Fasciunism II: Chapter Twelve ~ What Next?

The first eleven chapters of this book have dealt with facts. They can be verified and proven. While some people may disagree with my interpretation, nonetheless, these are facts and there are studies to bear me out. Some of the studies I drew from are open to interpretation also; it is just a matter of the study you happen to believe. This chapter will be based on conjecture, suppositions and scenarios. That is because we are going to take a look into the future and what I think those who would rule the world are up to. Short of being a member of the shadow government or one of the many Fasciunist groups out there, there is no way I can actually know what they have in mind. However, that being said, I can see some frightening trends that are currently taking place. I have looked back into history and can see where much is repeating itself. This is how I will handle this chapter, drawing on my knowledge of history and tell you what I personally see coming. In the next chapter, which is the last in this book, I will apprise you, again in my opinion, as to what we can possibly do to stop the Fasciunists from taking over America and making it a third-world country under a one-world government.

We have lost many of our freedoms to the Fasciunists already and I see us losing more and more if something is not done. The Fasciunists insidiously take away these freedoms in little bits and pieces so we are not supposed to notice it. With many of these freedoms that are being tampered with, we are told that they are being changed to protect some group or other. To protect the children seems to be one of the most used excuses for taking away our rights bit by bit. When new gun laws are passed, usually right after a mass shooting, it I to protect the children. Banning all books on religion (except the Muslim religion) is said to protect the children. To me this is censorship pure and simple. These children are not allowed to read the Bible or other religious books but these same school libraries have books on transgenderism, homosexuality, lesbianism and other forms of behavior that most of us find detestable. In some schools these types of books are available for children down to kindergarten. Filters are recommended for children’s computers to keep them from seeing pornography and hate. I can understand the blocking of pornography, but much of what is blocked for being hate is nowhere near being hate. All it is things that the designers and makers of the filters disagree with. I firmly believe that it is my right as a parent to decide what is pornography and what is hate and how much of either I want my children to see. Telling me what my children or I can see or read cuts deeply into the first amendment; freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is one of the freedoms that you would think would be adamantly defended by the media. Quite the reverse is true in that the media is one of the biggest backers of the Fasciunist aims to take away that freedom. You have large newspaper companies, large magazines and many large news-broadcasting companies, both over the air and cable companies. Most, if not all of these companies are directly linked to the Fasciunists, many of the owners and workers being Fasciunists themselves. This applies especially to the news teams on all of the mainstream media. These same companies that try to suppress certain types of speech because it is improper for the children broadcast and publish some of the most vulgar, sexually deviant, explicit material, all in the name of entertainment. Much of this is aimed at the same children that they claim to be trying to protect. They will continue to do this until they have the entire country totally amoral.

When I wrote the first book this was as far as it went. Since then the Internet has become another source of information. Up until lately the Internet has been the only place that free speech could be practiced. This is beginning to change as I write this as many of the social sites are starting to censor certain comments. If it is anti-Muslim, pro-religious, pro-American or anti-Fasciunist, they do not want it on their sites. These are popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others. They are kicking hate groups off of their sites. Of course they are using the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to decide which groups are hate groups. The SPLC itself is a hate group that calls any non-Fasciunist group a hate group. They have listed the American Family Association as a hate group when what they really are a Christian non-profit that promotes Christian values and opposes many of the Fasciunist things that are taking place. That is just one of many groups and people that the SPLC has listed as hate groups or hate people. I would imagine I am on their list somewhere, at least I hope so.

As I noted in the chapter in education speech is being suppressed on many, if not most, college campuses. When students are not allowed to even question certain facts or even theories, you are being deprived of not only your education but also your rights. With safe spaces, free speech zones, micro-aggressions, trigger words and trigger events there is not much free speech left on these campus. Students are labeled racists, xenophobes, haters and other labels and are sometimes refused certain classes or even kicked out of the college. These labels are all a part of Fasciunist newspeak to be able to control the students and what they say and think. As I previously stated, this is not education, it is indoctrination.

Feminist causes will also play a major role in the Fasciunist game plan for America. The idea that men and women are exactly the same, (has anyone bothered to look lately) and should have exactly the same rights in everything has been and will continue to be pushed to the fullest. Equal has never and never will mean exactly the same. Yet in some ways the women’s groups want to be more equal than men. One quick example is abortion. Two consenting adults performed and act which created a baby, but only one of them has the right to say whether that baby lives or dies. The father is completely cut out of the picture. There are also many dispensations when women are applying for certain jobs like fire fighting, police or the military. It seems that because women are not as muscular and strong as men and have different physical attributes that the standards have to be lowered. This is true in the fire fighting and police but it is even worse in the military. When you start to lower the physical standards in the military you are playing with all of the lives of the fellow military men. I have just heard about the first woman to try to make it the Navy Seals. She only lasted one week of a three-week course and dropped out. Now if the Fasciunists have their way the Navy will probably be asked to lower their standards. That would be one of the most inane things that they could possibly do. These are the elite of the elite and if the standards were lowered they would probably no longer be effective. However, the Fasciunist have a task to accomplish and they will keep trying.

