Supreme Court Announces Pivotal Ruling

Hands Trump his biggest win yet!

Trump’s travel ban has been hated by liberals since day one. First of all, it isn’t really a “travel ban”. It started off as a temporary moratorium on immigration from a handful of countries that the Obama administration deemed as potential threats to our national security. It was perfectly reasonable and David French wrote a great piece explaining that reality.

Sadly, activist judges have done everything they can to stop Trump’s efforts to keep us safe.

On Monday, those activist judges suffered a defeat courtesy of the Supreme Court.

Here’s what just went down.

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order is once again to largely go back into effect after the Supreme Court of the United States stayed two lower courts’ injunctions Monday.

The orders come in response to filings by the Department of Justice Friday asking the Supreme Court to stay the preliminary injunctions in the two main travel ban cases, Hawaii v. Trump in the Ninth Circuit and International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump in the Fourth Circuit. These cases have been proceeding up and down the federal court system for months.

The district courts, especially that of Barack Obama-appointed District of Hawaii Judge Derrick Watson, have repeatedly ruled that the bans must be blocked from going into effect or must, in the interim, be interpreted in such a way as to have little effect on the list of mostly Muslim majority countries from which travel is prohibited under the orders.

Here’s more.

From CNBC:

The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to fully enforce a ban on travel to the United States by residents of six mostly Muslim countries.

The justices, with two dissenting votes, said Monday that the policy can take full effect even as legal challenges against it make their way through the courts. The action suggests the high court could uphold the latest version of the ban that Trump announced in September.

The ban applies to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Lower courts had said people from those nations with a claim of a “bona fide” relationship with someone in the United States could not be kept out of the country. Grandparents, cousins and other relatives were among those courts said could not be excluded.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor would have left the lower court orders in place.

Great news for the American people and great news for President Trump.

It’s hard to believe that there are so many people out there who are willing to blindly smear Trump as a racist simply for wanting to tighten up the immigration process. You don’t have a right to come here. We should be 100% positive that every person who wants to come here is coming here with the best of intentions. If there is any doubt about that it’s critical to reevaluate that process. Trump’s executive order is just good common sense.

Props to the Supreme Court on this one.

Written by Andrew Mark Miller and Published by the American News Hub ~ December 4, 2017.

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One thought on “Supreme Court Announces Pivotal Ruling

  1. Mike

    The author said that “liberals” call Trump a racist because he bans Muslims. Not true. Trump is a White Supremacist because he doesn’t know any better. He’d be a racist whether he banned Muslims or not.

    This travel ban should be pretty quick up and down, don’t you think? After all, Trump did say that he wanted to ban all travel from all majority Muslim countries, “until we figure out what’s going on.”

    He said he’d need 90 days for “us” to figure out “what’s going on.” Well, it’s been over a year for President Trump, leading thousands of trained and experienced professionals in the intelligence and diplomatic fields, to “figure out” what’s been going on for decades. I hope the president is able to understand the situation by now.

    The situation, although complex, is simple to follow: For hundreds of years, Muslim leaders and Christian kings fought over land and resources throughout the Middle East and Africa. I lot of people were slaughtered. Colonies sprang up and were given back only a hundred years ago. At the end of the Great War, an Englishman and a Frenchman (Sykes and Pico) divvied up the Middle East with a straight-edged ruler, without regard to local politics, religions, or even language. Finally, after WWII, the Western Allies took away Palestine and gave it to the Jews that nobody wanted in their own countries. Pretty simple theme so far.

    But people multiply, and expectations rise. We needed oil. So we struck a de facto deal with the local royal families: Let us take the oil from your nation cheaply, and we’ll leave your country mostly alone.

    Except of course, for our missile bases, naval presence, and occasionally overthrowing a nation here and there. American Conservative Christians feel a great need to keep Israel in place long enough to be the site of the great apocalyptic war of Armageddon between the US and Russia that is needed–they believe–to trigger the Second Coming of Christ, which will raise the flocks of those pastors up to Heaven, leaving all those other people of the wrong religions to go to Hell. So the US materially supports the Israel Defense Forces with billions in arms each year; it’s better to kill Palestinians, Lebanese, Persians and others without committing our own forces.

    Then some brash son of a Saudi billionaire decides he should punish us for our interference in the Middle East by planning and funding the 9/11 terror missions. In response, we go to Afghanistan (?) to overthrown the Taliban government. Then we invade Iraq (!) to overthrow the Sunni government. Then we kidnap and torture hundreds of Muslims–some of them totally innocent–from around the world and keep them in Cuba, without any law or possibility of going home. We now have warriors on the ground and drones in the air, killing people day and night in nearly every sovereign Muslim country on Earth.

    Don’t they know that we’re fighting for peace, and that the One True God is on our side?

    “They hate us for our freedoms.” –G.W. Bush

    Now that Trump understands the situation. I wonder how he will bring us peace and prosperity?


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