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In 1972 while assigned to Presidio Station on the Rio Grande, an Ojinaga based drug cartel utilized death by stoning as a means to kill captured Federalies as well as gang members who did not follow cartel rules. We recovered numerous cadavers from the Rio Grande, with death Por Golpe, death by rocking. A notorious drug smuggler, Chuey Campos who lost a load of 1,200 pounds of marijuana to our agents and escaped across the line was stoned to death in la zona principal, tied to a stake and every bone in his body broken.

There was also a verbal threat, that La Chota, U.S. Border Patrol would suffer a similar fate if captured. Van Horn is a short distance from Presidio in Marfa Sector and also in cartel Smuggling corridors. The number of assaults by rocks used against agents has always been a very real threat on the border from 1972 to the present. Agents who have shot and killed stone throwers often faced criminal prosecution. Many of those attacks were a matter of Bravado, Quine es mas macho?

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Illegal Aliens Killed Border Agent by Crushing in His Skull with Rocks

~ The Author ~
John Slagle, has been a long-time reader and frequent contributor to The Federal Observer, and spent over 32 years defending this nation and was on duty September 11, 2001 at HQ Intelligence. After retirement in 2002, returning to his home in Arizona, the borders were over-run with illegals, death was an everyday occurrence, the Mexican Military was escorting narcotics shipments and shooting at our Border Patrol Agents. When Park Ranger Kris Eggle was murdered in an international incident involving Mexican Hit men, narcotics smugglers at Lukeville and politicians with the exception of Colorado Congressman Tancredo ignored the problem. The same situation existed with mainstream media. Even a load of illegal aliens whose vehicle was riddled with Mexican military machine gun fire was not worthy of attention.

Like many people, he tried to contact elected officials on the problems, and received standard form replies in return. Finally, he had enough and wrote ILLEGAL ENTRIES which is now published and shows three decades on the Borders, and how politicians have created the problems in illegal immigration from 1972 to 2004. Like many of his partners, some who were killed enforcing immigration laws, Amnesty for lawbreakers is a “kick in the face” to our honored dead. As a longtime conservative, he will not vote or support any elected official whose interests are not for U.S. Citizens or lawfully admitted resident aliens.

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  1. Sinolav

    Why would anyone want to be a border patrol agent? Your “boss” the Federal Government doesn’t support you. I agree with Fergus.

  2. John Slagle

    Sinolav, it is a fact that enforcing the immigration laws established by Congress has rarely been supported by that same congress or elected senators for several decades. Instead in a quest for cheap labor and illegal votes, both republicans and democrats have pushed for “open borders” openly since the 1986 Amnesty.That mindset has also been a policy of elected Presidents from Bush to Obama. In the 1970s during the Vietnam era many returning Veterans applied for the Border Patrol which was a very honorable organization with capable leaders that accomplished a mission despite Washington political appointees. Every man could be counted on in any dangerous situation in remote and hostile working conditions. I can honestly say I’ve worked with some of the finest men and women in the nation and remained on duty for them, not a government that did not support our mission or common sense national security directives.

    On a Coroner’s inquest in 1975 on a wanted felon who tried to use a knife with deadly intent and was killed with a single pistol round was a typical scenario of the times. The Coroner’s jury centered around why my partner and I could not disarm a man with a knife without using lethal force. Finally it dawned on them that the deceased cocaine smuggler was wanted by Mexican authorities for a series of homicides, weapon of choice a knife or machete. Justifiable Homicide was the verdict but we were still sued by the widow of the deceased for two million dollars for wrongful death, his potential earnings had he lived.

    On rocking incidents, I’ve known agents that had their skulls fractured by rocks thrown with lethal force and were unable to continue their duties and were medically discharged. In 2010, politics pressured the U.S. Border Patrol to issue new guidelines for agents involved in rock throwing incidents. The guideline provided guidance on diffusing circumstances before they get to the point where use of force is necessary.

    Agents should try when possible to avoid firing at rock throwers. Since 2010, agents have been assaulted with rocks 1700 times. Agents fired back 43 times and 10 people have been killed. In Nogales, Arizona, prior to my retirement, a special war wagon was built to patrol the international fence. Due to rock barrages thrown over the fence, the four wheel drive vehicle was encased in metal grids on the windows and roof. The series of rock attacks was often a diversion for narcotics backpackers and smugglers who moved their cargo while agents were “Diffusing Circumstances” according to policy.

    Truthfully, I don’t think I would want to be a border patrol agent today under DHS and Customs politics. Perhaps with Trump conditions may improve, but he faces open border NWO minions, deep state, operatives and a festering corrupt do nothing Senate and Congress.


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