Privacy for the citizens of this country is a thing of the past. When Social Security was instituted we were told that your number was not for identification and that it would always be kept confidential. The fact of the matter is that I have my original Social Security card, which I received in 1954 and it state right on the bottom of the card, “not to be used for identification.” In today’s world almost every legal transaction that you make requires a Social Security card. You need it to open a bank account, get a loan, get a drivers license, get a hunting or fishing license, buy or sell property and on and on ad infinitum. Companies checking on your credit rating are able to get your number and when it comes to identity theft there is no stopping anyone from obtaining that Social Security number. Another place where privacy is being ignored is in the searching of your automobile or even your home. If the police suspect that you are involved in drugs or some other illegal venture the can and will do a search without a warrant. This kicks the fourth amendment completely out the window. They can also seize private property such as your car or your cash if the even suspect you are a drug dealer. They can then sell your property and keep the money even though you have not been even tried let alone convicted. This keeps getting worse as more and more government agencies find out how easy it is to put more cash in the coffers. This all goes on with the tacit approval of our Fasciunist court system.

You can expect the environmental movement to play a large role in the confiscation of property and the application of laws and rules as to how you can use your own property. This was already getting bad in the 1990s and now with the whole global warming thing it is going to get much worse. Now with President Trump getting out of the Paris Accord it should be better but you need to watch for some of these rogue agencies that will try to go around him and do their best to control us. Many of these people are so intent on saving the environment at any cost that they have no regard for human rights or even human life. The fact is that there is at least one group out there that states that the only way to save the earth is for all humans to be gone from it. A few years ago this would have been thought to be insane but now they are getting interviews and are being taken seriously.

Many of the people that belong to and support these groups with their cash have no knowledge who the powers behind these environmental groups are. While gullible citizens send in their little checks the main funding comes from left wing organizations, Fasciunist organizations and communist organizations. This is all part of the conspiracy to take over America. Am I saying that these groups start and run these groups? Not really, what I am saying is that these kind of anti-American groups watch and wait and when they see one of these groups pop up, the jump in with very large donations. This gives them some say on how the organizations are run and what they should try to do. Thus, when you come right down to it, the Fasciunists and the internationalists are really running the show. That is why Al Gore is so popular with that type of people and the rest of the world laughs at him. None of his original warnings have come true but he would have you believe that what he is saying now will. These are the same groups that control the women’s groups, the ACLU and many other Fasciunist organizations that are attempting to undermine our freedom. One of the reasons that things got so bad is that we had a couple of presidents, Slick Willy and B. Hussein O. that continued to sign international agreements that should have been treated as treaties and then illegally using them as force of law. More and more land has been taken over by the government and what has not been taken over has more and more restrictions placed on it. Private land plus severe government restrictions equal Fascism.

Another thing that smacks of Fasciunism is the government take over of private enterprise. The first thing they took was the medical industry. When Clinton became president he gave his wife Hillary the job of turning the medical industry into a government agency. For some reason the Fasciunist seem to have a love affair with government controlled medical care. I am not sure why this is because it does not work well in Canada or in Great Britain. Canadians still come to the United States for many of their health problems because the United States still has the best health system in the world. While Hillary Clinton failed to get a national health care plan, B. Hussein O. got a great part of it done. When Obamacare was voted on we were told by Nancy Pelosi that congress had to vote on it to find out what was in it. That statement in itself is scary. What little we were told by B. Hussein O. before the bill was voted on was all lies. We were told we could keep our own doctors, keep our own insurance plans, costs would go down, etc. etc. None of this was true as the entire plan was set up to fail. This was planned in the hopes that Hillary Clinton would be elected president in 2016 and it could all be switched over to a one-payer system. Now that Trump was elected instead of Hillary and the plan is failing, congress does not want to let go of the power they have over the medical profession and the entire medical industry. The law needs to be repealed and let the open market dictate what is going to be. To continue the way we are going the entire plan will soon fail and we will be forced into the one payer system, government controlled. This is just what the Fasciunists are hoping for and we have enough of them in congress to stall any vote for a sensible solution.

