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This is another chapter that was not in the original book. As noted earlier, I wrote the original back in 1999 and published it in 2000. Back then Slick Willie Clinton was just finishing up his second term as president and while he was then considered to be on the left, it was a far calmer country then. I have watched since then and have seen politics going from being just a difference of how the country should be run to becoming almost a contact sport. I know that some of this will be repetitious but I believe it all needs to be put together to see where this country is today. My feeling is that we are in such bad shape that I do not know if we can recover.

I am going to hark all the way back to Ronald Reagan because that is when I actually saw what was the beginning of the Fasciunistic left. When Reagan was elected the mainstream media was not happy and did their best to take shots at him. They complained that he was too old and that what did a former movie star know about running America. The problem with taking pot shots at Reagan was the fact that he was known as the “great communicator”, and every time things got what he considered out of hand he would go on television and give a speech that made the points he wanted to make and turn the country back to his way of thinking, He pulled the country out of double digit inflation and excessive unemployment and we had eight of the best years this country had seen in decades. Ronald Reagan was truly the people’s president.

George H.W. Bush was a case of just being another politician that was not ready for prime time. Reagan was virtually forced to take him on as vice-president and riding on Reagan’s popularity, managed to get elected. Being a true politician his slogan before being elected was. “Read my lips, no new taxes”. The very in his term what did he do? He instituted new taxes. He did not even wait long enough for people to forget what he promised. The democrats, the mainstream media and others on the left loved it, First most of those people never saw a tax that they did not love and the higher the better, Second they could see right up front that they had clear sailing in the next presidential election. That was due to the fact that the people that voted on the promise of no new taxes would not vote for him again. Thus, George H.W. Bush became a one-term president.

Now we come to the man who was in his seventh year as president when I began my book, Slick Willie Clinton. In today’s world of politics he would not be far enough left for today’s democrats and Fasciunists. He actually tried to make work a requirement for drawing food stamps and other relief programs. This was later undone by a man that was much farther to the left. However, he was probably the first president that the mainstream media gave a free pass to. When he allowed his co-president (he stated when he became president that we would be getting two for the price of one, meaning his wife Hillary) to attempt to take over the medical industry and the medical insurance industry. At that point in time even some of the democrats had not drifted that far to the left and the attempt failed. It is my belief that this was Hillary’s idea and Slick Willie did not really care one way or the other.

Another thing that the press ignored and went along with was our bombing of Kosovo and Yugoslavia. When we bombed an aspirin factory he merely said oops and the mainstream media just let it slide. He could do no wrong in their eyes and they gave him a pass on everything, including his womanizing. Various women accused him of sexual harassment and the press was silent or sided with Hillary when she slandered and threatened the women. They had been involved in shady financial deals and Slick Willy had been accused of sexual harassment as Governor of Arkansas and all of that was also swept under the rug by the press. This was the era that I believe the press became an arm of the Democrat Party and part of the Fasciunist movement. They even tried to cover him during his impeachment. “It was only sex”, “It was consensual “, these and other excuses were all the press would write about. They never really wanted to report on what the actual crime was that he was being tried for, which was perjury. They literally dwelled on the sexual aspect of it and tried to steer the public away from the truth. They never even questioned his statement about what the meaning of is, is. A total whitewash because the man was a democrat and democrats can do no wrong.

This brings us to George W. Bush and the immediate change in the tone of the press was very evident. When the election between he and Gore was contested due to hanging chads in Florida, they immediately sided with Gore. When it went to the Supreme Court and they gave the election to Bush, as well they should have, the democrats and the press all called foul. It is a good thing that Bush won because if it had been Gore we would all probably riding bicycles and living in unheated huts by now. That is, everyone but he and his environmental friends. They would still be driving SUVs, flying around in their private jets and owning three of four lavish homes that use fourteen times as much energy as the average American.

