The Good Guys Are Evil and The Bad Guys Are Good!

I’m sure everyone now knows about the riots in St. Louis that are tearing up parts of our city once again, just like Ferguson! One of the major problems with both of these is that both of the men killed by officers were criminals, and all of the trials to frame and imprison both of the Officers involved came out with decisions that proved the Officers were innocent and the men killed were criminals committing Crimes! In the Ferguson case, Michael Brown had stolen cigars from a local store after he had attacked the owner. When the officer caught up with him and tried to arrest him, Brown attacked the officer through his car’s window and tried to get the officers gun. When the officer got out of his car and ordered Brown to stop and get down on the ground, Brown charged the officer!

Brown was a big guy and was very strong, so the officer had to shoot him to stop him. Right or wrong; the officer had no choice under the rules of the City Police! Obama got together with his Attorney General, Eric Holder, and they did everything they could to put the Officer in prison for “racism”, even though the officer was doing his job! And, when it didn’t work, they got together with State and Local attorneys and tried the same thing but, again, it didn’t work because there was no evidence to convict him!

Now we have the situation with the Officer Jason Stockley having killed Anthony Lamar Smith, and the riots are the same as the Ferguson riots, except that, this time the State Governor activated a large group of the National Guard and the local officers are allowed to go after the criminals, which they weren’t allowed to do with the Michael Brown problem. The leaders that formed the riots complain that Smith was an unarmed man caught by the police officer, then shot by him. And, once again, Obama and Eric Holder went after him after it happened, but no evidence was found and Stockley was proven innocent.

There was another investigation and the same results were determined and he was found innocent again! And, for a third time, he was found innocent again! Now the protesters yell about an “innocent man” being murdered by a White Police Officer because he was Black. And that is total idiocy! Smith was a big drug dealer and he is responsible for many who have ruined their lives by using his drugs! He was under investigation and the call went out for his arrest! Smith did his job by hunting him, then stopping him and ordering him out of his car. He had a gun when he got out and Stockley shot him to protect his own life, under the rules of the Police Department! Then every Black who wanted trouble, and who had support from Obama and Holder, said that the gun was put in the car by Stockley, to allow him to kill a Black man! And that lie is what caused the riots our city is suffering under right now!

In both situations, the Blacks who protested were family members and others who were really concerned about what happened. And they did it the right way and marched and protested, but kept it peaceful and didn’t harm anyone else. Some were family members and friends that wanted to make their voices heard, and I agree they had the Right to do so and I will support them as long as it stays legally correct. But the night time rioters are mainly paid individuals sent to St. Louis to tear up the town and make it look racist and unsafe! And the person that has paid for most of them to be here is George Soros, an extremely radical Progressive non-citizen of America! And the rioters go to the some of the nicest business areas in our city and smash windows, tear up cars and beat up anyone that stands against them! And that movement is lead by the Antifa radicals!

Both of these “victims of Police racism” were open criminals that violated our laws every day and didn’t give a crap about the people whose lives they were harming! If they were White criminals going after Blacks in the exact same manner, and Whites stood up for them exactly like they are standing up for Brown and Smith, Blacks would be protesting the movement, calling it unequal, special Rights protection! That has to end: We all have to go by the laws of our local, County and State legal regulations, just as I was taught to do when I was a kid! My Dad taught me that all people are equal and all have the same Rights to live their lives, as long as they follow the laws in our country! He said that, if I ever violated any of our laws, I would have to suffer the punishment! And these riots aren’t about good Black people who live their lives to keep them and their families safe and secure, they are about criminals who violated our legal system and died because of it! And he was absolutely right! I live in a neighborhood that is mixed with White people and Black people and, except for a minor amount of White and Blacks committing crimes, all are decent people who only want to live their lives in peace and comfort. And we have a group of families of both races who will stand up and protect each other if anyone threatens any one of us! Races have no basis in our area; we barbecue together, sit out and have some drinks and laugh with each other and we will all work with each other whenever we can. And that’s the way it should be, but too many want personal fame by taking part in protests, leading them, or getting themselves arrested to become heroes! And this has to end, not because we want it to, but because their own people need them to in order to get our country safe and secure again!

All this said; I keep asking why cities like Chicago allow criminal gangs to run loose in their cities and are willing to be a safe city for illegals who won’t follow our legal system to become legal citizens! And they allow Mexican gangs, like MS-13, to run their streets and harm and murder other people! Yet what do the Mayors of those cities keep complaining about? Well, they keep raising hell about how we are unfair to illegals, who are criminals by sneaking into our country, and we are all “racists” because we think that they need to be thrown out! And the radical leaders of race movements use the “Race” game against us and it has become the main topic of the news on CNN and other Progressive stations on a regular basis!

All of these separation movements are doing nothing but keeping all of the people from coming together as good Americans citizens because all they hear is that White men are “evil people”! And the police are called race haters, even though every race is involved in every force! And this is happening because all they want to do is keep the hate going, so that the leaders can keep their power and fame, and to break our nation up into groups of people, instead of uniting us all into one group of good Americans! And, if there is a White, Black, Oriental or any other person that is truly violating our laws, I say: Arrest them and put them in jail! But all of the useless violence and separation has to end now! When someone comes to your door, regardless of your race, and put’s their life on the line to keep you safe, are they Racists, or Police Officers? Cops are not bad people, they are the true protectors of the people in our country! And, unless you are an active criminal, they could care less about your race! The time has come to end all of this and get our nation back on track! And, more than anything else; the time has come to stop going after every cop because some criminal calls them a racist! If they violate the law, their Commanding Officer will remove them and, if necessary, place them in jail! Otherwise, they have the same Rights as you and me and once a trial has ended with no finding of guilt, they need to be allowed to do their jobs again! If you feel that this is all wrong and that Officers are all bad, then you need to contact the local offices and tell them that you don’t trust the Police and you don’t want them to ever come to your home to help you in any emergency! It’s that simple; if you don’t trust them, don’t use them!


Written by Michael J. Kilgus, Gladiator 059 and published by LZ Freedom ~ September 18, 2017.

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2 thoughts on “The Good Guys Are Evil and The Bad Guys Are Good!

  1. Osh

    “……..they need to be allowed to do their jobs again! If you feel that this is all wrong and that Officers are all bad, then you need to contact the local offices and tell them that you don’t trust the Police and you don’t want them to ever come to your home to help you in any emergency! It’s that simple; if you don’t trust them, don’t use them!…”….sorry…this is BS…we still MUST use the Nazis, excuse me, “police” because if we have a problem at home say, with intruders, and handle it ourselves, w/o calling the Nazis in, then WE become their next set of perps…WE will be the next victims of the 25:1 ratio of SWAT to “us” …its the only reason I will ever call the the police for help…I don’t want them beating my door down at 3 AM, and killing me and my family because we defended ourselves. Go ahead and just try to tell me it isn’t true.

  2. Bill Wallace

    Why do politicians pander to those who commit crimes and celebrate criminals? Why do people tolerate these degenerates? What kind of culture permits and encourages their children to emulate this life style?


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