Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $135 BILLION a year

Soaring population, free medical care and more policing leads to highest ever bill for undocumented foreigners

The price per alien has ballooned by about $3billion in four years, with factors like free health care and a soaring immigrant population are contributing to costs. Other big price tags in the per person tally are free education, and an enormous law enforcement bill.

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The report out by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) is called the ‘The Fiscal Burden Of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers,’ is being touted as the most comprehensive report to date.

FAIR’s report estimates the bill for illegal immigration in the US costs taxpayers $135 billion annually. Meanwhile construction on the border wall prototypes has started near San Diego

The cost of law enforcement contributes to the soaring costs of illegal immigrants to taxpayers

The report broke down federal, state and local costs for the average alien, and split the price per person into several categories including health care, education and law enforcement

Claims from pro-illegal immigration advocates say aliens pay off-setting taxes back to the federal and state treasuries, the total amount in the report is just $19billion, making a small dent in the overall costs of undocumented immigrants in America.

President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and conservatives in Congress have been aggressive in pushing for immigration reform, specifically in dealing with aliens with criminal history.

Often their efforts are either fought in courts or by what has been dubbed ‘sanctuary communities’ that out right refuse to deal with federal law enforcement looking to deport individuals.

Meanwhile the construction of several boarder wall prototypes are being constructed from various materials, and they are expected to be tested near San Diego, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The lengthy report also breaks down factors like the costs of educating a child that doesn’t speak English. That cost averages $12,000 a year, and in an city like New York it can go as high as $25,000 a year, according to the Washington Examiner.

The amount of taxes paid by some illegal immigrants is incremental compared to the overall cost for all undocumented people in the US

The price of an illegal child soars higher once you factor in lunches, welfare and healthcare, according to FAIR’s report.

California also has a whopping bill of spending around #23billion a year overall, which is followed by Texas at $11billion and New York coming in third at $7.4billion.

On the federal level, the 12.5million aliens and their $4.2million children cost about $29billion in medical care, $23billion for law enforcement, $9 billion in welfare, $46 billion for education.

Part of the issue at hand is undocumented workers provide cheaper labor to small businesses.

The United States recoups only about 14 percent of the amount expended annually on illegal aliens. If the same jobs held by illegal aliens were filled by legal workers, at the prevailing market wage, it may safely be presumed that federal, state and local governments would receive higher tax payments,’ said FAIR.

Written by Jessica Finn and originally published by the Daily Mail ~ September 27, 2015.

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