Once Bush was inaugurated the bashing began. Even during the campaign he was lied about and the left tried to take him down. He was stupid, he was a draft dodger, etc, etc. All of these charges were later proven as lies and Dan Rather paid the price by losing his evening news anchor position. As far as I know he has never apologized for taking a fake news story and running with it. You see, people on the left do not have to apologize for anything they do or say; they are immune to such things.

Bush was slammed for going into Iraq and even to Afghanistan even though he had congressional approval. That was a great difference as to when Clinton sent bombers into Kosovo, then nothing was said. Bush was slammed for continuing to read to kids when he was told about the events of 9/11. This even though he did it to not alarm the children and what more could he have done if quit immediately. Many Americans thought he acted very presidential and very intelligently but the press would not give him any credit. This continued throughout his presidency; everything he did or said was picked apart, looked at and something was found to blame him for. Only on the couple of occasions that he did something that was very left wing did the press give him any credit. Bush was not really even a conservative but he had and R behind his name and that made him the enemy to the press.

This brings us to B. Hussein O. This man, America’s first black president, in my opinion, the man that brought the biggest and most dividing change to American politics. The press was so infatuated with Hussein that they would not even think about saying anything but great things about him. He made tingling down the leg of a certain reporter, he was called a god and even compared to Jesus and we were told that he was a savior. All of this before he even became president. His wife admitted hating America when she made the statement after the election that she was finally proud to be and American. Does this mean now that they are no longer in the White House that she again hates America? None of his communist friends, his communist mentor, his America hating preacher or any of his other questionable friends and allies were brought up by the press. Anyone that happened to bring up any of this or the fact that he was not born in the United States was called a racist. He claimed that this country was still a very racist country and the media went along with him. Never did they touch on how he could have gotten elected without the white vote. If America was as racist as he, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the race baiting media claimed he should have lost by a wide margin.

Once in office he began to drive racial wedges and left right wedges into, not only politics, but into everything in the country that he had a chance to. When a police officer stopped a black professor from breaking into his own home Hussein jumped right in condemning the officer and calling for an investigation. After finding out how wrong he was there was really no public apology, he just shared a beer with the officer. By that time the damage had been done. When Trayvon Martin was killed he immediately condemned it and stated that if he had a son he would be like Martin. In both of these cases the press sided with him and even went so far as to say the Martin case was a matter of racism, of a white shooting a black. This when the fact that the shooter was Hispanic did not matter to them, they labeled him white and that was the way it went down. Again after he was found not guilty there were no apologies from Hussein or from the media.

The biggest divider of all in my opinion was the Ferguson, Missouri shooting and riots. Once again Hussein sided with the criminal because he was black and the officer was white. He sided with Black Lives Matter, which in my opinion is a terrorist group. The press and the rest of the race baiters also jumped on the bandwagon and condemned the officer. Even after federal, state and local investigations vindicated the officer, there were no apologies from the White House, the race baiters or the media. Black lives were lauded and applauded and went on a cop killing spree. Even this did not lessen the approval from the president or the press. In fact, they were invited to the White House for a meeting with the President. Apparently Hussein approved of shooting cops and rioting and killing whites. I believe that this was one of the most dividing actions anyone could take against America and the rule of law.

I could go on but I feel that I have said enough to show that B. Hussein O. was the great divider. He also disdained the Constitution of the United States of America. He called it just a piece of paper and said that it had outlived its reason for being. He stated that there were certain things that he could not do because of the constitution, like changing the immigration laws, yet signed an executive order called DACA. The man was a pure Fasciunist. He was also the most egotistical, narcissist that I can remember holding that high office. The media gave him a pass on everything he did because ninety-nine percent of the media totally agreed with him and hate America as much as he does. He grew up a Muslim and the Muslims and the Nazis were very close during WW II. Add to that that his chief mentor while he was growing up was a well-known communist and you can see that he probably formed Fasciunist ideals. He was never questioned by the media and was given a pass on everything he did. There were no hard questions and no in depth interviews. Then too, there was always the race card. When conservatives complained about something he did or said, they were always called racist. It did not matter that the conservatives would have been just as upset by a white president that did these things; because it was B. Hussein O. it was racist. Of course this is the modus operendi of Fasciunists, if you do not have a coherent opinion to debate the item with; simply call the other person names and make fake statements about them. The mainstream media, the democrats and all other Fasciunists use this tactic regularly. In my personal opinion B. Hussein O. was the worst, most divisive, most destructive, anti-American President in history.

