Chief of the Blackfoot Tribe

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for a president to call and give the nation’s respects to a grieving family who lost a loved one in a military action.

Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Democrat from Florida, used the condolence call as another way to viciously attack President Trump. Not only was her loud complaint vulgar and tacky, Wilson then compounded the error by proclaiming herself as a ‘rock star,’ due to the attention she received.

Frederica is costumed in a “look at me” manner. She regularly appears in gaudy cowboy hats and loud rodeo outfits festooned with big flowers. She is all hat and NO cattle. Frederica Wilson represents one of the Nation’s poorest and least educated districts. Florida District 24 ranks 408th poorest out of 435 districts on America. Frederica needs to focus on home instead of Trump.

It is said that empty barrels make the most noise and so I drew Frederica as such.

The Democrats like to twist whatever the president says in order to call him ‘racist’ and other disparaging words. They want him impeached. This time the noise seems designed to distract attention away from issues such as the Uranium One deal involving Hillary and Obama, who engaged in traitorous acts of bribery with Russia.

The Democrats are “sending in the Rodeo Clowns” to distract from what may turn out to be the biggest scandal in American Political history.

Written and created by Ben Garrison for GRRRGRAPHICS ~ October 21 2017.

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3 thoughts on “Chief of the Blackfoot Tribe

  1. Mark

    General Kelly decimated this loudmouth desperate democratic identity politics player. Then she supersizes her arrogant glee over the attention with the rock star blather…followed by of course the inevitable black woman victim raciest white supremacist cards.

    She and her ilk are all looking like real life radical leftist raciest cartoons.

    I rarely watch mainstream media TV news but caught a couple of shows supporting this blather-mouth and found myself laughing out loud at their rants.

  2. Osh

    …get a load of this fruit cake….what in the holy hell has happened to our Congress…cumshaw is one thing, but this?.. tell you what folks, this is exactly what happens when we all just roll over and go back to sleep…
    …..frankly, I’d personally like to know how in the world the blacks and the whites with all that “guilt” could possibly vote this thing into office, and actually expect anybody—be they black, brown, white, yellow or green with pink polka dots—to take anything coming from the black agenda seriously any longer. This is certainly the end of that. Burn the conference tables too Frederica…you may as well, cuz nobody from the side of reality will be sitting there again…


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