rig Obama’s way into office based on promises of kickbacks. And boy did Obama deliver.“

Dirtiest business in town
In hindsight it has become clearer that Obama’s presidency was hanging by a thread of cover-ups,” Eastwood said.

We’re talking Russian billionaire mining deals, Solyndra and Afghan profiteering schemes, and the like. The whole White House knew they were walking a tightrope. They could all go down in one Watergate-type revelation at any moment.

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder was voted the most corrupt Attorney General in history. And he had to be.”

But it wasn’t just Eric Holder, according to Eastwood. “There is a whole network of dirty tricks operatives passing themselves off as moral guardians of our country. Even Obama’s own FBI broke laws and the limits of morality.”

There is a good film in all this,” Eastwood said. “A cautionary tale about a Republic in crisis.“

But America is not ready for it yet. The third act isn’t finished. We need arrests.“

Written by Baxter Dmitry and published by Your News Wire ~ December 20, 2017.

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7 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood: Obama ‘Worst President In Our History; He Looted America’

  1. Mark

    I’m just an average guy with the internet and I was able to vet Obama before his first election and knew and warned all I could that he was a Saul Alinsky Trojan Horse.

    2012 was a dark moment when that many American lemmings still remained blind as by then his hate for American and his vicious tactics weaponizing the government were crystal clear.

    The way his and the Clinton’s scandals are unraveling not only is he the worst president in our history, but over the balance of the next three years he could become the first President to be indicted and arrested and tried for multiple crimes, including yellow cake and conspiracy treason. There are many in the food chain to jam up and flip over on many in DC…including the petulant one with the boyish smile.

  2. Darkwing

    Mr. Eastwood is 1,000% wrong. Remember Bush 2 and the lie of WMD’s, Sept 11, 2001, a war that murdered 2,000,000 innocent civilians. Wake up sheeple

  3. Mark


    Here are the choice questions?

    1. What does you comment have to do with the subject of this thread?

    2. Are you a troll? Or do you just blog the first thought that crosses your mind? (This is not a trick question…you have to be one or the other – i have read too many of your comments).

    3. Why do you only you have one wing and why is it dark?

    4. Would you consider changing your handle to Dimwing?

    5. What happened to your other wing? (Please find it so you will stop blogging in circles).

    The thread is about the worst President of our history…if you disagree intelligently debate him. Make your 1,000% case. Don’t just squawk I am really tired of your predictable unconnected bird droppings.

  4. penelope

    taking obama/soros/alinsky/clintons down can’t come soon enough; what a pile of shit people who are haters of America; they should all be in prison for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  5. Mark


    Just one angle of Obama’s “vindictive bullying” were the IRS attacks by the Saul Alinsky President”

    How Obama Weaponized the IRS to Screw Over the American People

    Do you remember when Ben Carson took the petulant one to task at the national Prayer Breakfast? The IRS immediately audited Carson (for the first time) TWICE! Do you remember when D’Souza was jailed:

    Dinesh D’Souza was prosecuted for making a film critical of Obama. D’Souza’s blockbuster film 2016: “Obama’s America” clearly irked the Obama administration, as they called it “an insidious attempt to dishonestly smear the president.” Two years later, federal prosecutors secured a sentence of eight months in a confinement center and five years of probation for D’Souza reimbursing “straw donors for another $20,000 secretly coming from him” to help his friend run for the Senate, which is normally a crime that results in “a wrist slap such as a paltry fine,” according to former Maricopa County Elections Department attorney Rachel Alexander.

    D’Souza isn’t the only one who has been prosecuted under the Obama administration for being critical of the president…

    Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was prosecuted by the Obama administration after he criticized the president’s foreign policy. Menendez was openly critical of the administration’s policies toward Cuba and Iran in 2015. Soon after, the Department of Justice indicted him for “corruption and bribery,” prompting Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz to write:

    “Is the prosecution part of a growing and dangerous trend toward criminalizing policy differences?” Dershowitz wondered in a blog post. “Senator Menendez has challenged the Administration’s policy toward Cuba, expressed concerns over a nuclear deal being brokered with Iran, questioned why an agency would condone throwing good medicine in the garbage, and asked whether a foreign government or the private sector is better at port security. Senators should not have to fear that the Executive Branch will unleash prosecutors to go after politicians who are critical of the administration.”

    Menendez has repeatedly tried to get federal courts to dismiss the charges, to no avail. Regardless if he’s guilty or not, the timing of Menendez’s indictment reeked of retaliation.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of Congress were under surveillance by the Obama administration. The National Security Agency monitored Netanyahu, whom the Obama administration despised to the point where they intervened in Israel’s election to defeat him, as the Iran deal was being hammered out. In doing so, members of Congress were also monitored. In other words, the Obama administration was monitoring political opponents to the Iran deal, which seems to be what the administration was doing to the Trump team as well.

    I can go on and on with more Chicago Way stories of Clint Eastwood’s correct charges against the most radical and vicious president in our history.

    I believe the net is tightening on the many Obama/Hillary/Democratic/FBI scandals and the petulant one who is tying to set up a shadow government may find more then just his radical transformation of America legacy destroyed by Trump – but also his lies and cover ups exposed for all to see.

    When (not if) all his sealed records are unsealed you will find the true Obama, a picture of Barry Dorian Gray…burning an American flag.

    By the way I’m a life long registered Independent.


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