Now we come to where we are now as far as politics go. When the primaries began we began to see how far politics has fallen in this country. On one side we had and avowed socialist and probable communist running against a woman that believed that it was her absolute right to become the next president of the United States. While Bernie Sanders was an avowed socialist, Hillary Clinton on the other hand claimed to be a democrat and was in reality a Fasciunist, (although there is no longer a hairs breadth of difference). The race for the nomination was close with the millennials opting for Sanders while the party faithful opting for Clinton. There is still some doubt as which of them would have grabbed the nomination if Clinton had not had a lot of outside help. Between the dirty tricks of the head of the Democratic National Committee, (DNC) and extensive help from the media, Clinton became the democratic/Fasciunist candidate.

On the other side the republicans had a plethora of candidates to choose from going in. The closer it got to convention time the more it narrowed down to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. From the beginning Trump was a big favorite with many people because of his non-politically correct talk. The man said what he thought and what he thought was what a great many Americans thought. By the time the convention came up he had the nomination sewed up. This made the democrats, the Fasciunists, the communists and especially the mainstream media extremely happy. They all felt that there was no way that Donald Trump, could beat Hillary Clinton, a polished politician and soon to be named first female president of the USA.

Let’s take a look at what they each brought to the table. Clinton came into politics as the wife of the Arkansas Governor, Slick Willie Clinton. That is where he first got practice in trying to cover for his womanizing by name calling and threats. She came to the White House with him and continued to be his buffer. She also tried to take over the American health system and tried to say that children did not really belong to their parents, especially in her book, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”. When they left the White House she promptly became a carpetbagger and moved to New York so she could run for the senate. She won the senate seat and hung around just waiting until she thought the time was right for her get her well deserved seat as President of the United States of America. She got sandbagged by B. Hussein O. and got beat in the primaries. That meant she would have to wait for eight years to claim the job that she imagined was rightfully hers. B. Hussein O. made her the Secretary of State and she went completely off the rails. She set up her own email server and used it for both official and personal emails in spite of Federal regulations against it. When called on it she destroyed the emails and tried her best to erase all evidence of them. When asked to turn over her official emails she withheld most of the important ones and lied about it. Through all of this the mainstream media gave her a complete pass, trying to say that it was a republican witch hunt. It was kind of the same with the situation with the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Our Ambassador and others were attacked by terrorists and neither she nor B. Hussein O. did anything to protect them. They sent no help and left our ambassador and our military with nothing. I was only in the military for three years but in that time I know that you always send any help possible and that Americans leave no on behind. If that was not bad enough, both she and B. Hussein O. blamed the attack on a Youtube video. She did this even after emailing her daughter and telling her that it was a terrorist attack. I have made a statement and ticked off a few people by telling them that anyone that was in the military and voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election is completely brain dead. I completely stand by that statement. While she was Secretary of State her husband would make speeches, raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars and she would do favors for the payees. She also did favors for other countries that would donate enough money to the Clinton Foundation. I could go on for several more pages of things that she did that were illegal, immoral and simply wrong. During all of this the Fasciunist mainstream media never once called her to task for any of it. They covered for every Fasciunist act that she performed and went to bat for her whenever anyone else tried to get to the bottom of things.

