Trump’s ‘middle class miracle‘ in Tax reform

I am hearing (as is the case when CUTS are talked about) that any loss of tax receipts will add more to the national debt.

This is easily solved and we can be left with money left over if we follow a simple formula as do those Americans who live on limited income and do so without going into debt beyond having a mortgage on a house and possibly a loan for a vehicle.

If you haven’t got the cash on hand then you don’t buy!!!!

We need to drastically reduce the SPENDING that has been going on for decades.

  • STOP all those foreign and United Nation hand outs and loans ! ! ! !
  • Reduce the amount paid to the UN to what is America’s proportionate share. That would pay off the national debt in a couple years.
  • Reduce all the foreign aid we pay to countries that could pay their way but why should they when American’s willingly send $$$ to them every year.
  • Eliminate all those phony government agencies that only tend to bring this nation DOWN. Get rid of all those government funded employees who really do nothing beyond take up space and money that can be used to reduce the tax rates on citizens who do actual productive work.
  • No more funding anything that is connected to the PRIVATE sector (like Especially sport stadiums).
  • Health care *coverage* is up to the individual and their private insurance coverage with NO government meddling.
  • Eliminate ALL PPP deals.
  • Mandate that ALL government employees – hired, appointed and ELECTED work the same amount of hours that the private citizen does – no more month long vacations or those FAUX STUDY trips with the family to some luxury location.

Once we bring down all the PORK and FAT in government payrolls and all those foreign Aid type handouts – the tax rate could be down to a very small percentage with no need for all those FAUX deductions now in place. Plain and simple tax return on a post card – Income = $XXXXX – minus tax rate = amount due in tax.

This requires that all persons (exceptions for those who are truly unable to perform any kind of productive work) obtain income producing jobs. NO MORE WELFARE for those couch monkeys who seem to eat VERY WELL and have those monster TV’s and go on cruises, etc. This is how America was at one point in time until FDR brought in the WELFARE STATE OF MIND. All those hobo’s back then expected to perform some kind of labor for a meal – not sit on some farmers front porch and expect to be hand spooned a good meal.

Reduce taxes and increase the income from taxes by not spending on non income producing issues – like the UN and members of Congress.

Convincing all those lazy takers to do this is the REAL JOB ahead for Trump and the *conservative* members of Congress. ~ Jackie Juntti

NOTE: The above is presented in response to the following report and commentary from the Daily Mail, My ‘middle class miracle’: Trump goes on the road to push dramatic tax reform plan…

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