The Transgender Stampede

…God will eventually carry out His plan of regeneration and salvation no matter what our worldly rulers say and do. I don’t think He listens to the New York City Transit Authority, but because of what these imbeciles say and do, and because of the mindless multitudes who follow them, it’s going to be an unimaginably rough ride. Whether it ends with a thunderous crash or a soft and sickening plop doesn’t much matter…~ CH

Even churches have leaped aboard the bandwagon. Recently the Church of England ordered all 4,700 of its schools, serving over a million pupils, to “allow children to experiment with their gender identity.” No more “Be not conformed to this world” (Romans 12:2). No more “[M]ale and female created He them” (Genesis 1:27). We can’t even say “Boys will be boys” anymore… Follow to Full story >>>

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