Looking at Donald Trump’s record, as far as politics go, he had none. He had never held or even run for political office. He was a very successful billionaire businessman and he had a top rated TV show. When he first announce that he was going to run for president the media and all of the other Fasciunists in Hollywood and on the coasts laughed at the idea that he even thought he could run for president and beat anyone, let alone Clinton. When he actually jumped into the race and began to win primaries and debates the sharp knives came out in the media. Everything he said or did was looked at through a microscope and was turned against him. Things he did in the past were dug up while if anyone brought up something about Hillary’s past it was deemed to be dirty politics by that same media. After he won the nomination, which the media had said was impossible, the debates with Hillary began. The media did everything to make sure that Hillary won the debates going so far as to pass the questions to here prior to the debate. After each debate, no matter how most of the population saw it, the media spun it that Hillary had won. Every poll taken by the media showed Hillary ahead by a good percentage. The one thing that they forgot was to poll people in the middle of the country. They stuck to the two coasts and ignored fly-over country, as they like to call it. What the people in the rust belt states saw in Trump was a man that spoke his mind, was not politically correct, wanted to control immigration, fight terrorism, bring back jobs, make America great again and a man that had no political axe to grind. While Hillary is known to endorse high taxes, Trump called for massive tax cuts. While Hillary never met an illegal invader she did not like, Trump called for the end to illegal immigration and the building of a wall along the southern border. While Hillary and the media swelled on sexual remarks that Trump may have made in the past, she was given a complete pass on what Slick Willie did and her part in the cover-ups. Trump was (and still is) portrayed as an anti-woman, fascist, racist, white supremacist and a number of other derogatory names. All this according, to the media, in the name of fair play. On the other hand when anyone brought out anything against Hillary, no matter if it was true, or only suspected, they were immediately labeled a misogynist. This was the way it was throughout the entire campaign.

When Election Day arrived all of the media agreed that Queen Hillary would be crowned a President of the United States. Some news outlets gave her a ninety-nine percent chance of winning with the only question being on how much of a landslide it would be for her. As the evening wore on and Trump kept picking up electoral votes, some of the Fasciunist media began to get a little apprehensive. However, they still felt that Hillary could pull it out because they could not comprehend that they had been wrong and they absolutely hated even the thought of Donald Trump becoming the President. When it finally became clear that in fact Donald Trump had won the election by virtue of the Electoral College the media went into total meltdown. They went spastic and did not quit know what to do or say. When it became clear that Hillary had won the popular vote some of the media immediately demanded that the Electoral College be done away with and Hillary declared president. Losing the popular vote and winning the Electoral College has happened a number of times in the past and never did we hear the ranting and raving that we heard this time. Calls for Trump’s impeachment began before he was even sworn in. All kinds of accusations were brought against him. One of the big things that he was to have done was to collude with Russia to be able to beat Hillary. Now after almost nine months this accusation and the investigation into it is finally dieing the slow death it deserves. They can find nothing concrete nor do I believe they ever will.

This is what politics has become in this country, something that the Fasciunist control because the Fasciunists control the media. They hire late night hosts that hate Trump and continually bash him using some of the nastiest and vulgar methods. The brain dead people that attend and watch these shows on TV eat this stuff up and the ratings are great. That is all that the Fasciunist media cares about, ratings and taking down Trump. This same media backs Antifa one hundred percent and give them glowing reports. This is because the media and the organization claim it is anti-fascist. The fact that they are using fascist tactics to suppress free speech and other American freedoms and put forward their communist agenda is never talked about by either the Antifa or the media. This is a group that would have made Hitler proud. These people are Fasciunists, pure and simple.

The media itself has brought politics to a new low. By their support for Black Lives Matter, Antifa, The Southern Poverty Law Center and other left wing terrorist groups they are legitimizing violence, both verbal and physical. This is not the way American politics should be done. In eight months the three main over the air TV Networks; ABC, CBS and NBC have been ninety-one percent negative in their coverage of the Trump presidency. Never in the history of this country has the coverage been so one sided. Trump has done a number of excellent things but they are either never mentioned or just mentioned as an aside. Things like the ending of DACA are slammed because Fasciunists want open borders. DACA was an unconstitutional law put into effect by B. Hussein O. without any input from congress. This makes it unlawful and at one time we were a country of laws. In Fasciunism laws are whatever the Fasciunists say they are and never mind the constitution, the congress or anything else.

