It’s Over!

…and so in the scheme of things, you actually believe that all we have published on the Federal Observer since July of 2001 has made a difference? If it had, then O’Bammy would never have been able to hi-jack the White House and cause all of the damage he caused for nearly a decade. Hillary would never have been chosen as the Democratic nominee in 2016 and Trump would have never been chosen and allowed to leave the Atlantic Casino and moved to the one in DC, also known as the ‘White House.’ Is that meant to be negative comment regarding the President? No – just a factual statement!

So we have reached a turning point in America… heading toward the final collapse. As our ‘Quotables‘ post from the front page of this blog states:

“The phrase “the Fall of America” suggests some cataclysmic event ended the American Empire which had stretched from Maine to California and Florida to Washington. But at the end, there was no straining at the gates, no barbarian horde that dispatched the Empire in one fell swoop. Rather, the Empire fell slowly, as a result of challenges from within and without, and changing over the course of hundreds of years until its form was unrecognizable.”

If over the next week or so, all you see on this site is primarily large, full sized images – then maybe the time has come to just post visuals. No one reads anything any longer anyway – and the education system has insured that no one understands the meaning of the words anyway…

And this image (albeit satirical) is exemplary of what has become of the Swamp known as Washington, Deciept.

I fear that the words of Roy Orbison have come home to roost, “It’s Over!

~ the Author ~
A veteran of Viet Nam, student of history (both American and film), Jeffrey Bennett has been broadcasting for over two decades as host of various radio-satellite and internet based programs and has been considered the voice of reason on the alternative media – providing a unique and distinctive broadcast style, including topics such as your Financial, Physical, and Spiritual well-being, education, news, Federal and local legislative issues, which will affect our future, political satire (with a twist), and editorial commentary on current events through the teaching of history. Through The Book Shelf, Bennett has published numerous books on American History – TRUE history – not re-worked, altered history. The Book Shelf has also published books for unknown authors, whose dedication to truth – stands alone.

Jeffrey is the founder and CEO of Kettle Moraine, Ltd. Publications, which is the host and developer of numerous websites, including the Metropolis Café, Dr. Kelley’s Victory Over Cancer, The Book Shelf, Kettle Moraine Precious Metals and The Federal Observer – a daily on-line publication, which co-authored and spear-headed a petition, which ultimately caused new legislation to be signed by President Bush within 450 days of the events that rocked our world on September 11, 2001.

12 thoughts on “It’s Over!

  1. Jim Kouri

    Don’t give up, my friend. You’re doing your work for God and country. You may not realize what a difference your publication makes in the lives of some Americans.

    1. The Publisher Post author

      Coming from you Jim – this has great meaning, but we all know the battles that we cannot win. There are days when I feel that I can do more in several of my other sites, and

      These are sights where i have been able to help on an Individual basis. We’ll see what happens. I am not done yet, but as you know – when I began this site some seven weeks before 9/11 – there were scant few sites of it’s type. Now they are a dime a dozen – or maybe with inflation – it’s a penny per dozen.

      One way or the other, I’ll see you at Sundown. Thank you for your encouragement Jim.

  2. Dale

    The rats are coming out of the woodwork and as rats do when desperate and hungry, they eat their own. Our nation is being filled with people who want to ‘Live with out Work’. Our governments, all forms, in the USA are promoting this type of human being and thought lessons with its employment and welfare system. It hires staff (unionized with pensions and healthcare for life) to give away welfare. And that’s called work. They are populating an army of loyal ‘civil servants’ who are paid wages on the tax backs of private ‘ non-government ‘ workers. Bleeding the performers, savers ,sacrificers, stifling incentives and desires of future human propagation. The problem existing in the USA is that ‘those who work for their living are being outnumbered by those who ‘vote’ for their living’. The greatest threat to mankind in the World is Overpopulation. This situation cannot endure, it’s an un-natural process.

  3. John Slagle

    Jeff, you’ve earned the respect of countless people since 911 and your efforts are greatly appreciated by all with the ability to think and reason. Jim Kouri nailed the sentiments of all who know you and have read the countless articles presented in a dark time period in the history of our nation.

  4. A Reader

    Well, Jeff, some still can read. Those who can are more likely to influence others and – as a group – the course of this nation. Those who cannot are of little consequence as they are likely to be controlled by some of those who can.

    So, if you post traditional (text rather than just images) articles here, there is a chance that some of those who can read will actually read them and – perhaps – use their readings as inspiration for their future actions.

    But when we begin to cater only to those who cannot or will not read, we will never reach out to anybody else.

    And that would mean we hit the real dead end.

    Anyway, thanks for all the great things that you have done to us and our country.

    1. The Publisher Post author

      Thanks for your input my friend. You’ll note that numerous posts have been made today, but there are times where the images are spot-on and say far more than the written word could ever say.

      1. A Reader

        Yes, that is true, my friend. I am just not quite ready to give up.

        Thanks, again, on behalf of all those who keep reading.

  5. The Publisher Post author

    To all who have responded… Yes – there are times that I am ready to pull the plug, but then I have to look back at what Granny has said to me so many times over the years – “If all you reach is one person… then it has been worthwhile.

    It is not my intent to close it down – but the fact is, that for this nation, I truly fear, that as relates to the American Empire – it is Over.

  6. Kevin

    Guys, I wish to point out something here, that has escaped our attention. Last friday eve, I pulled out my trust old king james bible and turned to the last chapter of Daniel 11, and read verse 40 to 44. As I sat there looking at it, something suddenly clicked together. I have read those 4 verses off and on all my life during the pass 50 plus years and have never under stood. In verse 40, it says:

    At the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him : and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots [of war] and horseman, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass over.

    Ok .. let me ask you a question .. what country today has a stand army and navy and airforce setup world wide, ready for war at a moment notices ?

    what country flowed like water into all the nation of the world during world one and two ?

    The answer is, its the United States of America !

    The United States of America is the only nation that has all the chariots [of war] and horseman, and ships that is mention verse 40. The United States of America truely entered into all the nation of the world and passed over during both wars.

    Now let us take a look at verse 44 and see what it says.

    But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him : therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many … !

    Tidings out of the east and the North ? is that China and North Korea ? If so, then so be it. there is not a dam thing that you can do to stop what has been foretold that will take place. yet in the next verse, it says that he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

    Ok, does that mean that after World War III, America will come to its end ?

    That is the question of the day …

  7. John Slagle

    Jeff and all
    This morning on the www. I had the opportunity to view a video presentation which described what and who are the Deep State operatives and their goals for this nation. Robert David Steele is a former military intelligence officer major in rank, former C.I.A. case officer, field agent and co-founder of the Marine Corp Intelligence Center. From “false flag” events in this country, unanswered questions from the Pollard Las Vegas mass murders to Congressmen and Senators who are controlled by pressure and bribery from outside sources, Robert Steele’s analysis is well worth the time to watch . People can make up their own minds but with ‘fake news” reports, just about everything presented on the mainstream media is questionable to say the least.


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