Hang Her High

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4 thoughts on “Hang Her High

  1. Mark


    I’ll tell you what is happening, Hillary and all of her flying Monkeys are being slow walked up the 13 steps to the platform.

    The petulant Saul Alinsky Community Organizer who radicalized the Democrats even further to the Marxist political and cultural Left, along the way to their globalist utopia, lost the Jackass Congress majority, thanks to determined TEA Party Patriots (the greatest grass roots play since the Civil Rights movement) then all the flying Monkeys overplayed their hand against the Orange Wild Card who is flipping many (not all) of the tables over…gleefully backed by Joe six pack and Jane Shopping Mall.

    Being one of the Obama described “Clingers” holding tight to my modern day semi automatic musket in one hand and word of the living God in the other and being a blade in the Party of those Taxed Enough Already…I am counting the steps Jezebel, King Ahab and all the flying monkeys are being slow walked up.

  2. Bockcare Willy

    In that case, then we had better stand by Don Trump and give him all the support that we can, because dear ol Hillary is doing absolutely nothing to protect the American People, from outsiders who threat to wipe America off the map with a Atomic fly swather, and Dear Ol Don Trump is trying to protect the American People from the evil treats of the North Korea manic leader, known as Kim !

    As I see it, when ever any body is stupid enough to breath threats of doom upon another nation and its people, then we as Cowboys, have a God Given right to rise up in anger to defend our country and to cross borders to put a stop to the treats. Tell hillary to get lost and give Don the support !

  3. Darkwing

    I have been hearing and reading this dren from you sheeple for the passed 5 years and NOTHING has happened. WELL get off you ass and do something or shut the frell up


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