I could write another book just about the left denying the constitution and attempting to make their own rules and regulations. These would negate the rule of law and bring this country to the point of dictatorship. Any of us in today’s world that believe the way I do need to be ready to be castigated and threatened by the left, liberals, Fasciunists, democrats and all of their ilk. If you are not ready for that keep your mouth shut and keep your opinions to yourself. Social media has a lot to do with the degradation of politics, especially Twitter. People can go on Twitter anonymously and threaten people including with various physical harm including death. When a half-with female comedian can go on and post of a picture of her holding the supposed severed head of the president and not have any repercussions things have taken a deep dive into the gutter. There have been calls for the assassination of President Trump and nothing is done about it. When even lesser threats were posted against B. Hussein O. there were full investigations and things were done. Why the double standard? Now sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social media are beginning to ban anything they deem to be racist, white supremacist, fascist or otherwise right wing. However, they are not banning anything from the left including threats against President Trump’s live or any other republicans. This shows you where these people that run these sites stand. They are Fasciunists the same as the broadcast and print media.

Fake news is all over the broadcast and print media and they will not admit it. Almost as bad it the editorializing of what are supposed to be pure news stories. Objective reporting is no longer required of reporters. I worked for a small town weekly newspaper for about twelve years and the couple of times I got off course of the story and made editorial comments they were cut from my article.

Another problem is that the democrats, Fasciunists, liberals and other left-wingers are very anti-religion. They are trying to push God and any mention of Him completely out of America and American life. This is strictly against the constitution but they really do not care about the constitution. While God was in the country and children could pray in school and you could say Merry Christmas without getting wicked looks and dressed down for it, this was the greatest country on earth. It still may be but it is slipping due to the Fasciunists that are attempting to change it into something the Founding Fathers never meant it to be. Until we get back to our basic roots, I am not too sure that we can recover. I do have hopes in President Trump because I know he wants to Make America Great again. However, it depends on how much of a chance the congress and the rest of the American give him. All we can do is hope for the best.

The End – or a new beginning?

~ The Author ~
The author (Stephen J. Norling) is retired from the work world and does freelance writing. He has served in the armed forces and worked in various industries, has worked for both political parties and found them both to be lacking. After watching politics for a long time he came to all new conclusions and why he is warning people of the politics of this country. He has remained a (somewhat) regular contributor to the Federal Observer and Kettle Moraine Publications for these past seventeen years. We are glad to have him back – as accurate, angry and straightforward as a TRUE Patriot can be. Send the Knifeman an email with your comments.

Publisher’s NOTE: The image embedded at the top of the article, is the front cover for a multi-audio-tape album of Mr. Norling’s original 2000 book, “FasUNsim” which we were privileged to record in our studios in that year. Norling’s definitive rendering of TRUTH, which once and for all set the record straight about AmeriKa in that day – is bringing this horrid tale up to date in 2017. The original presentation was written and recorded during the closing days of the Clintonian Regime, its message continues to transcend all Administrations. ~ J.B.

One thought on “Fasciunism II: Chapter Fourteen ~ Politics Today

  1. John Slagle

    Once again another outstanding summary of politics and elected Presidents with goals far removed from
    the majority populace in this nation. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised on October 24 when the announcement from the House Judiciary and Oversight Committee stated that they would formally examine Obama’s U.S. Department of Justice investigation of Clinton’s emails , questionable activities with an official inquiry into the administration approval of a 2010 agreement that left a Russian backed company in control of 20 per cent of U.S. Uranium. Truly amazing, hopefully U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will seek indictments , and do the job required in the USDOJ. Through the years, we’ve had some Attorney Generals whose interests were not in American Justice from Waco, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzales fiasco to Fast and Furious ATF gun-running and Benghazi to name a few events in history.


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