I stated in the first book that immigration, racism, ethnic differences, religious differences and class would play a large part in getting this country to where the monied one-worlders want it to go. Even I did not realize just how right I would be. By using fascist tactics and telling us that we must accept illegal aliens, (invaders) and support them. By making race a mandate for certain things such as hiring, college entrance and other things and by making religion an outmoded lifestyle that can be picked on and degraded class warfare begins and hatred is make normal. Hatred is one of fascism’s greatest traits. Hatred was prevalent in Nazi Germany, Italy and in all other fascist countries. In these countries hatred was promoted openly and was part of daily life. This will not work in this countries so the Fasciunist are being much more devious about it. They tell us that our tax money must support illegal aliens when those people should be deported or in jail. By promoting multi-culturalism, playing the race card and using more and more politically correct newspeak; the Fasciunists are promoting hatred rather than homogeny. People resent being told by force of law who they must hire, who their children must associate with, what they must think about other races, etc. True homogeny can never be accomplished by the fiat of law. Freedom of choice, freedom of association, freedom of thought and all of the freedoms that are contained in the Bill of Right to the Constitution are the necessary instruments to truly make this country great again. The hate that is being sown by the mainstream media and other Fasciunists, which they say will promote homogeny, can only tear this country apart. I believe that this, in fact, is what the Fasciunists want. Then the can take over and dictate what is and is not to be. The dictatorship and one-world government will be accomplished.

The complete breakdown of morals is another thing that the Fasciunists are promoting. You can expect to see a continuation of the sex, violence and deviant acts in the entertainment media and even in the news. When I wrote the first book they used to at least try to play the good guy and wring their collective hands over the way the world was going. Since then things have changed and the entertainment and news media both push as much deviance on us as possible. While in the 1990s it was just soft sex and soft violence, now it has become every deviant style of sex and the violence has gotten much worse. Homosexuality, lesbianism, gay marriage, transgenderism, bestiality, abortion and even pedophilia Have made their way into the nightly news and the most entertainment shows, especially the late night talk shows. This is supposed to show how urbane and cosmopolitan we are. To me it just shows how sick those people in charge of putting this on the air are. What I feel they are trying to do is to indoctrinate as many brain dead people as possible to go along with the “new” morality and then they will have their chance to jump in and take control. They are trying to get another split started in the country between those of us who believe in law and order and in the ten commandments and other standards and those who would like to just do what they please and forget everyone else. Remember, they are already at the point of denigrating Christians and claiming that defending our Christian beliefs is a form of hatred.

I believe that in 1960 the one-world movement intended to use John K. Kennedy as their catalyst into the one-world government. However, Kennedy did not agree with certain aspects of their plan such as; our relationship with Israel, the Federal Reserve, etc. so they eliminated him. This set them back because the following presidents were not as popular as Kennedy and they felt that they could not push it. However Lyndon Johnson did his part by passing the war on poverty and taking over more power for the government. Nixon did his part by going to China and opening up that communist power while overlooking our real friend; Formosa. Each president from there to Trump, with the exception of Reagan did a little more to get closer to what they wanted. B. Hussein O. got more done than anyone. One of the biggest reasons for this is that no matter what he wanted if he was opposed it was because of racism. I believe that the one-worlders knew this would happen going in and that is why they promoted him for president. Another way that you could tell was the fact that the media was one hundred percent behind him and never once questioned him on anything he wanted.

One of the good things that has happened is the election of Donald Trump. Trump is definitely not a one-worlder. He is a United States of America first and foremost all the way. As I write this he has already gotten rid of many rules that B. Hussein O. put into effect. He will not be cowed by any other country as Obama was. He will not allow us to pull out of a country when we have won the war and let ISIS or some other Muslim terrorist group take it over. He will not allow hostile groups in this country to have their way. If he can get the U.S. Senate off their butts and bring them together he will also make many changes in Obamacare and the tax laws. All that we can do is to wait and hope and we will see what happens. Whatever happens I believe that this is the best chance we have to overcome the one-worlders. However, that being said, we also need for all of the investigations that are going on to go away. They are taking away from the actual business of running the country. All we can do is hope and pray.

~ The Author ~
The author (Stephen J. Norling) is retired from the work world and does freelance writing. He has served in the armed forces and worked in various industries, has worked for both political parties and found them both to be lacking. After watching politics for a long time he came to all new conclusions and why he is warning people of the politics of this country. He has remained a (somewhat) regular contributor to the Federal Observer and Kettle Moraine Publications for these past seventeen years. We are glad to have him back – as accurate, angry and straightforward as a TRUE Patriot can be. Send the Knifeman an email with your comments.

Publisher’s NOTE: The two images embedded within the article, are the front and back cover for a multi-audio-tape album of Mr. Norling’s original 2000 book, “FasUNsim” which we were privileged to record in our studios in that year. Norling’s definitive rendering of TRUTH, which once and for all set the record straight about AmeriKa in that day – is bringing this horrid tale up to date in 2017. The original presentation was written and recorded during the closing days of the Clintonian Regime, its message continues to transcend all Administrations. ~ J.B.

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