Safety is in the Shadow of the Wing of the Lord for Protection

I’m so tired of this world! God I just wanna leave this whole entire world and go somewhere else. Sick of the masses of people BLAMING INNOCENT PEOPLE! Sick of politics, lies and corruption throughout the whole world. WHY is it so hard for people to distinguish right and wrong? The differences are so obvious, yet it’s one of the hardest decisions of our lives. I don’t know why people blame religion when most wars were not affiliated with religion. We can do so much yet we’re killing the crap out of each other. Has this world ever experienced peace?

You are never alone; it may feel that way sometimes but you needn’t do anything more than to speak. A closed mouth will never get fed. Tell a friend, family member, counselor, clergy or one of us. You never know where your lifeline comes from. I’m not going to ask you if you have a relationship with christ or other entity but if you do.., TALK to them first…, They’re always listening, will never pass judgement and never steer you wrong.

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